Sports Illustrated Magazine Sports App Review (iOS, Free)

  • Category: Sports
  • Publisher: Time Inc.
  • Updated: Jun, 24 2010
  • Version: 26.3.2
  • Size: 4.29 MB

Languages: English

Seller: TI Media Solutions Inc.

- Support for iPad Retina Display beginning with the 9/16/2013 issue
- Bookmarking and auto-archive capabilities

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488 Ratings
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Experience Sports Illustrated magazine on the iPad – Plus Get 1 Month FREE With an Annual Subscription!

SUBSCRIPTIONS ARE NOW AVAILABLE! Download the Sports Illustrated Magazine App for free and then either subscribe or purchase individual editions of SI —including the 2013 SWIMSUIT edition. And if you currently subscribe to SPORTS ILUSTRATED MAGAZINE, access to the iPad edition is included! Past issues of Sports Illustrated can also be purchased.
Each Weekly SI iPad Edition features everything you’ve come to expect from the Magazine plus:

-Twice as many photos in exclusive galleries
-Feature stories enriched with slideshows and video
-Original video essays, interviews and commentary
-Classic pieces by SI’s greatest writers
-Read and store as many digital issues as you’d like within the app
And this year’s 2013 SWIMSUIT iPad Edition goes well beyond the printed magazine, with more than 150 photos and 75 videos of 17 models and 5 guest stars. Some of the highlights include:

•Up-Close videos of each model and profiles of the rookie class
•Behind-the-scenes video footage of the bodypainting shoot, featuring models Kate Upton, Alyssa Miller, Anne V, Chrissy Teigen, Nina Agdal and Ariel Meredith
•Get a better look by rotating bodypainted models 360 degrees
•On-location videos from all 7 continents including Antarctica
•Guest stars: Bama Bombshell Katherine Webb, surfer Alana Blanchard, runner Michelle Jenneke, and Dutch field hockey stars Ellen Hoog and Eva de Goede

Sports Illustrated Magazine Subscriptions Available:
1-month subscription - $3.99 (automatically renewed until canceled)
1-year subscription - $38.99 (automatically renewed until canceled)
Single issue - $4.99 (non-subscription)

Your subscription will be charged to your iTunes account at confirmation of purchase and will automatically renew unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of your current period. Your iTunes account will automatically be charged at the same price for renewal, as stated above, within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period.

Current subscribers may not be canceled during the active subscription period, but you can manage your subscription and/or turn off auto-renewal by visiting your iTunes Account Settings after purchase.

CURRENT APP USERS (iOS5): Once you install the latest version of the Sports Illustrated Magazine app, the Sports Illustrated icon on your iPad will disappear - you'll now find Sports Illustrated in your Newsstand folder. Tap the image of our cover to access and read the latest issue in your library. If you choose not to install the latest version, the Sports Illustrated icon will remain on your device and the app will remain accessible through it.
Simply download the app and enjoy SPORTS ILLUSTRATED like you’ve never experienced it before.

Customer Reviews

  • Please bring back landscape mode!

    by Cheryl Renner

    It's extremely disappointing that SI removed the landscape feature from their iPad app. I thoroughly enjoyed reading with my iPad propped up next to me but I can no longer do this with the portrait mode. It's very inconvenient and is a poor representation of the fun of reading on a tablet. Please bring this feature back!!!

  • Don't lose your password

    by gary_D

    The app works fine on my iPad 3. My only issue was when I tried to retrieve my password using the in-app recovery link. Each time I entered my (correct) password the app responded by telling me to enter a valid password. Lucky I remembered it eventually, else the app would be useless.

  • IFunny :)

    by FDD11

    Am I the only one that searched this cause of the IFunny :) Feature ? I saw comments that said it was from here ?

  • Juan

    by Pantherusb123

    Works great for me and i have a first gen ipad

  • Fine


    Works fine for me.

  • Wow

    by Dexterlacey

    Great app

  • Better Experience Than Physical Version

    by slick1ru

    What's not to like? All the content of every issue you've had during you subscription along with breaking news, digital extras, live SI show, excellent photos, vote on next week's cover, etc. and all included in the subscription price.

  • Sport Illustrated

    by UVMshoob

    The best sports content anywhere. The app beats the heck out of paying cover price at an airport newsstand.

  • Digital Content is a Plus

    by IWaltCloud

    I like the digitalis extras only available on line. And of course I can access it wherever I am on the IPad and IPhone. Downloading is time consuming. The app does get hung up from time to time. All in all a nice application

  • Good Way to read the magazine

    by Rock Hound XX

    I like the format of the magazine. I do find times when it will not link to pages.... The MMQB section has yet to work. But the extra lead photos and the ease of reading very much offset that type of issue. It does take a while to load the content - so I make a point of starting the Ap before sitting down to read, so it is ready when I am ready to read

  • Longtime subscriber

    by Bro. J.

    I've been a big fan of SI for years. I love the ap and all the extra online content. No complaints.

  • Miss the news feature

    by frogdancer

    One of my must reads was the news feature you provided. Since the upgrade, it is no longer there. Why?

  • SI app keeps getting better

    by Sfaunt

    I'm really impressed with this app. I've been a subscriber for almost 40 years, and this app really delivers on the look and feel of the print edition. Very pleased with the improvements they've made to the login process. Seems like they improved the issue download speed, too. Great job guys!

  • A bit shaky

    by eddiejoeh

    I downloaded the new app three weeks ago. It takes more time now to download each issue and there is a high "quit ratio" when I start reading. Sometimes I wind up in the middle of the issue instead of the front and it is a travail getting back to the front.

  • Easy read

    by idlemom

    Great way to read SI. Pics are outstanding. The action of page turning and scrolling work very well.

  • I prefer the previous version


    I found the previous version -- the version prior to this update -- much better. It downloaded issues faster, and it was much easier to find old issues which I wanted to save. Otherwise, the app works fine, and it is a good way to enjoy SI.

  • Love it

    by YahoobenYahoo

    So happy to be done with paper.

  • Unskippable animated ads are bad

    by zyklon_b

    Get toward the end of the magazine and there is some car ad that you can't skip, takes forever to load so you can "play" a game it loads. Awful. No wonder print is dying.

  • No Landscape Mode?

    by Staub77

    I’ll update this if I’m incorrect, but I can no longer view the magazine in landscape mode. (And, no, the screen is not locked on portrait. The Newsstand app rotates between the two viewing modes, just fine.) This is ridiculous given the fact that many of the pictures must be viewed in landscape to be able to see the entire picture. The magazine is great, but the lack of landscape mode is ridiculous.

  • Disappointing

    by Lookitagin

    I am having the same problems as others. There are too many steps, they are not intuitive, and the process locks up.

  • Locked in

    by Can't stand apple

    Newsstand will not let me go to any other magazine. Only SI. Home button exits but starts back up locked. My first (and last) iPad.

  • Landscape Mode

    by benglish1124

    Why was the landscape view removed?

  • Landscape view?

    by Pebav

    What happened with the above? I "think" the photos are good, but impossible to get my iPad to view in the landscape mode. And yes, I do have my device configured for landscape viewing. I have no problems with other publications and used to be able to do it with SI, but no more.

  • LAWSUIT in the works SI

    by SDSeaRd

    SI does not have the right to take away users' rights to view previously purchased digital magazines. This is what they have been doing with impunity with their upgrades. Well, I and several others plan to take legal action now. We aren't "renting" your magazine, we're purchasing copies/subscriptions.

  • Not Good

    by tjdoss

    Navigation is confusing if not downright irritating. Downloads take forever irregardless of connectivity. The only saving grace is content - when and if you can get to it...

  • New version

    by $$$$$yyyyyddddd

    The new iPAD update is poor. You can no longer turn your tablet to a horizontal position to read the content and your only option is now vertical or portrait view. When you read you want to be able to use your tablet cover to prop up the tablet for easy reading in the horizontal view. All other apps and tablet content can be viewed either way but now not SI. Should we not be given the option to read the magazine we pay for however we want??

  • Locked into Portrait Only? Is this 1986

    by streetfightingmann


  • My magazines won't download

    by Ken60278

    Although they show there is no cost for them they will not download.

  • Fail !!!

    by Darto501

    My news stand shows the current issue there on the shelf but when opened it shows last week's issue and the current issue cannot be read. Please look at all the negative ratings about S.I. subscriptions not working. Until these ratings change only a fool would buy this magazine. Dear S.I.: Who the &$!, did you hire to publish the iPad version? Why don't you fire that company, they are costing you millions of dollars as your readership shrinks. I pray I get my money back, never again anything from TIME - LIFE. What a two bit cheesy publishing fail.

  • Landscape mode doesn't work

    by BJSCH123

    In the two most recent issues, the landscape mode doesn't work. You can only read the issue if holding the iPad in the portrait (vertical) position. Please correct this issue, so that the issue can be read regardless of what orientation you are holding the iPad.

  • I expect so much more

    by skydog7

    First, I'm the only one who uses this app on my ipad so I have NO IDEA why I have to sign in semi-regularly. Second, the latest update doesn't allow me to view the issues in landscape format, only vertically, a huge inconvenience for me. Third, the automatic covers that scroll and make noise, while fancy, are just a plain annoyance. Please give an option to skip that

  • Why only portrait?

    by RJB44

    This app worked great until recently, I had no complaints, but in the last couple of issues, I can read only in portrait mode and not landscape. This is much less convenient, it doesn't work well at all with my keyboard, and I am forced to hold my iPad in my hand, instead of having a choice.

  • Great mag, horrible app

    by Sivlitz

    Seriously, this app could only be worse if it set your iPad on fire, poured sugar in your gas tank, slept with your girlfriend and then punched you in the face... Where to begin? The app is horrendously slow; if you had issues saved, the update wiped them out; the library shows, not the issues you bought and downloaded (that would be too easy), but every issue ever, which makes finding your old issues a Herculean task since the app is as fast as your grandma running through knee-high molasses; there is no content preview, so if an article isn't on the cover, you'll have no idea it exists, etc., etc. Absolute garbage app...

  • This app is useless

    by Kevin in SH

    I paid money for digital access to SI and I've only been able to download one issue. Don't use it.

  • Doesn't work

    by Brian Seewald

    Recently stopped working on 1st generation iPads, and customer service can't really help with that (not that they really tried very hard to help at all) ...

  • Download's paused?

    by Pebav

    What's with the above? It happens every time I try to download a new issue. Takes me about 2 days to download.

  • Useless app

    by CYM74

    The library is just another version of the store. I can't find the issues I've purchased because they're hidden among all of the issues available for purchase.

  • Ease of use poor

    by Orangebucks

    Access to past issues is poor. One must spend time sifting through every issue to find the ones they purchased.

  • Paid for Subscription, but can’t access issues

    by Saumseligst

    After installing the new app, my Apple ID isn’t accepted to re-activate my subscription. Paid 38 Dollars for crap. SI Support doesn’t help.

  • SI

    by Mooncusser99

    Not very good. Slow to download and twitchy. It can become a data hog. Glad I get the magazine.

  • Horrible app

    by TagTeamStar

    Can't download issues and it locks up my iPad requiring a hard reset. Tried deleting app and downloading multiple times. Unbelievably frustrating.

  • Poor library sorting

    by 2tfsib6

    They really need to update the app to allow sorting of (1) issues purchased (2) issues currently downloaded (3) all issues available for purchase. I have an issue that I bought in 2011 before and I have to scroll SLOWLY through 2 years of magazines to access it. Once this is done I will change my rating.

  • How the Bleep do I cancel?

    by Catsmccoy

    How the bleep do I cancel this app? Customer service call not helpful.

  • Crash. Crash. Crash.

    by Huffington Hater

    Crash frequently

  • No longer works

    by Asdf859403

    Awful update. Freezes at start up. Update at your own risk.

  • No auto issue download?

    by Kevdogsab

    I have a paper subscription to SI and also use the digital issue app for iPad. The app won't sign in automatically and new issues have to manually be downloaded. SI and Time are my only magazines that don't auto download. All my settings are turned on, it just doesn't work.

  • Total failure 2

    by Mpmc2

    I have same problem as others. Frozen at home screen.. Now I can't read any old issues or get new. Is there a fix

  • A big joke

    by ruggernz5

    So I saw a comment on a friends FB page about the Kansas cover. Checked it out and bought a 4 week trial period, glad I did waste of money. The article on KU wasn't in order for the stories, then pages were incorrect. Never buy it again!

  • Sports Illustrated

    by Gmike68

    Absolute worst app I have ever had. Unusable.

  • New Update = Total Dud

    by Huntoon23

    I only buy digital editions for special editions knowing I can save them on my iPad. Not any more. SI took a useful app and destroyed it. Back to buying the hard copies. Who ok'd this change? All of my old editions gone!

  • Problem after OS7 update

    by Mnbucksfan

    I keep getting an error message telling me to sign in to iTunes to get alerts, etc. The error message will not clear, making the app useless and requiring me to restart the iPad to clear it to go to other apps. Please fix this as the app is unusable!

  • Help!

    by FreddyPee

    While the content and writing is what we've come to expect and appreciate from SI, the navigation, redirection, confusing "tap/touch" icons, lack of flow or intuitive feel make the read a bit challenging and at times, frustrating. Perhaps I'll get better with practice.

  • Horrible

    by Gander55

    It wasn't broke so they fixed and now it is broke. It freezes at start up and you have to reboot the iPad to get out of it. Customers support is a joke. All their suggested fixes don't work. I am a 30+ year subscriber and this is one of the worst ideas they have ever had.

  • Terrible

    by thedudeabides47

    I have the print subscription and I'm supposed to get the digital sub as we'll. after several attempts to sign in, even after changing my password I am still denied access. Not worth the trouble!

  • Sports illustrated

    by SteveCrump

    Looks great when you can get it to work. Can only download issue 20% of time I try. Pretty much a pain.

  • Magazine

    by AJKW

    Horrible. I have been trying for one hour. Please get it fixed.

  • Incredibly Poor

    by Drjwboyd

    Do not buy SI subscription thinking the ipad version will be good. Barely even works.

  • New Sports Illustrated app

    by Much less useful

    When first downloaded, the app didn't work. It just sat there displaying a banner with no menu functionality provided. After a complaint to SI Customer Service and waiting a few days, the corrected something and it began to work as designed. Unfortunately, the design is pretty lousy. This is a much worse version of the app than the previous one.

  • SI app

    by Rita Harris

    Very busy showing me what I need to purchase, and not what I had already purchased. I have just started using the app, so I am hoping as I get familiar with the app, it will be better.

  • No Contents!

    by Mike from Fresh Meadows

    I don't like the update at all. My favorite part of this app was the "Contents" section that offered daily news and updates. I can't access this button with this version. This version takes longer to load as well.

  • This upgrade is terrible

    by Xenaphileus

    I used to really enjoy reading SI on my iPad. I looked forward each week to downloading the new issue. Navigation was good, photos were clear and beautiful, and interactive portions loaded quickly and enhanced the normally high quality SI writing. Now, all I'm allowed to do is read a few pages, then the app crashes. This has happened repeatedly since the recent upgrade. Not only cant i access any of the enhanced features, because they wont load or they cause the app to crash, tonight the download itself keeps crashing so i cant even read and turn the pages without crashing. At first I thought it was because I'm using a first gen iPad, but based on the reviews lots of people are having this problem. I can easily go back to the print version, but clearly I liked the app. Either bring back the old or fix this new one!

  • Won't Download

    by jotter55

    This New application is terrible, I can only download the first pages of the magazine and then it just quits. The old app worked great. Obviously the web developers for SI have never heard the saying, "If it isn't broken don't fix it.". Now it really needs to be fixed. Nice Job!!!

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