Amtrak Travel App Review (iOS, Free)

  • Category: Travel
  • Publisher: Amtrak
  • Updated: Aug, 09 2011
  • Version: 2.0
  • Size: 6.4 MB

Languages: English

Seller: National Railroad Passenger Corporation

A major redesign with lots of improvements.

• Designed for iOS7
• Ticket purchases now require up to 40% fewer touches
• Stability improvements for a more reliable experience

Customer Ratings

Current Version:
59 Ratings
All Versions:
827 Ratings


Discover the convenience of traveling with Amtrak. With the Amtrak app you can you can get simple and intuitive access to all the travel information you need, whenever you need it.

• Book one-way and roundtrip tickets
• Check train status
• Search for station information
• Show your eTicket while onboard
• Save trip information to your phone calendar
• Load your eTicket into Passbook™
• And so much more

All this, without the hassle of your laptop, making calls or printing your ticket.

For help or feedback on the Amtrak app, go to

Customer Reviews

  • Great app

    by THS90

    Highly recommend if you commute with amtrak- love the fact I can add my boarding pass onto passbook on my iPhone. Well done.

  • Needs work

    by draco19

    When I search for a train it just gives me a error no train well I don't know the schedule that's why I'm searching give me a train closets to that date

  • Good

    by TJ Houghton

    It's an easy app to use that shows train schedules but the last update removed the one best feature. On the previous version or would show my trips as soon as I opened the app but now I have to find an email to lookup my reservation number in order to see my itinerary. I hope the next update puts that feature back

  • Great

    by TRutsch17

    The new update is great!

  • Needs Route Map!

    by Fitrugby

    I cannot find a route map essential for planning trips - otherwise quite handy

  • Looks very nice, but...

    by stlsax

    I would have loved to be able to put certain schedules and maps together and fantasize about trips without being asked for dates, arrival/departure times and to "buy now". Heck, I would spend hours on this app if I could make Fantasy Trips with interactive maps and who knows - I might even be inspired to purchase one!

  • Passbook feature back on!!

    by Ludovicu5

    With the newest update, the passbook feature seemed to be back on!! I'm gonna use it next Friday and Monday after the weekend, so will see how the feature works.

  • Good but crashes a lot

    by macbookpror

    This app is good but it crashes a lot.

  • Loving this app

    by Blossom 03

    I have no issues tickets go into passbook with one click. Love the new design and all of the station information

  • Easy to find and buy tickets

    by lyonya

    Gets delivered to email, was perfect.

  • Updated App

    by RunPhila16

    All I would really like for you to do is to stop removing my trip before I’ve completed the return journey. Getting mobile boarding passes for the first leg is easy, looking them up to retrieve them for the return journey is not and requires going into my email to find my reservation #, defeating the purpose of being constantly signed into the App. Why not keep the reservation details on the home screen until the ENTIRE trip is completed?

  • Great app

    by MennoSandy

    I love using the app. Saving the eTicket is really easy using a screen shot photo. Just press the home button and off button at the same time and it is stored in my photo album.

  • This app just gets better & better.

    by pranaMAMA PDX

    Very functional & usable app. Everything I want & nothing I don't.

  • Much improved!!

    by Sizerth

    This app was mediocre when I first downloaded it, but that was a couple of years ago. It is evident that they have sunk a lot of effort into making the UI usable to buy tickets, review/change your reservations and check train status. I still find that I need to manually add tickets to the Passbook, rather than showing the conductor the tickets that appear directly in the app. It's something to do with the brightness of my screen, I gather. When a new ticket shows up in your account, it should ask you if you want to add it to your Passbook automatically. Keep up the good work on the phone and on the rails!

  • As Advertised

    by adelmoni76

    I use this app daily for my commute to work. it is easy to use and the recent update makes it even quicker to book a reservation. I love the passbook feature. if only the conductors scanners would be more reliable.....

  • Awesome

    by Mrpatalino

    Good quality app love the update!! Would be even better if it showed all the station stops. Great job Amtrak!!!

  • Huge improvement!

    by Admtraveller

    Much improved over previous versions. Kudos

  • Great App!

    by ibritten80

    Besides being able to find and buy my ticket, I like that it creates the e-ticket and I can add the ticket to Passbook!

  • Made my trip very smooth

    by B. T. Smith

    I was pleasantly surprised by how well Amtrak pulled off this app. It has a lot of great features - easy ticket purchase, train schedules on the go, and station information. Furthermore, the ux is smooth and intuitive. With better passbook integration, this app would be perfect.

  • Much better then flying!!!

    by Jnbange

    Great way to purchase tickets! Traveling by train is much better and a lot less hassle than flying!!! :)

  • Comes up short when most needed

    by Rattman84

    I'll grant you, Feb 13th in NE corridor was a tough travel day due to heavy winter weather. But that's when riders MOST NEED your train status function. All day, the app status read "not available" for NEC departures from Washington Union Sta. Until the train departed...then app would say exact time train departed. News flash: riders need info about the train they are trying to make, not the one they've missed or are riding on. C'mon, seriously...why go to trouble/expense of having an app when it does not present key info?

  • Amazing downgrade

    by pithycomeback

    I can't believe this version makes me look up my trips by reservation number rather than simply linking it to my being logged in. Your previous version did this correctly. Why was it removed?

  • Guest Rewards portion fails

    by Spikedhair

    I attempted to redeem my points by booking a trip with my points and the reservation page does not allow me to select/change the date. I like many of the changes...accessing my boarding passes, keeping my future trip on file.

  • Buggy

    by John Czeban

    Wouldn't process credit card purchase. Get it right before releasing! Takes more steps to process purchases and then to add to calendar. Won't stay logged in like old app, functionally is a step backwards compared to previous version. Let's focus on user needs and not how the app looks please. Stay on old version!

  • Just not there

    by RGSilvers

    Train status, should be simple. But grossly inaccurate. Original screen says "on time" with a nice green check mark. Select that for more detail and see that the train is an hour and a half late Or, see that it is on time. Even though I'm standing on the platform waiting with no sight of the train three minutes after it's scheduled departure time I've logged in and entered the firm to provide feedback, only to have to enter my contact details If I buy the ticket online, why can't I add it to passbook? Instead, it only comes via email so I add the PDF to iBooks

  • Fail

    by Dddkfsjvdidtifdicfgoff

    Fail terrible app please fix this crap!

  • Too simple

    by Moti0702

    I try searching for available trains with a point A and point B. All it tells me is that nothing is available. Why not make a recommendation for a station that is close to what I'm requesting?

  • Horrible!

    by Nouhou

    I wasn't sure this App could get worse, but it definitely has! From not being able to find my ticket purchased with my Member Points, to not even being able to log me in and continuously timing-out, this is truly a pathetic "upgrade..." I think DOWNGRADE is more like it!

  • Wow... fail.

    by CaptainKromwell

    If you can't write an app where the user can't even log in after creating an account.. then why are you releasing it? Srsly. I successfully created an account through the app, got the email from them and can log into their web page with my info so I know the email and password is good. But logging into the app all I get is an error that says "The email address or password is incorrect." I figured maybe you had to activate your account by clicking a link on their email but nope, account is active. I've tried several times and am certain the email and password entered is correct (works on their website). In todays tech world of online accounts for everything this kind of failure is just embarrassing.

  • Poor updates

    by Stuck in Union Station

    Checked my train's status before leaving the house (30 minutes prior to departure) and the app said train was on time. Get to the train station and find it it's delayed 1 hour because the equipment isn't ready. But the app still says the train is on time! UPDATE TRAIN STATUS so it actually helps people.

  • Worthless

    by Ouija720

    What good is a travel app that doesn't give you real time updates on arrivals and departures? Should be so easy to do with all the available technology.

  • Amtrak

    by Rightsman

    Too glitchy and confusing. Have to sign on separately to make reservation and look at Awards site. Cumbersome.

  • It's Amtrak ~ what did you expect

    by Everywhere-Al

    The app is slow, cumbersome and won't let me login. It said to create a new account - when I did that it told me the email was already in use. (Even though it did not want to accept it when I tried to impute a moment before.

  • Lies about train statuses

    by Tylertrader

    I'm giving this app one star. As I sit in Union Station Chicago waiting for my now 2 hour and counting delayed train I decided to check it's status via this app. To my surprise it says my train departed just 19 minutes late. I wish! As it sits now they don't even have an engine for my train. Even 2 hours 19 minutes delay would be a pleasant surprise at this point. If you're counting on this to update you when you should be picking someone up, don't trust it!

  • Giant Step Backward

    by Bf1958

    This version removed the only 2 features I needed the app for. I can no longer save my tickets nor can I export them to Passbook.

  • Terrible app

    by Kelly Lou161

    This app has so many bugs it's nearly pointless. There's always an error; signing in, updating my profile, locating my information, etc. Ease of use is awful. Finally giving up on creating an account and just buying my ticket as a guest.

  • Worse than before

    by selyhtak

    This app was never great but it had one excellent feature--it automatically stored all current reservations associated with your account. Now even if you're logged into your account you still have to look up your reservation by res #. Very inconvenient and a major downgrade from earlier versions. Seriously removed the one good thing about this app.

  • New app is a POS

    by Frequent use

    Much less functional than the old one, try checking someone else's arrival times after they leave,good luck! The old one worked great!

  • Bike Traveler

    by BikeHound

    To get any info about bike transport aboard trains I must go to the website, so the app does not work for bicycle travelers very well other than general scheduling info.

  • Registering nightmare

    by L Maguire

    I lost count of how many times I tried to register/create an account with this Amtrak app. They want you to link to their rewards programs to collect points towards future purchases. But it's a difficult feat when they keep telling you your info is either entered incorrectly or that it doesn't exist. There's no number to call for help to try and resolve the frustrating nightmare. I'm still not registered and I've wasted a ridiculous amount of time.

  • Non functional

    by Danee Isdaner

    This app needs a lot of work. When searching for my reservation an error message pops up telling my reservation does not exist despite confirming on the phone with an agent. If I have to call in to confirm what's the point of having an app?

  • Horrible

    by Frequent frequent

    Innacurate train status and no monthly tickets storage

  • Needs work on e-ticket management

    by Rob214

    I really wanted to like this app. At first I was quite happy that I could purchase and show tickets right on my iPhone - great! However, I've run into three frustrating experiences: 1. Even though I had shown my morning trip ticket earlier in the day, and I had "stay signed in" already set, the app seemed to have lost my log in and my ticket. And for some reason took forever to even load. 2. The work flow to look up your ticket is wasteful. I'm signed in, but it still asked me for my reservation number and my email. Really? Really Amtrak? You just took my email address and password, yet I need to input my reservation number and email for you to bring up my ticket? Just dumb... Once I login it should all be there. 3. I wanted to be kind and send this as a support ticket. But the link in the App Store directed me to the full desktop website. Unnecessary guys. Want me to file a support ticket direct me to a support site optimized for mobile that downloads fast. Fix these issues please and I'll give you give stars, promise.

  • No point

    by Cnrjames

    What is the point of a travel app that doesn't store reservations or boarding cards but makes you look them up by reservation number each time you want to see it? I have to go into my email, get the reservation number and ten go back to the app, making it completely useless. I can more easily get my boarding card loaded from my email. Plus, it isn't compatible with one pass on iPhones?? Seriously, amtrak, this is terrible. And to top it off even though the app asks for and stores my student advantage number it has no function to allow me to book a fare using it, again making it impossible for me to get any use whatsoever from it since now to make bookings with my discounted rate I have to use the website. Not worth the download time.

  • No point

    by Cnrjames

    What is the point of a travel app that doesn't store reservations or boarding cards but makes you look them up by reservation number each time you want to see it? I have to go into my email, get the reservation number and ten go back to the app, making it completely useless. I can more easily get my boarding card loaded from my email. Plus, it isn't compatible with one pass on iPhones?? Seriously, amtrak, this is terrible. And to top it off even though the app asks for and stores my student advantage number it has no function to allow me to book a fare using it, again making it impossible for me to get any use whatsoever from it since now to make bookings with my discounted rate I have to use the website. Not worth the download time.

  • No point

    by Cnrjames

    What is the point of a travel app that doesn't store reservations or boarding cards but makes you look them up by reservation number each time you want to see it? I have to go into my email, get the reservation number and ten go back to the app, making it completely useless. I can more easily get my boarding card loaded from my email. Plus, it isn't compatible with one pass on iPhones?? Seriously, amtrak, this is terrible. And to top it off even though the app asks for and stores my student advantage number it has no function to allow me to book a fare using it, again making it impossible for me to get any use whatsoever from it since now to make bookings with my discounted rate I have to use the website. Not worth the download time.

  • Doesn't work

    by JLS0403

    Won't let me make a reservation as a senior.

  • Could be better.

    by winterstorm in summer

    Too pricey too!!!

  • App too cumbersome

    by 6 at a time

    I can't get to my reservation because the reservation # is too complex. From my email the res # is too complex. Can't you just pull it up from my amtrak ID? Also, why can't I send it to Passbook app?

  • Why???

    by Raghu Ramachandran

    The best part of this app used to be that it kept track of all the tickets and I could just show the phone to the conductor. Now I have to remember the confirmation code and re-enter my email to get to e-tickets even though I'm already logged into the app. Might as well just bring along the paper tickets as there is no chance of me remembering confirm codes.

  • Can this app stop crashing

    by Dolphin77$$

    Whenever you choose a from/to destination this app crashes.. Hope Amtrak has decent developers to fix this...

  • Rewards travel

    by LSquared.

    Horrible. Still cannot find how to book a rewards travel. Plus the GuestRewards link does not pre-populate your credentials but you have to manually have to put them. Overall, lost functionality to add some glitz.

  • Frustrating at best

    by Jen Hook

    Layout seems good, but using it is a big fail. I've only been able to successfully login maybe 3 in 20 times. But when you start clicking around in the app all of a sudden you're having to log back in. Surprising this is happening in today's technology, Amtrak you have a lot of work cut out for you.

  • Fairly useless

    by jefeman

    Can't really use it for anything but looking at schedules. No ticket storage. Disappointing capabilities.

  • iPhone only?

    by Jakob Miller

    There needs to be an iPad app!!!

  • Need passbook support already!

    by Ludovicu5

    Need to support passbook, and I'm having trouble modifying tickets on this app. waiting way too long to get passbook support back on, it's like as if they had given up!

  • Please allow storing of Payment information

    by Blackbeauty212

    Love the App, but wish it and allowed for storing frequently used CC's (Like the AGR Chase MC) in the users profile so that we don't have to finagle through one's wallet each time to pull out our card, and fumble typing the Number, Exp Date and 3-digit security pin every time. Most "purchasing" type apps have this capability for frequent users. Amtrak should too, it would be a huge plus to the app.

  • Has passbook integration

    by EdSBCC

    Works nicely for getting your ticket on passbook. 5star.

  • Better than nothing

    by Rhenish

    It crashes a lot, but least the app is consistent with Amtrak's overall level of service.

  • It works, but lame features

    by D in Brooklyn

    It does the basics ok but could be so much better if it wasn't so stupid. If I'm already logged into my acct why can't it just show me my current reservations? Instead I have to enter each confirmation code and my email address so it can search for them. Also, Why can't I check train status directly from my trip detail? Instead I have to go back to homepage and then search for the train all over again, and I have to enter the train number!


    by Roy1976 

    Needs Passbook integration ASAP.

  • Great app

    by  Bandersong

    I don't know what the complaints are about. This app works great on my 4Gs. Easy to use, stable. Way better than Amtrak's website!

  • Just bad. Really bad...

    by JSisitsky

    I never write app reviews but felt obligated after wasting the time to upgrade, download and try to use this terrible app. Really no value in it. Can't even use passport anymore...

  • Where's the Acela?

    by ny one54068

    Great app but on the NEC it only shows regionals and not NE Direct or Acela trains.

  • No Passbook

    by Joey Brown

    The app looks good and a great idea. Unfortunately, and as the greatest majority of users has noted, the Passbook doesn't work. Please fix it! I work in IT, and if this couldn't be fixed over the past several months then find someone that can!

  • Nice try

    by AmtrakHOGG

    As previously reviewed, this POS doesn't work with passport. Further, there is no way to just look at a timetable, you must input a beginning and ending station, then the app just tells you the scheduled departure and arrival. How stupid is this thing?? Under train status, it often gives you an error "service interruption" or unknown information... though if you go to Amtrak's full website, the information is there and accurate. I'm Al's disappointed the (new on the Amtrak main website) train on map in near realtor is not part if this app. That's a great new feature on, but the nerds that compiled this app decided to omit it for some reason. I guess this app has some use, I just don't know for what or why I'd use this POS instead of logging into

  • No Routes Map/List

    by Juanchoiskool 

    App looks alright....but ummm why is it not "smart." I do not want to have to scroll through ALL Amtrak destinations that my origin point doesn't even travel to!

  • Not great

    by WhiteKidd462840

    I use Amtrak almost weekly and I am let down by the fact that one's rewards account is not linked to their Amtrak account in this app. Getting rewards points is important to me, and having to go through the 'missing points' process a month after the travel date to claim those is not something I'm willing to do for every trip I take.

  • Awesome !

    by ktanguay

    Don't understand the negative reviews ...? The app works very well for me ! (iPhone 5C)

  • Mister

    by Baianomericano

    I am in line waiting for my train less than one hour before departure and the app still is not showing my trains status. Much better to call Amtrak customer service. Their phone personnel are as friendly as can be, and they speak clearly and informatively.

  • Excellent App

    by  wow.1.19.

    This is a great app. Very easy to use and works well. I like that you can purchase sleeping car rooms (the Amtrak mobile site wouldn't let you do this). The passport feature is fun too.

  • Inaccurate

    by Wait222

    Train on time in app, but cancelled when I got to station. App stinks because Amtrak stinks.

  • Excellent

    by DMCer

    Never had a problem with this app. It is convenient, hasn't crashed for me, and I LOVE the Passbook integration.

  • No Rewards Support

    by Chiqlet

    If you're an avid rewards user don't bother with this app. It allows you to put in destinations but no date to travel. Take the extra 15 seconds to log onto the main site. The amount of frustration you'll save is worth it. And on the website you don't have to log on again with each screen change. Only after you physically logout. In addition it crashes a lot and, with the train status, it either gives you incorrect info or it says "not available at this time". WEBSITE!!!

  • Not impressed

    by aroo28764

    This app doesn't make the same connections that the website does. Tried to route a trip from TX to MT and it told me that there were no schedules. Went to the website and received a route no problem.

  • Train Status Always Wrong

    by Sgsmith124561

    Train status info, which is basically the only function this app serves, is always wrong. It will consistently tell you that the passenger/you are 5-10 min early until about 15 min before, and then it will suddenly switch to 10 min late or whatever the actual time is... I don't understand this because the conductor is always aware of the correct approx time and they aren't programmed machines. Prob this is just part of Amtrak PR since they always run late anyways. USELESS

  • Meh...

    by runnin_donna

    Not a successful app. Wish I could use it more, but my reservations made under my rewards number never show up on this app, and the Guest Rewards site doesn't remember me. I shouldn't have to type in my information every time I use it. This is a simple fix and they cannot figure it out. Crashes a lot, too. And now I can't even get to the Rewards page from the app because I get an error and it crashes. You should be improving it- not making it worse.

  • 50/50

    by Fair Reviewer1717

    When it works, it's great. But crashes a lot. Can't complain about the cost though.

  • Good app

    by Hekaowhebdkzis

    Good app, but the eticket disappears half way through a trip. Not good when they need to rescan tickets.

  • Doesn't even deserve 1 star

    by beatrixkatto

    Had to give it 1 star so I could write this review but now I want it back. Horrible app. Are the developers reading these reviews?? This app has never worked for me..... Rewards member link does not work, trip lookup, passport, nothing! Sucky.

  • Works fine for me

    by forgetineer

    I realize it's causing problems with some OS versions and hardware, but it works great for me on iOS 7. Beats having to print out tickets and schedules...

  • Bad really bad

    by Thb1122

    The train status only works for departed trains. Never for the train you're trying to catch. Crashes frequently.

  • Nice app

    by Skindogg79

    Nice it, passbook works great.

  • Won't let me login

    by bears246 

    Really frustrating that I can't login on my iPhone, but can on my computer...

  • Passbook?!

    by Kevinr91 CHI,IL1125

    Would like to have seen Passbook be integrated with the update!

  • Passbook does work.

    by User136734

    So everyone passbook does work. When you view your e-ticket click the share button in the top right corner and click add to passport. It worked for me at least.

  • No support

    by art4256432

    This used to be a good app until iOS 7 it's been months now and everytime I try to select a station it crashes. I have submitted feedback on the website but it is apparently ignored. Maybe the programmers have all been reassigned to Obamacare. The app is worthless like it is. I would love to know what phone and operating system those who think the app works are using. I used to love this app and I really wish that they would fix it for iOS 7

  • Amtrack

    by D. Hill

    This is a solid transit application that allows users to easily look up train stations and destinations regarding the Amtrack service. Users can also look up set schedules, time travel estimations, recent history and more. While the menu design is a bit cluttered it is still easy to use in terms of looking up or booking a particular trip.

  • Glitchy

    by Av1347

    App doesn't work. Much like the wifi on most of the trains that I've taken.

  • Fix the app NOW!!!

    by Todd578

    The app will not open and all my reservation and ticket is stored there!

  • Latest update crashes

    by Dragoncoach

    Worked fine until last update. Now crashes on startup.

  • About time!

    by kenosabe 

    About time!!!!!!!! Love the app and the ability to view train schedules.

  • Massive fail!

    by AreThereAnyNicknames Left 

    The most basic function - to show me my trips - the app is unable to do in *any* way. My reservation is linked to my Amtrak rewards number, the app has my profile, incl. rewards number. My trips? Blank. Ok, so I look for my reservation, and it comes up in the trip finder. With my name, etc. Great? Uhm, no: there is no way to save or otherwise connect my reservation to the app so it would show up in 'my trips'. So I'll be going to penn station tomorrow with a paper printout of the reservation info. Now, what is that app supposed to be good for again? Changing my reservation when there's a change in schedule? Oh, wait, it doesn't have my reservation :( . So that doesn't work. Checking my actual arrival time (no, Amtrak isn't always on schedule)? Again, it doesn't track my trips. No cigar. Wonder where Amtrak found the hacks who designed this app. Time to ask for their money back. Except for the icon and the splash screen. That's really nice. Too bad the rest is useless. And anyone not sure what I'm upset about, go check out the delta app. That one does what it's supposed to do, and then some.

  • Cannot be scanned!

    by strangefruit78

    I've been on several Amtrak trips this year and the passbook bar code cannot be scanned by the conductor! Please fix!!

  • Does not work on Verizon cell network.

    by PHOnos6516

    No work.

  • Please fix

    by bfskinner2

    Won't open. Have deleted and reinstalled. Still won't open. This app used to increase my convenience but couldn't use it for holiday travel this week. Big bummer.

  • Finally had to delete

    by Grinchy75

    Doesn't stay open and only crashes.

  • Crashes when trying to view modified trips

    by Azurite

    When I made my reservation online, the app worked great—shows the reservation, lets me add it to Passbook, everything. But when I needed to make a simple change of station (which I did over the phone), the app SHOWS the modified reservation, but when I try to “view” and then “view eTicket,” the app crashes, so I can’t add the modified ticket to my Passbook. I’ve tried closing and reopening the app to no avail. I find it bizarre that the app can see the ticket was changed, but won’t let me see it on my phone!

  • I'd love to say something nice about this app...

    by chainmale2

    ...but it won't even open for me on iPhone. Such a pity: it would seem to have great possibilites.

  • useful for train travelers

    by SH in WI

    Nice layout, clean and uncluttered. Often quicker to navigate than the full website. Provides convenient features. Could do with some UI improvements, and every release seems to have some bugs, but still handy to have for train travelers.

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