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Seller: Yik Yak, LLC

- Ability to reply to yaks
- New in-app purchases

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Yik Yak - the anonymous social wall for anything and everything.

Yik Yak is anonymous, local and social - interact with others around you by posting Yaks, short snippets talking about absolutely anything and see a live feed of Yaks from others in your local area.

With Yik Yak, you can talk about anything and everything - share your stories anonymously and get upvotes if people like it. What happens on Yik Yak, stays on Yik Yak.

Stay ahead of the curve and see What’s Hot in the world of Yaks - and the best part is, your identity is always kept secret - making every Yak stand out from the crowd.

Yik Yak lets you post anonymously or under an alias - you can become the talk of the town and never get discovered - it’s an open space where anyone can talk about anything.

Become a Yakker and make your name on a network like none-other. On campus? Spread the word about parties, bars and events from wherever you are and never lose a moment of your time.

Yik Yak lets you discover a live feed of Yaks posted by people within your local area, you can upvote or downvote them - see new Yaks or popular ones, it’s up to you.

Yak your life away - on the anonymous local live feed: Yik Yak.

- The ultimate way to share your thoughts and recommendations, anonymously.
- Share your own Yaks and see what other people are saying.
- No login, no password, no traces; simply anonymous.
- Upvote and downvote Yaks, see what makes it to the ‘Hot’ page!
- Perfect for college/university students to stay social!

Customer Reviews

  • College

    by That#3

    This app is hilarious and great on my college campus. To those that are complaining about this app: There is an age rating of 17+. Your concerns are valid and involving for the most part people -17. Comply with age rating.

  • Pictures?!

    by D-LO60

    We need pictures on this app!!

  • Get rid of the views limit

    by Christopher Walsh

    Awesome app so hilarious but get rid of the views limit and more people will start to use it. Put random apps on it like twitter if you need money

  • Great app!!

    by Yik yak lover

    Way to go..really funny and lots of my friends like it. Don't download it if you are lame...you obvi don't get college humor.

  • I like it!

    by iAddo

    Yeah it's a little silly sometimes but it's a good app. It's informative when you need it, and if you don't need info at the moment you can just use it for entertainment! Love it

  • college community

    by F1GG1N5

    people are complaining about how the app is used. the app itself is simple and easy to use. much like the internet, the app is good, but the people that use it determine the experience. at my school, it has been a really fun app to use and is a quick way to be entertained or informed about whats happening on campus at the time. just because certain places (high schools) lack the maturity to use an app like this, it doesn't mean you should bash it. much like snapchat

  • Nice but needs pictures


    Add a picture feature please

  • Funny as heck

    by YikYakker

    Possibly the funniest college app

  • Dopest Dope I Ever Smoked

    by Namastebaby

    I don't know how my campus ever functioned before this app. Soooo funny.

  • Good, but with a few issues

    by Sk8kidanh

    I love this app. It's basically a local message board for wherever I happen to be. I have noticed some serious issues with refreshing the app: occasionally the app will stop pulling new content, and I'll have to reinstall to make it work again

  • Needs update

    by Jalmmf

    Tried refreshing. Only uploads new yaks when I delete the app and reinstall it. Please update!!

  • Booya

    by Rturn23


  • Cool app

    by .,.,.,.?..?.,,,,

    I like the app but u should be able to make open group chats like for a high school or for a grade or something also it should include pics

  • Good idea

    by Super Sessy

    I think this is a good idea. However, school kids just use it to bully other school kids anonymously. It's the people that need fixed, not the app.

  • Awesome

    by Blake Fisher

    This app brings constant funny posts from people. If you're too sensitive just delete it and quit crying.


    by Frgkogvvtu


  • The greatest

    by Swan843

    Wouldn't change a thing. Surprisingly bringing the campus together with parties and updating on what's going on.

  • Cyber

    by reedish23679008776432

    I have never opened this app, but if you get offended by stuff online just press the power button.

  • Very entertaining

    by Liam hauss

    Please disregard the comments made by liberals below me about this app facilitating cyber bulling. The truth of the matter is that this app is very entertaining and made by Greeks who make those liberals look like peasants.

  • Cyber Bullying at its finest

    by Romulus Condor

    Never before have I found such a delightful way to harass my peers. Two thumbs up!

  • So mean

    by bob2349823479

    This app takes cyber bullying to a whole new level. People can't take what can be said about them. This app needs to be taken down before it starts really hurting people. It's rude and hurtful.

  • awful

    by fall nabbed

    this app is terrible. it doesn't allow people to connect, but it gives people an anonymous way to cyber bully other people. there are people on my campus being seriously hurt, and this needs to stop before someone either injures or kills them self.

  • This needs to go down

    by Panfufu

    There have been two suicides in my area due to the horrible app because people are taking advantage of the fact that it's anonymous. People are just bashing each other and spreading untrue rumors and quite frankly this needs to stop. It's ruining peoples lives. If you're not going to take it down at least make it a non-anonymous app. Please take this into consideration it's really hurting rather than helping.

  • Horrible!

    by Bubblescanfly

    Any app that invites thoughtless, rude, hurtful anonymous comments should be banned. This app is a mask for cyber bullying. I suggest a new name for this ridiculous app - YUK YUK!

  • Cyber bullying

    by Lakes06231984

    Taking cyber bullying to the next level. It's a horrible idea for an app. Great job guys...you've managed to create another platform that can be used to tear people down. I only downloaded it so I could write this review. Makes me sick to even think ppl are enjoying the pain of others.

  • no

    by Bora Zaloshnja

    no bueno

  • Bomb threat

    by Cooldude man guy

    Because of this terrible monstrosity, my school any my others in the area were put into lockdown because of a bomb threat that was posted on Yik Yak. Possibly the worst part was that no one was able to find out who made the threat because out the anonymous-posting layout. Please put and end to this terrible, hurtful app, and stop the bullying and life threatening situations created by it.

  • Bomb threat

    by Cooldude man guy

    Because of this terrible monstrosity, my school any my others in the area were put into lockdown because of a bomb threat that was posted on Yik Yak. Possibly the worst part was that no one was able to find out who made the threat because out the anonymous-posting layout. Please put and end to this terrible, hurtful app, and stop the bullying and life threatening situations created by it.

  • My yaks

    by GwenSoCal

    Whenever I click "my top yik yaks" it crashes. Also it doesn't let me like or dislike any yik yaks in my area. Why not??

  • Terrible

    by Dolphinlife

    This app made my school go into a bomb threat lockdown, thanks to what someone said on here.

  • Mean

    by Johny LL 4

    I crie everytime

  • Really?

    by Montrose High School

    Yeah our school just went into a lock down. Because some one anonymously threatened to bomb our school through your stupid app.

  • Neat idea, horribly maintained

    by Josh stoneman

    This app is used for nothing but gossip and bullying. It's a neat idea but there is no accountability for what you say. That's never good.

  • Waste of memory

    by Tell ya bout this

    Waste of space on my phone.

  • App blows

    by Kjsjgkz

    This app is awful. It is actually one of the worst apps I have ever used, especially for a social media app. It crashes and it slows my phone down. It is truly a bad app; furthermore, the app is even worse because it was created by an elephant-walking brother from the Kappa Alpha Order.

  • Hilarious

    by gosox10

    We got all our friends to get it and now it's so fun. Geeks hard

  • Ride the Yak

    by furmanperson

    Are you yakkin' or not? This is the question we must ask ourselves. Give this a try, you may be surprised. Also, with the "cyberbullying" - just delete it then. As they say.. "if you can't take the heat then get the **** out the kitchen."

  • The App Yik Yak is horrible.

    by Bullied High Schooler

    Look I'm 18 years old, I have enough drama, at school, at work, and on other social networks. This app is nothing but bullying, harassment, and down right just horrible. Their are so many things about everyone to make people want to kill themselves I suggest deleting this app before there is a lawsuit on your hands.

  • @below

    by sam strickland

    Just shut up let people figure it out themselves stop trying to control everything obviously some people like it... If you don't ITS NOT HARD TO DELETE IT STUPID..

  • Awful!!!!


    This app is awful!!!! It's being used as a way to humiliate teens and ruin reputations. This app should be taken off immediately. There are kids using this app and telling other kids to kill themselves. Teens are saying untrue humiliating rumors about others. It's so sad that this is allowed.

  • Awful

    by Terrywhoknows

    You make it hard to be an educator. I wish you would help!

  • Honest truth

    by Kmw717

    I'm not sure where everyone is seeing cyber bullying on this app. It's an awesome idea and is so different from any other app. I know the creator and I know he didn't mean for it to be intended for bullying. It just needs to be used correctly. If you feel bullied in any way you should report it but the app shouldn't be taken off the App Store

  • Good idea, poor execution

    by Hydesta

    Despite being fair use for cyber bullies, gossip, and hazing, this app is also poorly made. There are bugs galore and the developers step in to occasionally join in on the bullying. At one point the developer even sent out a girl's full name, a violation of their own rules.

  • Just get the app

    by Robert Dalee

    Just an anonymous twitter. Which everyone has always wanted.

  • I hate this

    by mdyer1013

    This needs to be taken off the AppStore. This is horrible and humiliating for some people

  • Terrible

    by Vas4

    This should never be allowed on any device. Just a tool for cyber bullies and gossips. Nothing useful in this app at all!


    by Iamjones01

    This app is not for the sensitive,the emotional, the depress. On The Contract It Needs To Say, WARNING APP MAY CONTAIN INFORMATION THAT MAY CAUSE TEARS AND HEART BREAK FOR YA SISSY. Be Gone!

  • Definition of cyber bullying

    by Kayla

    This app was never made to do anything but constant harm to someone else's self esteem but without the consequences that come with bullying. It is an awful social media app and has no purpose but cyber bullying. I can't believe that this was even approved to be an app at all. Will it really take someone committing suicide over this app to get it removed? If you don't believe how bad it is then download it just for a day and see how many hurtful things that are being put on there about people you may know. People don't follow the rules that come with it when they download it. This app has unrealistic standards and reasoning. It is corrupting the minds of people to make it think that it is okay to say these things about one another just because they won't know that it's you. And the ones who said "just delete it" or "it's awesome" are probably just as immature and idiotic as the person who created this cyber bullying app. Get a life people. Social media is destroying this world from the inside out.

  • It good but...

    by Bama-boy14

    This app is going to be used for gossip mostly. There is no doubt about it.

  • Hate it

    by YikYak hater

    Nothing but a middle-school cyberbully app

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