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• Choose whose posts you see in News Feed
• See all the videos you’ve uploaded in one album
• Bug fixes (6.9.1)

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Keeping up with friends is faster than ever.
• See what friends are up to
• Share updates, photos and videos
• Get notified when friends like and comment on your posts
• Text, chat and have group conversations
• Play games and use your favorite apps

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Customer Reviews

  • Meh

    by Blahdy Blah...

    Dear Facebook, I don't understand why all of the ads that show up in my newsfeed are targeted towards weight loss. I have tried to opt out and they still show up. I have tried blocking every single one but it seems that there's a plethora of weight loss ads out there. Please remove those ads, maybe change them to music or something else because you are systematically killing my self esteem, which isn't too high to begin with. I do not "like" any ANY weight loss pages AT ALL so I don't know why I'm being targeted for this. Thank you for your time Lynne

  • Could be better

    by Beachgal88

    Wish you could lock settings into most recent. It's annoying to see yesterday news first.

  • Mala

    by Jaime 1990

    Ahora resulta q ya no puedo compartir vídeos por mensaje q mal

  • Ughhhhhh

    by Queenbee8686

    This app says update bug fixes. But it doesn't laid anything!!!!! Takes forever to load pics and my page says no stories. So aggravating.

  • Page problem

    by Farzan_h

    Hi I can't rename my page to farsi letters. Facebook can't recognize some letter recently.

  • Cool thanx

    by Alkinaniprince


  • Missing comments

    by mrssizemore

    All of a sudden I cannot see comments people make to me. I get a notification but can't see the comment. Please fix.

  • Nice

    by Sami H

    Nice nice Facebook what can I say other than that

  • Update it?

    by Facebook Geek<3

    I love this app so much!! The only thing we probably want from you guys is themes!! You guys should add themes so we can change it to cool designed things.

  • Crashes and exits

    by Omar Leal

    The app crashes and exits alot it needs bug fix,performance and stability upgrade

  • Share picture

    by Tetex14

    I couldn't share my picture today

  • Good app

    by Noise-x

    But there is some bugs i hop they fixed it "̮

  • Love it

    by Papa_tangkwa

    Facebook keeps updating its app and thats awesome! Every time i got my app updated, i will always get the new features that make my fb experience on mobile as good as on computer :)

  • Great

    by Filthy Mac nasty

    Fun app

  • Crash City

    by PhillyMountaineer

    This new version, as well as the "update" crash every time the app is opened. What gives? Also, it crashes a lot whenever I open a link. It is extremely frustrating.

  • Bugs & errors

    by Bossdonbrim

    Please fix it! It's mind blowing not to be on Facebook Ughh

  • Notifications

    by Shadowmaid91

    Issues I am having: -notifications are not updating only phone properly. I get the push notice, but when I open Facebook and update my notifications, nothing happens. I have been having this problem for a few days now. -the entire app will randomly crash out of the blue a few times a day. This is ongoing for a few weeks. I use an iPhone 5.

  • Ok but

    by Jasinnix

    It's ok but they put too many tomatoes on their tacos. While the rest of the product is phenomenal no tomatoes would be great

  • Facebook App is Excellent & User Friendly!

    by MSRR

    Facebook App is Excellent & User Friendly with continual improvement. Facebook Page management has improved tremendously in the last 12 months. I am hoping for more Facebook Page management functionality such as choosing to post / like as a user or page manager.

  • Keeps pissing me off

    by Tharria

    The app keeps crashing when I barely get on

  • Still bugged!

    by Szaram

    Despite running Apple's most powerful phone (iphone5S), this app acts like it isn't enough. Posting pictures on friend's timeline doesn't show up, the little wheel just keeps spinning but never finishes loading. Horrific loading times while on my blackberry 10Q it runs flawlessly. Even on my brother's S4. This is a shameful display, that Facebook still couldn't make a well functioning app for Apple phones, while others make better social apps with no budget.

  • Crash

    by Jman8851

    Crashes way to much anymore and is to slow to load. Update and fix this.

  • Please fix!

    by omfgitstawnie

    Crashes all the time, freezes when you try and read comments, posts aren't in the right order (by time) and I can't get it to renown load on my iPad!

  • FB for me

    by HaHa plays

    I really liked until this new update, now it has crashed and can't even open it!

  • won't open anymore

    by Audeoo

    what the hell happened Facebook?! my app won't open anymore and I had to uninstall you. after this long you would think a simple app that worked could be built?

  • Worst app on my iphone

    by Ryan-Beanz

    Crashes, crashes and more crashes, what else can I say? How long has this app been out and been updated and we still have the same problem from day 1. Fix it

  • Crashes constantly

    by JP117x

    Notifications stick around long after they're read. But mostly it's the crashing - all the time. Mostly upon clicking links or images.

  • Buggy

    by AAD1231

    Friends in chat list will all just "disappear" and look like they're offline when they're not. App crashes A LOT & I have a hard time opening posts & links. Unable to see "others' posts" on business & interest pages on app.

  • Can't stand the app anymore

    by MagsRD

    Entirely Tooo Slow!! It's Ridiculous, seriously!

  • Not working properly

    by SumsayA

    App crashes... Not able to post comments or hit like idk not cool...

  • Newest version crashes all the time now

    by Rentahippie

    Please fix ASAP It used to be good now crashes all the time

  • Fix it already!!!

    by Hagani18

    Application crashes all the time, have to reinstall it at least once a day to be able to use it. What a shame!!

  • Terrible

    by Goat ५६

    App crashes all the time. Lots of bugs!

  • Notifications NOT working

    by Squish112

    Not receiving notifications at all. Takes a long time to load, up to 3 minutes, then the notificatiosn might come through. Easier to log into a computer.

  • Horrible

    by TheSquilliamFancyson

    Laggy, confusing, and boring, this app is just the worst.

  • Crashes constantly

    by Tonto1112

    Not a good app. Needs updating.

  • awful

    by JTD457

    this app gets more retarded each time it is updated. The followers should just be people who you have not accepted as a friend, and all friends should initially be in your news feed and there should be an organization folder that you can check off which friends are in your news feed

  • Won't open

    by Sese1983p

    This app is messed up. I click on it and instead of loading it cuts out and sends me back to my screen. This is on my ipad but when I use my iphone I have no problem.

  • Crashes

    by Teds525

    Since the latest update it has been non-functional. I would suggest ditching the videos that run automatically. It is tiresome and probably part of the problem.

  • Ugh!

    by Momof3kkk

    This app has went from good to worse!! It freezes for 20-30 at a time, every time I visit the app. I despise the automatic video play on the tine line. I wish I wouldn't have updated it. Was a lot better before the update!! Wanna go back to when the app was simply and easy!

  • Slow.

    by the7trumpets

    15-30 seconds to open and read the rest of a post after you get a notification. Really?

  • Use your browser

    by Johnny B. Jewelled

    Compare the Find Friends service between this app and the Facebook website. This app returns only an inexplicable subset of the matches from the website. Nobody is testing this app before release.

  • Slow and buggy

    by Fattmaxx2

    The words I would use to describe this app - slow, slow, crashy, slow, slow, buggy, slow, slow and slow. And it gets progressively worse with every 'update/improvement'.

  • Won't even open

    by KirstenJWilson

    Keeps crashing when I try to uses the app. It won't even open.

  • Something wrong with this version

    by Jwhab

    The latest update to Facebook is seriously flawed. It is extremely slow and it crashes occasionally. Truly unbelievable sloppiness from a company with such a strong image.

  • Most number of crashes of any app

    by ChuckLin

    I've never used an app that crashes this often. Any link will cause it to crash. So will 1/2 of the videos, embeds. The last update was the culprit. 2/13/2014

  • This latest version is crashing all the time

    by Mic 2013user

    Please fix this as soon as possible

  • Keeps crashing!

    by Elizabeth Jinnett

    Good app but it keeps crashing. Please fix!!!

  • UGH

    by janeyooforever

    The app keeps crashing and i always have to restart my phone :((

  • Horrible app

    by Ce7871

    This thing is a pig. It does not update and you can't scroll back through posts more than a few hours. Epic fail.

  • Was good but now

    by GamingGinger

    There is a bug where you are watching a video and then when that video starts buffering another video will start it's really weird. I don't like it at all. Makes it hard to find the video I was watching when my news feed keeps refreshing after I glitch over to another video

  • This version awful! Please fix!

    by scs622

    Ever since updating to the most current version, the app crashes all the time! Previous to the update, I liked the ease of use.

  • Worst update ever!

    by Jcwilson85

    Facebook now loads videos in your newsfeed whether you want to watch them or not. This eats up valuable data on stupid cat videos and such that you may or may not want to watch. This update took the control of your data usage out of your hands. Mark Zuckerberg must have stock in Verizon and AT&T.

  • Bruh

    by Blog man

    Nah. Please fix this app. Buggy, crashes, slowest loading app I've ever had the pleasure to download. You would think with half the world addicted to this site, they would make it a little better.

  • Literally does not work.

    by Chris Hashemi

    Notifications that never load or disappear. Broken newsfeed. Slow loading everything. This is one of the worst apps I've used in any category. The developers should be ashamed and fired.

  • Facebook

    by Poblackjr

    Too much crashing for me deleting app

  • Giving up

    by Theenglishdiva

    If no update soon, I will be deleting this mobile app. Crashes every time it's accessed. Takes long time to load & then it's yesterday's newsfeed & I have to manually refresh & the status updates are still out if order even when most recent is selected.

  • Bad shape

    by Hgguoyfdfdfhiedfgkccfjhdah

    Remember when this app used to work? Me, either. It really is shocking that tech company can't produce a working app. Just truly awful. The best thing about it is that this app will make you quit wasting your time on FB. This is really the worst app in the store. Crashes more than it works and has for two years worth of updates.

  • News Feed still doesn't work right

    by Envinyanta

    You'd think they'd actually fix this by now, but nope. when sorting by most recent it doesn't always show everything in the proper order, and it leaves out a lot of content that should be there. There are always gaps and missing posts. If I close the app and go back in I lose my place and the content is different; not that new things have shown up but that the older items that were there change. (Some disappear, others that weren't there before appear).

  • Not good

    by Arual 25

    Its getting annoying cuz it keeps forceclosing

  • Why do the videos pause when you touch the screen now?

    by jenny minichiello

    This is a retarded feature that is really annoying and must be stopped. I touch the screen to see how much time is left or to fast forward or rewind. Not pause it. Unless I press pause. So stupid

  • Since the update 6.9.1

    by Brent70

    Since the update my messenger hasn't worked for me to be able to communicate with my business's partners around the world. This update has failed tremendously.

  • Horrible App

    by Gail 57

    This "updated" app has not updated my newsfeed in over 50 hours now! I am not kidding. The last post is from Sunday at 6:10pm. It is now Tuesday at 8:53pm. This is USELESS. This is the worse app ever. What did you do to your app??? Please give me the Facebook app back that works!!!!

  • D

    by MixedBoii87

    Why is it that when u are watching a video, it randomly jumps to a completely different video!!!!????!!!!! FIX IT!!!!!!

  • Ugh

    by hhubacek

    It was working fine but now it crashes every time I open it.

  • CRASH,CRASH ,Crash

    by Graneet

    Wish. Someone knew what they were doing I have reloaded this app over and over since I have had it 3 months. It will work for a while then soon as I get on fb I go to scroll and crash it shuts down. It's getting really old.

  • App crashes repeatedly

    by Totally_Devoted

    The previous version worked well and had a lot of good updates but the latest update crashes all the time.

  • Sound notifications

    by Sadie703

    No sound or visual notifications at all. Only app that I'm having issues with . Brand new 5c.

  • Network errors

    by Minddrug

    I keep getting these errors now every time i open the app. it's Better to just open iOS browser then sit around and wait for the app to work. I have reinstalled the app, reset the wifi connection. This has work once or twice but soon after closing out and coming back to it, it goes back to being a useless app.

  • Fix Please!!

    by Kaylee0015

    I can't go through pictures. I can only see what is on the news feed.

  • This app is horrible!!!!

    by Melliero66

    So sick of it not loading!! I have to delete the app and reinstall it daily, just to make it work for a little bit! Shows updates from 12 hours ago! I know this because I will check it on Safari and totally a different page! Facebook really needs to fix this!

  • App keeps crashing

    by Micklohjujggfjk hi

    Won't even let me get on Facebook. The app keeps crashing.

  • Frustrated!

    by BKHW

    Facebook takes forever to load on my 4S iPhone! The lag time is unreal. Can this problem be fixed? I sure hope so. It's very frustrating.

  • Crashs all the time

    by Ajlucassen

    ever since the last update the app keeps crashing. It worked fine before hope they fix these bugs soon. I use a iPhone 4S

  • FREEZES :(

    by DreamCatcher700

    When I open the app to refresh it, it freezes and doesn't refresh.. Please get this fixed..

  • Pretty good but...

    by Th33rnand33

    For some reason every thing is posted double so I don't know if I can change that or it's a bug but yeah it's weird and annoying.


    by FlygirlSWA24

    I can barely watch a video without sound cutting out of it switching to a random video, or saying I have no internet with full service of internet. Also tons of random glitches with posts and comments.

  • Notifications not working

    by 27gen28

    I just bought an iPhone 4S running ios7 on Feb 2 and downloaded Facebook (version 6.9.1). Facebook does not appear in the settings for notification center so I am not able to set or receive any Facebook notifications. My friend has the same issue. I checked another friends phone (also 4s with iOS7) who has Facebook version 6.7 and their notifications are working. Please fix, thanks.

  • John'sMom

    by Catlady44

    I'll always recommend this app to anyone. My son and his family got me hooked on it

  • Facebook rating

    by Dknlvlydiva



    by Blueshamu

    My facebook was all good from new update went to sleep and then i wouldnt open PLEASE FIX IT!!?

  • App crashing

    by Negotiator1102

    I cannot access my FB app for iPhone 5s. It keep crashing. I have the newest version.

  • Videos

    by Whitefox ten

    Each time I try to watch a video the video will switch to another one in the newsfeed which gets really annoying for me, at first I thought it was my iPod but I saw that this only happened on Facebook so please fix that thank you

  • App won't download

    by Aodin1988

    I just bought my iPhone 5s two days ago. When I tried to download all my apps, the only app that wouldn't download is my Facebook app. On my phone screen all I see is a grey app with a grid in it and it says waiting below it.

  • Smh

    by Lenaalise

    I would give it five stars but lately its been closing on me

  • Keeps crashing...

    by 1225forrest

    This has been working very well but for some reason it is now crashing whenever I open it. Not really sure why.

  • by xadiver

    Needs to Fix crash ASAP

  • My app keep crashing.!!!!!

    by 7890brelashun

    Why does the app keep crashing fix it plz

  • Like Facebook but last few app updates fail

    by pdog989

    One of my biggest complaints with the app is when I get a request or notification I am having a hard time finding it on this version or it just does not show up. I Don't like how the size of the app has gotten so big over the last several updates and the fact that app takes up over up almost 100MB of space on my iPhone and that the app is now almost 60MB. I also dont like the app crashes more frequently and articles take time to load.

  • Mad.

    by Kena marie

    I try to open the app..it loads and then automatically closes sometimes. Fix it, so unhappy this app.

  • Most recent?

    by Anotherdamnnickname

    When set to most recent and it brings up yesterday's post from over 24 hours ago that's not very recent and now it constantly closes as soon as you get into looking at something!

  • Will not open

    by Dlaing

    Not sure what happened but now Facebook app will not open. That spinning wheel just keeps spinning and nothing ever loads. I did update to the latest ios software update today. Could this have caused it ? Ok, now it's working again. Nope, not working now. I have no idea what's going on. I can read Facebook from the web page but not from the app ?????? Ok, I know this review is getting long but I think I found a solution to my problem (and maybe other people problem also). Go into settings, find the Facebook app, then enter your username and password. This worked for me.

  • I don't want 'recommended' pages

    by Lahiena

    How many times do I have to click to hide these from my post? I don't want them. Make it optional to not get these annoying ADS permanently. Not interested! I bet 'recommended videos' will start coming out soon. Only that could be more annoying...

  • Keeps crashing. Useless.

    by Jseidel40

    Please hire competent computer programmers...this app is garbage.

  • Can't see my notifications

    by Unkle dev

    App has been great and I haven't had any problems. But now out of nowhere, I can't see any of my notifications. All I can see is the number of notifications I've got on my FB icon on the home screen. Please fix!!! iPad 4th Gen

  • Crash Central

    by Lezokcin

    It crashes over and over again, since the last update. The app is useless in its current state...

  • iPhone 5s iOS7 vX.xx.xxx.xxxx

    by Scootch Tastic!

    Love the UI and ability to halt mid post and switch to a different app. Only miss great apps like TweetDeck & TweetCaster/pro has lame Facebook (re)login issues. I was a hardcore droid enthusiast and xda member (mostly a reader! lol), where almost everyday Facebook put out an update for minor bugfixes and then major UI/API SNAFU! FIXES and there was a time you were offered "Manual Updates." And those you KNEW were bad and should be avoided. Read recent reviews, thanks guys will avoid the update. EVERYTHING regarding the FACEBOOK APP (cuz i'ma droid lov'ah), is WORKING 100% fine! Per Peer Reviews* .:. Will NOt UPDATE facebook.ipa as of 02/11/2014 and if I do/when I do I will (re)rate accordingly. So far PPR!* ~Scootch (new iPhone ❤️r)~

  • Sir Crash A lot

    by gamergirl20

    I don't seem to be having problems with the app on my iPad, but it crashes every time with out fail on my iPhone. It's getting very annoying.

  • !!

    by Alisha Zink


  • Everybody loves Facebook

    by Buttersnotch

    Facebook is great

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