Emoji Keyboard 2 - Animated Emojis Icons Art & New Hot/Pop Emoticons Stickers For Kik,BBM, Whats.App, Facebook Messenger or Me-Not App Free Social Networking App Review (iOS, Free)


Languages: English

Seller: Shishi Li

• Bug fixes & stability improvements
• Add more emojis

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• Express yourself with any emoji you want in this Totally Free app!

• Include: New Emoji Keyboard, Fonts Maker, Emoji Art, Text Art, Static Emojis, Animated Emojis, Custom Emojis, Emoji Creater, Emoji Editor... Many many NEW emojis and they are all FREE!

• You won't believe how powerful this emoji app is until you download and use it!

Customer Reviews

  • Cool app

    by r0sem4ry

    Great app to use! I use it everyday...like right now

  • Love it!!

    by mojo860

    Great app.

  • Great App..

    by Zippy57

    Really great app. Has all you want, plus more..

  • Insert???

    by Sincerelyp

    Nice choices but how do you insert them into an existing text message???I have the iPhone 5 and it's not giving me the option on my keyboard to insert in a reply.

  • ;)

    by ;)#*ve1987*


  • Excellent app

    by Mac Lizard

    Easy to use and has a lot of options to choose.

  • Amaze balls!!!

    by *sweetface*

    First time using an Emoji app and I totes Love the variety of characters and awesome greeting art!

  • Great

    by K.Nichole

    One of my phone updated got rid of my emoticons...so glad to have them back.

  • Emoji keyboard

    by Hlcass6

    I love using this up to put things on my friends messages . They crack me up!

  • Fun app

    by John Doe v2.0

    Lots of emojis to choose from, good stuff

  • Good App

    by Smq151

    Downloaded this app to use on my iPad. Love the emoticons. They're fun to add to a conversation. If you write a review, they'll unlock the app. Seems weird to have to do that in order to use the app, but it's not the worst thing to have to do.

  • Just what iMessages is missing!

    by Aesop Redux

    Easy to use just, add their keyboard in your phone settings and you can insert emoticons on the fly in your messages. Great art and fun!

  • Greatest

    by Pokerdog3

    I just love this app. I gives me so many options to choose from to Express my feelings.

  • EmotionCons

    by Sinful 14

    Seems to be a nice App. Love the Emotioncons there funny & a different way to get your point across! TY CinKay

  • Lots of good stuff

    by Rad4624

    This app is full of great pictures and adds lots of fun to messages.

  • Love it

    by Eos forever

    This is such a good app you should get it

  • Tried it and love it!

    by Mrsvirtue

    Awesome app. For a first time iPhone user this app is easy and fun. So many things to spice up text and imessaging. Keep up the good work.

  • Great

    by Abbi's mom 27


  • Awesome App!!!

    by Pinoy23

    Luv it!!!

  • Good app

    by Judster64

    Makes my texting fun.

  • Not so much

    by Avi-jah

    Doesn't have the most important feature: ability to sync with texts, emails, etc. I'm thinking I might look somewhere else for what I want.

  • Awsome

    by This app stinks!!!!!!

    Super duper good

  • Just downloaded app

    by Chris_£234

    Looks good so far. Can't send until I write a review. Should be fun!

  • Em

    by Robert Schneider

    Something different!!!

  • Cute!!!

    by brownsugar73

    I just used the app today and so far so good!!

  • Awesome

    by K-Dog4REAL

    Really cool stuff, maybe add in some new "date night" kinda stuff!!

  • Weeeeee

    by Brittneyalyse


  • I'm obsessed!!!!

    by MykaLee

    I use them for everything and now people hate texting me.

  • Very cute

    by TheAskesis1

    My favorite app. Easy to use. Animation is funny

  • You will luv it!

    by TG salvadorian queen

    Awesome easy to use.

  • Gd

    by Alhassan74


  • Review for Unlock

    by PeterFrampton70s

    I review. You unlock all. Looks like a lot of fun. I find the emojis that collectively make "drawings" to be pretty cool. More later, after I have time to check these apps out further. God Bless!

  • Awesome

    by Mochabear650

    Very creative i like it a lot! :)

  • Awesome App!!!

    by **TKK**

    Love this app!!! It's great!!

  • Myself

    by Grushee

    Think my Friend & I were 10 we're Way Past That Just so Funny adding Emojis to Texting Conversations❗️

  • Amazing

    by Shzbxkanavdcnd

    This app is amazing!!!

  • Awesome

    by 12716261

    Best texting app

  • Awesome!!!

    by DfMurderDoom

    I rate five stars because it's so enjoyable.

  • Cool

    by Juli Marie

    Cool app

  • I love it :)

    by rayeraye09

    I love using this app!

  • Awesome app

    by Ecka++

    I use it all the time and my friend and family love the little emoji icons

  • Be

    by Bad vicoozz


  • Get it!!!

    by sarah zaslaw


  • bueno

    by [:B-Ballin:]

    un poco disorganizado y muy comico

  • Fun!

    by Daisy.TheOneAndOnly

    Love sending images & fun pics/ faces!! They make all my friends smile!!

  • Emojis

    by zayluv

    This is a really cool app to have. Absolutely love the creativity! There are many different fonts that is also a plus.

  • Love

    by Gushy batch

    So beautiful

  • Loved it!

    by DCD : )

    I love the variety!!

  • Emoji Junkie

    by Fun4jed

    Totally fun and easy to use!

  • CheezyNachoez

    by Cheezy Nachoes


  • by T

    Works great so far..

  • Awesome app

    by flashlight101

    I really like this app

  • Awesome

    by LILikrys7

    Very cool

  • Review

    by Hollywood3434341234

    Good app. It's fun etc lol

  • Not working all the time

    by Nujerzyboy

    Sending messages doesn't work most of the time & crashes often

  • Cool

    by 2koolcat

    It's fun

  • Smileys! So cute!

    by Samibamiii

    Such adorable faces!

  • Ok

    by Cryspy55

    Decent app

  • Great product

    by WD808

    Like the animations. Use in txt and email.

  • Adds character to messages

    by Jt81697

    Would recommend

  • Awesome

    by Pharm2005

    This is a cool app plz make more!

  • I like it.

    by Sistar girl

  • So fun!

    by KurtzMo


  • Epic

    by Phillip_epic_123


  • App

    by Hathdh

    Good app..

  • i like it

    by NummyBear

    i really like it

  • Great app

    by FISK50

    I love it... But we don't need the ads...

  • Buena app

    by Antonibric

    Bastante buena

  • Review

    by House4u&me


  • Cool

    by Mrs(445687)

    Love it so meany choices

  • Nice characters

    by Dodger fam

    I use these on all my text messages

  • Annoying

    by Bammbamm13

    I hate it.

  • Bleh

    by Uwais' wifey


  • Awesome

    by 1974leveymealone!!!

    Cool It's fun and playful Cool cool cool

  • Awesome

    by @Karmic_star

    I love this App it has different font settings art faces ect...

  • Tommmcat

    by Ftg67

    Great app

  • Emoji

    by Winifred1

    Really a fun app. Helps you to express your emotions.

  • GreT

    by Rugbyms45


  • Fun

    by Julie Spielman

    Could be better of I did not have to copy and paste them

  • App

    by 23's niqqah

    Love the app it's good

  • Awesome

    by The phoebe dog

    Good 4 texting

  • Ehh

    by Cool4657

    Could be better, but useful nonetheless.

  • Best app thus far

    by Nene254

    Best app thus far

  • Pretty cool

    by Random guy 51

    It's pretty cool

  • This app is great

    by Emilehh

    Great app!! I love it!!

  • It's ok

    by Baby baby baby baby

    It's ok

  • So so

    by Cargirlygirl

    Don't know if I like it or not yet

  • Cool

    by Sasha2298

    It is very helpful and creative

  • Cool

    by Peakbread 4324


  • Coollll

    by Raven

    It's very cute since the emojis are cute

  • Emoji

    by Grantÿ

    This app is great

  • Cool

    by Maitte2

    Estos emoticones son súper cheveres.

  • This app is AWESOME!!!!!!¡

    by jadynbadyn

    Do I have 2 say much

  • Emoji is fun

    by My name is aqera

    Get ittt

  • Really really good game

    by Rosey012345


  • emoji

    by Fernando Portillo


  • Great!

    by E.T Han

    Awesome app! Worth downloading!

  • Good

    by Blahffgjjgjhv

    Nice :)

  • Awesome!!!!

    by Lovedove9865555433

    App so awesome!!!!! I recomend this. :). Download it in 3. 2. 1. NOW

  • Top notch art

    by $hungry Az

    The art pics are great!!

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