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New design for Friends screen! Quickly make a call from your Friends list by tapping the video call icon by your friend's name.

New filter! Send Valentines video messages to your friends using the new Be Mine filter! <3

Enabled sending SMS invites to your Gmail friends

Improved performance and stability

Squashed bugs!

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With ooVoo you can make FREE video calls, voice calls, and send text chats to easily connect with friends and family. ooVoo is the highest quality video chat app, beating other leading brands of video chat hands down. Start a free group video chat with up to 12 people on 3G, 4G, LTE and Wifi and experience the best quality video and audio. Over 90 million people are on ooVoo, it’s easy to sign up, and easy to find your friends!

Best Social Networking App 2013 Tabby Award
Best App Technology 2013 Appster Award

- Group video chat - With ooVoo, you can add up to 12 people to a high quality FREE group video call just by Tap-Tap-GO!™.
- FREE voice calls - With free voice calls, you can stay in touch with your friends wherever they are. Talk with other ooVoo members for as long you want to.
- Instant Messaging - Send text messages to your friends with ooVoo - even while you're on a call.
- Cross-platform - Connect with friends on smartphones and tablets, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and desktop and laptop PCs and Mac computers.
- SuperClear™ video – ooVoo’s proprietary technology which adjusts for packet-loss on low-bandwidth video calls, resulting in the highest quality video chat on mobile without increasing data consumption.
- High resolution video for 1:1 video chats on wifi for iPhone 4S and above, iPad 2 and above, and iPod touch 5.
- Echo cancellation for crystal clear audio during video chats
- Video and photo messaging.
- ooVies™ — video status messages that you display on your profile or send to friends!
- Full-page profile screen featuring your ooVies, profile pic, and more!
- Fab 5 — put your five best friends on speed dial!
- Colorful, creative filters for in-call video and video recording.
- View friends’ profiles and connect in any of four ways: video call, voice call, instant text or video message.
- Search for friends on ooVoo, Facebook, Twitter, Gmail and your personal contact list.
- Review your conversation history and messages and resume them with one touch.

You can use ooVoo on all of these iOS devices running iOS 6 or higher:

- iPhone 5, 5C, 5S (with 4-way video)
- iPod touch 5th generation (with 4-way video)
- iPhone 4S (with 4-way video)
- iPhone 4
- iPad Air (with 4-way video)
- iPad 2nd, 3rd, and 4th generation (with 4-way video)
- iPad Mini 1st and 2nd generation (with 4-way video)
- iPod touch 4th generation

Find out more at ooVoo.com, or visit us on Twitter (@ooVoo) or on Facebook. Drop us a note or comment in our email suggestion box: [email protected]

Customer Reviews

  • Jgnhc

    by Ncfjnf

    Bbbbb bbbb

  • good

    by crwan


  • Awesome

    by Mary Awopileda

    I love oovoo!!!

  • Hi

    by Spying92959

    Good nice app

  • Oovoo is awesome

    by Instagramlover101

    I love oovoo it a very cool app to talk to your friends

  • Love it

    by Breezy 99

    This is a great app I can talk to my best friend and its great because I don't see her a lot because she changed schools so it really helps a lot

  • Help

    by fl0wer child.

    I love ooVoo, the only problem is with an iPhone when you're in a group call you cant see everyone's face. Can this be fixed?

  • Very nice but could be better

    by Scarlet197295

    I love this app... My only suggestion would be to be able to see all video history from both computer and mobile device. Since we're using the same profile, the video history should be saved with the profile.

  • Oovoo

    by Veda Monroee

    I enjoy this app. I use it almost every night.

  • The best

    by Hotdivaceleb

    Know I can chat with my best friends

  • Awesome

    by Tory rm

    Oovoo is awesome I can oovoo as many people I want at the same time. It's good with my friends


    by Nate_mccoy

    This is the best facetime app ever

  • Yeaa

    by Nike_Boss

    This is the best I love chatting with friends.

  • I love this site

    by Anna sarrio

    This is a grate site for me it works every time and finds friends it works if front or back camera love it get this site (:(


    by Black ops 2 zombies pro

    It is so good I can hear my friends perfectly and I like the thing where you can change the color my opinion Is its a lot better than FaceTime I hope this was helpful

  • Awesome

    by sweetNawesome23

    Fun with friends

  • SH

    by SH

    It's ok it cuts off at times nd wen I uninstall it it takes to long to install back

  • Review

    by Tylershea14

    Love this app

  • Oovoo is it good or bad

    by hailey_jones

    It's a good way to connect with friends family and socialize but it happens to me but maybe not you it glitches hangs up automatically and much much more that is why oovoo gets an 3 thank you hope I helped

  • Awesome app

    by Beautiful empress

    I love this app I get to communicate with friends and family and far given instant messages and video chat and that's the best part of it to actually be able to see your friends and family. Viastar89

  • Maybe

    by Tiaweeeeeeeee

    The camera freezes a lot and sometimes doesn't connect

  • Annoying

    by RKeizzer

    It won't open up on my phone or the App Store and I'm so frustrated

  • Screen Share?

    by Alex1723

    Whenever someone share their screen with me it's just gray and says "is sharing their screen". I want to be able to actually see their screen. Please make an update fixing this bug. Also, my friend has a computer, not a Mac, it's Windows, and when she uses ooVoo her mic doesn't work. She even tries unplugging and plugging it back in. Nothing works. Your app needs to update on Windows to fix that bug too.

  • Awesomeness

    by YoCheezy

    Thanks to this I got to talk to my boyfriend because of email,can't FaceTime,issues

  • It's ok


    I think it's great wen I'm studyng I lik to use it to get help from friends

  • Oovoo

    by Fwm_kid

    I love it

  • Oovoo

    by Hatboyzmmg

    It's a great app

  • .....

    by YoGotTeaa

    love it !!

  • Follow me on ig @dino_jockey

    by Dino_______


  • ooVoo rocks!

    by mjm032386

    Outstanding app!


    by Shay Lisa

    OOVOO is the best app instead of calling friends!OOVOO allows u to call up to 11 people at once:-)I think everyone should rate this app "OOVOO" 5 stars! I read some of the reviews so far and there GREAT!!!!!!

  • Awesome

    by K❄⛄

    I love this I call my friends and my family it's amazing #love

  • Very impressed

    by Blaze goodman

    I love it It keeps me connected to people I can't see often Thank you oovoo.!!!

  • Love it

    by Dwayne015

    Great app , doesn't crash , doesn't freeze you can OovoO anywhere and everywhere and have a great time with your on screen friend .

  • oovoo

    by Hubertcubaka


  • Awesome

    by Zillejc


  • Ridiculous

    by Gendjdbd

    Ever since this app was updated, when i use it & switch to a different app & then switch back, then it disconnects my kinivo wireless headphones. This is ridiculous. It never did that before & it is quite annoying. This is a hige disappointment, considering that i use these wireless headphones for everything. Especially when I'm on oovoo, why would i want everyone in the world hearing my conversation. But because of the stupid update, now if i switch back and forth between the app and other apps then everyone will hear my conversation. This is not cool. And it needs to be fixed, otherwise i will be done with it forever. /:

  • Good

    by PrincessEmma765

    It's okay some problems but mostly good

  • Friends

    by Woweasnappelo

    My friends and family r easier to contacted

  • Awsome

    by Kk1740

    This is the best app to talk to to your friends that don't have iPhones or Apple products.it is easy to find friends,you can get suggestions of friends that your other friends have.I RATE 5 STARS.GET THE APP

  • Uh~Oh

    by JollyKitKat43

    Ok well... It is OK. My sound isn't working with it so., yea. Also the connection is not very good., I don't like how the screen freezes and then goes onto the person., so that could change. Over all., I don't really like it., so I'm deleting it. 1 more thing, the

  • Idk

    by mshimmel7

    Idk how to set up a new account bec I forget my last one and I want a new one

  • This

    by Naughtye1

    This Is A Good App

  • Good

    by Jipe jwa


  • My review

    by Fresh Lexi

    Oovoo is the best xD

  • Love using with Grandkids!

    by Ohapyme

    I've never had such fun until I downloaded ooVoo to talk with the Grandkids. We can all visit together and love getting together. What a new opportunity it has given me cause I miss them so much, otherwise!

  • Blahh blahh

    by Jhagsgushnxvahjdknsj5749/7


  • Great app

    by Lili9813

    Good quality and is very worth it.

  • Good

    by Possum3000

    Want to video chat with friend not on the same system as you? Get this and u can, it even works with iOS to a Computer :D

  • Awesome x10

    by Player444444

    I loovvvee talking to all my five friends at the same exact time!!! This app keeps getting better and better!!!!

  • Awesome

    by Prabhjot123


  • Awesome!

    by Borisoy63

    Oovoo has kept me closely connected to my family even though we are all states apart. Thank you Oovoo. Skype got nothing on you!

  • It's cool

    by MacWaylah

    I like it

  • Good

    by Totes is


  • Excellent app

    by andosval

    Oovoo is the best one, I use it to talk and video conference with my relatives and friends in other countries, and works even when I'm driving and using my IPhone

  • Awesome

    by Sweet angel245

    Great app

  • Jabby_jab001

    by Jazzyfezal

    Love it and u r the reAson me and my friends r together

  • Best video chat app

    by Lolobanks83

    Love it alot

  • beat app by far

    by Austin Williams

    love it!

  • Great app!

    by SK Harris

  • Love it!!

    by Haywilk

    It's so much fun and a wonderful app.

  • The best chat

    by Bryancin1314

    I love this app i can see all my friends

  • Awesome

    by Pinkgreen150

    Love it!! Recommend it!!

  • Great

    by _SlumKing

    Best video chat app here


    by destiny Lopez

    Oovoo is really cool I love the app

  • Cx

    by Najars

    Love it!

  • Amazing

    by Craycope

    Very useful and cool to video chat for friends that don't have an apple product.

  • ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

    by Piercing_Freak

    Better than Skype. But it does have its problems at times. Other than that it's great!

  • Awesome

    by NoLoveJustHate75

    This is a nice app

  • Awesome

    by Unicornpotato0009890676684758

    I can't call so this is Awesome

  • Our life,

    by Oovoo my love

    I used to worry daily about my sister and there are always disasters and scare me but this helps me check up on her and make me feel better and safer I love oovoo


    by Sammy03456

    Now I can talk to all of my friends and see there face no more Skype you can't do four people and see there face

  • A Message to Clayton L. Mathile and ooVoo LLC.

    by Gdkfijrj

    Do you actually think your cool thinking of the idea for advertisements to interrupt our calls? Seriously? Every 15 minutes this crap happens. I'm in the middle of a video call, and all of a sudden, it disconnects the call to show me an advertisement about Clash of Clans.... ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Skype never did this crap, because Microsoft is smarter than you, Clayton. Get out of here, you chump. I hope you go bankrupt.

  • Awesome

    by Johnny girl 2,000

    I love this app for communicating with people more than any app I have

  • It's great

    by Cairo2481

    Love the app

  • Great

    by Jenn-Jenn7

    I freakin love this app

  • Oovoo

    by Shydevices


  • Awesomeness

    by Emily-Gabbi

    This app is amazing. If you don't have it you need to get it. You can face time as many people you want at one time. GET THIS APP YOU WILL LOVE IT!!!

  • Love it

    by Chano149

    This app is da bong lolz I love it OMG

  • Yup

    by Kopex


  • nice

    by Zaclaf00

    it's ok but it helps

  • ooVoo

    by Marcus Randolph

    Yea buddy I love this ^_^

  • Love it

    by iiXander

    This app is amazing

  • Amazing

    by Bebooooooopp

    It'd great

  • Love oovoo

    by Anthony Fischer

    AMAZING I have a sister in navada and I'm in Texas and she takes care of me through oovoo and phone calls and it's cuz I'm really sick and it helps I LOVE THIS BETTER THEN SKYPE

  • ..

    by Chaasity

    itss cool uh whaatevaa .. ‼️

  • Great (:


    Oovoo is great if you don't have an iphone to video chat, oovoo can be used with any other kind of smart phone! Its all great especially if you dont have the best phone in the world like i did. The only thing is the video quality! Its great if your completely still and so is the one your chatting with and you have to have PERFECT signal. Fix this and you'll have 5 stars.

  • Awesome

    by Peighton331457

    Moved to Texas from Georgia and my miss my friends so much. I FaceTime them all the time but sometimes I wish I can do it all at once. You can on OoVoo that's what I love most about it. It's awesome. You rock OoVoo keep up the good work.

  • This app is good

    by Anneisa

    I like the app good and hot

  • My review

    by Nolan owner of the knights

    It is an awesome way to keep in touch with your friends

  • Oovoo

    by Awesomechic21

    I love this app! It's great!

  • Oovoo

    by •Zouri•

    Great app now I can talk to my friends and family.

  • Review

    by Morgan Yeomans

    Amazing app I love it. use my name to look me up on Facebook or oovoo lol btw I'm a male!

  • Awesome

    by Willbot23

    This is awesome

  • So cool

    by Maddie0325

    This app is so cool u can up to more than 2 people you can invite your friends to your chat too

  • Awesome

    by SniperKing__14

    Just Awesome!!!

  • Amazing app!!!

    by Jtawesom3

    This app is way better skype and FaceTime!!!!

  • Amazing

    by Ultimatejesus

    This app is so awesome!

  • excellent ‼️❗️ love it

    by Nene Pie

    This app is amazing I love it ❕❗️ It's good the quality is good can't complain I recommend this to anyone who wants to try Oovoo

  • Great

    by Jay123buy

    This is really great

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