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• Tap and hold to lock focus and exposure with focus tool
• Bug fixes and performance improvements

Thank you for using Vine! Please reach out to fe[email protected] or @vinehelp with any issues or suggestions.

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Vine is the best way to see and share life in motion. Create short, beautiful, looping videos in a simple and fun way for your friends and family to see.

• Unlimited uploads and free
• Instantly post videos on Vine, then share to Twitter and Facebook (more coming soon!)
• Find, follow, and interact with people close to you
• Explore trending posts, featured hashtags and editor's picks
• And so much more

Vine supports iPhone 3GS and higher.

Have questions, problems, or feedback? Reach out to us at [email protected]

Customer Reviews


    by Kaylaechols

    Nash Grier Cameron Dallas Hayes Grier Matthew Episona Taylor Caniff Shawn Mendes All of those people are my role models. Love yah

  • It is awesome

    by Angelina galasso

    But this new update it is crashing and it deletes half of my video

  • Review

    by James Hairston

    Cool app unable to search using names

  • Awesome!!! :)

    by Cool low j

    Amazing! Great app check out kc james or Matt Peltier!kc is so coooøoooool!

  • Awesome:):):):):):)

    by Collinsep23

    The app is sooooooo cool

  • Greatest Social Network Ever

    by Austin(3:16)

    If you're second guessing about getting this app don't its hilarious and its just overall something that will make you're bad day good

  • It's not loading

    by Jr burnside

    Update it plzz it takes too long to load

  • Won't load

    by Jhonny Beanstenhimer

    Recently vine has been acting strange .. It's not loading or anything can you guys fix that .. Other than that I love this app

  • Cool but u should add this

    by Mr. Smelly alligator

    Great app but u should add things that are off of movies and just have this utility that you do when you are making a vine that you can take one of the most used cut outs that people or using.

  • Fix this please!!!

    by Khaylaoh

    I blocked someone but I can still see their negative comments in my notification tab! Fix this please.

  • Needs an update

    by Brianna hasinski

    Everytime i go to search someone's name it won't pop up and the channels won't pop any more

  • Crashing

    by Cj Lauer

    Vine is awesome, but it crashes a lot and you can't get on vine for hours upon end.

  • One Bug

    by Lianne Taylor

    I can't log in. Please fix

  • Hilarious

    by Glazgfeltjoepig

    If you're ever bored or in a bad mood use this app it's hilarious

  • Glitches

    by Get it $

    I love this app but the reason i didn't rate this app 4 or 5 because most of the time when I get on vine it can't load anything so I can't watch the videos I don't plan to get back on into these issues are fix

  • Won't load

    by Einsteiner

    This app won't even load videos. Instead of the wheel or images it's just blank.

  • This app was 5 stars...

    by a8r9e

    ...until you got rid of the cat channel. I don't want to watch vines of every freaking animal in the world. I wanted to watch JUST the cat channel. Way to ruin a great app.

  • Awesome

    by Boozebroad

    This app is the best social media app ever its the best.

  • Cool app

    by FGRN

    Awesome app, Many thanks to SOME of the viners out there. I spend way to much time on the app and I dream of being vine famous.. However, there are too many spam comments and it's hard to check someone's old vines if they post often so a grid format view option may not be a bad idea

  • Fun

    by SaraG22

    Easy to use and cool

  • I am so mad

    by Lolcrafter135894

    Yeah I love the app but- They got rid of the cat channel and just made an animal channel instead. What they have to understand is~ THIS IS THE FRIGIN INTERNET!!!! NO ONE WANTS TO SEE A TON OF ANIMALS COMBINED, THEY JUST WANT TO SEE ONE!~ sorry about that it's just so stupid and if they could please change that back to normal when it was cat and dog. (Also there are some times when the app can't load anything but yeah) so plz get all of the old channels back.

  • Hey

    by Mzibeonmygame

    You need to update it takes too long to load! I'm trying to go to my activity & profile it keep saying that it won't load.

  • Slow

    by DizbNcz

    Extremely slow when i still have 4-5 bars

  • Login

    by Jakeeyyyppooh

    I have had vine before and I want it again but it won't let me log in every time I try it says " please try again later." If it doesn't get fixed I'm not downloading it but if u could fix it thanks

  • Pathetic

    by Drewill

    All the popular page is filled with non funny people. Fix this vine!! Go back to the good app that you used to be and I'll give you 5 stars.

  • Vine

    by DiamondDRE

    An awesome vid app that will consume your life like when "Instagram" first dropped. My only gripe is that Vine won't let you create separate "lists" of people you follow like Twitter does. If you follow a lot of people, it gets harder to re-find their profiles, cause some users change their profile name periodically. Update that, and I'll give it five stars.

  • Simply entertaining

    by Silvershinemusic

    I completely love this app. I use it when I'm feeling sad because it never fails to make me laugh. Also I found great people here. There's a lot of cute guys too! Overall it's just genius

  • Can't upload videos to vine from library

    by ThisAustin

    I accidentally delete one of my vine and don't want to remake it. I do have it in my phone(library) but vine doesn't allow me to upload my video from my phone.

  • awesome app

    by Jaguar1002

    so funny

  • Love Vine

    by Michael is the beastieest

    I love vine I’ve been using vine for a while and it’s really easy to work the only thing i would change is that you can upload videos to vine from your camera roll

  • Vine review

    by Jwigg67

    Vine is great for your guys entertainment! It's great app!

  • LOVE

    by Megnificent11

    Ok well I absolutely love vine and I'm on it all the time, however, after a while being on the app…it crashes. It's really frustrating. PLEASE fix it!

  • You're exposing little kids to porn

    by Hmm yea

    Too much porn, little kids are revining this stuff and it's really disturbing .

  • love the comedy but crashes. A LOT

    by The Chloster

    Please fix all the bugs. I love this app, but it crashes constantly and then I have to start reloading and scrolling down through my feed again, which takes a while when you follow quite a few viners. Please add a feature where you can manually refresh your feed, so you can log back in where you left off. Fix these and five stars Update- it crashes even more now! Seriously, since iOS update, it is just awful. Fix please!

  • Awesome

    by Sydneyboo4

    I like seriously love vine definitely 5 star

  • واو

    by تتكلم انجليزي ما تتكلم عربي


  • 1000!!

    by Ogmarquez

    Aplication its very veryy veeeery goooodddd, its fuun :D

  • I love it follow me

    by Jjjkpp

    Great app follow me

  • Music

    by Michaeladggrssdyrddfhi25638633

    If you could put music from your iPod on your Vines.

  • I love it

    by fire1234567890

    I love it but I wish y'all would make it so that their was one button that made it go back to the first thing you revined instead of you having to scroll down so far

  • Vine

    by Lollipopjackie

    Love the app but the sound won't work unless I have headphones plugged in? Not sure if it's a phone issue or an app issue

  • Update!

    by Agp0625

    When will we be able to upload videos from our phone on to our vine?!?

  • Luv ❤ it

    by Ray Vonna

    Its rlly good find me ppl!! ❤Talented girl❤

  • A-

    by Marquis K.

    would be perfect if it had a search engine.

  • Awesome and funny but...

    by Wilson McGinness

    Vine is an awesome app but you should add the block revines when you are looking through the person profile so you can only see the posts that they post not just on the feed.

  • Fix the spam!

    by Keke184

    I love vine and It doesnt deserve one star but I figure this is the only way my review will get noticed. The comments are flooded with spam it's like there isn't a filter created. Makes me not want to interact on vine since all you see is spam. It's ridiculous! Please create a filter for spam. I'm tired of seeing someone post the same chain message and not go away when I report them.

  • Ok

    by Dodoretakxjdjh

    Ooooooooooooooooooo kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkjk. Love do it for the vine

  • Camera roll

    by Agentmax007

    Wish i can upload from camera roll..

  • Awesome!

    by Greggy Jay

    I am loving this! My followers are slowly building up. I have endless ideas and I love sharing them to the world. Thank you Vine!

  • Cool app but..

    by Olivia_nia97

    Every time I'm on Vine after a certain amount of time it randomly crashes and it's really annoying !!! Please fix that, otherwise great app :)


    by Tony Huckaby

  • Vine is ok

    by Sunshinegirl2828

    Vine is ok just like it gets boring unlike Instagram I have the app but I only go on it like once every month if I were u I would pretty mouth highly recommend This app for people who barely use there phone

  • Small compliants

    by Harold Carl Hagan

    My biggest compliant is that it crashes a lot for me. Also I don't know if it is possible or not to record Vine without holding the screen like I've seen people do that before I just don't know how to so it or if it is even possible or not. Otherwise, great app, use it every day

  • Great, but please...

    by rollo999

    Yes, as I said, great. I mean, it's like google. It won't be long before the word, Vine becomes a verb. But please, I mean, what is this tendency of some developers to create only apps for iPhone. I don't have an iPhone and I use, sometimes ended, all those apps. Please Vine, finally offer the ipad version, universal or at least, allow it to orient in horizontal view. Please!

  • Cool

    by Best_thing_ever

    Cool very cool

  • VINE ROCKS!!!!!!!!

    by Proudpanther559


  • ZAYUM!

    by Macey Sommer

    I love vine so much!

  • AWESOME !!!!!!!

    by Lalo302


  • by keiksykeiko

    Vine should have a "my own vines" tab because everytime i try to look at one of my old vines or my friends vine i have to scroll all the way down because of all the revines

  • ⚠️⚠️FOLLOW ME PLZ⚠️⚠️

    by Takorox

    Guys I love this app I just need followers . I got transferred from Instagram to vine do plz follow me my name is Takorox . You will not regret it just please help me get to be famous just at least to 4000 followers thank you so much bye :-)

  • Great, but it would be nice to upload

    by Bpthom

    This is a great social app, but the only thingI would like in a update is that you should be able to upload videos from camera roll. I can't right now so all my edits are not working!

  • Can't log in with twitter

    by The_High_Life33

    If you only have created your account through email you cannot use this app. I tried multiple times to login using my email that I used to create my twitter account which resulted in making my vine account and it doesn't work at all. It always says that there is an error when there shouldn't be period. I want my money back from purchasing this waste.

  • Cool beans bro

    by Lovable chick 444444444777777

    Ok so whoever made this app is awesome it changed my life. !!

  • VINE

    by Cristi b ...

    I can never get to the beginning of my vines, because it always force closes. I feel like it needs a "beginning of vines button". It also doesn't load fast enough.

  • Awesome

    by Annie12345678901234567890

    I really love this app but it does have intense inappropriate language!but it is awesome I love it!!!!!

  • Vine

    by TeamLaurenCim

    I love vine but I can't use it on my iPad 1 cause it won't play sound. It will play the video but not the sound. Please fix this

  • Kenny Kiriga

    by Kenny Kiriga

    Follow me on vine. My name on it is Kenny Kiriga

  • VINE

    by Jhordantoocoolforyouprice

    Vine is suuuuper funnnyyy

  • A lot of fun

    by H.R. Freeman

    Fun app

  • It's funny

    by Tonyese

    There's some real funny stuff on there

  • They Made Me

    by there are no more nicknames!!!

    This isn't a review, but hi.

  • Confused

    by ahyra&zayn

    Ok, I can revine famous lots of followers peoples vines but when it comes to revining vines from people I know that have like 50-200 followers it wont let me and I don't get why. I have tried everything.

  • Vine

    by dordean

    I love it please follow me on there fixiesumtime


    by Dominance666

    Amazing app But can't share to facebook

  • Awesome

    by Just dance 1

    Great and awesome

  • Good

    by Danielle c;

    You should make it so we can add music?

  • I have a question

    by Redhot5

    how do you post a picture from your library?

  • Vine

    by Browser555

    I love vine, it is so hilarious and is a great app

  • Cool idea, needs fixes

    by B-Money 129266

    Took about 10videos. 3 uploaded. Rest failed. Made one about cooking pancakes. From powder to mixing to cooking and serving. Failed. Eating pancake bite after bite. Failed. Maybe after updates from vine then it'll be 5 stars. Love the app and the whole idea of it. Bugs fixed, it'll be awesome!!

  • Vine

    by Chris_Flyaa

    I love the app I wish the videos could be just ah lil longer I say like 10 secs.

  • Separate topics

    by singyourlifeaway

    Like this app a lot... But think y'all should add a separate tab that separates your ravines from the vines that you personally put up. I think that would make it easier to navigate if we like following a certain persons personal vines rather then trying to filter through all their revines. Just a suggestion. Vine movin up!

  • Vine

    by Robert_castrojr

    This app makes me laugh so much and I really enjoy this app

  • Have to get it!

    by Arirenwal

    I've been having VINE for about 5 months now and I'm just in love with it! People get famous from being on this app! It's just great! I don't see why anybody can't like it! Most have app.

  • C'mon

    by Dhjdjsjehd

    Vine used to be fun and hilarious until people post anything to get likes. Disappointed in this generation.

  • Awesome but one request

    by AntLover333

    Make it so we can organize our favorites into different playlists. It can be annoying to have a lot of favorites and then having to scroll for a long time to find a vine you liked a couple weeks back


    by Thomasmnm

    when im having a bad i can look at a few vine vids and i feel amazing

  • Love it but...........

    by Grejysshtej

    I think that we should be able to like comments and that every time someone does it goes to your activity.Other than that this app is my favorite and my most time consuming.

  • It's poo poo

    by Funrunisawesome

    Crashes too much -.-

  • In love with this app

    by Dalisamar

    Such an amazing app, my favorite by far!!

  • Vines

    by Thud hi

    Landon moss so MF funny look him up

  • Love it

    by Talisa Luci

    Great app


    by Icefiregold5

    awesome app but would like to see tablet support in the near future. I don't like having the iPhone version on my iPad

  • Making a name

    by Havid Daynes

    Because of Vine, people all over the place are showing love & famous viners have hit me up. I love it. Follow Me @Havid Daynes

  • Awesome

    by abco63

    Josh peck is the best

  • Nice

    by CalvinEpicness

    Vine is a great way to cure boredom and sadness

  • Awesome

    by Kool gurl 121

    Vine is awesome haterz

  • Ugh

    by Hjs__

    My vines won't load , even whenever I have perfect signal . Only certain ones will work . Other than that it's great.

  • Comments

    by DanBJr

    Great app, can we have a way to see the comments we've made on other vines though?

  • Stop the crashing

    by Lonnyb25

    Can you make it so I can look for old vines without it crashing or make it so I can search by months on peoples page

  • Great app

    by Can't get it to work!!

    I love this app. It's really awesome. I recommend it.

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