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• Browse and share any webpage in Kik!
• Stability improvements

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100 million people love Kik, the smartphone messenger with a built-in browser. And since your Kik username - not your phone number - is your Kik identity, you’re in complete control of who you talk to on Kik.

Here’s why you’ll love Kik:

TALK: Kik is more than a messenger. It's like a real conversation, where you know when your messages are delivered and read, and when the other person is typing back. This makes your conversations come to life.

BROWSE: With our new URL bar, we’ve built a browser right into Kik! Now you can explore anything on the mobile web, without ever leaving the app. And with Kik-optimized mobile web pages, you can do more with your friends on Kik, like play games, and create and share fun content.

SHARE: Found something awesome that you want to share with your friends? It’s as easy as tapping the “Share” button, and it all happens right inside Kik Messenger.

Here’s what our users have to say:

"Great app! Faster than texting or any other app like this!" – Audrey
"So easy to use and amazing too" – Angel
"Best ever I use it every day!!!!!!" - William

Customer Reviews

  • Love the app but..

    by BigNick2000

    Something needs to be done about all the spam bots on here. I get multiple msg's a day from bots spamming me links trying to get my credit card info. F'n annoying!

  • Great

    by Khally654

    Great app. All it needs it to save conversations I personally don't like it when they delete other then that great app.

  • Great app. One problem.

    by Kalin Cooper

    The only thing that I really have an issue with is that if you sign on from a different device it resets all of your conversations and you lose everything. I really hate that. Please fix this problem.

  • Picture won't load full size

    by Kenneth96becool

    For some reason the pictures don't load full size and it gets me mad. If y'all could fix that plz that would be great .

  • Tis

    by Gay princess peewee


  • Kik review

    by flutterbies_rock

    Great I love kik

  • Review

    by James Hairston

    Cool app needs to have a save history option

  • So far so good!

    by Despina095

    Pretty good app so far.

  • My messages don't send

    by Cody Simpsons wife

    Although I send my messages sometimes they're not delivered or they stay as sent and the person never gets it. Can you please fix this.

  • Add me

    by Loving babygirl(;

    Backwoodscamo 18/f

  • Kik


    Works good

  • Heyhey isnt working

    by Illestmvp

    I cant get on to heyhey because it keeps saying not connecting and the app is really only fun with heyhey.

  • by Theeomann

  • Great app

    by Supercj211

    This an amazing must download

  • Shy guy

    by Shyguy06

    Shyguy06 Hi, shy and handsome (so I'm told lol) guy looking for someone to talk to and get to know. We can talk about anything you want clean or dirty it's okay with me. Even willing to trade pics maybe ;). I'm black, 6ft 2, and race isn't important to me. Girls only! Soo hmu and hope to hear from you. Kik name : shyguy06

  • Awesome

    by Hunterjustin321

    This is the best fast texting app ever

  • Love it!

    by Aim'ee Leigh

    It's a great way to keep in touch with my xbox friends that I don't really want to give my cell phone number to. Very useful, don't think I'll ever stop using it!

  • K

    by Freak6

    If only it worked during school. FIX THIS

  • Cool

    by Acakind3

    Not bad

  • Stuck on S while app is open

    by Wsurber

    How do we report a problem without reading useless FAQ or writing a review? Both sides of the conversation are getting stuck on S, with seemingly good connection. Sometimes the message isn't delivered until hours later. Makes no difference if the app has been reset or deleted recently because that's done at the end of every day. Otherwise the app is great. But if this continues we won't use Kik any longer. Screw the frustration.

  • Logging off

    by Chris_mendez12

    I would give this app 5 stars if you can just LOG OFF without having to reset your conversation. Where's the logy off button when you need it?

  • Error With Core Data

    by __makaveliii

    There is a message that pops up saying (Error With Core Data) and I have to click ok numerous times for it to go away but it just comes back. It's been happen on and off for the last month. Fix it please

  • Nothing but Spammers here

    by Libertyforall

    Nothing but spammers you don't know asking to talk dirty and other nonsense.

  • Bored :/

    by Add me17

    I'm 17 I'm a male I'm a wrestler I'm single :/ I'm bored :/ Any girl wanna chat me? Kik id: beatwrestler

  • Why

    by Addie094511

    Why does it always take forever to deliver a message it's so annoying I have 5 bars if signal and strong WiFi yet it takes up to even two hours to deliver a message its very frustrating is there anything you guys can do to fix it possibly??!!!

  • Great app but…

    by Max Lahn

    I loved this app but I accidently deleted it and now I can't get it back.

  • Add me? 18 male

    by Youngmoney813

    Ty325 white male I'm 18 hmu ok anybody I guess

  • The update

    by Userammb

    I LOVE KIK!! but when I get a notification an I click it, it is never there like I never received it an it's really annoying and you guys need to make it so when we log out of kik we don't lose all are conversations because it's annoying as heck and the new update I don't like it because when you click the link it loads on kik an just doesn't play or goes to the wrong page

  • Not too bad.

    by Rig293

    Pretty good app. 20. I'm a dude so I don't want any guys messaging me. I'm down to talk about whatever or do whatever C_T_Baldwin

  • So far so good

    by naybizz

    Good way to text without giving out your number

  • Problems


    It's a great app but keeps making me reset it for no reason

  • Kik

    by Chomar96

    Good as hell app to use and everything else !!!!

  • Great..but a few bugs.

    by Hateristhemotivator

    I have used KIK for a long, long time. I use it everyday actually! But I do notice some bugs that get really annoying. 1) It loses its transitions! When I go to another persons profile to see their picture, it gets really choppy afterwards. The transitions from one conversation to the next, just kind of flash. It gets really irritating when you're used to the smooth transitions. To get rid of the choppiness, you have to go to the multitasking screen and cancel it out. Then you have to go back in and wait for it to connect all over again. So yes, very agitating. 2) The profile pictures don't load. When someone changes their profile picture, it doesn't change instantly. For example, one of my friends would be talking about how cool their new profile picture looks, and on my point of view it hasn't changed! 3) Sometimes the websites don't work. When I try to send a vine or something like that, it doesn't load properly. There are a few other bugs that come up from time to time, but those are the major ones. This is also coming from an iPhone 5s user, if that does any good.

  • Skydawn232

    by Skysky232

    CLEAN F/15/USA NOT HORNY KIK: Skydawn232

  • Best App Ever

    by Michael7hdjdjxuhs

    I use it everyday. Waiting for a update thoo

  • Wondering if you should get the app?

    by Olivarez20

    Get the app. It will not disappoint you.

  • skyelmo

    by skyelmo

    I'm 20 male blonde hair blue eyes play sports and like to be outside I'm in to tattoos I'm from Oregon girls only please

  • fluffypanda223

    by easyMAN223

    I'm 14, I get bored a lot and just want to talk to some people :) just at least be like 13-16 or something like that. Don't take the name too seriously

  • Not downloaded

    by Numba1Beliber

    My iPod says its downloaded but its not I can't find it anywhere

  • Female/16/Kik me

    by Smruti h.


  • Kik me willhateyourface

    by Fdfssjsjnsnjsahhsjs

    It's a good app

  • Kik me willhateyourface

    by Fdfssjsjnsnjsahhsjs

    It's a good app

  • 17m

    by Tyler sig

    I'm 17m kik me: bmxalldayboii

  • Mharo12

    by Pitin123

    16 year male hmu if ur female plz

  • Good app

    by X_WrxSti_X

    Bored need people to talk to. No one creepy:P. 18 male Blaze_Four20

  • Great app

    by Appskingscotland


  • Idea for an update

    by One Direction's BIGGEST FAN!#1

    Kik should get an update so that on the group chats it shows you who on the chat is on and just not responding.

  • by TM(:

    Great app. I just wish it didn't delete your messages with someone when you log out.

  • by _thugPanda

    Am I the only one having problems with pictures? They won't load all the way. Better emojis would be awesome to.. And colors.. But good though.

  • AHHH!?!!!

    by Ethodawg

    Random people sext me and its really creepy i deleted it!?!!!!! What the heck!!!!??


    by Irelion

    Ok so on kik when you type ':)' it's ok but when you do 'D:' it's like some guy who goes apeshit mad so all mah fronds havta do 'D;' instead /)_• and they should add video without having to download the video app

  • by First Ratings

    If anyone wants to talk to me just add me and send a message when I can. I don't have many to talk to. I'm fron the U.S. in California and I'm 19/M/Bi.

  • alsaaamt555

    by اخلاق بقوة

    البرنامج قمة في الروعهـ والى الامام . ^__^

  • Kik me @ martineznena14

    by martineznena1414

    Bored looking for anyone who wants to talk.. Guys or girls.. Clean conversation.. Can't sleep someone Kik me

  • Notification Nonsense

    by AppAHollic24

    The notification badge still shows one when I have multiple conversations waiting from people no matter how many times I disable and enable the notifications and reset my phone. Fix this issue!!

  • Kik- W0lf3nking

    by W0lfnking

    Hey everyone just looking to talk to new people. Just Looking for talking need new friends. Plz have sense of humor and a personality as well as pic of yourself up or send one let it b a kik pic so i no ur real.. . Looking forward to hearing from you. Just tryna talk to new people And meet like minded people if ur a gamer with PS3 or PS4 hmu.. Thnx :) "Live life to the fullest "

  • Irene_0629

    by Irene_0629

    Bored , can't sleep. Kik me .lesbian

  • Better if

    by Tigereye21

    I only gave this 4 stars because u cant make 2 accounts on one device and if u can plz tell me how.

  • Kik me kheid0315

    by Kevo13903

    Any girls looking for a rate? Send a pic and ill give you my honest opinion. Nude or not nude anything is fine. 17 m by the way. Kheid0315

  • Good

    by skypesuxsomuch


  • Update

    by Shaqkeem

    Kik should release an update showing the time a person was last on the app

  • KIK

    by Jeffrey Coocoo

    Good way to talk to people. Im 16m c: kik me. integraswapTL . Buh bye

  • Ehh it's alright

    by Crazy8sssss

    Kinda slow but still good and fun

  • Can't log in

    by Magssssssss

    I've been trying to log in all day. Says to try in a bit or switch to wifi. Thing is, I am using wifi. Reset password and everything. What's the deal?

  • Where's My App?

    by QueenDani18

    This update is bogus! I received a notification to update kik messenger, so I did. I look on my home screen and my app is MISSING! Where did my app go? Kik Interactive needs to do better.

  • Love it

    by Pfftty

    Love it

  • goforgold101 kik me

    by goforgold101

    Kik me! Girls only lol

  • great

    by Luisd94

    im 19 male from southern california looking to talk to new people. i prefer to talk to those around my age. kik: luisd94

  • Need a beautiful girl to talk to

    by Ugotpwned132

    Kik: XxxMetalfreakXxx I'm a 14 yr old guy who likes metalcore and other music. Please kik me girls I don't send nudes I'm just a normal guy who likes to talk about anything fav bands are: Escape the Fate The Word Alive Bring Me the Horizon blessthefall The Devil Wears Prada Motionless In White Falling In Reverse A Skylit Drive Of Mice & Men Suicide Silence A Day to Remember And many more bands.....


    by DNReview99

    This app is great- perfect and quick way to chat with friends. The only problem is sometimes the notification tone cannot be heard. Being able to have a louder or different ringtone would be very helpful. Thank you.

  • Yummy

    by Coolguy54654&63$6378

    It's a bit derpy sometimes but otherwise good

  • We should be able to log out, and we should also use a voice microphone to talk with out typing

    by Deenun


  • Unacceptable

    by Nickman0420

    I find it annoying that I get messages from people I don't even know soliciting me for sex so I will be forced to delete

  • Kik me(:

    by Best app with Talkin in it

    I'm bored and in need for new people to talk to

  • @ nattieg24

    by Nat's Legit ;D

    16 | female. Talk to me people :)

  • Umm

    by Keemon ...

    This is a good app

  • Love kik.

    by Ashleeisamazing

    New people to talk to? Tattoo, Caroline Belle', southernnnn! 16, North Carolina, my name is Ansley.

  • Msg Me

    by So_Disturbed

    Hey im 15\male i like to talk to new people and I'm a great guy msg me if you would like, I am straight -So_Disturbed hmu. ^,^

  • Kik me: Raven_n

    by Saynaybaybay

    I'm a 19 year old girl and I'll talk to anyone :) kik me:Raven_n

  • Could be better

    by Jayychenn

    It will be 975895658 times better if we can keep all the messages and not only like 1000. Other than that, great app!

  • Pretty good

    by Ayeoshelbyo

    The only thing I wish I could change is the ringtone. Other than that I love it!

  • Pretty good

    by Ayeoshelbyo

    The only thing I wish I could change is the ringtone. Other than that I love it!

  • Alright

    by Jojo14@

    I don't like how I can't sign out and keep my conversations there when I sign back in and how I can't sign in with more than 1 device if you change it ill give 5 stars

  • Aww

    by Aksusnsjsbd

    It's a good app, once you learn all about it. Some people are just too lazy to look up what to do and you think you can't do certain things when you can. Download itttttttt. It's good.

  • Derekbrocks

    by Derekbrocks

    19 year old guy will talk to guys and girls. Kik me at derekbrocks

  • IMessage All Over Again

    by Sydkid127

    Same thing is iMessage I mean it's really really stupid

  • Update

    by CwaldoU

    With the new update it doesn't allow me to open up conversations with the user.. Fix it please


    by MrPodato

    Honestly tho I hate how I can't simply log out. And when we trade accounts, why can't we save our messages?

  • Kik

    by Hood bruh

    More chat bubble colors bruh in the hood we can't stand this

  • Kik me

    by Billy1023

    Im 15 from brooklyn ny im really bord just want to chat (no guys tho) so hmu at billy1023

  • 3 some

    by Katieomar

    Girls only looking for a threesome kik me at katieomar Gotta be over the age of 18

  • Mharo12

    by Pitin123

    16 year male hmu if female

  • Ok

    by Gladesgator13


  • Kik

    by Billy5628

    I like it

  • Apps pretty good

    by Ladyblu03

    Kik me ladyballer87

  • why is there the same kik since for ever


    the last update i was expected more than a change conversation logo i luv kik but i hate the same things so kik please change the look of kik

  • bored 22 f ca

    by aubreeey09


  • 23 male

    by 22.m.usa

    GIRLS ONLY: Sexy white male looking for girls to chat with and see where it goes. If you would like to chat with a hot guy who has a lot of pics to share, kik jmurda116. You wont be disappointed

  • Socializa

    by ElishanedDreew

    Soy de puerto rico, hablenme al kik: Elyshaned . CERO PERVERTIDOS . (-:

  • Kik me I'm bored

    by Alyssa gonzale

    Hi can somebody please kik me I'm bored my kik is bunnygirl1233

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