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Track your lost/gained followers... PLUS MUCH, MUCH MORE!

"The only Followers app you'll ever need... and its Free!"

- Who are your best followers? Who are your worst?
- Who isn't following you back? Who did you forget to follow back?
- Who do you like the most? Who are the ghosts? Who posts near by? Far away?
- Track your Average Likes per Photo, Fame Value, and many other stats
And Much, More!!

-You must have an Instagram account to use this app.

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Customer Reviews

  • Good App

    by Nilylily

    I honestly love this app! It helps me keep my instagram organized. (:

  • Good app

    by Cannoliz

    Does what it says it will do. :)

  • Good app

    by Xrxxllx

    All around, the best


    by Jugodios

    Great app follow me @jugodios

  • There isn't anything wrong

    by Capachinoo

    I just think that we should be able block our ghost followers. Also what does secret admirers mean?

  • Nice

    by Stephan Dennis (rever689)

    Definitely a worthwhile app

  • This is what I need

    by LBJ-dWADE

    Perfect app for ghost followers and people who unfollow me

  • Cool app

    by Follow me on insta @_mylyrics

    It's good to know when you have gouts followers or just nosey people on your page also you have to pay to see who blocked you but other than that GREAT❗️❗️❗️

  • Follow me instagram, clt_2013

    by dcidoni

    Awesome app

  • Awesome

    by Genchelle

    This app is gud

  • wow

    by avonbae♛


  • Pretty good

    by Wu Chella

    Pretty good for Instagram stats and follower tracking. Would like it to stop reporting on deleted users after the first notification. And would like to be able to view lost twitter followers on iphone app if purchased on ipad. Over all would recommend.

  • Don't buy the twitter package

    by Neutralfexible

    It only shows you who unfollow you from the moment you install it and forward. Besides that the Instagram works pretty well.

  • Nice

    by _spaolaa

    _spaolaa (follow)

  • Perfect app to manage your Instagram

    by PrinceDragon

    Really quick with update to your Instagram. Full graph for everything. I haven't tried to Facebook and twitter packages yet. Recommend!

  • It's ok

    by Destinyhero 2011 

    It i followed all who didn't follow me lol and more tho Also it stopped working after i Unfollowed ppl

  • love this app

    by hsgauaha lilyb

    love this app

  • Cool app!

    by Zdogggggggyyyy

    I wish the locked features costed less....

  • Great, simple and does the job

    by Vaaleegee

    Love it

  • I Love This App ❤️

    by Naee200


  • Why

    by Vanessa huzzah. Hxhxnsnana

    Why are you forbidden some accounts from using this app ?

  • False info

    by Sher7871

    app works good with telling you who unfollowed whoever it gives you false info to get you to buy the add ons! It told me I had 2 users blocking me , of course I got curious and payed the $1.99 once i payed the add on it said 0 users blocking me SHAME On YOU! I want my $1.99 back !!!!

  • Don't download or buy extras

    by Jcoenxockfmne

    I don't get how this app has such great reviews. I paid extra to be able to see my ghost followers and they NEVER load. Then it said 2 ppl blocked me, so I paid an extra $1.99 and when it reloaded it said I had 0 ppl block me!!! Ripoff. Paid twice for NOTHING. Wouldn't recommend this app. At all.

  • Forbidden???

    by Enzo Armani

    Why when I open the app and try to log in does it say I'm forbidden?

  • Good App!!

    by 123435598

    This app is actually really good if you want to manage your instagram account by seeing how many followers you are getting and how many you are losing. The only downside to this app is that you have to pay for additional features and an annoying pop up every time you open the app asking if you want to link your Facebook account.

  • Good App!!

    by 123435598

    This app is actually really good if you want to manage your instagram account by seeing how many followers you are getting and how many you are losing. The only downside to this app is that you have to pay for additional features and an annoying pop up every time you open the app asking if you want to link your Facebook account.

  • Review

    by Eyblfrsjxtpenisfhsimlhajh

    I like this app, but I would like it better if when I I followed someone it would stop saying that I'm still following them

  • Good app

    by Jojo111117393

    I wish they would add a feature to see how long someone was following you before they unfollowed you. Would be very helpful for marketing.

  • Great App


    New updates please

  • Forbidden

    by Trevor966

    I didn't even do anything bad and it keeps saying forbidden on the screen. DONT GET THIS APP! It gives false info and keeps making me sign in and then when I do it says forbidden

  • DONT GET!!!

    by Onedirectionlovur

    Every little add on cost money. And I really wanted to see who my ghosties are so I bought the ghostie pack. It didn't actually show me who my ghost followers were just how many of them there was. And get this I opened the app up and It said I had over 4000 ghosties but I have only around 1000 followers!!! And then I closed it and reopened it and it said I had 0 ghosties!!! And usually I go to see my ghosties and it won't even show me them!!! I have to close and reopen the app a few times until it actually shows my ghosties. I am very unhappy especially for the fact that I have spend a good deal of money on this app.

  • Good app

    by 65904

    It's an ok app, it just shows u ur status on Instagram but I cannot unfollow that many people at once please fix it!!

  • Ghost followers doesn't work

    by Airica Hayasaka

    I wanted this app to see who my ghost followers were, so I paid the 0.99 extra. When it said my bestfriend didn't like ANY of my photos, I had to check. I looked on my most recent photo, and she did indeed like it. This happened with almost EVERY "ghost follower." DO NOT BUY IF LOOKING TO FIND GHOSTS .

  • Pretty kool

    by Anonwifi

    I thought it was kool toll you got to pay and normally my friend bought and got scammed and never got it back so ... Rip off. We are Anonymous. We are Legion. We do not Forgive. We do not Forget. Expect us.

  • by Epppicccc Faillllll

    Perfect app, it's bit accurate for showing ghost followers. People who've liked my pics or comment shouldn't show up on the ghost list & the app puts them there saying they didn't show love at all. Please fix / Make app 100% accurate, this app was paid for & money isn't worth the problems being cause

  • P

    by Jhonyboy01


  • stole my money

    by CornChuck24

    said 5 users blocking you, so I decided to buy the block pack. after I spent my money, it said no users blocking you.

  • Good

    by Missmichigannnn

    A great app track the haters!!! Who follow to unfollow lol

  • Cool

    by Rudiutc

    Dope app i have a i pod touch 2nd gen and it is still compatable i love this app really a work of art

  • Love it

    by Joeyb28

    One of the best apps I've downloaded for Instagram!

  • App

    by Steviemcflyy

    It's not letting me sign in for crap why is that, Anybody ? It says it's forbidden when I try to sign in.

  • Hacked my account

    by Mr. Kushman

    Right after I used this I could no longer log in but there spamming from my account

  • Weird

    by Mclovin_junior

    It doesn't let me log in. The page keeps getting forbbidin or expired. All the time

  • Forbidden

    by Johnny Ray

    Why did I get on here and now it says forbidden ? No .


    by BoldTouch____

    It says im forbidden & I didnt even do anything bad

  • This is a rip off!

    by Abbey.c

    So I had to delete the app cause it keeps crashing I have it saved to iCloud. But I bought both of the .99 packages . An now it says I have to buy them again. Isn't that the point of iCloud to save your stuff? This is a rip off !

  • Wasted Money

    by potato pants

    I purchased the engagement & insight packs quite some time ago. I unlocked every thing on the app, but for some reason it's all locked again? It seems I've wasted my money and I'm not too happy about it. The app has been pretty helpful but it steals from you. I wouldn't recommend it.

  • What a app

    by Krkrystle

    So far this app is really good better than the others I've have tried out it is easy and fun and with its new upgrades it looks sooo cool

  • does what I need it to.

    by Phantomkillerx

    This app does EXACTLY what I need it to. I can even unfollow within the app without paying. I don't need anything fancy like see who blocked me nonsense. All I need to know if who unfollowed me and all the other info it provides. it does JUST what I need it to do.

  • Eh

    by Vottodragon

    It was really great for a while because I was getting of the people that were not following me (on my fanpage) but when I try to log back in it says forbidden. I deleted the app and downloaded it again, but it is still saying forbidden.

  • Lies

    by Baseballmikey

    Said I had two people block me. Paid the money. And it turns out nobody blocked me. This developer is a greedy company that lied to get my money. App is horrible.

  • Amazayn

    by BabyZeeZee

    Amazayn quality phenominall expertise

  • Great App But..

    by Tiara

    I used to love this app it helped me a lot but I recently logged me out, out of nowhere and when I try to log back in, it says forbidden...I'm so frustrated please get this fixed ASAP.

  • Great, just a suggestion

    by eastbobert

    We love your app, but we are a big instagram account with about 36k followers. We just want a way where we can check if anyone famous is following us, like 20k or above or something like that

  • Followers+

    by Monkeymari98

    This app is awesome, I get to see who's not following me and followers that I'm not following back. But it should show us our ghost followers and the ones who blocked us too... It wants us to pay... We should be paying for out secret admirers and all the rest but not the people who block us or the ppl who are ghost followers....

  • This app

    by Dr_phill1995

    I always use this app and I really like but for some reason today is signed me out when I try to sign back in said forbidden

  • Glitches

    by Hakim collins

    Overall it's a good app except the minor glitches… I used it yesterday and not it says "forbidden" and will not let me open it today, other then that it is a pretty solid app

  • Mega Review!

    by Beastly Ostrich

    This app is really good for checking who starts following you and unfollowing you. It saves a lot of work figuring it out yourself, especially if you have a big account like a fanpage. BUT, I have a few complaints: 1. The app doesn't tell you who your ghost followers are, you can, however, figure it out. Still, I think it should have a list or something. 2. It does cost money for little features. They have 2 packs, each for 99¢ (but sh*t it was 99 cents

  • Great!

    by Basedtrapking

    This app is awesome!

  • Great

    by Motadeerinle

    It's great I enjoy this app alot

  • Timing

    by Jasmine Mckinney

    The app is so slow

  • Followers+

    by rainbowswag124

    I LOVE this app . I unfollow all people that unfollow me except certain people like Nash or Hayes . I also bought something else on the app and it shows me who blocked me . I Love this app so much it helps me a lot .


    by Jhonnymaee

    Follow Me @kingxmeech

  • ha lol no:://

    by Avaaaaaa16368383


  • Awesome

    by TiaBhadd

  • Plz add

    by Nicolas46917462901

    Please make a feature where I can post pictures from the app I will pay for this!!!

  • Secret admirers??

    by Cecil Risby

    How does that work? Does this app show who's viewing your page or what??

  • Nice, but could use improvement

    by Mapleleaf8

    It takes a Long time to load the information and it could be improved. I suggest a graph showing the accounts improvements over time (followers, fame value etc.) I use it all the time though

  • Great

    by Student Graduate

    This app is awesome I completely Enjoy it it's a most have if you have an Instagram

  • Good

    by BallerBoyMcCoy

    Its a great app but I bought the Engagement Pack and I restarted my phone, after I got back on the app, it's making me pay for it again? Idk. It's weird feel like waste of money.

  • ❎❎❎

    by UglyFaceMcGee

    um, this app told me my best friend who likes all my photos is a ghost follower.

  • GREAT.

    by Muah

    I think is the best app you'll get to watch your followers and all that! I recommend this for Instagram freaks like myself! ☺️

  • Help?

    by KittyCraft

    It keeps saying I am forbidden.

  • Review

    by Ben's girlfriend/future wifee

    App works good just dont like that you have to pay for everything.


    by ZD#53

    Best app ever!!! If u have a Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter you should get this!

  • Misleading

    by Kmarsh1067

    I don't like this app, cause I can just go on my Instagram to see how many followers I have, I cannot see my ghost followers so I thought this would be a great app, I could also see who my secret admirers are... Great, yay... I open the app and it says, "you have 34 ghost followers" I click on that and it sends me to what says you have to buy this, $5 add on, and I'm like what? And then I see it says I have one secret admirer, and I'm like okay I'll spend $5 on both, but then I see they are separate... $10 to buy both... WHY!!!!! Sorry about the length but please don't waste your space with this app

  • Please Fix

    by Frog Game is Great

    Great app but now it keeps crashing.

  • Stupid

    by Fundamiddle

    Every time I try to log in it says forbidden!!!

  • It's Fantastic

    by GrumpyLydia

    I did not think it would work but it does I get multiple follows and likes every day! This is the only one I have because the other apps like this are a crap fight. This one is the best offered.

  • Very good


    Helped a lot. Only reason I give it 4 stars is that u have to pay for a lot of extras.

  • Very good


    Helped a lot. Only reason I give it 4 stars is that u have to pay for a lot of extras.

  • Followers+

    by GNA 2017

    It was great at first I could see how many people followed and un-followed but then I guess if you un-follow too many people you get forbidden (I did) also you have to pay for stupid little things...

  • UGH

    by Sagittariusdragon

    Why do we have to pay for every little thing in this app? Why do I get false infos about my account? Needs work.

  • App is annoying

    by ClassicShady

    The app shows the followers on my own account and continuously doesn't work or show up the correct information I'm my account

  • Favorite App !

    by ShoutingBlood

    Got To Admit , This App Is The Most Useful Unfollow / Follow App ! You Got To Check It Out. (:

  • Amazing app

    by 111200soccer

    I love how you it tells you everything you need I recommend this app highly

  • Will not open

    by Freidas7

    App will not open. It says, incorrect password. To change password failed because code word was not possible to read. App "support" should be entitled "non support" since there is no clear way to even request assistance. To each his own, but I just may be able to live without this app.

  • Interesting idea but false promise

    by Mohamad Sobh

    1. You have to make in app purchases to get to what you think in the beneficial feature 2. The beneficial feature displays false data 3. Deleting the app

  • Follow

    by XmeggsX


  • Help!!

    by Hdiaveurhduagakjdosbdhnavs

    At first it was good, but then when u wanted to go to my instagram, my instagram tuned black I couldn't use it when I got this app

  • Good app

    by Fbrjdkdbf fmc

    Shows me who I'm following that is not following me back so I can unfollow them

  • Best followers app right here.

    by Marshek

    This is great app. It shows you who isn't following you back and who you aren't following back and that's a good thing for those who don't give you a follow back, you can't just unfollow them. Download this app.

  • Used to be good

    by Katlyn0216

    But it never refreshes right and you have to pay for everything

  • Secret Admirers??

    by Candyisfun

    This is a great app but it won't let me see any of my secret admirers even though I paid $0.99 for it. Really disappointing, it's like throwing my money away

  • Forbidden.

    by ReyRey808

    It says I'm forbidden when I log in. Somebody help me, please.

  • Perfect

    by Emmpu

    Love love love it

  • ⚡️Great⚡️

    by Kskajahahaj

  • Very good

    by Kimballydmc3

    Love it❤️

  • Wow, this app is incredible

    by Thejkl

    I love, love, love this app!!!

  • Almost Perfect!

    by tdavis3159

    I love this app! Very happy with it! Would like to see a search option in the followers and people not following, or an alphabetical sort option! Either or and this will be a PERFECT App!

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