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1010 XL is Jacksonville's "live and local" choice for Sports Radio. Weekday mornings start at 6:00 with Dan Hicken and Jeff Prosser on "Sports Final Radio" followed by Joe C and "Hacker" with "XL Primetime" from 10AM-1PM. "The Mike Dempsey Show" with "Fat" Tony and Brent Martineau runs from 1PM-3PM with "The Football Show" from 3-4. "The Frank Frangie Show with Rick Ballou" and Jessica Blaylock drives you home from 4-7. Add in ESPN Radio, UGA Football, local high school football, JU & UNF sports and it's easy to see why we OWN sports radio on the First Coast.

Customer Reviews

  • A lot better now

    by Jagsfan904

    Just dwnld the upgrade, and this app is so much better than the old one. Never crashes and I can actually listen to it and do other things on my phone!

  • Good but limiting

    by Starfuryzeta

    Needs multitasking support to be a great app.

  • Dude

    by Tar Heel Mike

    Love it WHEN it works. Continually crashes and I have to shut down the phone and power back up each time.

  • Great but...

    by FLGoober

    You gotta give us multitask support man!

  • multitask

    by Steve63211

    would get 5 star if able to multitask

  • Great app when it works!

    by Ricardo3529

    Just downloaded this app and it is awesome when it doesn't give me an error! Sent the error message in so we will see if it improves. If it does I will redo the review.

  • Great app!!

    by Dc jag

    Yes, yes, yes!!! I moved to Washington dc from jax about 3 months. Love it here, but miss 1010xl. Can't stand all the redskin coverage here. 1010xl beats anything in the DC area!

  • Way to step up!

    by Cason detail

    This is the best I've been waitin so long googans. Thanx 1010. Go jags baby!

  • Great app!!

    by Donghit

    Easy and simple. Just needs multi tasking support.

  • Jax sports radio

    by Jagsandtheu

    Nice app

  • Googan on the job

    by As71977

    Work has had all streaming audio blocked but now this app allows me to listen to the boys all day.,, life is good

  • Gooooooogans!!!

    by Darthgator7

    App is simple, yet reliable! No excuse for any Googans to miss out.

  • 1010 rocks

    by Caslar1027

    Great app! Now, I can listen anywhere!

  • Googans unite!

    by Matthew Harrod

    Love the app!

  • Outdoors show

    by CaptLeeB

    Awesome now I can show while in at work.

  • Needs a lot of work

    by Jaglife

    This app is constantly crashing on my iPhone. It's to the point where I have to delete it and download it again just so I can listen. The frequency is anywhere from several times a day to every other week.

  • Decent

    by Jasonhessdesign

    It's a shame this station got rid of their digital design intern. This app could have so much more interactive features. Oh well, the app does wHat it says, streams the show. That's it.

  • Needs to be fixed

    by 1coldAce

    How is this app around in 2012, no multitask ability on app, crashes consistently. The world is deprived of great radio because the intern has built the program.

  • This app needs lots of fine tuning.

    by Get'Em Boss

    App won't let you multitask like other radio streaming apps do. Also it finds a way to crash when very important stuff is being broadcasted. It needs some repairs. Let us know when u have fixed the kinks.

  • Try again

    by Dave in FL

    This app is frustrating if you love 1010 like I do. The stream is easily lost and the phone has to be restarted to listen again. At least the price is right.

  • Why???!!!!!

    by Upset iPhone owner

    Why is it when the app crashes do I have to turn my phone off and back on for it to work again?!?! This is frustrating, please fix!! And no multi tasking? Why not!! Love the app hate the problems, 2 stars until fixed 5 when fixed.

  • Been almost a year

    by bebrown73

    Needs multitasking ability! Love the app as I travel and can listen regardless of where I am but hate not having the ability to txt, email while listening!!!! Fix and back to 5 stars!

  • Frustrating

    by ListenerOcho

    No multi-task allowed, stream constantly stops and starts, phone reboot is often required to get it working. At least it didn't cost anything.

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