GameChanger Scorekeeping, Stats and Live Updates for Basketball, Baseball, and Softball Sports App Review (iOS, Free)


Languages: English

Seller: GameChanger Media, Inc.

- Team Community Management in-app
- Bug fixes

Baseball / Softball
- Improved Player Substitution within scorekeeping

- Email or print Boxscore PDF at halftime or after the game

Haven’t updated recently? Here are other major updates we’ve added in past versions.

- Team News Feed is now in-app
- Post Announcements for your team community
- Schedule and view practices
- Due to the release of Apple’s iOS 7, the GameChanger app is longer supported on devices running iOS 5

Baseball / Softball
- Email the pre-game lineup or post-game boxscore as a PDF
- Game Stats available for admins while scoring
- DP/Flex rules supported for softball teams
- Added “Illegal Pitch” option for Softball

- Track rebounds, assists, blocks, steals, and turnovers
- Shot Charts for the team and individual players
- Improved access to settings for Assists, Blocks, Steals and Individual Rebounds

Customer Ratings

Current Version:
27 Ratings
All Versions:
6879 Ratings


The GameChanger mobile app and website provide scorekeeping, stats, live GameStream updates and recap stories for thousands of amateur baseball, softball and basketball teams.

GameChanger is free for coaches and scorekeepers (Team Admins). Our business is supported by parents and fans who purchase Premium Fan Access.


* Winner of "Best in Show" at 2010 American Baseball Coaches Association Convention

* "A no-brainer" - LA Times

* "GameChanger is the call." - NY Times

* Chosen partner of USA Baseball, Little League International, Cal Ripken Baseball,, Perfect Game USA, and East Cobb Baseball.

The GameChanger mobile app and website provide scorekeeping, stats, live GameStream plays and recap stories for thousands of amateur teams and their fan communities.


For Coaching Staffs and Scorekeepers:
* Create your team, schedule, roster and lineup
* Use our simple, intuitive scorekeeping and stat collection interface to record every play
* Make easy lineup edits and substitutions
* View in-app spray / shot charts, stats, pitch counts and foul totals during the game
* Customize your scoring experience to fit your league rules

For Parents and Fans:
* Follow live animated GameStream with plays and stats
* Read instantly generated recap stories for every game
* Receive real-time alerts whenever your player is involved in the action

Visit your Team Page on the GameChanger Website:
* Follow the live GameStream, including live play-by-play and stats
* View post game box scores (basic and advanced)
* Read instantly generated Recap Stories after every game
* Sort 150+ season and game stats broken down for every player
* View dynamic spray charts or shot charts
* Share game updates via email, text, Facebook and Twitter

GameChanger is designed by a customer-focused team at GameChanger Media, Inc.

Customer Reviews

  • Great App

    by Math3434gryx

    Love this app, it is easy to use , even for first trimmers.

  • IOS dev

    by Sjm613

    Nice UX Interface as well as motion layout options.

  • Great scoring APP!!!

    by Rodanimod

    Gets me to compile everything for both my baseball & basketball teams...& very easy to use.

  • Outstanding

    by Bcamperfl

    This app is easy to setup and use for high school women's fast pitch softball. It was recommended to us by another coach who loved it. I was able to quickly setup our team, season schedule, and opponent's roster. I found scoring the game was quick and fun and the stats were plentiful. This app is must!

  • Best app in the market

    by TXFEE


  • Fantastic

    by EddieK76

    I've been keeping score on GC for basketball and baseball. The stats it keeps, the ease of use and the best customer support make this app the only sports stats tracking app you will need!

  • Outstanding App

    by Weatherdemon

    This app is outstanding for scoring basketball! Support is first class as well when needing a little tutoring! Have only had one minor technical issue with the app this season and it was fixed inside of 24 hours of reporting it! Two thumbs up!

  • Fantastic tool for coaches, players and parents

    by Coachgromero

    An excellent tool for serious -and not so- coaches that yields valuable info to both coaching staff and players and keep a whole community of fans "real-time" updated.

  • Great app

    by Empire Devil

    Scored multiple seasons with this app and it is awesome. Great customer service as well when I have any issues.

  • Perfect app.

    by tid231

    Best app there is!! I'm a coach and it's all I use for my team.

  • Amazing but...

    by Feliz13

    Very great app, but I would love if you could add Football, Hockey, and Soccer :) thanks!

  • Fantabulous App!!

    by Storm Surge 77

    I have been using GC for the past 2 years for our travel ball team as well as for school teams. This app is by far the best app ever. Every time I turn around the support staff is making improvements to what already is a top notch app!! If I ever have questions they respond nearly immediately! I would highly recommend this app for keeping stats as well as for the awesome customer service!!!

  • Best App of 2014

    by Jerry Castorena

    Easy and just plain fun.

  • Must have!!!

    by Ace2231

    This is a must have app for any coach in baseball basketball or softball. I have used this app for 2 years now and not only do I love it but the parents and kids love the stats and recaps.

  • Great app

    by CTscorekeep

    Love this app. Use for my baseball and softball teams, It makes it soo much easier for the scorekeeper. It also saves me a ton of time because I don’t have to calculate stats anymore. The box score PDFs are a great addition too! I tried using it for scoring some basketball games too, and found it just as easy. Just a little bit faster.

  • Awesome app

    by Blue dragon 9496

    Great app to use.

  • Nice update!

    by Chris Ricca

    Way to go! Love it!

  • GameChanger

    by ctrupiano

    Great app! It would be nice to be able to edit more, for example, being able to add a foul in if you missed it.

  • Monarchs inaugural season

    by RDMaple326

    We found this app late in our season but it's a great way to keep book.. Very easy to track score and plays and links with other teams in our league.

  • Great APP

    by Jonnybuc

    I love this app but put in a gameclock because me and problley every kid has hoop thing in their room but have to clock put say 12:00 minutes and then don't know how much time is left but like I said GREAT APP

  • $ $ $ $7.99 per month or $40 per year. $ $ $ $

    by JBretHolder

    This app now costs $7.99 per month to $40 per year for fans to watch. Open your wallets!

  • Awesome

    by Sguess

    I love this app! It is all I use now for baseball and basketball.

  • Use it every week

    by Diesel95340

    Great app. Have had so significant issues with it. Follow my grand kids and score too.

  • Great app

    by Angry fellow2

    Don't be misjudged by the rating. I think this is a great app but there are many things that could be better on it. It could make a complete statline of each player (basketball) at the end of the game. Being able to view/edit every play not just fourth quarter plays at the end of the game. Also viewing the game without the need to resume the game. Keeping track of minutes played would also be interesting. That is all for now.

  • Hate the new update!!!

    by Txmas

    Since they updated. The stats are no longer available for my son's old teams. You have to ask for permission. There is no way to gain access to this information since the team no longer exists. Coaches going forward should have changed the permission setting. Not having game changer penalize teams in the past.

  • Very nice app, hard to access stats after closing game

    by Jmurda35

    Very nice app, just not very user friendly from a in-game, viewing, and sharing game info with staff point of view.

  • Love it


    Please add football

  • Love it!

    by Fatty dumas daddy

    I use Gamechanger for basketball, softball, and baseball! I announce games for the local radio station and it's perfect and easy for me! Plus I get all of these cool stats!

  • Love GameChanger

    by Hbbeber

    The new basketball app is great! And I always loved the baseball scorekeeper. It doesn't get better than GameChanger

  • Perfect App!

    by Dkny112112

    The improvements to the basketball version of the app have far and away exceeded our teams expectations. We would be lost without it. Keep up the good work!

  • Awesome!

    by flyboysgu

    Great app! Would prefer a cheaper plan for fans. Update. The new Replay feature is awesome! Like the new design.

  • Finally

    by DD__8

    I've been looking for an app like this

  • Great!

    by CootFigNewt

    This app is amazing! It has so many different features and it gives you several options for scoring. The only negative for me is that it cannot score for football games. I would LOVE if it could do that in the future. Game Changrr, I STRONGLY recommend that you integrate a football (NFL) scoring system. There will several more downloads and I would LOVE it. Great app guys!

  • App not loading

    by Gonumber04

    Keeps crashing

  • Happy

    by _sportsfan_

    This scorekeeping app is really great. I'm really happy I downloaded it. The stats are accurate, too.

  • Great updates in 4.13

    by Btyfulnyc

    Omg- basketball has improved immensely. More stats, more features and more user friendly. Im loving this GameChanger- keep up the awesomeness!!!

  • Awesome scorekeeping app!!!

    by Catch1008

    GameChanger is the best scorekeeping app out there! I’ve been using this for three years now for my softball team and I started using it for basketball as well! The stats and player information this app produces are incredible…saves me a tone of time and I’ve even been able to get rid of the old paper scorebook! Keep up the amazing work! If you don’t already use GameChanger, you’ll be crazy not to at least try it out!

  • Best scorekeeping app

    by YmC210

    Baseball is great. With the new basketball stats, I'm scoring my hoops team on GameChanger now, too.

  • Best stats app for baseball and basketball out there

    by balldad22

    It does tons of stats and streams our softball and basketball games live to web for our fans. Makes my job as a coach so easy and saves tons of time. Totally replaced our scorebook and stat sheet.

  • Impressed with basketball

    by B2B3B4B7

    Basketball is such a fast sport — I’m impressed that this app allows me to keep stats & watch the game at the same time. The stats it generates are so helpful & shot charts are invaluable. Keep up the good work, GameChanger.

  • Yes

    by SB/BB Mom

    GameChanger is the best scoring app for Softball, Baseball, and now basketball too! Makes scorekeeping a cinch for our scorekeeper. With only a couple of taps at the end of the game, the Stat Sheet can be shared with the coaches. Parents and players love to monitor their stats and the coaches can view the game data either through the play by play or the scorebook. Game Changer has become our "official" score book, great App!

  • Awesome for stats!

    by NegativeNelly

    GameChanger is continuing to impress me with the improvements to their stats and scorekeeping app. I've been using it for a while and I'm loving the new basketball features!

  • Great

    by ricky1527

    It helps me to manage my team, scorekeeping and select the All-Stars by the stats

  • Great

    by Hurricanes29

    Great app for keeping stats

  • GameChanger continues to amaze me!

    by MfnZ34

    I can certainly tell that GameChanger is committed to improving their App. Each update has something new that makes mobile scorekeeping easier to do. The basketball changes have been fantastic! This same standard seems to apply to the website, because there have been a lot of changes there as well! Great work, Keep it up!

  • Amazing!

    by kelly beasley

    This app is amazing for any one that keeps any type of stats. You can do so many awesome features as well like create lineup cards and email them out, create stats from every game and send them out, and you can also keep up with season stats! It's simply amazing. Plus parents who couldn't attend can watch the game in real time from the stats you keep (for like 9.99 a year). You don't need the traditional pen and paper anymore. I highly recommend this app.

  • Best Scoring App

    by Fischer-man

    GC is the best scoring app for softball, baseball and basketball. I have been using it for 4 years for travel softball and the ease of use and amount of stats that the App captures is tremendous! The GC support team continues to update the App to improve both form and function.

  • Best baseball scoring app

    by C Salek

    I've been scoring my son's baseball teams for about 3 years now and I love it. The coaches love the visibility it provides them, especially for opposing players. The only negative is that parents get too focused on stats and they want to nitpick my scoring decisions of their sons, but that isn't Gamechanger's fault! Great app. Highly recommended.

  • Please One For Hockey!

    by Caleb Berntsen

    I really love this app. It's awesome but it wish that they make a hockey one.

  • Please add rebounds for individuals!

    by Mr. Refrigerator

    I love this app for baseball and am learning it for basketball. Coaches want to know who did the rebounds. Please please please add the capability to individually record rebounds, not just for the team. Then you'll get five stars!

  • Great App but watch your battery life

    by jac0bsmith

    I have used GC for 2 baseball leagues this past fall and am planning on using it for basketball this winter. I enjoy the ease of use and the rich statistics it provides. My main complaint is how it will kill your battery during a 90 minute game. I have an iPhone 5 and can put it on "airplane mode" to limit all the syncing. It would be nice if GC can figure out how to improve this.

  • Gamechanger

    by Lastbeer001

    Awesome app. Keeps me from yelling during the game...

  • Batbusters Softball

    by Batbusters SB

    Very easy set up. Ran a trial game to get the feel of the interface. Very intuitive and easy to use. Has all the features I was looking for. Can't wait to score a real game and how the sharing feature works.

  • Love GameChanger

    by Coach SW

    Used it for baseball this spring, excited to try it out for basketball.

  • Love it!

    by Eregonmilo

    This is a wonderful app I just wish that they would add football...

  • The Best Application

    by Fortiz_7

    La Mejor aplicacion

  • Great

    by Gamecock1111111111

    We only use the app for baseball but it is great for in game strategy and post game breakdown and analysis.

  • More sports

    by Btrainuno

    Should have football and other sports on it as well.

  • Gamechanger

    by Archosu

    It gives me all the power to coach at my finger tips.

  • Pretty good

    by Geostang351

    Great app especially for write ups at end of the game. However it needs to specify the position in the field that makes an error when imputing into game. Same with drop third strike; doesn't have option for error on first baseman when throw is made from catcher to first.

  • Pretty Awesome!!!

    by Luke_Holcomb

    This is really good...

  • Fantastic

    by Aksaunders

    GameChanger's UI is perfect and the software is intuitive and easy to use. iScore has quite the learning curve and some of the other apps are too simplistic. Only thing I would recommend is making the infield dirt colored when scoring a softball game. EDIT: I wrote the original review some time ago and still there is a grass infield when scoring softball.

  • Scouting

    by Sarah1256378

    Great app. Would like to password protect team stats. Do want this to be a scouting tool for other teams

  • Great app

    by JDKPI

    The perfect way for out-of-town grandparents to follow and share a grandson's passion for baseball and his team's success. The graphics are outstanding!

  • Esto es lo mejor!!!!

    by la maravilla

    Desde q tengo esta App llevo las estadísticas de mis equipos y es una ventaja utilizarlo durante en juego ya q tienes las estadísticas del juego a la mano y ni decir después ya q no hay q estar sacando estadísticas ninguna ya q no las dan todas..... A los jugadores les encanta..........EXCELENTE!!!!!!!

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