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Video Resposting Fixed

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RepostWhiz let's you repost Videos & Photos on instagram.
It's the first app to have video reposts.
Stop taking screenshots, cropping, & resizing images when trying to post them on instagram! RepostWhiz helps you to keep the image quality, so they remain clear for your followers to see.

1. Repost videos & photos from your instagram feed.
2. Repost from the list of posts that you've liked
3. Search posts by user & #hastag to #repost to your feed
4. Save Posts to Repost at a later date
5. Save original photos & images to your phone gallery
6. Show a translucent watermark to give credit to the original poster.
7. Move the watermark to any side of the video/picture (from top, bottom, left, or right)
8. Browse user profiles to find posts
9. Browser user followers & following lists

RepostWhiz updates as soon as your instagram feed does.
With RepostWhiz you can save instagram videos & save instagram photos & pictures.

- Video quality does decrease slightly w/ every video repost
- Higher quality videos will take long to process than lower quality ones.

App Usage Summary:
- Save video on instagram so that you can show your friends. Save videos instagram & save photos in instagram for your account
App will repost video. By assisting you to repost videos on instagram directly without your computer.
Will let you repost instagram videos through signing into the service to repost app for ig.
Allows you to repost pictures for instagram as well as save instagram videos. Save video & save pictures on instagram to eventually repost pictures by viewing the post then clicking the desired button.
Our top feature is to save instagram videos.
RepostWhiz also can save instagram photos & save instagram photos directly to your device gallery.
RepostWhiz operates very similarly to InstaRepost, InstaSave, and InstaLiked apps as it is a complementary IG app.

Customer Reviews

  • App

    by Shay33056

    I like the app

  • Saving

    by Carwann

    When i wanna save something to my phone it crashes !! I tried it twice already .. Since i dont wanna post the video right now i want to save it in my album. Yes i know you can "post later" but how do u get to the picture without going to that same persons profile again. Fix this

  • Pablo Loves it

    by Pablo raul

    It's a great app ! Helps me spread laughs

  • My app is S T U C K

    by NiikNak

    It worked perfectly fine until it had been saving a video for over 19 hours. And i would like to do videos from FB as well. The water mark is pretty annoying too. I cn give the person who posted it credit myself. Thanks.

  • FB repost

    by pierre georges

    Great app but I would like to be able to repost videos from Facebook also

  • Can't download videos

    by bsweet6367

    The idea is awesome .. Yet I can't seem to download videos.. Fix the bugs and it would be a perfect app

  • Amazing

    by ThatGirlLyric

    I NEVER write reviews, but this is a beyond perfect app, I just had to acknowledge it

  • @theeprettyone

    by 3 star rating

    Good! Add me on insta :) !

  • Repost?

    by nyva79

    When will I be able to repost to Facebook?

  • by Rubineubddynko

    Needs one for Facebook

  • Love this app!!!

    by TianaSnell

    It's about time, I was wondering when someone was going to create an app like this!! BRAVO!!

  • Cool app

    by IG: IsThaT_Audri

    I like

  • Awesome App

    by Mr.TMoore

    This is the best Repost app around! Super convenient and clear. Would recommend this app to anyone who loves to repost photos/videos!

  • Remove watermark

    by AirJordanXX2

    You can charge 0.99 for this app adding the option to remove the name of the application, I'm not using it that much because of that. I can give credit to the person who posted the video first but the bar with the name of the application plus the name of the people who posted the video don't call me attention to use it. That's why I love in-app purchase to be able to remove watermark

  • Does what it says

    by TheTechFletch

    I hardly write reviews but this is a really useful app. Only one thing... I wish I didn't crash. Thanks:-)


    by Acebrickzmt

    Follow me on Instagram @acebrickzmt

  • Great app

    by Coogi BlacK

    Repost or download vids


    by Chicagoactivast

    Does everything I need it to do. Repost videos easy and fast also save to your camera roll for future use.. BEST APP OF ITS KIND.. I highly recommend it.. #Plur

  • So glad I found this!!!

    by Ellmarie1

    This is what I've been looking for!! Best app ever

  • Bugs 12/16/2013

    by Not your best 1213

    Won't let me download videos . This is a great idea if u could fix the bugs . It also kicks me out of app.

  • /:

    by LynnMonroe

    Why does my video saving alway fail!!!??

  • by 53(89555

    Will not repost.

  • ...

    by Anthony Mena


  • Horrible

    by Savz16

    You Need To Fix Things

  • Doesn't work

    by Joniiiiitoniii

    I can't repost videos.

  • Freezing i5C

    by Nesh_hustle

    This app keeps freezing and forcing me to watch videos any solutions???

  • Fix bugs PLEASE

    by Vonfromstatefarm

    Wont let me log in!!!!

  • by teeohwhyaye

    Won't save the video to my gallery

  • Urge! It's Not Saving

    by Gen Zer

    Every time I try to save it, it fails. I have videos I want to repost now! Lol. But seriously, please fix this or give me advice to be able to save.

  • It doesn't work

    by Righteous_luv

    Every time I try and download the video to save and repost it, it says fails and it doesn't allow me to repost the video. Please fix this

  • It won't work

    by TzUpCuhh

    It doesn't work .. It always says that an error occurred while processing this request ..

  • App won't work

    by DopeahhBlunt

    It won't even let me log on

  • Stupid

    by Coolio2122555678918

    This was stupid , every time I put in the right password and username it would say "error" waste of time .....

  • Bad Gateway

    by Tolamck

    Just downloaded it & keep getting error '502 Bad Gateway'!!! GRRRRR!!!!

  • Not downloading

    by Evry 1's a critic

    I d/l the app and it does not appear on my menu and when I click open it does nothing. Haven't had the chance to use it.

  • Slow

    by Nebgirl

    Slow on the iPod 5 needs updated!

  • Doesn't let me repost

    by Lighteyed_diva

    I paid for the app and since day one I have not been able to repost a video. Every time it tries to save video a failed message appears. What a waste!

  • Grrrrr!!!!

    by Marcorama

    Wish it didn't kick me out every time I click save video

  • No .gif support

    by Kermuminati

    No .gif support via weblink or saved .gif imagines to make a video

  • 5 minutes of my life.. Gone

    by elpipiripau562

    Lame app.. Waste of time! Instagrab now that's a 5star!

  • by S3lfmotivated

    Very simple to use


    by Yaboymh7

    There's gonna be some instagram thieves

  • Genius trendsetter app.

    by Rey ocho UNO

    Good job Double G.

  • by MiZz Hollywood

    It actually does what it's supposed to do... I'm satisfied!

  • Amazing app to repost videos on Instagram.

    by Jersey2texas

    It's simple & it works.

  • App doesn't work

    by Chevy Ced

    Downloaded the app. It plays the sound perfectly but the video is frozen. Had high hopes. Dreams crushed.

  • The watermarks have to go!

    by gsr852

    Great concept & would be a valuable Instagram tool if the watermarks were not attached to all photos and videos.

  • Great to save & repost video to instagram

    by TCakes4

    I'm glad i can finally repost videos to instagram. It saves instagram video too. Please add ability to comment on posts.

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