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3.0.3: Bugfixes

* Support for offline access to contacts and history.
* Simpler navigation mode for texting
* New, modern OPUS codec.

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“Of all the apps I’ve downloaded, Talkatone has saved me the most money”

Unlimited FREE calls and texts to anyone in the world over WiFi or 3G/4G without using any cell minutes.
• Stop paying for cell minutes and text messages
• Traveling overseas? Call and text US and Canada numbers for free
• Call and text from your iPad or iPod
• Call and text even when you don't have cell coverage
• Insanely cheap calls to international numbers
• One interface to message your Facebook and Google friends worldwide

• Enhances Google Voice by letting you make calls/send texts without using cell minutes (the Google Voice app uses cell minutes).
• Better than Skype and other VoIP apps which only allow free calls to people who have already installed the app
• Highest rated phone app, downloaded by more than 8 Million people

More info:

• Calls to regular phones in US and Canada require an existing Google Voice℠ account.
• SMS is available for US users only.
• Facebook graph and chat are provided by the Facebook Platform. Talkatone is NOT affliated with Facebook, Inc.
• Google Talk and Googe Voice services are provided by Google, Inc. Talkatone is NOT affiliated with Google, Inc.
• Google Voice is a call enhancement service which may not route emergency 911 calls.
• Talkatone allows user to make and receive calls and/or texts to/from real phone numbers (including to/from not app users) and we are unable to verify the age of remote party being called/texted, therefore it may be not appropriate for children under age of 13.

Customer Reviews

  • Life saving APP!!

    by Stephys75

    This app is my only means of communicating with the world after my phone service was shut off two days ago. I downloaded other apps similar but none worked even half as well! Clear audible calls and this app does everything it is supposed to do and MORE! Thank u so much for developing such an incredible tool!! SAS

  • Great app

    by kuya2622

    Great app

  • iPad use! I love it

    by esgeep

    It's so stupid that the iPad doesn't have a phone feature. I love this app so I can get calls while I'm on my iPad instead of having to unplug my earphones and answer my dang phone. Thank you!

  • Best GV client

    by Tatties04 

    Don't bother searching any more. This is it.

  • Good..

    by Alex( iPhone 5)

    I love this app. But I have 2 concerns.. 1: is it crashes sometimes. 2: will there be an update for iOS 7? Cause I'm not liking the iOS 6 keyboard... Makes my phone feel weird lol but please address those concerns thank you!

  • Used to work perfect

    by @bxflirt

    Now, it crashes unexpectedly and erases all my messages and call logs due to "corrupt file" BLAH!! But 5 stars will go to the hope of a better update, and the acknowledgement that this app Is one of the best in its market and I won't give up just yet

  • Perfect!

    by N stuff

    Useful, seamless, tons of savings

  • User-Friendly

    by drnbrown

    Simple & Easy Layout

  • App crash

    by suneeprasad

    Opened the app in my iPad Air. After login, searching for contacts. Typing first character: app crash. FYI: I have added google voice and first time no issues. After restart app, raised this issue.

  • Great app, use it all the time

    by User526285

    Great app, use it all the time

  • Increased Functionality on iPad with NO extra cost

    by SATE_52

    This app works great, I can both talk and text on my iPad Mini! Set-up is simple. I made a new Google account so my texts can transfer without delay and so my email account does not get cluttered. I had a few days when I was not able to use my iphone and this was a flawless substitute. Highly recommend.

  • Cool

    by Mill steven

    This is the best you do not have to pay

  • Good app

    by Sarah -sama Itunes

    I love it and its easy to work with

  • I love it!


    This app is awesome! I am handicapped, & it is hard for me to hold a phone. I can plug my headphones into my iPad & answer calls. It's great!

  • Get this to SAVE MONEY

    by Tinboy39

    At first I thought this was to good to be true since the audio was horrible. But, then I realized for just $0.99 a month I get perfect audio for calls on my iPod touch! I used to spend like 14 bucks a month! Although when you text a photo it sends a link

  • Update system please

    by luqmaan909

    Talkatone is a very good app but can you update the IOS 6 style to IOS 7?

  • Great VoIP app!

    by Lostnsoundwaves

    Perfect for making/receiving calls at home, the office, and anywhere that has wifi.

  • Update or nahh ?

    by Whaddup !!

    A update would be nice . I would like to be able to send and receive emoji . Other than this , this app is AMAZING !!

  • Amazing

    by Sai-Jin

    Thank you so much for making this available. So grateful. Quality is good most of the time, it really depends on the speed and clarity of the network you are on. Little bug fixes here and there would make this perfect.



    I have a iPad and have things to do and this is the app to go to

  • Bad

    by Mkb299

    You have to log in with your googl account


    by yoshixlove64

    talkatone is overall a great app but recently a bunch of porn or sex ads have been popping up in my face & it's really disturbing & makes me uncomfortable.. I know you can't completely remove ads but can you at least remove the porn/sex ads ? please it's really disturbing...

  • Please remove offensive material

    by Mariobro93

    Talkatone has been a wonderful app to communicate with family and friends, but now has unwanted offensive ads appearing- please remove these ads from your marketing; I want to be able to continue using Talkatone freely.

  • Raunchiest porn ads pushed at one make it unusable

    by marqueymarc

    Loved this app and integration w google voice until it started pushing very graphic hardcore at me making it inappropriate to use anywhere. Sad.

  • FIX!!!!!!!

    by J3848272

    Whenever I try to activate calling it finishes, then the app crashes and when I go back to the app, I try calling someone it says I have to wait the whole loading time and it keeps on going like that! Please Fix!!!!!!!

  • Bummer

    by  FirefighterTD

    Only works with other people with this app !

  • Every update gets worse SMH!!

    by Boris Roberts

    Calls super choppy Voice calls blocked by network!!!!!! Disconnect, freezing up, forever to send a text....etc! It wasn't like this before the update and changes

  • Not working right

    by Slimm_goody

    This app worked perfectly but when I changed my google number it will now not let me make calls or receive calls through the app. Help please ASAP

  • Near perfect

    by  BABYiCE

    Like having an office phone on my iPad with Gchat. Add vmail retrieval and integration of Gchat features (like being invisible) and it'll be one of the best apps out there

  • The greatest little app!

    by Alexinphilly

    I have been unemployed for 3 months now and I had to let go of Sprint. Either way I was going to drop them because their prices are ridiculous. And I did't have the money. But this app and Google have given me a lifeline while I look for a new job! Thanks! Just wish I could make international calls to Puerto Rico!

  • GREAT APP Everybody!

    by Skippy Ault

    I have an iPhone that has no service provider at all and with my Google phone number I selected I can call anyone on any land line or mobile phone & they can call me just by me using my home wifi service. When I am away from home like the grocery store or any place that has a wifi connection I can still make and receive calls. Just remember when at public place like McDonalds, Kroger's etc. you need to open your web browser and accept their terms and conditions after you connect to their wifi service. Then you're good to make & receive calls, send/receive text msg. I love that you can even send pictures with this app too! Five STARS ***** all the way! Great job guys! To get even a better connection when talking buy the .99 service for a month plus you won't have to see all the ad banners that pop up on the app. It is worth .99 a month for sure!!! I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I do. And on my other mobile that has T-mobile service I still use this app for a 2nd number just for my close friends. And by the way the people you call DO NOT have to download this app to call you or for you to call them. It can't get any better! I love, love, LOVE this app!!! Sincerely, ~Skippy~

  • WHAT

    by jhwmonk

    Take out the ADDS

  • Meh

    by Bane112

    The good thing about this app is that I can use my google voice number. The bad thing is that it's connected to google voice. I expected call quality to be terrible but this is just god awful, even with purchasing premium. I give it three star because texting is still good.

  • Most handy app ever!

    by Heal the earth

    Seems to work real good, slight audio problems rarely.


    by Hi jacker at the fair man

    I hate hate hated it its slow and stupid

  • I like it.

    by marifercucucaca

    I like this app, I just hope y'all can make it different looking, like, make it look more professional or something . :)

  • Best VOIP App for Google Talk

    by Waiting4bell

    Would not travel abroad without this. Great for texts, when you don't have texting plan.

  • FRAUD!

    by Drralphw

    I purchased the premium version of this app only to find that I'm not able to make or receive any calls. When calling a specific number, the phone rings once, then nothing. What a waste of time. If you're reading this, I strongly urge you to move on to another company's product. This one is nothing but a fraud. They take your money and give nothing of any value whatsoever.

  • Functional, but buggy under ios7

    by MMazor

    Still not updated for ios7. Volume keys on iPhone don't work as expected. Volume slider on screen does nothing. Ugly.


    by devilindisguise888

    Love this app. Works great when I have a wi-fi signal. The premium service for .99 cents is a must have for my phone to work properly. Otherwise there is an echo and it makes talking impossible. by: devilindisguise888

  • Good

    by Mell1486

    I like talkatone it's very helpful for me when my service is down

  • Great google voice app

    by bfwesley

    What has happened to the great support?? Answering service related emails and such- spotty voice service- messages or call records dont delete from talkatone!

  • Just one problem

    by Ajooba1982

    On iPad air 128gb tmobile ios 7.0.4: sometime, when I am trying to call, it hear about 3 rings and then the app freezes. Eventually, I have to restart the iPad to make calls. Quitting the app manually does not help. In the messages section, there needs to be a search bar for contacts that have already been messaged. This way we can find the contact without scrolling down all the way.

  • Cool app

    by Rainer415

    I have been using it for about 2 years. I use it for google voice and what I can say its just great! Thanks for this great app!

  • Thank God for this App!

    by Zeph1216

    I am poor and can't afford a cellphone so I downloaded this app which is allowing me to get calls for interviews for jobs YAY! I can text, make calls and receive calls! The only thing I can't send or receive is picture messages but hey I'm not gonna look a gift horse in the mouth!

  • Love it!

    by DjWat

    It has been a lifesaver! :)

  • Great app

    by SamDerr123

    This app has saved me when traveling into areas where my cell does get reception.

  • What the?

    by Debater of talkatone and mo+

    Promises offline mode and it came. Brought back time stamps option. Improved compression. Good work! Kinda laggy lately, main con. But it works reliably. Would be neat if there could be location and video sending in the future. Also would be great if there were ways to receive pictures (and videos) from cell phones not on talkatone.

  • Fix

    by Eva PZ

    Please fix this problem When I receive calls the app doesn't notify I went through the settings and it still doesn't even work and please make an ios7 look

  • Increible!

    by Estrellita ensonadora

    Me encanta esta aplicacion, es muy util cuando viajas porque puedes contestar tus llamadas donde quiera que vayas con el servicio de internet y aun puedes textiar. Ademas no te consume los minutos de tu plan tradicional del celular, la recomiendo, usela y quedara super fascinado! Buena suerte

  • World's greatest app

    by JBrown1331

    This is perfect for traveling. It's a little buggy but I imagine going through Google voice is what makes it buggy. Thanks!

  • No good

    by Iphone5 Geo

    Cannot get to activate

  • Late arrival of message

    by Lukecastle

    Messages are received a day late sometimes.

  • Get this to SAVE MONEY

    by Tinboy39

    At first I thought this was to good to be true since the audio was horrible. But, then I realized for just $0.99 a month I get perfect audio for calls on my iPod touch! I used to spend like 14 bucks a month!

  • Best texting app you can get


    I'd like to see iOS7 compatibility, and some notification improvements to make this app perfect!

  • Not working

    by Longtime listener first time author

    Only connects with wifi, no longer connects through ATT 4g. Chrome still works, so it doesn't appear to be a down Google server.

  • Great

    by iron bridge

    I've used talktone for two years, mainly for texting. It works flawlessly. I bought premium for no adds, tweaked the display options, picked from available "sounds". Push notification. What else could you need? I use it for phone calls on wifi when my minutes are running out. Great savings. No need for a text plan with this app.

  • Great app but still buggy.

    by Eloooooooooo

    The app works great. It receives texts and calls from anyone. The format of the texts are similar to an iPhone message. Unfortunately, sometimes there is a glitch or a bug where I can only see my past messages, but my most recent messages are no where to be found when I open a text.

  • Awesome

    by SteveEndersen777

    Helps me get in contact with friends!!!

  • Not good anymore

    by Kindle reader88

    When I receive calls it will pop up and immediately become a missed call. I paid 19.99 for better call quality, but the quality is spotty. Will keep this till subscription is over, but will not continue the premium services. Also, the app always sends me the same text that had been read 2 weeks ago

  • Talkatone

    by Evanscurtis



    by mothermarygold


  • Miss

    by Bananasaulait

    This app is perfect. It works perfectly and is very reliable. I have no complaints. I would give it more stars if I could.

  • Works for me

    by rahboogz43

    No complaints. I use it daily. Nice little app. I definitely would recommend it!

  • Don't like this app!

    by GreatGamesGirl

    It won't let me make calls, I'm so frustrated. I'll be downloading some other calling/texting app. Sorry, not sorry.

  • Unacceptable

    by DevelopersDevelopersDevelopers

    Never before have I given a one-star rating, but this app changed my google chat status to an ad for itself, with no indication it would do so, or even that it had (someone else had to tell me). That's underhanded and sneaky, and that forms the basis of this review. "Unacceptable" is a mild way to put it.

  • Good app

    by Nubanking

    Could be great if you could send pics while on the line. The sound quality is good but viber is better. The process to add friends need to be quick and easer. Lately the app rings but does not allow you to answer.

  • Talkatone

    by ljlatorre

    Fantastic app to turn your iPad into a phone, also great for messaging. Only shortcoming is you cannot receive photos via messaging you can send them but not receive. I hope that they change this even if it is a upgrade requirement. It would be well worth it.

  • Talkatone excellent App. I highly recommend it

    by PirateKung

    Great all

  • Love it

    by Lisa188e

    I love this app

  • Sadly isn't all that

    by Priscila Blume

    I have just uploaded this app hoping to save a couple of bucks from using minutes and got excited. This app works don't get me wrong, but I can't stay on the phone for longer then 3-4 minutes until it starts breaking up and I have to hang up and call again. I wish this app worked as great as it seemed .

  • Great app

    by Kelley Cook

    Works perfect! Love it.

  • Problem

    by Khid hillside

    App use to be my favorite but it's got glitches dat need to be fixed please

  • 1d

    by 1fan of 1d

    I love this so much !!!!!!!!

  • Issues

    by Josh1984holla

    I love the concept, but push notifications don't always work, and when I turn off texting, I still get the notifications. :(

  • iOS 7

    by Sarah Povie

    This app is okay but I would like it to be updated for iOS 7. Also, I don't get calls right when my friends try to call me. I get them about 45 mins. later. Most of all, I would like this app to have an iOS 7 keyboard. Thanks!

  • Great

    by Victor11 22 33

    This app has been great & saved me lotsa money! Can't beat it!

  • Awesome

    by Fatuma Abdi

    Talkatone is one awesome app I recommend it to everyone who doesn't have a phone it's really good the only thing it needs is a picture receiving feature that's it other than that its fantastic get to the picture receiving update than it would be better than EVER!!!

  • Does the job!

    by Jk_4ke

    Great app does the job for temporary use, would like an update to io7

  • MDKardos/bogey28

    by Bogeymark28


  • Love it

    by Mynameismudd567

    Omg I love this app. Best I found so far.

  • Great

    by Bambambananablackchick

    I use it for all my calls and to text people who don't have kik. Only problem is sending and receiving pictures. When I send the person has to use their internet to download the picture and when they send it says mms received but you can't click on it to see what you got

  • Great App

    by Vdjl1964

    It works perfect

  • Great

    by Situationalawareness

    Great app, I've used it now for about a year as my main phone. Used to be on my ipad, now on my ipad mini. Not sure why the part few comments say it doesn't work, it's been flawless for me. The connection is obviously going to be stable. No, mms picture texts do not work through google voice, it's not a talkatone thing it's a google voice thing. Edit 1/25/2014: After using this app for nearly 2-3 years, I'm still impressed by it. I still use it as my main phone on my ipad mini. There is about ½ to ¾ second lag in the google voice connection, but I've heard that from lots of google voice users in general. I keep it in the background all of the time, the only issue I have is that I've installed google hangouts onto my ipad mini and it tries to mimic what talkatone notifications are saying. I would remove google hangouts, but it is a requirement for another app I'm using so I just ignore it. Just a heads up, all.

  • Saving my life.

    by MobileMe22

    My ATT service will not send texts from my home. I'd be dead in the water without this program. RE

  • This app saved my life.

    by Phillip0117

    More than once.

  • Sh!t....

    by Randall andAmy

    It won't let me receive incoming calls. It also asks me to go to a laptop/desktop to get a #. I already have a #. It's "(304)-924-1684" & it says I can't receive calls or texts. Ain't that stupid. My wife has the same app & it works awesomely. Mine however, way too many problems... Lol. I used to have this app on my iPhone 4S & it worked great!!! Idk what the eff is going on but until you/I get this resolved, my star-rate will stay the same til' u fix or I fix it. I really don't want to have to change my phone# cause everyone knows it. & I make my living as a street pharmacist. It would b pretty hard to sell if no one knows my #. Lol I'll raise my stars to a 5 if u fix it. & trust me, everyone knows that a person of my occupation knows a lot of people & is well respected... So I could have at the very lest 150-200 people to download this app & give it great stars. Just please, u do you'r job, & ill stick to my promises. Alright??!!!

  • Almost great.

    by mark86442

    Comes close to a great app but I just don't like to sign up for gmail phone. Some bugs are still there with the ringer staying on and some times a very irritating poor quality sound with some screaching notice.

  • Money saver

    by Koolvj

    I usually don't write reviews but compelled to do so as I talkatone helped me saving a lot of money. Very easy to use intuitive interface, and seamless connectivity in wifi. I broke ATT contract in icy and paid $ 224 and switched to a prepaid career and today I'm break even thanks to talkatone. I usually always remain in wifi so have no exp with 4G / 3G though. For me it worked great. Thanks !

  • Best app ever

    by Master Chi 2560

    I love it. Get it!

  • Service reviews

    by Benjaming

    Excellent service never fails always on point the best App that anybody can use...

  • Working perfectly

    by Ram4693

    I have been using talkatone for the past 1 year. Never had any problem..

  • Phone call quality terrible, great text messaging however

    by CleoX3

    This app is great for anyone who lives by Skype and doesn't have text messaging. Texting quality is great. I love the fact that I actually have a phone number for texting. But phone call quality is horrendous. Until it improves I will be directing my phone calls to my skype phone number &vmail. If talkaphone improves I could possibly end my subscription with Skype. So that's where talkaphone should consider improvements.

  • Lsjohnny

    by lsjohnny

    Love it, best out there...

  • Absolutely Extraordinary

    by ATL_RG

    Top of the charts, best apps available on my Iphone. Love it!

  • Nearly perfect phone app but...

    by ladypkayy

    I wish you could use your own ringtones instead of the built-in ringtones! Also, it would be great if you could go check your phone number because I tend to forget mine sometimes. Otherwise everything in the app runs perfectly well! ***EDIT:*** The app would be great if it supported image texts and/or media texts. Had to knock off a star because of that.

  • Really great app!!!

    by ChevyC_2002

    This app definitely saved me during my month long international trip. Sometimes the calls are pretty choppy but I'm not going to complain about that too much.

  • Horrible

    by Midwesterngirlforever

    If I could give zero stars, I would. It does not make any outbound calls whatsoever. I'm so over this's totally bogus!!

  • Nice

    by dblount6

    If your using this app correctly then it should easily become your favorite app. Love it

  • Gr8 App

    by nufrespek

    Gr8 for wifi only devices

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