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With Viber, everyone in the world can connect. Freely. More than 200 million Viber users text, call, and send photo and video messages worldwide over Wifi or 3G - for free. Viber Out can be used to make calls to non-Viber landlines and mobile numbers at low rates. Viber is available for many smartphones and platforms.

On Viber, your phone number is your ID. The app syncs with your mobile contact list, automatically detecting which of your contacts have Viber.

• Text with your friends
• Make free calls with HD sound quality
• Share photos, videos, voice messages, locations, stickers and emoticons
• Groups with up to 100 participants
• Download stickers from the Sticker Market, making messaging fun!
• Push notifications guarantee that you never miss a call or message, even when Viber is off
• Support for the Viber Desktop application on Windows and Mac

Localized to: Arabic, Catalan, Chinese (SP), Chinese (TR), Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese (BR), Portuguese (PT), Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian and Vietnamese

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Customer Reviews

  • Video Calls

    by Alasyr

    Great App, just needs a video call capability.

  • Im happy with viber

    by Nu5hiin

    I had problem with online status show I think its not true :) n also sometimes it didnt appear

  • Great

    by HaToOooM

    Great app and service it will be much better if transferring files is easier sometimes it takes forever

  • Convenient but...

    by How about passing it on?

    Hello there, viber is a wonderful app. I can communicate with my friends from Russia! The only problem I'm experiencing is that the "last seen" is not showing for any of my contacts:/ I had checked the settings and I have the "last seen" switch on. But it doesn't say even the "online" status. Please fix this problem or give advice how to make it work. Thank you again for this convenient app!

  • Ver nice

    by Anasdr93

    I like this program

  • Viber

    by Steelaway2

    Great app

  • Amazing

    by  Dmthompson

    Wonderful app

  • doesn't show my contacts online status!

    by ANIBUOR

    Viber hasn't been showing the "online" status lately for any of my contacts which is very annoying because i like to know when my contacts are online when i send them msgs. Please fix this bug ASAP!!! Other than that viber is a great app a great way to keep connected to ppl who are close to heart but far in distance :)

  • Amazing

    by KarenShian

    One of the best apps I've ever used.

  • Amazing

    by KarenShian

    One of the best apps I've ever used.

  • Not bad

    by mustafa altaie

    Not bad app for calling and messages

  • Works well on WIFI

    by Kulwinder Singh

    Works very well on wifi

  • Good

    by Ncyrene


  • Evaluation

    by Mohammed.saadi

    Awesome app :*

  • Viber Should Provide Block Option

    by Shrestha31

    Great app, requesting for block option unwanted text or call getting from unknown people. If viber will provide block option It will be great help and I'm iPhone user.

  • Solid

    by Fixing ex

    This is a solid app. It sometimes crashes and takes a bit to load but that doesn't impact my experience with the app much. Great app! I would recommend it.

  • Still a few things to correct

    by Juan Carlos Forero

    Great app and will be better once the call doesn't have that many drops. I'm running it on 3G (3Mbps) and/or Wifi (10 Mbps) not very fast, I agree, but Skype does it 5 times better. Call quality is good though. A few more tweaks and will be one of my daily-used must-have apps

  • Good!

    by Monsur313

    The viber out was really good in the beginning I was really happy with it but I don't know what happened now the call quality isn't that good as it useto be. Hopefully you guys can fix the problem soon. I use viber out a lot for international calls

  • It's okay

    by Mohamed Elinany

    The problem is I can't report people if I feel like they are being impolite or whatever. Please fix this and find a way to make a block button so we can block people we don't want to talk to. Otherwise it's a good app.

  • Great app

    by Swordfish9

    Awesome service

  • Online status isn't working!

    by n.montana

    Can't see if my contacts are online or not and yes I do have the switch on plz fix!

  • Currently not working properly, update please?

    by Chocolatelover212

    Viber isnt working properly. When you click on the name of a contact, it does not show whether they are online or when they were last online. Can we get a bug fix update please?

  • I use it a lot but still don't like it

    by Someone over

    It works fine for few minutes, then it starts lagging and disconnecting. What I hate about it most is that it uses the phone line to connect, although it does not take any minutes from it.

  • what happened to viber?

    by Saliat

    I've been using viber for about a year now and I've never had a problem until now. For the past few days viber refuses to show any of my contacts online status' even though we all selected the option to show our status to our contacts. Not only that, but it takes a long time to load and often crashes. The call quality gas dropped drastically too and Im finding myself having to use Skype to make a simple audio call. Really, what is this? I regret updating it, the update says it fixed bugs, looks like it installed more bugs in the application.

  • Can't see my friends online status latey

    by Mangal134

    I'm being unable to view if my friends are online or offline. U gotta fix it. lol

  • Cool

    by Matty 05


  • Needs improvement

    by Sevenator

    Please make it so we can go to our messages whilst we're in a call. Overall, good aside from that minor detail.

  • Very Kwayyis

    by Ttown ngr

    I from eh leebeyuh 3ashan huwa Viber...ya3nni bravo 3alayh ya Viber. Sera7a, huwa mumtez wa a7san min alf Skybe...uksum billah ya raajil. Ya raajil huwa Viber gal "men antum ya mobiliyeen ta3baneen!" Toz feehum ya raajil. Viber rokm awwal...da'eman ya raajil. Feham 3lay, joww seme7 bql. Ton shoofic, ma3salamah ya Viber. BrkAllahufeek ya Viber

  • Shuts down

    by MoJoUp

    iPhone 4 ios7 Open Viber, tap persons name & app shuts down. Repeatedly. Finally successful, holding down firmly to open person to text to.

  • It's great

    by Criveros79

    Travel a lot get to talk to everyone like I'm at home thsnks

  • Amin

    by Aamin5

    This is a revolution I really really appreciate the geniuses who made Viber. Thank you I advise this amazing communication App to all my friends. Thank you!

  • Awesome app

    by GOOSE702

    This is one of the best apps out there today I use viber on all my devices and it works really good the calls comes in clear and crisp, I give them 5 stars all the way

  • Good!

    by Kishita

    It's been good so far. My only complain is that the signal is bad really frequently. I love that you can call anyone that has the app in their phone and you don't pay nothing for it. If this app would have had a good reception it would be perfect!

  • Simply perfect

    by Dobroshi

    The best app ever.

  • Great app!!

    by Raising money

    Call UK all the time - cant beat the service...clear lines, etc!

  • I love this app!

    by Annair 123

    Connects me to love ones fast and easy !

  • Viber

    by José mr

    has many errors and I can not watch when others are online

  • Bugs … bugs … BUGS

    by Mahyar Ghazinour

    I think Viber was first a bug, Then it started to be an iPhone App !

  • Awesome but one problem

    by Hazuka

    but now i cant see if the other contacs are online or see my messages, ill rate 5 stars again when you fixe it ,now 1 star

  • Viber

    by BillieBho

    It's helpful for me now that we're here in Canada, we can talk to our family in the Philippines. They are already using this app.Thanks again to Viber.

  • Viber is super!

    by Luisa Mackay

    Love it!

  • Almost done

    by Huyenpm

    Everything is ok! The stickers reach at my overexpectation! But It seems that I can't hear immediately what my friend talks! A little bit late!

  • Iraq

    by Dhuha al azawi

    It's so good ,really so good

  • Viber is great

    by Nmmm126366

    Love the app

  • Great experience

    by Dradnan82

    Always my favorite VOIP app for calling my friends and family

  • Works great

    by Vermont2012

    Simple to use for messages and voice calls. No glitches or bugs in the software, which makes it much better than Skype.


    by KTS45

    VIBER is Genius!! I have been able to communicate perfectly with my daughter while she is interning at the Olympics in Sochi, Russia!!! I was so worried about huge phone and text bills!!! 2 words LOVE IT!!!!

  • So so

    by TerencPepa

    Very useful app but with the worst chat in iPhone apps. This because it takes to much time to load new messages. And also some times is very slow talking. This is app problem and not connection problem because i have tested it with 90MG of internet and says poor quality.

  • Viber need to remove

    by Ingkit

    Before Viber is good.. But now is not anymore good service. They have lots of bugs,need to fixs there app.

  • Viber!

    by Stxrc

    It's good stuff. And works well. Recommend

  • Great but keeps crashing

    by Babadee Angwafo

    This app keeps crashing on my phone. Please fix this, I would love to continue using it, but every time I open it, it crashes.

  • Great app!

    by Something to add

    It is useful, many issues corrected.. But there's one thing I'd love for viber to have.. SOUNDS!! The text message or ringtone is not really good.. It'd be great to have other options too:)

  • Best of the best

    by Muharram

    Best application out there. Thanks and may you succeed.

  • Great App.

    by <3Chls<3

    Thank you for making it available. There's still room for improvement but it's great app.

  • Is Great!!

    by Evadin

    I really love it!! Work perfectly.. I call South America, North America and Europe.. 0 problem

  • Best app

    by Digital Mix

    Love this app. No issues works great.

  • Great App!

    by mila2010

    A good way to connect and stay in touch with friends and love ones. As along as you have a good wifi connection, the reception is good and clear.

  • Excelente!!

    by Abv63

    Recomendada 100%

  • iOS look

    by rodochopper

    why you still are using the iOS 6 style… and sending media is so bad… 3 days to send a photo…. shame on you

  • international calling when on wifi!

    by Artburst

    thank goodness for viber. delays are annoying though.

  • Love it!!!

    by Drika D

    Great way to be in touch with my family!!!!

  • Connection

    by Focuser

    I am grateful to Viper for enabling a much improved connection. Some of my work over the phone between Canada and the US had been jeopardized by bad connections. With Viper, I can hear my companions very clearly.

  • Outstanding for international travelers.

    by Jackson...

    I travel worldwide and this App has shaved me thousands in international charges. It is not practical when in the US because we have so many other options with out service plan. But international is outstanding!

  • Connection comes and goes.

    by Analiese12

    I have used it several times and find that nearly every call needs to be tried once or twice more to get a good stable connection. Sound is clear mostly. For the price great!

  • Great

    by White Chau

    This is a great app

  • Dopeness!!

    by ~EbonyQueen~

    Viber is the coolest!!!

  • Amazing!

    by Freaky Frog

    With Viber, I don't need Skype, What'sApp, or anything else. Love it! :-]

  • Great, practical App!

    by TW from Sfld

    An end to endless international costs! I have so many I care about in different countries and now I can stay in touch without ruining my budget. I thought it was too good to be true, but it is real. In fact, I'm calling my friend back overseas so I must go now! Thank you Viber.

  • Ms

    by Meytuyellos

    Great app. When calling friends abroad!

  • Location services

    by Gilliemagoo

    I love Viber! Sadly, the location services, which I think is a great feature, works very poorly… One minute I'm in my apartment, the next… I'm in the middle of the river, 2 miles away.... With the excellent precision of GPS these days, I do not understand why this feature does not work properly! But I appreciate you! I appreciate this service, and I thank you very much!

  • Amazing

    by Jcolon233456

    Love this app great for making phone calls while over seas without beating charged and arm and a leg !

  • Best

    by Yash201

    Best app for chat

  • Best ever

    by Alosh Al_Dulimy

    It is a great porgram and i love it so much

  • Please improve voice quality

    by Improveee

    The voice and call quality has degraded a lot lately, kindly work on it, have already started trusting skype over you guys

  • Happy Military Wife

    by Mantha07

    This app comes in VERY handy when my husband is deployed all the time and we suspend his phone.. When he's able to connect wi-fi somewhere, we can text and call thru here with no charges!

  • It's wonderful

    by Player 990

    This is the easiest and at no charge way to call. I used to spend more than $300 a month on international calls and texts. Now I can call anytime and no busy signal. It's much clearer and I do not have to punch in any numbers just get numbers from my contacts.

  • Yes I love viber

    by Tvonne smith

    It's the best website I seen yet why no games from viber

  • Ok app

    by Wolf bites

    Great for texting and sending photos ! But phone calls isn't all that clear. Fades in and out .

  • Great and useful

    by Dmitriy Dorokhov

    It's the best app I've ever had on my iPhone. I use it every day and it saves me hundreds of dollars. There is just a little bug in new version: I can't send photos from photo streams, only from albums, photo roll and library.

  • Lots of improvement

    by Naldoxs

    Lots of improvement and new features. I have five apps that does the same thing but I use Viber most.

  • Great

    by Amshsa

    It is a great App!

  • Simply...

    by cheeky paul


  • Good

    by Ye sein

    Very good

  • Viber call

    by Nothingforyounow

    Viber so full ! But still ok !

  • viber not workin' ):

    by Shani6556

    please make it work well when i pick up the call it suddenly disconnects and if i make a call it says ' Call Failed ' Need for an update (: thanks

  • Viber

    by Eilon Shany

    Working great for overseas calls

  • Deleted it due to obnoxious behavior

    by Bad Viber-ations

    App has grabbed all incoming calls on my phone and routes them through Viber. Unacceptable. Don't know if this is some kind of a grab for market share or what, but I have deleted the app.

  • Pretty good

    by mister_curious

    You're able to talk with people in different countries through text and call.

  • Viber

    by Clark june

    Great apps

  • Awesome!!!

    by Sladusik

    Love this app!

  • Wow

    by Lulu34051705

    Блин ну очень крутое приложение, я очень рада что скачала!!!)))

  • Need a BLOCK button!

    by Mr Quang 08

    I think viber really need a Block contacts option! It will be perfect if there was that useful option. Plz add!

  • Very good!

    by Solo_sonata

    I enjoy the app very much.

  • Very nice and cool

    by Mr Mada

    Good luck!

  • Great sound quality but lots of MISSES

    by Ocshakalac

    I tried it out and love the phone and chat functions. Better quality than most apps out there. But I have a beef about not being able to hear the phone ring nor an alert and the LACK OF a security password lock on the app. My kids have gotten into the phone and have called several of my international clients on my contact list to say the least. This is one of the best if not the best quality phone quality app out there... But the lack of security features and other known issue keep this good app become the best out there.

  • Works well

    by LouBal

    Use with my work buddy who travels all over the world.

  • Very very awosome app ,I just like it

    by Jakir142

    Nice & cool cool app Very usefull, Choroom moja

  • ❤️

    by Oun zynga

    Love it easy to talk

  • Amazing

    by tab110

    Wonderful app ...

  • Nice app

    by Masab007

    Always served me welll

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