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Seller: Appsverse Inc.

+ Fix arrow key issues with Bluetooth keyboard
+ Fix file opening error with some characters
+ Fix typing latency and performance issues

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+ Create and edit Microsoft Word® (.doc and .docx) and Open Office Documents (.odt) on your iPad.
+ LIMITED TIME SALE 60% off - USD$9.99 -> USD$3.99
+ From makers of Photon Flash Player Browser - #1 paid browser in US app store.

Open Word Processor Professional for iPad allows you to create, view and edit Microsoft Office 2007 and 2010 documents, Open Office Open Text Documents and LibreOffice text documents.

You can transfer existing .doc or .docx from your PC to the iPad via Wifi Transfer or USB Sync. You can also edit existing files from Dropbox, Google Docs, Google Drive and

Open Word Processor Pro for iPad supports the following in editing Word and text documents

+ View, create and edit Microsoft Word 2007-2010 documents (.doc & .docx)
+ View, create and edit Open Text Documents (.odt)
+ Powerful file management capability for your iPad that is integrated with Dropbox, Google Docs, Google Drive and
+ Convenient file transfer capability with support for Wi-fi transfers.
+ Spelling and grammar checking functionality
+ Insertion of headers, footers and comment
+ Support insertion, deletion, merging and spliting cells in tables
+ Word and characters Count
+ Text highlighting
+ Multiple and granular zooming
+ Unlimited number of undos and redos
+ Large number of font supports
+ International language input
+ Drawing tools support including drawing of shapes

Open Word Processor Professional for iPad is a cloud based solution hosting the popular LibreOffice which is a fork of the popular Open Office which has been downloaded more than 100M times.

- Not all documents can be opened or edited successfully. Some opened and saved documents may result in a loss of formatting due to formats in compatibility. If you are unsure, you can email us your non-confidential document to our support email to help you test if the app can open the documents successfully for you.
-™ is a registered trademark of Oracle.
- LibreOffice™ is a trademark of The Document Foundation.
- Microsoft® is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and other countries.
- This app is not affiliated with, endorsed, or sponsored by LibreOffice, OpenOffice or Microsoft
- This app is a cloud based and hosted solution and requires users to be online for its editing features.
- If you are interested in using LibreOffice on desktop computers, please visit

Customer Reviews

  • Needs a tutorial

    by Glogro

    If you are not familiar with a word processor, not a place to learn. Otherwise, acceptable app.

  • Great for those last minute changes.

    by Ncjacks

    It might be sort of a beast to author a doc on this app without a keyboard. But it works good to make changes to docs that already exists.

  • Still deciding....not sure.

    by David Guldin

    I haven't decided.

  • Great app!

    by Katmar56

    This app did exactly what I needed to get done.

  • Got a few flaws but does what I was looking for

    by The One Yellow Dart

    I like this app. The only thing I don't like or havent figured out yet is why it will only save files as .odt, which when I try to open in Microsoft Word cannot be opened. (Word claims these files are corrupt). But you CAN export files as .doc which work just fine. SImple annoyance that doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me, but overall this is the only app I have found for my ipad 1 that can retrieve a document created in Word, remove it from Dropbox, edit it, and put it back in Dropbox. I have tried numerous apps for this reason and this one is the only one I have found that works. Could be a little faster as well. Not too bad. Not perfect, but close enough.

  • Best word processing by far!!

    by Saranicole1112

    I've tried MANY word processing apps on my iPhone recently and by far, this is the best one I've came across. I can start a doc and then finish it on my iPhone and I've also had NO problems printing them as I have had with the other word processor apps I've used! 5 stars in my book and totally worth the price!

  • Works but slow

    by Dukslayer26

    I wanted Microsoft word and paid $10 for the app but it was a fraud. Ended up buying this program and its a similar format and easy to use. I couldn't imagine writing a paper with it cause it responds way to slow. It does everything I need it to do, just wish it was faster. Very slow!!

  • Meh

    by Amoney1281

    Kinda slow but does what it has to do.

  • Excellent App

    by Krypteian Lord

    As an author, it's much easier to have my I-Pad with me than carry around a laptop. I have been using this app for about a month now and it's been a very capable tool for being able to work outside the home. Takes a little getting used to and does sometimes start to lag, but all-in-all, a great tool to have.

  • Needs some corrections

    by Munchenerin

    I find it difficult to navigate to a specific locations on a page...the movement is really jerky. Also some of the task bar gets obscured in if you want to underline a word or type it in a different color than the rest of the text. I do use the program quite often, however, and am reasonably pleased with it. It's OK, but it sure could be better.

  • slow

    by Reicanprincess

    It's a good app, but its slow, well I should say it has a delay on everything you do, if you type fast like I do, it takes a long time for the words to catch up, and sometimes it doesnt even register correctly, I know I typed it right but when It comes up on the screen the letters are not in the right place. Or the letter wont even show up. This app is just way to slow, it gets really frustrating.

  • Good app

    by Deiselbaseball

    I think the app is very useful as a word document program, had a problem or two exporting a document but overall I am happy with it.

  • Really nice program!!

    by Codyscutie

    A little difficult to figure out at first if you aren't used to I pads so be patient. It's wonderful once you have it down!(:

  • Need image in document

    by Jttttt12345ttttt

    Can't copy image put in document

  • Great helpful app

    by Virtualvenus

    Much needed app that performs as advertised.

  • Best App Ever!!

    by I HAVE IT!!

    It has being the best app ever! Is wait Is the best app i ever use for this tablet so i could use it for work for my school got!! No word to describe who cool is this app!! :D ;)

  • Love the app but typing is very lagged

    by Jlgreene19

    My only issue is that when typing in this app on my BT keyboard it's very lagged so I have to type much slower than I can type. I want to be able to type fast instead of feeling like I'm hunting and pecking. If I do type too fast, it skips letters and I have to go back and type slow so all letters register on the page. Please fix this issue!! It's very frustrating because I love the app otherwise, but I want to be able to type at my normal speed.

  • A must get!

    by Johnnycakex33

    Honestly, this app works great as a substitute if your laptop is down and you need to get work done. It can improve and has the potential to. But this alone is great as it is! Keep updating and keep it fresh

  • Mr

    by Mugumo

    I love it.

  • Great APP!

    by 12527gbg

    Great APP! Works great with my iPad Mini and the bluetooth keyboard, very useful to start writing my papers now that i just began college. :)

  • Don't buy

    by FarrahDP

    For beginners. Not useful for the real needs of a business owner.

  • RIPOFF!!!!!!

    by Gabby7998

    This app is TERRIBLE and wish I didn't have to select a star at ALL!!!!!!!! I bought this for $3.99, however once I opened it, it said I needed to download another app to have unlimited editing. I did this and when all was said and done it had taken $10.00 from my account!!!! From one experienced XL sp sheet user to another do NOT purchase this app or the sister app it says you need! This app is NOT user friendly & if you have no experience with XL or Word, please continue to look for apps bc this is NOT what you want!!!!!!!!! This company should be ashamed!

  • Keyboard lag

    by Jason Dean 777

    This app would be amazing if it wasn't for the extreme BT keyboard lag on the ipad. If this is not fixed I will be moving on. Other than that issue, its a wonderful app. Unfortunately keyboard lag is a major issue.

  • I was very disappointed

    by Irok22

    I was looking for a word processor that would let me write, take notes, and creative projects. I could not get the app to work properly with my Bluetooth keyboard. Even after I set it aside, I could not access the tools shown. I wish I could get my money back - what a waste!

  • SLOW

    by Bassdozer

    Not bad if you have the time and patients. I, on the other hand decided to just give up after a few "I think I can moments." It might be the processing of the mini though, I'm not sure. But for the mini in my opinion, it's worthless.

  • Not sure yet!

    by Linny65

    So I thought this was an answer to what I was looking for, but it keeps kicking me off web. I'm not sure I have to been connected anyway. So that's why the low rating, would be higher if I could use it!!!

  • Awful

    by Missieschumm

    The program was so slow and unresponsive - I wish I could get my money back - complete waste :(

  • Downloaded but won't sync

    by bobntj

    I would really like to try this app, but I can't even get it to sync with my iPad. Would really appreciate a refund! Thanks

  • Crashes, Crashes and Crashes

    by DaVyziter

    this is a horrible app! It consistently crashes when I attempt to save a document; it crashes when I try to open a saved document (server down!); and, worse, it crashes when I attempt to email myself a document. Where's customer service because their link is nonexistent, and I want my money back!

  • Sloooooooooow

    by spin1234

    Reminiscent of my 4 MHz Epson back in 1984. Push a key wait for it to place a letter. Just bought it, tried to use it in a good wifi environment, this text editor for writing this review is 100 times faster and better. Don't buy this app.

  • Sad

    by farbsanz

    rated 17+!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thats sooooooooooooo slow doesn't work ,that's really unusefull.I want my Money BACK!

  • Only edit with Internet connection?

    by Lis340

    Maybe I am missing something, but I could not figure out how to work on a document when I wasn't connected to wifi. The whole reason I wanted a word processing app was to give me a way to write without lugging my laptop everywhere. Frustrating.

  • Too Slow

    by fcso13

    This app cant keep up with my typing when using a keyboard. It was a wast of money. Dont waste your time.

  • Hated it

    by Cntrysldr88

    Hated the app. Could not help me at all. Not worth the money I spent on it

  • Horrible

    by Wubbly

    I was thinking this was a app like Microsoft word, but for your iPad! But I was wrong!! I don't even know what to do on the stupid app! Waste of money! Don't buy!!

  • Response to bluetooth keyboard is slow-please fix or give me refund

    by Corie D

    I am really bummed... I bought this app so I can write papers on my iPad at school so I don't have to carry my heavy laptop around, but when I use my bluetooth keyboard with THIS app, it takes 5-10 seconds to register my typing. Its not the keyboard, because the keyboard works perfectly fine with all my other apps. I ended up buying a new word processing app because I need to write a paper now and I don't have time to wait for this issue to be resolved. I really want a refund.

  • Not worth

    by greenskittle_07

    Very limited and slow... Unsatisfied!!!!

  • Problems

    by GAC108

    My problems with this app is the cloud connection. I need an MS word emulator that will work where there is no Wifi. I didn't realise that, even after creating a document I wouldn't be able to edit it without an internet connection. That also explains why it is slow when I am entering a document.

  • Really.?

    by Oul Leoric

    App requires a consent internet connection in order to work. F that's my rating worse money spent

  • Freezes Up

    by :;()$&@7641389david

    I have spent way to much time on this app because I really want it to work. But I open a document (look to the BOTTOM left not under the file like your used to) and the buttons don't function, nothing happens.

  • Can't use

    by K423

    I am unable to use my bluetooth keyboard from my iPad to type my document. When I turn it off, I am still not able to get a keyboard to type. Frustrating, was hoping this app would help me when I need to create a word doc on my iPad. Wish I could get my money back.

  • Dont Buy This App

    by 805Nova101

    I never complain about a bad app but this was beyond bad. It is extremely slow. I needed an app for college papers so I thought this app would work. It takes more time spellchecking than it did to write the paper. Plus the spellcheck needs to be updated. I want my money back!

  • Needs WiFi just to work

    by Samareck

    First of all, you even want to use it, you need to be connected to the internet. And if your intent happens to be slow, it will either open only when it feels like it, or be stuck on the loading screen opening a document for an infinite amount of time. Not practical. Stick with Pages.

  • Absolutely Terrible!

    by jkirkbeaucha

    I wasted another 4.99 for ANOTHER ridiculous app. I only blame myself for reading the worthless reviews, so here I am, entering a TRUTHFUL review. This app lags, freezes up, shuts down, and will completely freeze up your Ipad. DO NOT WASTE your money or time with this app.

  • Not exactly what I imagined...

    by PGiraffe

    Always lags and extremely difficult to use. Not designed for iPad. Basically just a web page that allows word editing. Horrible...not worth the price. Should've spent a few bucks more for a real app. Want a refund! Argh

  • Hate it! Very slow,

    by Mystical Prism

    I wanted a word processing and editing app and thought for the price this was not bad, plus the ad looked as if you could input your art/ written signature. That was not the case. Just to type a letter was grueling. There is a delay after each letter typed. I have a new iPad with not very many apps so I should not have encountered a problem. I typed a short letter and it printed well, thus explaining my 1 star. It did something but not what I expected. A total waste of my money.

  • needs improvements

    by Elathan49

    this is a nice app overall, but it lags like none other. makes it kind of irritating to write a paragraph then have to sit there for a minute as it catches up with you, once thats resolved it will easily be a five out of five review

  • Julia

    by pottermusical

    This app is great for creating any English or History paper on your iPad!

  • Sadly Dissapointed

    by BroJCS

    I bought this on 9/13/13, and am doubtful whether it is going to be as much use to me as the NotePad that came with the Ipad. When I type, after about 8 or 10 words, a single letter suddenly begins to repeat, as much as a full line, before stopping. When I try to backspace to correct, the backspace continues until it deletes the entire document. I am using a Bluetooth keyboard, but do not believe that is the problem because it is working perfectly with NotePad, and on this Review page. My Ipad is v.4.3.1. App is supposed to run on v.4 or later. Is there any hope of getting a fix or a refund?

  • I want a refund.

    by Upset Mommy

    It's apps like this that make me wish Apple and their vendors would have a refund policy for apps that DO NOT WORK. I can't type a thing on the document. What is the point of having Word if you CANNOT TYPE ANYTHING. Do not waste your money for this total piece of junk.

  • Not totally worthless

    by FishyMarlin

    But pretty close. It might be because I have it on an iPad mini rather than an iPad, but the text doesn't scroll properly. When I try to scroll, the text disappears and pops back up wherever it pleases. Sometimes if I keep holding my finger on it, I can get the text back and move it to where I want it. Sometimes when the text reappears, it comes up blurry. Also, I have been unable to get the select function to work. The spell checker is clumsy to use and is a very poor guesser. I have been able to write a few pages on it, but I am looking forward to finding a better program so I can edit and write with less frustration.

  • very hard to work with

    by Rouyteqd

    i find it very hard to work with and wont work with my key board maybe it will get better

  • Great

    by Tay1993

    This app is perfect for college students with iPads because it is just like word document and it's extremely easy to use. I definitely would recommend this to all iPad users.

  • Great App!!!


    Works great with my keypad...easy to use...this app is a dream!

  • Great App

    by Long Rod Randy

    Great App. Works great for typing notes in class and can easily bring them up to review and even send to your email to print.

  • Terrible!

    by Acs258574&393

    Absolutely hands down the worst app I have ever downloaded. Uploaded a word document to edit and I have been spending the last twenty minutes just trying to get my cursor oriented so that I can start typing. It jumps all over the document and right when I'm about to start typing it moves again. Ridiculous!!!

  • Open Word-- horrible

    by jilli419

    This app is a waste of time and money. Nothing worked-- it would open a file but not let you edit it or send it. It also wouldn't let me start a new document. DO NOT BUY THIS.

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