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  • Publisher: Time Inc.
  • Updated: Apr, 30 2010
  • Version: 27.3.2
  • Size: 4.98 MB

Languages: English

Seller: TI Media Solutions Inc.

- Support for iPad Retina Display beginning with the 11/4/2013 issue
- Bookmarking and auto-archive capabilities

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Experience TIME Magazine on iPad, now with support for Retina display, bookmarking and auto-archive capabilities!

Download now and SUBSCRIBE for INSTANT ACCESS to the full digital issue! You can also get one month FREE when you sign up for an annual subscription. Or purchase individual issues of TIME— including past issues and commemorative issues from the archive. And if you currently subscribe to TIME Magazine, you can access the iPad edition.

Each week’s digital issue of TIME includes all of the news and features in the print edition currently on newsstands, as well as bonus international content, extra photos and video, and live updates from TIME.com.

TIME’s signature voice and trusted content have made it one of the most recognized news brands in the world. Offering a rare convergence of incisive reporting, lively writing and world-renowned photography, TIME has been credited with bringing journalism at its best into the fabric of American life. Every issue of TIME delivers a deeper understanding of the world we live in.

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Current subscribers may not be canceled during the active subscription period, but you can manage your subscription and/or turn off auto-renewal by visiting your iTunes Account Settings after purchase.

Simply download the app and enjoy TIME like you’ve never experienced it before.

Customer Reviews

  • Lost Landscape

    by Buzz, Farmer

    I can't believe that providing landscape mode isn't a basic requirement. You're either not testing for it or removing the feature and hoping that nobody notices and complains. It's a particularly blatant problem, given that it used to be available. I realize that newer navigational features are being added, but you have to provide the basics. It's interesting that I can still get landscape mode with some older issues I saved, so the problem is embedded somewhere in the newer issues. Please fix or at least tell us when it's going to be.

  • Newest version problematic

    by PhotoguyD38

    I have no idea why the digital version of Time just lost the ability to be viewed in landscape, but it has destroyed my viewing experience. It not only makes it impossible for me to read Time conveniently, it has greatly diminished the experience of great photos, Lightbox in particular. Not only are the photos smaller, the captions are no longer pull downs. They are in your face. This is a huge step backwards. Please stop trying to fix things that weren't broken! Please give us landscape mode back and the optional Lightbox captions!

  • New issues don't have landscape mode

    by Charisse B

    I love this app. Graphics and text formatting are perfect for the iPad. However, the 2014 editions cannot be used in landscape mode, which is disappointing. Hope you fix this...

  • Landscape orientation no longer available

    by Tony Kelly

    I have often bragged to others about Time's excellent digital version. I appreciate that it has never seemed like they just converted the print version to be tablet-friendly as an afterthought, but that the designs are intentionally geared toward both print and digital versions. Now that the landscape orientation is no longer available, I feel like the digital version is being neglected. Before this change I read Time almost exclusively on my iPad, but I now that experience is much less enjoyable, so I read in print when I find the time to read it at all. I am disappointed in this change.

  • Print subscription integration broken

    by mikesafh

    The latest update now forces you into portrait mode and refuses to remember where you stopped reading before. Was so hopeful with finally having Retina support...

  • Orientation is no longer working?

    by Dan.Chicago

    I’ve read Time on my iPad since it was available and have generally been happy. I like to read in landscape mode and the electronic version of the magazine has always adapted just fine as I rotate the tablet 90deg. But with the latest update, this no longer seems to be working! Now it is stuck in portrait mode and won’t rotate into landscape. Rotation is enabled on the device; it works in my browser just fine. But not in the Time app. Bummer!

  • Perfect

    by Daddyd1

    Works great as expected.

  • Can't remove old issues

    by avcr8teur

    After the upgrade, I can no longer remove issues I have already read. There used to be an X next to the issue in the Library view, but it is no longer there. The only way to remove it is to delete the app and reinstall it. There is an option for Auto Issue Removal, but I have no idea what that does. In the Newstand, I can see a picture of the latest edition, but not the issue I am reading.

  • Great Magazine!

    by Solson9

    Very informative with what is going on today in this world right now!

  • Issues resolved for this user

    by Scohou

    I was having issues with the Library not being able to access my old magazines. If you follow steps given by the app support link your problem should be resolved. It worked for me. The app is smooth running and the magazine looks great. I would recommend it. Viewing with IPad Air on most recent iOS 7

  • Very happy with this app

    by jefemarks

    Wish they would display time of day at top of page. Otherwise - no complaints and very pleased.

  • Poorly thought out

    by YCL

    The library section shows ALL of the issues available on their store, regardless of whether or not you've bought them, so that forces you to scroll through all of the issues till you find the ones you've bought. This issue costs them two stars in my book! Content is or course excellent, just fix this error.

  • Retina support!

    by agmong

    Finally have retina support, I can read it again, thank you Time!

  • Great for Retina Display

    by robinwou1222

    Yeah, it comes. After almost one year and half waiting, the TIME app finally support Retina display. As far as I experience, the app is not buggy any more. Now it runs fluidly and those pictures and characters are as sharp as you can expect for a Retina display. Good Job.

  • Can't Delete

    by LynninVa

    I love reading Time on the iPad, but with the new update, I can't "delete" an issue back to the Cloud when I'm finished like you could before. Albeit small, it uses GB storage and as issues "pile up", it will continue to increase GB. Please fix or tell me what I'm doing wrong.

  • Retina!

    by RandyinOhio

    Updated review: Thank you, thank you, thank you for the Retina support! Finally! I'm now a subscriber again. Keep it up Time! Moved rating back to 5-stars. Original review: Time, It's really simple...add retina and I'll be happy to shell out cash to be a subscriber again. At the very least, can you provide a time table of when it will be available?

  • Lack of support for digital subscribers

    by WhiplashZamboniMan

    I have been trying to resolve a digital content delivery problem with Time for almost two months now. I used to be a print subscriber but decided to move over to a purely digital subscription due to vision problems that make reading the print version very difficult. The whole subscription process is very smooth within the iPad app, however, things are very frustrating the first time you run into a content delivery problem. I had a problem downloading the September 9 issue but no problem with any other issue before or after that date. Try e-mailing customer support and they send back replies telling you how to delete and reinstall the app and how to restore purchases. As someone that subscribes to a lot of digital magazines, these are already things I tried before contacting customer support. Several e-mail exchanges later and Time's customer support representatives are still suggesting the same things; it's as though some e-mail robot is just taking blind guesses and sending back automated responses. Try calling support to try to get someone on the right track in determining the source of the problem with this one magazine issue and you're told to call Apple. When you call Apple, they tell you what you'd expect, contact the publisher because they can only refund my subscription or help with reinstalling the app. It has taken almost two months to get someone from Time to even attempt to download the September 9 issue and realize that they can't download it either. The problem was fixed quickly once I actually got someone to try it themselves but it still leaves me feeling like an unappreciated subscriber. You want to encourage people to tell their friends about your magazine and increase your number of subscribers but when you treat an existing customer like you don't care now that you've gotten their money, it certainly doesn't encourage existing customers to renew their subscriptions once the current subscription ends. If Time is going to provide a digital subscription, they should be willing to support their product and not expect their customers to beg Apple for help. As one of Time's supervisors stated, "we don't get subscriber information from Apple, you should have subscribed directly through us instead". If you're not willing to support subscribers that sign up through *your* iPad app, then don't offer the option to subscribe in the app at all. The only reason I haven't canceled my subscription yet is because Time has one of the better interfaces that is very friendly for customers with vision problems. I am hopeful that Time will fix their customer support problems and start treating their digital subscribers like valued customers that could potentially bring in new paying customers as well. Like others have stated, I’m also disturbed by Time removing every downloaded issue every time an update is posted. This is extremely frustrating for customers that don’t have reliable high speed internet connections.

  • Landscape mode

    by Nbnm

    Since the format change to mostly landscape viewing mode I've returned to reading the print version only downloading it to view Lightbox and browse the digital only content. What makes the change so cumbersome are the oft appearing buttons to view illustrations in the portrait mode. Most tablet carrying cases are designed to comfortably read in the landscape mode matching the formats of all other print formats that I subscribe to. Most definitely a step backwards.

  • Don't fix what isn't broken!

    by Jersey2610

    The new upgrade is awful! You can't view in landscape anymore? Really? That is how most iPad users orient their devices. The digital content was why I liked the app. And the graphics were better too when you could view the bigger pictures

  • Landscape orientation removed

    by BSD001

    I will cancel my subscription over the removal of landscape view.

  • Reversed progress

    by Podren

    I will join the hordes in complaining about the lost ability to view the issue in landscape orientation. This week, it won't even load. Is anybody home?


    by Erik Saari

    What a joke! They dropped the ability to view in landscape mode on an iPad. I want my money back!!

  • great reading experience except now painful without landscape mode

    by Saxxxx

    its a good magazine to read on ipad.... i used to really enjoy reading it till they decided to remove reading in landscape mode... thus making reading a painful experience now

  • app

    by stupid_time

    no clue where the app goes after download. Totally stupefied!

  • Bring back landscape mode!

    by Luis Galarza

    Removing landscape mode takes away flexibility that a good number or readers seemed to enjoy. Ill informed decision in my mind.

  • Needs Landscape mode

    by Googsem

    This was a great app and was a big part of thee reason I bought an ipad. The loss of landscape mode really diminishes he reading and viewing experience.

  • Reverse upgrade

    by LRothbart

    The latest "upgrade" has actually *removed* functionality that was working fine: the ability to display in landscape mode has been removed! I can't imagine what reasoning went into this decision. Customer support is nonexistent: when I wrote asking why this important feature had been removed, Customer "Service" replied: "Thank you for contacting TIME Customer Service. Unfortunately, the magazine can only be display in portrait mode. If we can be of further assistance, please let us know. We appreciate this opportunity to be of service." What service? You just told me what I already told you. Yes, you can be of further assistance; you can answer my question. Why was this feature removed, & when will it be restored? When I responded to the message, asking for a more informative answer, there was no further response from Time. If this is how Time Magazine defines customer service, I may give them an equivalent response when subscription renewal time comes up.

  • New app horrible

    by Loren NJ

    This new app is awful. No landscape and no last viewed page save. Now the latest issue doesn't appear in my library. And customer service is a joke. This is an example of "fixing" something that wasn't broken. If you don't have this app, definitely wait until they fix it. Personally I'm considering canceling my subscription.

  • Landscape mode no longer there

    by robinder

    I am missing the landscape mode in the latest version. Particularly on iPad mini I preferred it, it is also better for viewing lightbox photos. I do like the fact that you can zoom in on every page now.

  • Terrible App

    by Hhghgyhgynghbfggk

    Cannot read in Landscape mode. Do not download this app. Read the print version.

  • No portrait and loses place

    by Waltsipad

    The latest update no longer includes portrait which was my preferred way to read. Every time I go to the app it opens to the cover and I have to use the table of contents to find where i was. It wasn't broken until you guys did it.

  • New app a disappointment

    by Manifsteele

    I'm a longtime Time reader and have enjoyed reading the mag on my iPad. The new app disappoints, unfortunately. From the loss of landscape orientation, the giant Time logo that flys in and interrupts the return to reading, problematic downloading, inadvertent jumping to sections of the issue that I'm not reading, etc. I wish I could go backwards in in App versions.

  • Bring back landscape view!

    by trinakat

    I only have one complaint about the new version, but it is a big one: the new version does not allow you to read the magazine in landscape. I only read Time in landscape view, so this was a major negative. Bring back landscape view!

  • What were they thinking?

    by jefemarks

    Contrary to all logic; with this latest update Time, has decided to take-away rather than improve. NO LONGER LANDSCAPE as well as LOSING SAVING PAGE LOCATION view. I wrote to them asking their reasoning and ten days later received a two-sentence response "we now provide only portrait mode. Thank you for contacting Time." Well NOW I understand! Truly aggrieved in there not sharing their reasoning for this downgrade.

  • Landscape mode disappeared

    by Tordoggy

    Really? It's not my iPad. This began 1/1/14. :-(

  • No landscape mode.

    by Rpbrown45

    All of a sudden starting with the 2014 issues there is no landscape mode. I'll give it a couple of more issues and if not fixed, will cancel.

  • It doesn't rotate and too tappy

    by bryanmeyer

    It's is very annoying. The magazine will only show vertically in my iPad. It doesn't rotate to a horizontal position. This app gets worse all the time. It's annoying to have to tap every time I want to read something. Picture captions should appear automatically. If the app is this bad I won't renew my subscription if/when the magazine isn't printed.

  • No Landscape - No Customer

    by RichCD22

    So sad to see that Time is the latest TW publication to stop offering landscape mode, thus making it much harder to read on my iPad. No doubt this is a budget issue, but I really hope that this decision is reversed. I cancelled Money last year because of this and it looks like Time, SI & EW will be next.

  • Clumsy

    by Rockdoc65

    Terribly clumsy, stupid app for what is a great mag in print .... Trying to get app to work is an exercise in frustration. You should be ashamed of yourselves foisting this aberration on loyal longtime subscribers....

  • Not bad

    by babudragon

    Not bad

  • Liberal Trash

    by Rob163548

    This is not news. This is a liberal opinion propaganda piece of trash with subpar writing at best. Obama is a terrorist intent on destroying this country using weak trash companies like time warner and fat fool oblivious American lazy waste of spaces. This app will renew automatically months before the expiration. Thieves! Fools! Suckers!

  • Terrible

    by TaxProf21

    With new app you have to download all your saved issues again -- and you can only download one at a time. Come on Time -- you can do better (try looking at The Economist or The Week apps).

  • Latest issue is very late

    by Tonimam

    I like reading TIME on my ipad mini, but I would like to know how to get the latest issue while it's still new and not more than a week old. I don't know if TIME magazine is to blame or the Newstand app that comes with the ipad. But someone is asleep at the wheel.

  • What happened to this app?

    by mtbross

    Can't access log in and so can't download any issues. Worked fine before. Wasted 20 minutes before decoding to just read The Economist.

  • Absolutely DOES NOT WORK and can't even delete the app

    by noncompos

    I can't believe that Time continues to advertise that you get the iPad app along with your subscription. I did get one issue, many months ago. Since then, nothing works. No access. Old password doesn't work and I have been unsuccessful trying to get a new one. Apple should remove this immediately from the App store. Want to get rid of your Time Magazine app? Hah! There's no icon on the home screen. Instead it is invoked by swiping down from the top, which often happens in the middle of some other activity. I never neard of an app you couldn't delete, but Time found a way.

  • Bad app

    by Unhappy subsciber

    Please blow this app away and try again. Not user friendly, in fact user hostile.

  • Not a fan.....

    by Jo loves 2 shop

    Not a fan

  • Keeps crashing!

    by ktayara

    Very unstable app

  • Useless

    by Britboy145

    Do not install..I wish I hadn't

  • Update=Delete?

    by Bi Chen

    I really don't know what's going on! Everything worked just fine with the old version. And now that I update it, my library is gone! I tried to follow the instructions on restoring previous issues, IT DOES NOT work! It keeps giving 'Errors'! What are you trying to do, Times?! Trying to get rid of us? Frustrating!

  • Performance unresponsive now

    by elZaphod

    Since the last upgrade the performance is awful. Where once you could lightly swipe between pages, now it often takes 3 or 4 tries before it realizes you want to turn the page. What was the purpose of this 'update' exactly?

  • Update deleted my library, can’t log in!

    by Joel the Gerbal

    about 9 months left on my subscription, and I can’t view my old issues, download new issues, log in, or do anything . . . . . app just says “Cannot Update Library: An error has occurred.” ~ iPad Mini, 32 gb, 1st gen

  • Can sign in but no access to subscription

    by wsdakota

    I am already reading this mag less and less and now I no longer have access to my subscription. Nicely done Time. Might be a good time to just cancel.

  • Latest review crashes regularly

    by Seeker126

    This version of TIME has to show a red time screen to a long period before getting to the magazine. Then it crashes. Try to read for less tab an hour, forget it. It takes 10 minutes to get it to boot. Then it looses your place. Finally, loading a magazine takes forever and deleting must be done one at a time. Who programmed this thing? I need to go back to the paper copy!

  • Cannot Restore Old Library

    by Qhdydnfnbmcm

    After updating I cannot restore previously purchased issues. It accepts my password, then nothing happens. I want my money back.

  • Lost all my purchased mags

    by barcelu

    Wasted all that money. And guess what? They don't care.

  • Stole my $

    by aneal

    Just downloaded the app and after subscribing it won't let me download my issue. Waste of money that I will fight to get back.

  • Bad App, Lock Out

    by $$$$$$aver

    Installed this app and got lock out. Bad .......

  • Terrible App

    by CindyCharlie

    Don,t use this app. It is an exercise in frustration. Passwords and sign ins only work occasionally, then when you finally get them working, the magazine is very slow to load. Then a new update is available, and you think it will finally fix all the bugs, so you download it, only to be locked out of the sign in once again. I've now been through this cycle about 4 times, and I'm fed up. Time Mag should stick to print.

  • complicated download

    by vi of NorthernCalif.

    all other magazines downloaded easily.... ...TIME DOES NOT after decades of subscribing to the paper v., __unless the digital v. becomes easily available, I'm unsubscribing from TIME altogether.

  • Loses my account with each update

    by JPR1972

    Every time these guys update the app, my account info gets lost. I re-enter and it says the password is invalid. Access the Forgot Password menu, but email with authorization code never arrives. So I can never get back into the app. Last time, I had to write an email to the circulation editor who forwarded it to the tech guys. The app provides no way to contact them directly with these types of problems. I can't believe they continue to have these simple issues so late after they got into the business of digital issues. Time - I want to throttle you.

  • Oct 23 version inoperable

    by SK7663

    The version that came out Oct. 23 erased my library and will not restore old issues or download and retain new issues. Reinstalling the previous version works only with old issues and will not allow downloading future issues. 11/5/13. The poor reviews keep piling up. I have contacted Time through their app support and digital issue support and received no suggestions . Once they found out the subscription was through iTunes they referred to iTunes support. A week ago the issues were reported and I have heard no response. The app does not appear to be supported. Good luck to all!

  • Too slow

    by Hairong Li

    The new version seems to run much slower than the previous version. You have to wait for a few seconds upon click on Library to see the covers. Need a fix.

  • Terrible app! Why doing this!

    by yjhnju

    I have subscribed the Time two month before for one year. Before upgrading, Everything is okay. However when I upgraded the app, what a nightmare! I'm locked out and my library has been deleted completely.

  • Lost everything

    by Boiler2010

    I have been a digital subscriber for nearly 2 years and lost everything after the latest update. I can't restore my purchases and the app no longer recognizes me. Good thing I just renewed my subscription only a few months ago!... When is there going to be a fix for this?

  • All I see is the TIME logo

    by Diganta

    It had been generally a good experience to read the magazine on iPad but after the new update, It is all gone. When I open, all I see is the magazine logo and nothing happens ....

  • Don't update

    by Moseyell

    The site bullied me into updating by saying that was the only way I could get the newest edition. I had read the latest bad reviews of the update but did it anyway. Now it won't recognize my authentication. At least I could read the earlier downloaded editions before...now, nothing. (I have the first-generation iPad.)

  • Library broken

    by Merchon

    This versions library shows every issue not just the ones I have purchased. I can't find anything anymore. The developers don't seem to no the difference between a library and a store.

  • Sick app!

    by sangengxiansheng

    Couldn't sight in account, hard to use, no all issues available in store, publishing industry full of idiots! no wander publishing is at the lowest ebb! They deserve it!

  • Broken

    by No notifications!

    Nice going, Time. Forced the update on me and the new one has the red screen of death. Back to reading the magazine on paper..

  • Impossible to login.

    by Varun Nayyar

    Can't login at all any more. This is so buggy, it'd have been nice if there was some testing going on before it got so broken.

  • Can't sign in

    by alleygaroo

    I can't sign in. The on-screen keyboard keeps on minimizing on its own. Very frustrating.

  • App doesn't work

    by WittyWolfie

    Cannot sign in on iPad 4 with iOS 7. Keyboard disappears. App is useless now. Paid for subscription and cannot use it.

  • terrible

    by reifer46

    They actually managed to make this app even worse than before… that couldn't have been easy! Now I cannot log in to my account to see any of the issues I paid for.

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