Disney Infinity: Toy Box Games App Review (iOS, Free)

  • Category: Games
  • Publisher: Disney
  • Updated: Sep, 18 2013
  • Version: 1.3
  • Size: 1.2 GB

Languages: Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish

Seller: Walt Disney

• More Toys! Get over 35 more toys for FREE including: a slingshot and physics blocks to setup target practice, Creativi-toys to make logic connections, and additional road pieces to build a racetrack.
• Improved Starter Level! Begin building with a lot more room.
• New Driving Controls! Based on player feedback the driving controls have been overhauled – now it's easier than ever to race and do tricks.
• Toy Box Share! Find the best Toy Boxes built by the Disney Infinity community in a clearer menu interface. Check out Disney's Featured Toy Boxes to download the latest creations for free.
• New Character Starter Set! Now grab all 22 launch characters at a 40% discount.
• Additional Bug Fixes and Performance Improvements.

Customer Ratings

Current Version:
1566 Ratings
All Versions:
3762 Ratings




Captain Jack Sparrow in a sports car racing Dash, Sulley climbing mountains to find Cinderella’s Castle – create anything your imagination dreams of… Sync to your console game for complete cross-platform play, and unlock even more props, characters and decorations!

• NOW more than 80 free items to build your world – including terrain, racetrack pieces, and decorations!
• Bring your world to life with toys that change the appearance of the sky, spawn enemies to fight and more!
• Play with Mr. Incredible for free! Use web codes included with toys at retail or make purchases in-app to bring over 20 Disney and Disney/Pixar characters into the Toy Box app!
• Intuitive multi-touch controls for building and playing!
• Log in to transfer your creations cross-platform for further editing/play and unlock even more toys!

In Disney Infinity: Toy Box, you can make your own worlds, create games with your own rules, or build places that only exist in your imagination. When you’re done, you can knock it all down and start again. Transfer anything you create between your iPad and console, and continue right where you left off on any platform.


Visit www.disney.com/infinity for more information.

Customer Reviews

  • *this* close to being good

    by This close

    It would be good, but it is very slow and crashes every 4 minutes

  • Great but needs work

    by Huybydt

    I wanted to do multi player on this game but there isn't plz add that in the next update also it crashes from time to time I would like you to plz fix that.Also take away the bar that tells you when your toy box is full so I can build infinity things.other than that it's AWSOME ,especially since I have randy he's AWSOME!

  • Good game

    by Girrrrllll (;

    I havnt seen this in the app store on my iphone? But its on itunes on my computer ... thats wierd !

  • Like it but don't like it

    by Malif112

    I think that you should be able to have power discs and visit their worlds.

  • Love it but...

    by Penguin of the ages

    The game really is amazing and I like jumping around with all the characters but it's been crashing way too much

  • Ok

    by nerdygirl529

    It is a fun game, but it always crashes.

  • So mad

    by Fatoooosha4444

    I bought elsa and anna and rapunzel and all i didn't get the play set and whenever i open disney toy box the game closes i opened it a hundred times it just keeps doing the same thing and i paid alot for the characters please fix it!!

  • Fun but a bummer

    by Twwwwweeeeeeeter

    Super fun but constantly crashing and killing my mojo :(

  • This is good

    by Foot kick

    It will not let you get as much toys but other then that it's good

  • FrogS

    by Joe1324567

    Thanks for frogs!

  • i love this app but want more works

    by Stronmdh

    this is perfect app. i love this game so much than ever other games. i bought elsa and anna and love them too. but i want few things to adjust. first make view control icon remove and just look around as swiping screen. move icon is needed but view icon is just obstacle to see screen more widely. second, need more toys as you know. as pc or console version. more cars, helicopter, etc. third, this is not essential but if you can, please improve graphics. i know ipad version had to be lower graphics because of ipad's capacity but if you made this, i would be very happy. thanks for reading and thanks for making fantastic game. Bye Bye! (Oaken)

  • Sloooooooowwwwww loading

    by I love Austin and Ally

    Mine is loading sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo slow

  • Crashing????

    by M

    I love the game and so does my family and since I don't have the game yet we play it on my iPad but it crashes and it makes me and so it makes my family mad too! So please fix that so I can Play the game more. THEN GIVE YOU FIVE STARS!!!!!!!!!!!

  • This can console

    by angela loy

    Make a plug for playing on somone elseses play station without internet,on iPad screen,plus hall of heros is playable still,plus when no level editor press select and play as a character iPad has only

  • How much

    by Kittypie0925

    How much does vanellope cost?And cool app. This is my first time playing.

  • Fun.

    by Sebastian says this

    I'm really getting into D.I. On console and in this, but in this it crashes way too much! It's like it on a timer! Please fix it.

  • Glitch

    by Bigb2233

    Mine keeps crashing

  • Great!

    by Ellachere

    This is great for people that don't have the money to get the real game disney infinity!I love this game , and I know other people will love it to! People that are are reading this u should get this get this app!

  • Good game

    by Germsfreak

    My son loves it!

  • Awesome game

    by Amanda frantz

    It's a awesome game

  • Can't even play

    by uhohmylo

    This app crashes every single time I even try to open it. Don't know if I will get to ever play it at at this point. I'm really disappointed that Disney would release something like this.

  • Worst game ever

    by Blank Line

    One of my biggest mistakes in life was downloading this crappy game. I tried to put a tree some where but apparently that was too hard for them to do. It's slow, it glitches, and in conclusion, anything that has to do with Disney is 100% pure crap and a complete waste of time.

  • Can't even get past title screen!

    by Mlpgemer

    Oh my gosh I can't even get past the title screen! It's cause it crashes and stuff. This needs to be updated!

  • Worst game

    by Stung0304

    I waited a whole day so I can play it but the moment I opened it,crashed and I was really sad because I realized that the same thing happened to my iPad.i tried it again and it crashed again so I gave up but in the next update when there is no bugs I will try it out so when it not crashes I will rate you five stars but for the moment I will give one star but the game is cool.Well at least that's what I thought because now for me it's the worst game eeeeeeevvvvveeeeeeeerrrrrrr

  • Doesn't want to download

    by Better than thee others

    Wat the hell it doesn't want to download

  • Needs BIG improvement

    by Professor Irwin

    I really like this game.It one of the kind of games I like,a game where you get to build your own rules.Or is it your own rules?Well actually it isn't.They say the only limit is your imagination but they actually give you a limit to how many things you can place.It crashes a lot.It crashes in toy box share,in your world,and even in the main screen!I was building my toy box for the first time(when actually it's my third time doing it again)they give a little range of toys to use.in the ads it shows the three main characters with weapons but in the app you don't get ANY weapons,only one car to use,and just one character to use!

  • Bad BAD

    by Fluffycakes1234554214858485

    I got this game 3 days ago and it has not loaded 1 lick! So anyone who gets this BEWARE!

  • PLEASE FIX IT!!!!!!

    by Vyjbiubhjjbguyg

    It keeps crashing and I can't play the app. It's so annoying. PLEASE FIX IT!!!!!

  • It won't start

    by Marhwama

    I eagerly downloaded this, ready to play, but it refuses to start on my iPad mini. It shows the splash screen for a second then quits, even after reinstalling and rebooting my device. Sad sad.

  • Purple high-tops

    by Directioner1993:)

    This app crashes way to freakin much

  • The colours are depressing!!!!

    by hafiz bin mokhtar

    I'm playing this on iPad air and the colour palette and the rendering of the lights are just so sad!!! How did you make such a fun game so boring on iPad? Make the colours more vibrant and fun!


    by Dan hibicki san

    It's really EARATATING to play and semectricul moving HATE THIS F******* GAME

  • Bad

    by ruanlage

    This game have more bug

  • Upset

    by Magpie diva

    Can't get Elsa's adventure on this and on real version

  • Love it but

    by EaHuzhfdjytg,Higgs,ygmjghnmma

    Love it but it always glathis ;-(;-(;-(;-(;-(;-(;-)

  • Irritating

    by Nerd lovers

    It won't let me play it will go on to the intro then boom it lags and stops the game and goes to home I'm like you serious and it took like an hour to update and download this

  • Fix this for iPad mini

    by Xcvbhgdryi

    I can't even get the app it always says that it can't download but on the computer it works fine don't even try getting this app

  • Bad

    by Dhtjjg

    This game is horrible it won't even open

  • C'mon really

    by Kimaruto

    I really want to play this game but when I load it crashes in a matter of seconds. Please fix this. iOS 7

  • :( bad game

    by Tree boy 105923

    This is a bad game for reason. The game won't lode on my iPad mini you need to fix this glitch So for this I am giving you one star cuz I don't get to play the game plz fix this glitch. If you do fix it I will thank you if you don't I will do this :(

  • Mad

    by Perfect girl 18181818

    I love the app but I just bought Elsa and I didn't get anything new all I had was Elsa and ice powers I didn't get the play set to come with it and now I want my money back because it was a waste of money please update it to where once u buy a charecter you get the playset also whenever I open up disneys play sets the games crashes after 5 seconds please fix this

  • Great but

    by Dallas - it crashes

    Great but needs some work. For one it crashes while I'm building or trying to download. Jjjsjjsjsjjdjs

  • Won't download

    by Kkluvsjunior



    by 12346667898533

    I really would love to play this game.I created an account and it's still not leting me log in. PLEASE GET RID OF THE ACCOUNTS!!!!!!!!

  • It crashes to much

    by Nickname 37y

    Hey Disney the game is crashing to much.I try to play in Disneyland toy box but it keeps crashing there should be a new update for this game .I will give you 2 stars.FIX THE GAME NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

  • Umm....

    by Julieh97

    Umm... Disney, you might want to fix this app because it doesn't even work. Every time I try to open the app it says disney then it crashes. I'd like to actually play the game please.

  • Unsatisfied

    by Wind333333

    Never opens such a stupid game don't try it does not work

  • Crashing

    by Fatakaf

    I downloaded the game, started it up and then a second after it crashes. I have an iPad 2 iOS 6.1.2 and it's not working.

  • I can't even open it.

    by Keldemoret

    I'm giving this app 1 star because I can't even open it. It crashes every single time.


    by Metug

    This game would be AWSOME if you peeps added multiplayer if you don't i can sue!!!

  • Frustrating

    by LucyLueee

    The app is very slow, glitchy, and crashes constantly. And when it does crash, it doesn't save anything I've done.

  • crash,crash,crash

    by IsyrafAriffin

    i want to rate zero but there isn't. pls update this game pls.

  • It's okay but is like

    by creaper1313

  • Crashing

    by But it could be better.

    This app is very fun, but it would be better if it didn't crash every time I got on. It is fun for the first 3 days then it just keeps crashing. Please Disney fix the crashing!!!!

  • by BB. B-day

    The app crashes and is so slow it is really frustrating but I love the idea of the app and it's really fun! I just hate the slowness, the crashing, and the stutters when something moves or loads.

  • Can't even play

    by uhohmylo

    This app crashes every single time I even try to open it. Don't know if I will get to ever play it at at this point. I'm really disappointed that Disney would release something like this

  • Love it!

    by Phillipgomez

    Love love love this game! Just one question , How do I sync my ipad with my game console??

  • Awesome

    by Ctrain123

    You guys at disney infinity should make this app multiplayer because I have a lot of friends that play the app and I want to play with them


    by Jilly Rock

    I so excited to play the and i press it,it goes on then goes back to the home screen i re download it then still DOESNT WORK

  • Fun

    by Angrymomma500

    This game is totally rad !!!

  • Sweet

    by Apps rule books drool

    From all the positive reviews it sounds great and to tell you the HONEST truth it does crash only sometimes

  • Fun

    by Catme123

    It has a lot of bugs and glitches. The rest is great I love it.

  • It bad

    by 46634(78(&8!).4/4(8$

    Is bad because people should really choices their own character

  • Does not work on iPad mini

    by Forceman

    I've never played this game because it crashes every time I try to open it. Please update this bug. Again... It's NEVER opened on my iPad Mini. Zero stars thus far.

  • Good Game

    by Jellybeanpandaluv

    It is a great game with a great gist but when I downloaded it, it took quite a while to load. I was waiting for, like, five minutes or something like that. But on the other hand, Disney toy box is super fun and you should definitely get it if you like minecraft. Minecraft is actually very similar to this game and if you like minecraft you should get this game. They are both building games and it's very fun to play.

  • Very disappointing

    by Flap flap huh?

    This app......where's the characters? The cool stuff and all? Like I have 10 characters in disney infinity and all I have in this app is stinky mr. Incredible. I'm sorry, but u have to come better. Why do u have to pay to get those stuff? At least get 3 characters! Is that too hard to ask??? Also the graphics are terrible. I hope disney is happy in making this app, cuz I'm not.

  • Great, but then, not so great.

    by Ro Ro1517

    I love this game as much as minecraft but, there's too much crashing and there's no multiplayer. I have this app on my Windows Surface RT tablet and I insisted that they include multiplayer. Since we can upload our toy boxes into the Disney cloud and play on another device, why not add multiplayer so we can play with our friends in the same toy box. Example: I'm playing the app on my tablet. My friend comes over and wants to play too. We both click multiplayer, we decide the toy box and we play together and explore. We can play two different characters or the same character (if we choose to). I'd love to play Violet, turn invisible and scare my friends. Wouldn't you?

  • WHY?



  • Amazing, but....

    by Eagleswillwin

    There need to be more toys!!! It gets a little boring only using like 80 props for a WHOLE WORLD!!! I'm okay with the crashes and pricy characters, but ADD MORE TOYS!!!

  • Good but needs some work

    by Jr POI

    You should add multiplayer so you can join your friends or something from game center because it's kind of boring all by yourself please read this review and add this to the next update

  • Awesome but one problem....

    by Dancingsars

    I think you should unlock Elsa, Anna, Rupunzle, Jack Skellington, and the rest that are locked. You should unlock it because if we have the codes to unlock them we can be someone else! Please, please, please! Fix this I loved the movie Frozen and I loved Elsa so please please please fix!

  • Eh

    by Swagmasterer

    I really enjoy playing Disney Infinity on my Wii U, and this is pretty much the same thing. But with really low graphics, unfinished animations, and you need wifi if you want to edit your world. So pretty pointless without wifi!

  • Cool

    by tiodtodtdyl592950

    PLEASE don't let there be a limit cuz it says no limits also can elsa for real freeze stuff thx

  • Ugh

    by Alissa;)

    Lots ands lots of works

  • Disney infinity toybox

    by Chanpooh

    Take all my people of the game I won't street fighter x tekken back now

  • Keeps crashing

    by Alisher Jobirov

    Oh my god whenever I try to go in it crashes stupid game

  • This app crashes

    by G0mez7

    They need ti fix this app it would be so much fun if it worked

  • Love it but.....

    by Maddog1071

    I love this app it is very fun and easier then on the wii but how do I get more stuff to build with all I have is the stuff you start with and I don't know how to get more stuff cuz there is no spin tokens either

  • Need fix not work

    by Leonardo

    The game crash evrey time I open it not work so......fix it please????


    by starwarsash12

    Other than that this game is so cool and awesome I wish I could go visit other people creations first

  • It won't load on ipad :(

    by Captainzane01

    I tried installing it on ipad but it isn't working it won't load when I load on ipad so I deleted and reinstalled it but it still won't load can you fix this? :(

  • Fun but

    by Kaileyd50

    It's fun and all just crashes a little bit! Please fix (: thanks

  • This is such a great app!

    by Mojuner1

    But, how do you use the disney infinity hub on there? I can't figure it out, so please tell me.


    by absterrr07

    I just got the app and it it crashing. I am reading the comment and it looks like to is cracking for everyone else too! They need to fix this because I have Disney infinity on wii and I love it! I want it on here too! I don't know if I doesn't work on the iPad mini only but FIX THIS PLEASE!

  • Please fix

    by Killer345689

    It keeps crashing on my iPad mini it

  • Ipad mini crashing

    by michilleman

    Haven't even played crashing at start up

  • Downloading issue

    by Kittypurry2468

    It has a problem downloading onto my iPad please fix Disney. But besides that keep up the good work Disney

  • Unhappy

    by cupcakeusagi

    It keeps crashing on my mini!!! Please fix!!!!!!!!

  • Super Fun!

    by Deeterson

    It runs very smooth on the newest iPads. Awesome app.

  • Pleeaaaase

    by I ❤️disney but please fix this

    Pleas disney … help me . Hi … im emily and i am 12 years old … would u please fix this from crashing … all my friends have disney infinity toy box and im the only one whose app crashes … im a big fan of u guess... So pleeeeeeaaase fix this … and if u do u might get a lot of likes... This might me better then my christmas gift … if u fix it

  • Learn how to spell

    by Awesomnesssis

    This app is amazing. But I seriously cannot handle these reviews, I'm 90% sure that all the people giving crap reviews are 5.

  • Cool

    by If your game crashes...

    Guys if your iPad mini,iPad or other keeps crashing on apps like this and others don't listen to others reviews I know because it happen to me all you have to do is hold to power buttons and power off you device trust it worked with me my device kept returning to the home screen during games etc. but know it doesn't try it trust me

  • Keeps crashing

    by Samantha Jara

    It won't let me play the game . :( keeps crashing app needs more attention by makers ! Update it it looks super fun and I rlly want to play !!

  • Disney infinity:toy-box carshed

    by Lori_grcia

    This game keeps crashing on my iPad mini and i dont like it one bit i cant even play the game or get into it no matter what i do it crashes every time i get into the game Fix it plzzzzz

  • Perfect but,one problem

    by Trixter257

    This app is perfect! It is not a waste of money. But, there's one problem! I DON'T KNOW HOW MUCH MONEY THE CHARACTERS ARE WHEN YOU TRY TO BUY THEM ON THE IPAD!!!!!

  • The best

    by LoveAnimalsBest

    I love this game so much I play it every single day.This is the best

  • Seems great

    by Jackieboy1018

    I have the xbox game so I was excited to play this but it keeps crashing (on my iPad mini) love Disney and hope they fix it

  • Pls fix!

    by Wolfe...

    It doesn't even let me play! Pls help

  • Horrible

    by 1d lover378

    This app is horrible because it freezes my iPad mini when I'm trying to delete this game Disney please delete this game I'm soooooooooooo mad:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(

  • Keeps crashing

    by Khyal Kara

    Crashes every 5-10 min.

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