ESPN SportsCenter Sports App Review (iOS, Free)

  • Category: Sports
  • Publisher: ESPN
  • Updated: Jun, 02 2009
  • Version: 4.0.3
  • Size: 19.53 MB

Languages: NB, Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, NN, Spanish

Seller: ESPN Inc.

-Medal time! Check out Winter Olympics under the sports tab
-Improved performance across all devices
-Added support for embedded tweets in articles
-Additional iOS 7 improvements including swipe to go back

Pro Tip: While watching a video, rotate your phone to landscape for instant widescreen hotness

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953 Ratings
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254827 Ratings


Introducing the all-new SportsCenter app, a supercharged update to the popular ScoreCenter app packed with live scores, breaking news, video highlights, in-depth analysis, personalized alerts and more. What more could any sports fan ask for?

Features include:
- Instant scores and updates on the biggest games of the day as well as your favorite teams
- Breaking news and analysis across hundreds of leagues and teams, all powered by ESPN's authoritative newsroom
- Dozens of notification options: never miss another kickoff, scoring play, substitution, final whistle or tidbit of breaking news
- Add, edit and remove favorite teams quickly and easily for a customized experience throughout
- Deep Twitter integration for a social perspective on news, rumors and gossip

Customer Reviews

  • Good updates, but doesn't display tennis scores very well.

    by Mr Neanderthal

    I follow tennis quite abit on here, as I know it's not the main major sports that it follows well. It's doesn't show all tennis scores much of the time. More tennis please!

  • Average

    by Pat G 621

    Honestly I liked this app much more before the major update. Once you open it you have to wait and refresh it to get the latest scores. Ads are also a pain, as they are placed in the middle if the screen and over real scores.

  • The best sports app !!

    by Njrox81

    Its by far the best sports app available

  • Love it!

    by Cariv

    All my sports in one place!

  • The Best

    by Chris 2PAC

    Didn't know the old version but I think this app is the greatest ever!

  • Love it.

    by Nagem Yellehs

    Always up to date, and accurate times etc love it.

  • Much improved app!!!

    by iMacNe

    Much improved app!!!

  • Random Updates

    by Kyllwry

    Great App other than the occasional random update you get that is completely incorrect. Throws you off at first but then is usually corrected.

  • Ok But..

    by William Woodall

    But really? You have to sign in just to follow a team!

  • If u love sports u gotta have it

    by The hitness


  • Great

    by Phillayballa


  • Good sports source - latest changes were a downgrade

    by Hockeyrunner

    Don't really like changes. Too much clutter. Slower. Preferred previous format

  • Best of the Best

    by CalebsPapa

    Never look a gift horse in the early bird catches the going gets tough the tough gets the grease. Fortune favors the bold and the restless. No man is an island, but when in Rome the pen is mightier than two wrongs don't bite the hand that actions speak louder than if it ain't broke then practice makes too many cooks in the kitchen.

  • Crashes frequently on refresh

    by jdhardie

    Overall the app is good but seems that every time I launch it crashes on refresh.

  • Slow!

    by Reynaldo15

    My favorite app but so slow on my iPhone 4. I know my phone is old but it should be more compatible since many people still have this phone.

  • Great app

    by Blixt1978

    Great app. I wish it let me re arrange the sports tho. And also I wish it was easier to swipe between the articles.

  • Great app

    by Coledasmole

    Let's me follow all of my favorite teams easily

  • Awesome!

    by Mike Kelly

    Great app! Always keeps me up to date on my favorite teams and sports! Loved the latest update on it as well! Only getting better! Thanks ESPN and Apple App Store!

  • I miss the old app

    by Moeskipeen

    The old version with the black background was just faster, easier to navigate and more pleasing to the eye. I miss it and am close to looking for a new app.

  • Great

    by Gnkjff

    Love it

  • Where is the old score center

    by Go STL Cardinals

    Bring back the old score center. This site is too hard to navigate through and I can never find what I'm looking for. The old score center site was so much better. One star at the most!

  • Figure it out.

    by Jesse Peri

    Sends out Olympic spoilers when you are not signed up for Olympic news or breaking news. Because of this, I will now be a proud supporter of CBS Sports.

  • this app is bad.

    by Cars Bow

    it doesn't load the accurate scores, and it's slow as a turtle in molasses when if it does try to load. bah humbug!

  • No

    by Robby1243

    I like the last version much better.

  • Bad changes

    by Seaway45

    Too slow old ones way better I hope they change it

  • Better design but way too many bugs

    by Jmljmljml

    This app is not launch ready coming from a big company like ESPN. WAY too many bugs. 2 stars only because when it works it's a big improvement on the previous UI. Crashes all the time. An embarrassment

  • Dissapointing

    by IDF1

    I used to use this app multiple times a day but I don't anymore. I now check other apps and the regular espn website because it's more user friendly while this version is annoying and not as appealing. It is slow to load and not informative enough as the old one.

  • Keeps getting worse

    by WhalesMangina

    Becoming less user friendly with each update. Will probably switch to a better app if that trend continues. I hardly use it anymore.

  • Slow

    by austinrneal

    I liked the app before it recently upgraded. Now it is just so slow!!!

  • Updates don't work

    by Junknation

    I started using this since the text updates can no longer be added.... However the updates from the app don't work. I've emailed support but got no answer to date.

  • Keeps getting worse

    by Tallulah Cornelius

    With every update this app somehow gets worse. Keep up the good work.

  • Basically useless on iPhone 4

    by Jacob Ekhoff

    Unbelievable how bad the app runs on the 4. I can't even get it to refresh when opened so there's really no point in using it. It's more worth my time to look up the score on my phones browser than to use the app. App Store should seriously consider allowing users to give 0 stars Because this app is deserving of that score with the amount of time I've wasted on it.

  • This update helped a lot

    by Chriis_M

    Great app, if there were no ads it would be the best. Also I think it could be alot faster

  • Great

    by Homeboy2891

    Great app

  • I want the old app back!

    by Bgbaumer23

    What made them think it needed an upgrade? Don't fix what's not broken!

  • Scores don't update

    by KSU125

    I use Yahoo's sports app now

  • Good but crashes and lag

    by Eflopez9123

    Tends to crash when viewing favorite team's scores and up coming games. Please fix it; it's annoying on a 5S.

  • Why

    by Anderson 815

    Why did I get a alert for a finished game that's still underway?

  • Score Center was better

    by Max Spiegel

    Mobile content demands a certain utilitarian approach. I feel that they inappropriately sacrificed some of the finer qualities and usability of the Score Center app for an ultimately superficial aesthetic achievement. Suits and salesmen were behind this and not users, fans and nerds. It likely generates more revenue and they call it a success. Restated, they Microsofted (better for them) when I would have preferred they Appled (better).

  • Nice

    by Evito1295

    Need a better interface.

  • Slow to update

    by Mcr231

    I had enough of the slow score updates. Open the app has old games, outdated scores. Old app was great this one had nice features but I want to see scores immediately not sit and wait for it to update every time. I just downloaded yahoo sports. Done with this junk app.

  • nice apps

    by Jon Elgincolin

    i like this apps very fast and reliable

  • Futbol

    by Sleepy buckeye

    Great source to keep on top of my international futbol.

  • Sports center

    by CUSEfan12

    This is a great app It keeps me updated on my favorite teams and sports!

  • Awful

    by Plumbcat


  • Upgrade failure

    by V a s

    New format / upgrade is more like downgrade. Score updates are slow, ads everywhere, interface is disjointed no flow, difficult to navigate. Really miss the older format. Have been giving this app a chance to possibly correct what seems to be obvious flaws but after a few updates...still no go. I'll be looking for a different app for sports scores, news and schedules. Too bad this is Sportscenter and should be held to higher standards, but in all reality they are slipping overall tv, web and app

  • Don't like it

    by sweet hollywood

    Like the old App better video crashes and none of my alerts work anymore for my favorite teams

  • Best sports app

    by Luis R Jr


  • Best app ever in the sport world

    by Dasanian

    Love the interface. Easy access to my favorite sport team, the stats, player profile, standing, video highlight. Unbeatable!

  • Works Great!

    by Floyd7788

    No issues, refreshes quickly.

  • Love it

    by Ash10507

    Use it multiple times a day. Love the breaking news.

  • Nice

    by MaxMan413

    Works great!

  • No good

    by Chespn

    Go back. New version is not good.


    by Chasegator

    Good concept with the update... TERRIBLE execution! It is unbearably slow! Gotta GET IT FIXED soon guys! Come on

  • Go back to score center

    by Califliridian

    It's so slow and requires so much more work to get the same results. A big downgrade

  • New format is terrible

    by Gandalf ho

    This app used to be so much better. Format was so much easier to navigate. Not to mention kinks/bugs with the new format.

  • Garbage

    by Swaggycp

    I used to love this app now I hate. The last 2 or 3 updates made the app really bad

  • Works well

    by Sapp898

    My only qualm with this app is the increased frequency of random glitches after the last update, which was supposed to fix the past glitches.

  • Does it's calling

    by A~Dub1986

    The app lives up to its expectations! I keep track o the teams that I follow and get updates on scores as the game is played. I like the fact I can set the alert for when a game starts and so on. I enjoy the team updates and the major stories that are available through this app. I only use this app to follow certain teams and occasionally catch a big game that I would normally miss because of work.

  • Bad layout

    by Yenlar

    Bad layout. Crashes. Score don't update. Lags way behind the game. Gets stuck loading ads.

  • Good but glitchy at times

    by Fs2323

    Good improvement overall.

  • Like it

    by Andrew Franger

    Love the way u can create a list of favorites

  • Awesome

    by Gmarine83

    About time espn got it right

  • T

    by TomR24

    So slow at loading stats

  • Great app for sports.

    by DMF ROACH

    Download this app for any sport you follow. Great job.

  • The old app was much better

    by Jttfhurfhjdf

    The app is laid out poorly and it looks cheap. To many ads. Looks like ESPN sold out. Go back to the old version.

  • New changes make glitchy

    by Ric4567

    They did a 100% revamp and new version is mega glitchy. Spams me all the time with news I don't care about. My team lost and it told me 7 times the next 3 days.

  • Unfortunately getting worst ......

    by Superman1082

    To bad they don't care what we rate them but every update just gets worst, I hope for the best and then they disappoint like always.

  • Almost perfect, but...

    by ejrocksthisworld

    Don't notify me of sports I don't have listed as important to me. I don't care about the NHL, as one of many examples, so don't send me notifications about the NHL when I have that shut off!

  • It's good app

    by Yourdadsmomsuncleabrother

    Best app for sports but it randomly crashes sometime. fix that pleasd

  • Slow loading

    by Scott.m10

    The app loads slowly. And refreshes even slower.

  • Great app! Better than any sports app

    by Keith1233

    This is the best sports app I've ever used! Very easy to use and can retrieve a lot of information with ease! Love it and will never delete it! Keep up the good work!

  • Yup!

    by The backstreet boys

    Keeps me up to date with all sports!

  • Nice look, bad features

    by Kramerific

    I like the new look, but too many changes to options, features, menus. Also, when I click a bottom category (like favs or sports) the new page opens with scores from the last time I opened it and then changes after a few seconds. Also, I liked being able to pick favorite sports not just fav teams.

  • Amazing

    by Ruffindude

    Any time i want to know about a sports game, its there

  • Splendid!!

    by Squidward Jones

    This application of mobile electronics is just delightful! #splendidtits

  • Anghh

    by Cristoballa

    A bit wonky

  • Good App

    by Del23

    I like

  • Awesome

    by Refwolf6513

    This app has it all.....scores news keeps track of favorite teams and notifications

  • Looks good, crashes too much

    by WeAreCSU

    I enjoy the new interface but it crashes maybe 30% of the time and some oft favorite teams don't update as quick as they used to.

  • Keep up the good work!

    by JoePG

    Love ESPN!!!

  • Took some getting used to, but now LOVE it

    by MystMrQ

    Now that I'm comfortable with all the controls and shortcuts on this app, I love it. Took some getting used too, but worth the effort.

  • No improvement

    by Kitkat6174

    The last version was fine. They added more ads, and thusly it takes too long to load and doesnt keep up with real time. Plus the alerts keep changing on their own.

  • The Best

    by lezhjani

    Can't live without it , the best !!!!!

  • Ok

    by Steve's Ears

    While the update is nice I can't find a place to adjust updates. I mean I don't need an alert to tell me when a PAC-10 game is starting.

  • Crashes all the time.

    by livelikecoldhardwant

    I miss the old app. It never crashed, always had CURRENT scores and never was this glitchy or slow.

  • Alright but for the ads...

    by Rated RconO

    Ads always load up on scores. Other than that it's great.

  • Excellent App

    by MacinSteve

    Good app. Very useful. Seems stable.

  • this stinks

    by Kan1034

    old version was so much better. this one is so slow and always crashes.

  • Eh...

    by WAM087

    Gets me what I need but the adds are awful and stalls out at times...

  • Just got worse

    by Chalky pit

    Never updates! Just doesn't work. Got worse since last update! Not Happy!

  • Espn crashapp

    by Oskareru

    This is the worst version of the app. Crashes a lot and it was easier with the old versions.

  • ESPN

    by Aquí en PR


  • App-tastic!!!

    by 41cp

    It's the app that apps the app to the app.

  • Love this app

    by Tank242

    Nice app

  • It's Growing On Me

    by FFEMT33

    I initially hated this app after the overhaul, but I'm starting to come around. With that said, I would still take the old version any day of the week. For this version, I like that I'm able to click on teams to see their schedule, news, etc. However, I really miss how I was able to keep track of my favorite teams on the ScoreCenter app. It's a distant memory now, so I don't recall why I liked it so much, but I just remember that it was much friendlier than this. For sports other than the NFL, I'd really like to be able to see game results and schedules by the week. There are times when I want to look up a past game and I can remember the general time frame it was played, but not the exact date, and going day by day is time consuming.

  • The best

    by John_Mark

    Only sports app I use.

  • Thumbs up

    by Everett Hughes

    Great app!

  • Best Sports App Available

    by charles gray

    I really enjoy the up to the minute Scores and News

  • Horrible

    by Cbon9222bon

    The new update destroyed all of my childhood hopes and dreams

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