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Seller: TechSmith Corporation

• Record 120fps videos on compatible devices (e.g. iPhone 5s).
• Choose resolution / fps with new camera settings options.
• Added format indicators during camera recording to help you understand what resolution / fps you are recording at.
• Fixed 60fps HD bug (now records 60fps in HD vs SD).
• Misc. tweaks and bug fixes.

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225 Ratings
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Record it. Break it down. Get better.
Improve your pitcher's fastball, straighten your golf swing, easily break down a volleyball serve, improve soccer skills, or even demonstrate weightlifting form. Coach's Eye makes instant feedback possible on the field or on the go.


• Record SD or HD videos.
• Import video from your device’s Camera Roll, email, or apps like Dropbox.
• Instant import of videos shared from other Coach's Eye users.
• Keep your videos organized with tagging.


• Instantly review video with slow-motion playback and drawing tools.
• Compare two videos with side-by-side video analysis.
• Slow-motion video review is easy using our flywheel for precise video scrubbing.
• Zoom and pan videos during analysis to see just the details that matter.
• Draw on videos using lines, arrows, circles, squares, and freehand tools.
• Create analysis videos with audio commentary, annotations, and slow-motion.


• Email
• Text Message
• Facebook
• Twitter
• YouTube
• Device Camera Roll
• Other Apps (Dropbox, Edmodo, Evernote, and more).
• Display on a big screen for on-the-spot video analysis in a group setting. (Uses TV / projector through AirPlay and Apple TV, or an HDMI connection.)


• Find inspiration with popular videos found in our Leaderboard and Staff Picks
• Discover what others are doing around the world with videos on the Map
• View and import videos that were publicly shared by other coaches and athletes. 
• Free online account gives you web access to videos you have shared or liked


• Angle tool: Draw multiple angles in side-by-side comparison videos and in single video analysis. Angles snap into place and can be moved with multitouch. Measure down to the degree with 360 degree range of motion.

• Timer tool: Timers snap into place to mark the important points in your video. See elapsed time and calculate split time. In video playback see time leading up to the key moment.

• Spotlight tool: Focus on the critical moment. Dim the light surrounding the spotlight to put focus on a specific part of your video. Customize the color and zoom to point out the detail. Start showing the most important parts of your video.

Have questions or suggestions? Get in touch with us at: [email protected]


“Coach's Eye is used by most, if not all, freestyle skiing coaches at the World Cup level. It has truly changed the way we coach. We are using Coach's Eye all day, every day.”
—PAT DEENEN SR.: World Cup Skiing Coach, Chairman of USSA Pacific Northwest Division

“Coach's Eye allows us to film and analyze players right on the ice. It is a great tool to use for parents, athletes or coaches to help see their performance in practices and in games!”
—MARCO MARCIANO: Professional Goalie Coach

“Coach’s Eye has removed a barrier to great coaching, and athletes anywhere in the world can now receive feedback from their coaches.”
—DREW DILLON: Columbus Weightlifting


Video doesn't lie. Buy Coach's Eye today and see your performance improve immediately!

Customer Reviews

  • Awesome

    by Sportzballer

    I use this app so much for sports and I love it!

  • Just what you need

    by Coop's account

    Awesome app for any coach!

  • Use at Crossfit

    by Mob 12

    Cool app use for Crossfit and oly lifting. Happy with the ability to go slow and use lines with bars etc!

  • Best app I have come by yet

    by Sepiafan2001

    I have introduced this to many of my groups and coaching staffs and it's a hit every time. My players learn so much and are often astounded by what they are seeing!

  • Great Tool

    by Birky15b

    I use it for racquetball. Very good tool. The only improvement for me would be when your analyzing video to have the video timer viewable. So if you wanted to go back to the 5 minute mark you could easily find it

  • Very useful tool

    by Whoseit

    I have been using this to help my son refine his pitching motion and it's amazing what we've accomplished. Very simple to use. Great in conjunction with the 120fps video on the iPhone, although it works really well on regular speed video as well. Would be nice if they had a single frame step button to go along with the flywheel. Would also like it if lines or points on lines could be moved.

  • Great Tool

    by Coach Vic Heat

    This has been a great help for me and the team I coach. Keep making quality improvements to help us coaches. Thanks

  • Excellent training tool

    by Dad coach

    Wish quick player motion wasn't so blurry, but really like the marking tools. We'll worth $5, can't tell a 10 yr old what their doing, but the get it when you show them.

  • Aweasome app

    by Dogshowwiz

    This really works! Its so good foe when your learning new things

  • Awesome teaching tool!

    by mbw714

    In our visual laden society this is the best tool to show students exactly what their form looks like - awesome teaching tool!! Keep up the great work!

  • Awesome teaching tool!

    by mbw714

    In our visual laden society this is the best tool to show students exactly what their form looks like - awesome teaching tool!! Keep up the great work!

  • Great Tool

    by Lane-1

    Opportunity for improvement: ability to link between devices.

  • Suggestion

    by Mikekirk16

    Like the app. Wishes was a way to share directly between accounts. For instance, my friend fake a vid of me he should be able to send to my account without having to text or email.

  • CrossFit Viera

    by airwingmark

    Great tool for all coaches in any sport. Keep up the gold work.

  • Just What I Needed!

    by AllStarActinger

    This app is perfect for coaching the pole vault. Picks up where the iPad video leaves off. I love the ability to show two videos side by side! Very effective tool that is translating into better vaulters. Thank you Coach's Eye!

  • Excellent

    by Kmcsoccerbabe

    Easy to use and share. Love it! Awesome!

  • Great App

    by Chris Urosevich

    I love this app - use it for pitching, hitting, and shooting! It is very helpful!

  • No Bluetooth Audio.

    by Ricky Ricoooo.

    I like the App, but i would love it if it has Bluetooth Audio.

  • Fantastic app for track and field

    by csmith07

    I love this app. I show it to all the parents and coaches for track and field at every meet. Great way to break down technical events and show the kids very quickly ways to improve.

  • Great tool for swing analysis

    by Bearcatbd

    Very easy and quick to capture and analyze. Love the rotary frame advance wheel! Would give 5 stars but still can't import old videos on my Droid Razr Maxx phone but works well on iPad for imports.

  • Rip Off

    by AspenWillow

    I loved this app when I was able to import my videos directly from my photo album. With recent updates it is no longer possible. The newest version is definitely not the app I paid $10 for. I feel totally robbed on this one. Shame on you Coaches Eye.

  • Easy. Records at 60 fps. And the sharing is really cool

    by Costenson

    Not a lot of bells and whistles but really simple to use. I used to to record on a point and shoot camera, takes the sd card out, plug it into laptop, load into analysis software, run the screen recorder program. Ahhhhhhhh. Pain in the you know what. Coaches Eye does it all real simple in one program and then you just text the link it gives you. How cool. Doesn't seem to have reverse image though which I could use but no biggie.

  • Great App!

    by Doddje

    Easy to use. Simple tools that are perfect for any coach to provide instant feedback. I coach Ten Pin Bowling and this app is easily worth the money.

  • Very Poor UI, Account Required

    by SeriouslyDave

    Many issues. Some examples: - Microphone access and audio are required even you are making a video for a deaf person. Ie, only callouts are needed. - Recording cannot be paused briefly while you do simple things like set Slow on or off, change the type or color of callouts, or spin the wheel to skip past unwanted segments. - The Slow on/off control is small and right above the pause playback (the controls on the iPad are stacked and sized as though you're on an iPhone). So, mistakes are clearly captured by your unpaused recording. - If you're recording and tap the record button absent-mindedly, there's no way to undo your mistake. Your video recording is terminated without confirmation and you can't simply append new video to existing analysis. You either start over or have two videos for a single analysis. One thing the app description doesn't make clear: you must sign up for an account with Techsmith before the app will let you export videos to your camera roll. Also see older reviews about the license agreement. --

  • Amazing BUT ......

    by Wuzawesome

    Everything about this editing app is coaches dream. However, when you record in hd on high end cameras, you can edit in hd quality. Although, your quality is lost when sharing. Tech support got back to me fairly quickly and they said they working on it. They sounded pretty sincere that they messed this up. Which means that they will have this fixed shortly. They fix that, this app gets 5plus! On side note, the quality of video in sharing is visible, but not like HD when we edit!

  • Great app

    by Dubull

    Great to use for analyzing softball swing and golf swings.

  • Great way to analyze and show athletic form

    by GK5000

    I'm able to see things that are to fast to normally notice, I just wish it was at a higher frame rate since I look at lots of frame by frame to analyze movements of my swimmers.

  • Great app

    by Lwdwdccghytd

    I am a freestyle ski coach. This is great for on snow review.

  • The best

    by MaggieS61

    Don't leave home for the field without it!

  • Great teaching tool!

    by Reviewmaster12345

    I love this ap, it helps my athletes relate the information I am telling them. One thing I would love to see it the ability to show splits with the stopwatch add on... instead of just a bunch on continuous timers. Seriously use this all the time!

  • Outstanding!

    by Buck Fama

    The Coach's Eye app has been one that I have used over and over for the last couple of years and, as a coach, would now find it hard to do without. It's easy to use, is effectively updated and improved, and has been well worth the purchase price. To those of you who are looking for a way to analyze video, I give Coach's Eye my highest recommendation!

  • What an App

    by Jumpin2it

    The video sharing portion of the app needs to be majorly upgraded.Aside from this glitch,this has been one of the most integral learning tools for my athletes.They quickly see their weakness and work on developing them Into strengths.This allows me to better manage my practice and give them an extra tool to use towards their success.What an App!!

  • App keeps closing

    by Mquinard

    The app closes every time I start taking a video.. Have not been able to use it at all, please fix

  • A must to assist areas needing attention!

    by Softjazz ears

    Great, great, great!

  • Just 1 problem

    by NEED TO SAVE!

    Good app, but it would be a game changer if you could write on the video and SAVE it. Please make this possible.

  • Extremely useful tool

    by Tomahawk1998

    Easy to use with good "gadgets" to help coaches capture (and show) videos at the moment, or save and review later. Program seems stable, and has good resolution video.

  • Awesome - great

    by Cervelo P2

    Great way to train your kids

  • Omg

    by Littlekateskate

    My skating coaches use this app to help me with my skating all the time

  • Great golf instruction app

    by golfish7

    I have been using Coach's Eye for a year and it is a great golf instruction app. It is easy to send video to students and the video is even better with iOS7.

  • Awesome app

    by TEGSBoston


  • Great teaching tool!

    by Tommysmommy23

    Coach's Eye is a great teaching tool that allows coaches and trainers to show athletes what they are actually doing, not what they think they are doing. The film don't lie! It allows coach to zoom, slow-mo the movement, draw on screen and even record a message for the athlete on the skill they are performing and then send them that copy. It also allows the coach to share with users via many platforms including: email, text or social media. There are programs out there like this but cost much, much more. Coach's Eye is a must have app for all coaches and trainers. Great Job!

  • Great tool!

    by Julian Pena - XtremeSkeet

    Excellent tool for all clay target shooting sports!

  • Awesome Tool

    by TLDHMR

    I use this app with my competitive cheer team and it has helped us improve so much. I record all our routines and even record individuals at practice. It helps athletes see what they are doing.

  • Great Tool

    by Loopopoopo

    My players like analyzing their pitching and hitting. Gives me time to go back and break things down

  • Awesome tool!

    by NA sports Academy

    This software is very useful and easy to use. Great price and very effective instruction tool.

  • Great orthopedic assessment tool

    by MWK2

    I own an orthopedic specialty center and use this app to better assess angular limb deformities and associated gait pattern deficits with similar accuracy to 3-d motion capture systems. $5 verses $100,00+ that I have invested in that system....

  • 5 stars

    by NitroSavage

    No better or easier app for teaching, worth every penny !

  • Coach's Eye

    by Hank10spro

    Fantastic app. I am a tennis coach and this app on my iPad has been invaluable.

  • Liked old version

    by Kateskoko

    I liked the old version of the application when you were able to put a video transparency on top of another. This was very useful when working with my athletes in midst of changing their fundamentals. Maybe this is still a part of the app but I just can't seem to find it.

  • Coach T

    by Carms4918

    Awesome App!!! Best training tool I have purchased! Use it to analyze swings and pitching motion. Well worth the money !

  • Excellent

    by DorothyMcD

    This app is outstanding. Does need either cloud sync to Dropbox or GoogleDrive to be optimal. Other than that it's one of the best apps you will find in this category.

  • Good App for the most part

    by Tlans

    Having to pay for the tools is a bit overboard for me but the base tools can usually do it for me. Good app!

  • Awesome

    by Treebs

    This app is awesome! My only complaint is that it fills my phone quickly. I wish there was a way to back up videos to my computer. Mac support would make this a six star app.

  • Gear app

    by Firsttry13

    Excellent for watching how other people do lifts and for marking up oly lifts in our gym.

  • Great app

    by ClosertoHim

    I teach gymnastics and it definitely is a time saver in explanation...

  • Really good tool

    by QRKy

    This is a really good app, but the only thing I wish it had was the ability to merge two video clips together (for comparison) to make one single clip that can be analyzed.

  • Get it!

    by Enagy5

    Like that I can voice over and send email out. Great app!!!

  • Most valued app I own

    by cmn1982

    As a dance coach, Coach's eye has helped our team improve at a significantly faster rate. I post our analysis videos after every practice, and dancers are able to use critiques before the next practice. On avg. it takes about 30 min. To analyze a 2 min. routine with 15 dancers, so I wish there was a pause button for myself to pause and come back to where I was. That's the only thing I'd like to see in the future!

  • Awesome app!!!

    by Conjj

    The app is AWESOME!!! Coach's Eye allows me to go back after practice and review and make correction to technquie. It also allows me to show an athlete on the spot what I want them to correct. This is a must for any coach!

  • Love it!

    by Ellietaliaferro

    This so helps when your a gymnast totally worth the money! :) recommend to anyone!!!!!!!!

  • Awesome app!!

    by -softball3-

    I play softball and I use this app to help me see what I am doing wrong while pitching. I love this app!! It works great with pitching and batting!

  • Easy!

    by Djvas03

    This app is so easy to use and a great tool to expose what you may have missed watching the real thing.

  • Two thumbs up!!

    by Beachbum7395

    This app is perfect for fine tuning things that can't be seen with the naked eye. I am an Arizona pole vaulter and I use this app every day! Great app and worth the money

  • Awesome!

    by lawsonm3

    Great app. Easy to use. Great instant feedback when working on something. I use this with friends playing golf and also with my 9U Baseball Team. Love it.

  • Very cool

    by Bullkilla


  • Fantastic app

    by Natebiz

    I love it

  • Coaching assistant

    by Charalambos Vassiliou

    I use this app during my tennis coaching sessions to improve technique. My players have benefited so much from this that I recommend to any coach serious about his job to have this app.

  • Coaches Eye

    by BigBri

    One of the best and only app on the market O have found that is truly interactive, easy to use, compatible, and keeps you connected for player analysis. Learned about this through NFA and it is what they use and it works great, we have it on all our IPads and I phones. Simple and easy to use. Great app and the price point is great as well.

  • Great But

    by Reginal A Hay Jr

    Great app but for distance running not so much. But I also coach Pole Vault and I see this app being totally useful. Now into Track season Coach's Eye is the most valuable tool I have in my bag! I wish I could share the video directly to my I phone and right to a text or email as an attachment, not a link.

  • Great tool

    by FOOL#75

    Love being able to provide instant feedback to my athletes

  • Great app

    by Camball74820

    I use it to help my weightlifters see and understand correct form and function of the Olympic lifts. A must have for coaches of any sport.

  • All-star Baseball School

    by All-star Baseball School

    Great tool for coaching... Best app out there!!!

  • Marching Band

    by Steve Wessels

    In our band program, it always helps to have visuals. Kids never see how they are doing from another perspective. I don't want to take class time to show reviews. However, the staff posts to Facebook where most kids eagerly want to see themselves. Everything helps in this business.

  • Amazing App!

    by MSK21***

    Haven't used it very long but wow. So useful and easy to use. Had several friends from the gym recommend it, and they were right. Definitely better than trying to use just the camera on iPhone. Been using it in CrossFit, for both training personally and coaching.

  • Great app

    by Jarroddodson

    Couldn't do my job without it!

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