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- Added 4 new Christmas and New Year BGMs to Snap Movie.
- Bug fixes

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There are no limits! Call and send messages as much as you want!

LINE is a new communication app that allows you to make FREE voice calls and send FREE messages whenever and wherever you are, 24 hours a day!

LINE has more than 350 million users worldwide and is used in over 231 countries!

LINE has been ranked no. 1 in the free app category in 52 countries including Japan, Thailand, Taiwan, Spain, China, Indonesia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, India, Switzerland, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Russia, Macau, United Arab Emirates and more!

New LINE Features:

◆Video Calls
Now you can make ""Video Calls"" with LINE! Perfect for everything from talking with far away friends and family to holding business meetings.

◆Snap Movie
Capture the moment in a few frames of film, add some BGM and then share it with your friends, all with the new ""Snap Movie"" feature.

More about LINE’s Features:

◆Free Voice Calls and Video Calls!
・If you have LINE on your iPhone, you can enjoy free, high quality voice calls and video calls whenever and wherever you are. Talk for as much as you like and best of all, it’s free!
・Free for international calls as well.

◆Messages Delivered to You Quick!
Instead of taking time to email/sms your friends, use LINE’s message function to send messages easily with colorful icons, photos and even location information.
・Express yourself using stickers and emoji.
・Send photos and voice messages with ease.
・Available for PCs.

◆Making Communication More Enjoyable and Convenient
With the Timeline feature, you can update your friends about what you've been doing lately using text, photos, movies, stickers and even location info. Don't miss out on what your friends are posting, either!"

◆Find all your favorite characters in the Sticker Shop!
You'll find hilarious and fun stickers featuring famous characters from all over the world!"

◆Useful info delivered to you from LINE’s Official Accounts
Add any of these Official Accounts to get original messages from famous celebrities from your country of choice.

*As with any other apps, data transfer fees may be incurred. We therefore recommend using these services on an unlimited mobile price plan.

Supported Devices:
For best results and ease of use, we recommend using LINE on iOS 4.3 or higher.

Customer Reviews

  • Great but needed...

    by Mrprm

    This is one great app that personalized feelings. One good addition would be a SEARCH for graphics to buy.

  • great app but system error in location search in v.3.10.1 since january

    by Victor Wong

    v.3.10.1 has been running well in ios7 till late january when location search posting on timeline results in system error. neither rebooting nor reinstalling the app resolves this system error!

  • Prefect app.

    by Migdalia.

    Hardly any problems on the wifi setting or my cellular data. Just cannot recover my password? I sent the email at least 5 times.

  • Amazing chatting app!

    by Mimers2

    Lovely app. I use this to chat with all of my friends, internationally and domestically. Cute and fun stickers! Really smooth communication. The only thing I would add is more cute themes as well as ringtones, and alert tones so that when I get a message, I know it is from this app. Perhaps a Brown or Cony ringtone would totally make it super cute! But overall, an amazing app!

  • Love The stickers...

    by mjedi7

    ...And the desktop app, and the emoticons, but most people don't want to leave Whatsapp. I like iMessage.

  • Poor battery life

    by Joelrmh7

    I love this app, but it runs through the battery life like crazy. Was grateful my 2 text buddies don't use it and only message my friends from time to time from LINE. Sorry, but that's how bad it is.

  • Line

    by Icheertoxicnerd

    I like texting my friend and calling

  • Great!!!

    by KamieNg

    Nice app :))

  • Needs Updates!

    by Person^_^

    I use this app daily to contact people for business and work and it has always worked fine for me, until up to now. My messages won't load or send and my whole app is frozen. It needs to be updated very soon.

  • Technical problems

    by Jerickjon

    I still can't upgrade my line.

  • Best of Best App

    by ggang

    Perfect App!


    by Jill Valentine2222

    I'm trying make install line to all the people I know friends and family because it's the best!!! Video calls and chat and send many pics everything it's fast and with the best quality, many lovely stickers line is perfect for talking with who you love when far away, thanks for creating the best app ever!!!! Very popular in Thailand

  • Pretty good but not perfect

    by argus87

    I love this app. I have used it for almost two years now and have very much enjoyed it. However, I have two issues with it. 1. Calls have seemed to gotten slightly worse over the years. Lot more dropped calls. 2. No tablet support! If they fixed those two things, this would easily be a 5 star app!

  • Good App But Needs Some Things...

    by Patrulz

    This app is really fun to use! It has all the components of a social app that you'll ever need. For example it has: -Built in Timeline Feature -Video Chat/Calling over Wifi and LTE -The ability to send voice messages, pictures, video messages and a whole lot more things! But I have some requests, if possible please add in the ability to see an indication of some sort showing if the other person is typing or not. This would really help especially if you or the other person are typing a long message and you don't know whether they're not replying or typing. Other than that everything is good!

  • Perfect except ONE MEGA THING

    by Nickhalay

    I have been having a real terrible time with NOTIFICATION. When my friends send me photos, I get them, but the thing is this stupid like keeps notify me every FREAKING MINUTE I don't lie. Though I turned off the noti., save all the photos, delete chat history, and even block and remove fri( this I tried later when removing friend is available) , i still can't stop that notification. I'm so sick of it every time someone sends me photos. FIX THIS or I'll stop using it even if it's a heart attack condition for me to do that. FIX and thank, beside this problem , it's EXCELLENT already.

  • Contact info??

    by Jessiberry

    So since the gifting feature was removed I thought I'd contact LINE to top up my 50 coins (since they mention in the FAQ that that's an option) but I can find absolutely no way to contact them to do so. Not very helpful. :/

  • Love it but needs fixes

    by Cseecee

    This is a great messaging app and I love the themes and stickers but it keeps giving a connection error saying I'm not connected to wi-fi when I AM. It's VERY annoying. Please fix or give us the ability to turn this notification off!

  • review (fix)


    the app i use it alot but it needs an update christmas was in december and its febuary and it still haves the christmas update fix that please and put a new design to the app

  • Fix!

    by Valerie Martinez

    The quality of the calls has problems. There's too much echo and static. And can you please add the ability to delete a message instead of deleting the whole conversation, please !

  • Love it

    by lullehs

    Everything works really well, and the app's design is lovely. Lots of adorable stickers to send during chats too. My only suggestion is to let us know when the contact is typing, like Skype, for example. Also, video calling quality could be a bit better.

  • Not pleased.

    by princessprep(:

    My BestFriend told me bout this app over the weekend. So, I figure I would try it. Every time my BestFriend chatted me it never went to me, & my messages would never go through either. Not to mention whenever my notification went off for that app I would click on it. Nothing from the notifications off that app would even show up on the app. I have a iPhone. So, I don't know how it is with other smartphones. I am getting rid of the app.

  • Functional, But Annoying

    by efften

    I didn't have too much trouble setting it up, but the push notifications that are just advertisements are annoying. There are just too many of them, but turning off push notifications pretty much destroys the function of the app. Wasn't worth it for what I was getting out of it. Just send a text message.

  • -_-

    by DeEjo

    Whats with all the spam!!! Im only using it to keep in touch with a friend. I suggest u rewrite the whole app from scratch. Simple design n much less ugly mess n no stupid spamming. Simplicity dude simplicity

  • Purchases. It working

    by Fro$$t

    This app was amazing until today... I try to purchase a sticker and it keeps saying either my pw is wrong or unable to purchase... So I reinstalled the app and it deleted everything from my chat history. What's going on!

  • Have been waiting for so long

    by Ka Hong Jonathan Ng

    This app is great in terms of messaging but seriously, I have been waiting for so long, it still lacks the ability to customize the themes. Please, at least let the users change the wallpaper when a theme is applied.

  • Suggest

    by EpicGuava

    It would totally awesome if there's an iPad version of this. :)

  • Lagging

    by *Miou*~*Miou*

    I don't see when others write on line anymore until I wrote something. I'll get their chats 9 hours later

  • We need >>

    by Ashwag zahrani

    Application is fantastic, I loved it, but we need to conference calls if it was possible to add

  • Age verification = Stupid

    by CalebRye

    So, I can't read Japanese and therefor cannot add new friends on line. That's just dumb.

  • Good

    by HamanoMiharuJam

    LINE is good But the notification is bad My friend message me and 2 hours later, it notices me

  • Notification everywhere

    by gbsdh

    I still get a notification even if i read the message 20 minutes ago!!!!-___-

  • Line

    by Kunakorn Mark

    Is a great chatting app:D

  • great app

    by Luckysamgun

    I love using LINE, I love the stickers and it is very fun to use

  • Sticker request.

    by Love this cool game

    My little pony sticker pack?

  • it's a very useful and good application.

    by 달려라ET

    I just want to write a review about the characters. 1. The bear when the app is loading looks sad. Could you make it smile? 2. I want to send text and the characters at the same time. Could you make it to hold the character until I tap send button? 3. Overall, the characters are not cute and neat except for the little girl. Thanks

  • Like prison

    by Seth Wright

    Line bullies you into keeping your same phone number by holding your contacts and message history hostage. It circumvents tools Apple provides for verifying age and forces you to ask your carrier to verify your age if you want to be allowed to add new friends or allow your friends to find your profile (at least in Japan).

  • <3

    by karli8cruz

    love it!

  • I like it

    by Chin897

    I like it

  • its okay

    by mrskwrl

    needs emoticon preview before send. + and emoticon button are too small and close together. just things kakaotalk does better, otherwise its a very decent app.

  • Annoying and doesn't work

    by TheTritoneTerror

    It seems like half the time I can't add people on Line. They tell me their ID and I look for on my Mac version it and it isn't found, and they can't find me either. And people often misspell their IDs and I don't know if Line is case sensitive so when I don't find someone i often try a few variations bit after about 5 tries I am locked out of searching for some indeterminate time. And I can't add ANYONE on the iOS version because it keeps asking for my AU PIN. I didn't even know I had an AU PIN! It beggars belief that a company would put out a chat app that makes adding friends soooooo difficult.

  • No iPad version? seriously?

    by Skitsanos

    Guys, the app is great, but how long it takes to make an ipad build? If you targeting wider user base, make sure iphone is not only iOS device you support, it's just wrong...

  • Good but can be better

    by Sahar Em

    I've used the previous version and was more satisfied ,but I have some problems with this version: 1. Voice and Video calls quality has got worse and in other words are useless! 2. The quality and speed of voice message has got lower than before. When I got a voice message can not hear it! download takes lots of time and after download completed some messages work and some not! 3. It can be better if we can see who is online and who is offline Other features are pretty good and i love LINE

  • Just a few things

    by himurax

    Needs better quality when sending pictures and videos and also the ability to paste photos from the clipboard

  • It's a great app but...

    by iHaruS

    How come just limit to only iPhones and no iPad support.

  • Great app, needs some improvements

    by drnde

    I do think this is rather a great app, but i believe the there is some room for improvement, first of all, the swipe left to right in any page to go back to the previous page (contacts, chats, settings) is lacking in line, although it has been a huge part of iOS 7 (Wh*ts*app has take care of this problem). The second thing is the ability to send gifts such as stickers through in app purchase. The third and last thing i think should be added onto line is the ability to see when the opposite person is typing. That's is all, i think line has the potential to be the number 1 messaging app if they do improve and listens to the community.

  • Line

    by Maziar ansari

    Line is the best ❤️

  • Superb app

    by PuddingCookies

    Like the title says, it's a superb app, if you have someone to use it with that is. Yet it lacks quality when voice and video chatting, you can at times hear your own echo. Also, sometimes you have to keep on checking in case you have gotten a message because you won't be notified at times unless you click on the app. It also messed up my front view camera on my iPhone4, now the front view doesn't work... I should give it a 2 star but I'll stick with 4 since it's a fun way to chat and communicate with my girlfriend. Also when you send a voice message, sometimes the screen goes black after 10 seconds of hearing the message. You have to keep on using your finger on the screen so it won't happen... You guys need to fix all that.

  • Ugly

    by cmKPS

    Please re-design it to match the iOS 7. Also, if I turn my phone into landscape mode in a chat, the "back" button disappeared

  • WTH?!

    by Ivera92

    Won't let my verify my age.

  • Bad connection and no notif

    by Risanpnp

    I can never get a a good connection for calls or even IMs in places where apps like Wechat works perfectly fine. Also there is a problem with notifications, as I sometimes don't receive them.

  • Love this app. It's easy to use

    by Nightcat2013

    Line is one of my fav text, phone, and video messenger

  • Crashed upon registration

    by kjdkjd

    I give up.

  • Crash sometime when sending a photo

    by PanaikranUS

    This chat app is really great but it does a crash sometime when i sending a pics to a group pls fix this in the next update

  • My friends

    by Aerolary

    I'm loving everything, but I wish I could see when my friends are online or not... Or even when they are typing :)

  • Cannot call after the upgrade to Samsung note from iphone

    by Luckdia

    Cannot call after the upgrade to Samsung note from iphone. Please fix or give us the older version back

  • <3

    by Ivy Chung218

    I love this app

  • More theme

    by Leader Ezooo

    We need more themes

  • Good

    by BN-0720-1800


  • The crashes

    by ㅋㅋㅋ

    I love this app a lot but recently it keeps crashing within 5-10 seconds loading into the app.LINE is an app I used the most because I can reach many people this way.The app still crashes even when I restart and shut off my iPod.LINE need to fix this problem soon.

  • New person to line

    by Johnnybenz

    Need friends to talk to My user id is JohnnyBenz

  • iPad App

    by Sherard Yu

    iPad App please! :) hope I could log in with multiple device

  • Good app with an infuriating problem

    by Tom Gwin

    It's a good app to text and mess around with my friends but the app freezes or doesn't load messages after a day or two without touching it. This is becoming more problematic when I get to know more people and join more chat rooms. I have to log into this app at least twice a day in hope of avoiding this problem. Please fix it!

  • Is this a christmas app?

    by Futguy

    Why my app still looking like christmas?? It's 2014 already, you need to change that

  • good

    by Caesaries1


  • good but not that good

    by Dwiata

    slow update whatsoever

  • Loving it, but...

    by Aeniran

    It's a great app all in all, but it would be nice of there were a way to CONTACT someone with sticker ideas and theme ideas. I would like to see a plan where the stickers that are released are based off of what we, as the users and consumers, are interested in. Most of the new ones you have released, I have never even heard of. I would like to have a voice, and give ideas based on what stickers I would like to purchase, instead of choosing from what you decide to sell. Otherwise, the app works great and I use it every day! Keep up the good work! Hope to hear back from you. My line ID is aeniran. I would appreciate some feedback if anyone gets around to reading this.

  • Calimar

    by Doyleee

    I have used this app for a year or so. This app is great no, the best and it is very simple. To finish, this app is better than any that i have tried and, that's quite a few.

  • STOP

    by Chiuey

    I keep getting group notifications even if I turn off group notifications, the setting's notification, AND the phone's notification. Stop it, please. It's unusable.

  • What is this Age verification crap?

    by Radorii

    I'd normally give LINE a five star rating. But they have recently added this new security measure before you add anyone by their ID. They're asking for your service identification. Which I don't even remember half of it. BECAUSE I NEVER USE IT! Now I'm going to have to go to the store and figure out what what pass codes were just so I can add someone new to my account. Fine. Just Make it AS DIFFICULT AS HUMANLY POSSIBLE to add someone. Ugh... This really makes me angry.

  • Sticker

    by yuttitham artnarong

    I want chicken run sticker. Please.!

  • Theirs needs to be a moderator in the chatroom

    by mizzsenia

    Too many people spam the room makes it hard to even chat wish you can kick people out or give them a time out before they can reenter or make someone a moderator lots of chatrooms have then someone will watch the room and can ban certain people

  • Keyboard

    by Lan truong

    Can not hide the keyboard, pls fix. Learn FB Messenger about this, very easy. Thanks

  • Can't choose picture on iPad2

    by Tudcharpol

    When i send a picture to friend, i can't see any picture on iPad2

  • This great app needs to be updated!!

    by kinpk

    Great messaging app. Would suggest the iOS 7 swipe-to-go-back gesture from the chat screen or every pages. Because it's convenient.

  • Nfyvy

    by EpicKillz


  • ❤️LOVE IT❤️

    by Sammycyanide

    Wow, I tested Line and it's so much better than Viber. Near crystal clear quality and I'm finally rid of that absolutely irritating 3 second lag that would echo back to me from Viber! Line is far superior, I'll be using it from now on.

  • Online sign/ last seen feature

    by Leah280109

    Working good, but if you have last seen feature will be better.

  • Doesn’t Work

    by Amir Zare Pashai

    my line does’t work since i have updated to the new version,it gives me connection error while other apps like vibe,kakaotalk and etc work properly, please solve this i really need this app now

  • More themes and user profile picture

    by Pigmy gosh!

    Love the app but will be great to add more themes. Very limited right now. Also it will be good to also see the user's profile photo in the chat session and not just your friends. Viber does it so Line should be able to do the same. Thank you.

  • notifications?

    by solesisita

    i sometimes get the notifications late and when i tap to see the message, the app doesn't start quickly enough

  • Sahar

    by Hadi ;)

    At first i loved this app so much but it got worth and worth. It has a new problem every day. I had a problem that i couldn't be able to see the massages which have sent for me. I deleted the app and installed it again. Now i receive the massages but line doesn't allow me to send pictures or videos and doesn't load the pictures and videos for me. And even doesn't allow me to change my profile picture!! Now i'm installing the app again and i hope it will be ok ! I haven't this problem with other apps but i still love line and i hope you will fix this problems.

  • There is better.

    by Matt060401

    Kik is better.

  • Problems

    by Gabriel Ruelas

    Can't see my friends its blank

  • Send sticker as a gift

    by William_fh40

    If only u brought back the ability to send stickers as a gift i will be verry happy to rate 5stars !!!

  • Bug

    by Reza959

    I can upload photos in timeline But i can not upload photos for profile and chats. Ipad2 / ios 7.0.4

  • I'm very grateful!!!!

    by IAMKMAI

  • :(

    by Rhshhsvr

    I like this app but the quality of the pictures turns so much lower than real picture after u post them, pleaaase fix that

  • Great ^_^

    by J0SHATRON

    I love it! Keeps all my dragon master games in check! Here's a little invite from my Reign of Dragons game, use my referral code to get a boost in the game! Get limited card deck! Enter this code [3HHSRJJ] for a rare card! Line is awesome!!!!

  • Update please

    by peachlala

    Takes so long to send pictures. Need to do an update ASAP

  • Can't sing in

    by Mehdi193

    I use ios7 and simply I can't SING UP !!!!!

  • Fantastic!

    by British nobility

    Fantastic app. Easy to use and fast respond. But some icoms are not read by VoiceOver. Hope to fix this in the next versions.

  • buena

    by Luitorelbandido

    Me gustaría que optimizaran la conexión a internet como en kakaotalk .Ya que algunas ocaciones se cae la llamada.

  • Line app is not from Japan

    by ㅎㅎ ㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎ

    I do agree that Japan products are good but LINE is made by Naver which is a South Korean searching engine! Naver Japan made it sound like it's from Japan but it's kind of like Yahoo Japan -> and obviously yahoo is not from Japan

  • Changing status on computer line app

    by Shin112

    I would like where you can change the status "what's up"on the computer line app so you can both change it on computer and phone.

  • Crashes

    by OutOfTheBoxX

    I'm trying to change my email and password and every time the app crashes, if its not fixed soon then no use keeping it on my phone.

  • Bogus!

    by Mmmmmmmcpherson

    Can't use on my iPad and iPhone? How does that make sense?

  • Short calls

    by Lyceehead

    Im trying to talk to my friend on the app but it wont let me talk for over five minutes and twenty three seconds... Its irritating but other than that its good

  • Great app but...

    by Elitezealot

    The app is awesome.But it keeps crashing when i leave a group and I have to delete and reinstall to fix! And it crashes randomly when I'm not doing anything or try to load my timeline! Please fix this!

  • Line

    by Revansyah

    Cool app!

  • I love it! Can't get enough of the stickers!

    by JazyminS

    I love this app yes it has some issues but it worth it when there is a sticker for just about anything

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