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As of the September 23, 2013 issue, we've made some changes to our digital edition. It now features a text-resize button at the top of each story, which gives you a choice of three type sizes, and you can access multimedia extras and sharing at any point while you read. You'll also see a new look for our Goings On About Town section.

If you're already a subscriber, download the app and follow the prompts to activate your digital subscription. (All subscribers can also access our archive edition—every issue since 1925—at

If you are experiencing problems, please contact us at 1(800)-967-2082.

The New Yorker offers a signature mix of reporting and commentary on politics, international affairs, and the arts, with fiction, poetry, humor, and cartoons. Founded in 1925, it has received more National Magazine Awards than any other magazine. Notable work in recent years includes reports from the front lines of the Middle East by Jon Lee Anderson, Dexter Filkins, Peter Hessler, and Wendell Steavenson; coverage of the war on terror by George Packer, Jane Mayer, Lawrence Wright, Steve Coll, and Seymour M. Hersh; Malcolm Gladwell on everything from Steve Jobs to "the tipping point"; Anthony Lane on movies; James Wood on books; Elizabeth Kolbert on the environment; Atul Gawande on health care; fiction by Jonathan Franzen, Zadie Smith, Karen Russell, and Haruki Murakami; humor by David Sedaris and Andy Borowitz; and cartoons by Roz Chast.

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Customer Reviews

  • improved

    by esmemolly

    I was very pleased when the ability to control font size became part of the New Yorker options. It makes it readable for me. I was ready to cancel my subscription but this improved option is keeping me going. Ive been reading the New Yorker since the 1950s and hope to continue.

  • Awesome

    by NormaOath777

    Of course The New Yorker's content is the best in literature/journalism. This is hands down the best magazine app that I have ever used, makes it feel like you're actually reading the magazine. Overall a must have on any newsstand.

  • I love this app!

    by Luv temple run!

    No more fighting with my wife over the magazine. Plus I get all the app extras. It's the main reason I carry my iPad with me everywhere.

  • Excellent

    by Reviewbytim

    The New Yorker app should be the standard that all magazine apps should be judged by and improved upon. Articles flow vertically and the content horizontally . Makes it very easy to scan and read. Ads are in place with their full page of brilliance, giving the advertiser quality and impact.

  • Latest version not an improvement

    by Eigenhombre

    I *love* the New Yorker and like this app OK. but the previous version was better. This version puts social media links on your screen almost the entire time you are reading the article, with no way to disable. Very distracting and not the experience I would expect from the New Yorker. Also I miss the page-by-page scrolling (it is continuous on this version).

  • Great content, frustrating app

    by khb54321

    The content and the navigation within each issue are great. But, it always defaults to the top of an article instead of where you left off; no bookmarks; too much white space on the left side; I thought that if you turn off auto-delete, you can't delete one issue of the mag when you're done, but I did find that function--it's labelled as though you'll delete everything; you can only download one issue at a time--as you click to download another issue, the one downloading "pauses"; and I'd like to be able to remove the video content to save space... It isn't a polished app.

  • Fine

    by JamieCl

    Does everything I want.

  • Works fine

    by Uncle Daddy 7777

    The app works fine for me.

  • Weak app but love the concept

    by Leeatman

    It doesn't hold your place in articles anymore or permit a dictionary word lookup or highlighting, but it does give you access to the whole archive in beautiful, vivid color. Just be sure to download issues before you leave wifi as the size of each issue is huge.

  • New Yorker

    by iSeth25

    This is a very pretty app with stunning color and graphics. The only problem is that the cartoons keep crashing and is my favorite feature. Please fix that. When you do, you will have a real winner!!

  • Handy alternative to the print edition

    by Gbtynan

    I find this app to be easy to navigate, and wonder if the have been fixes released subsequent to some of the very negative comments below? I now read the New Yorker on my iPad about 90% of the time in preference to the print edition, and find the navigation straight forward and uncomplicated.

  • Great content. Features? Not so much


    In fact, this is like reading a hard copy. I can't highlight. Pulling out material to use for notes is not available. More distressing is he lack of word lookup. Given he highly literary tone of NYorker articles it would be helpful

  • Can't hold its place in an article

    by iowanna

    This app still cannot hold your place in an article when you leave the app. It invariably goes back to the top of the article. Maybe they could fix this in the next version? Smooth scrolling isn't helpful either. The older versions went one page at a time. Otherwise a great way to carry your pile of New Yorkers while traveling.

  • Rating

    by Aida GH

    Very satisfied

  • Fabulous

    by SatchmosDad

    I use it constantly.

  • This is probably the best use of the iPad

    by Gjonesanator

    Makes me feel like we are getting somewhere with technology.

  • It's a fun and funky format

    by phbRochester

    I love having the new yorker to dive into and the ap enhances the great writing. The cover look lovely too.

  • Great App

    by Robert Schnack

    Use it awhile and when you have you'll love it! RWS

  • TheNew Yorker Magazine

    by higamus

    I am so happy to have access to this wonderful magazine on the Internet, with its treasured archive. The Internet presentation is absolutely fantabulous, and I don't have to find space for the trove of accumulated issues.

  • New to ipad

    by Jana Halwick

    I'm new to the iPad and find most of the new technology fascinating and alluring, so I might not be the most appropriate reviewer for this app. With that in mind, I'm really enjoying this new way of engaging with modern media.

  • Crashes constantly

    by tomcatSF

    And every time it crashes, the app moves to the start of the article. This is incredible frustrating. The last version didn't have this problem. Please fix!!!!

  • Buggy

    by Blayneyc

    I get notice the new issue is ready, it shows on my screen, and when I download up comes last week's. Very frustrating

  • Terrible app, great content

    by kmwnyc

    App crashes every time. So frustrating since the New Yorker content is superb. Simply an app problem.

  • Ridiculously bad

    by News Fiend

    I love the New Yorker but this app is terrible. Is it that difficult to add a bookmark / page holder to let readers keep their place in the articles? And why is it easier to swipe side to side between articles than to scroll down to continue reading the same article? Just start over. This app stinks.

  • Difficult to navigate.

    by Doug360

    Difficult to navigate.

  • Love the magazine. Hate the app.

    by Bloopy77

    What could be more perfect than being able to bring all The New Yorker magazines with you? There are always articles I mean to finish, or get to or revisit and can't find the magazine. It's really too bad that the app doesn't live up to the quality of the magazine. Can't bookmark articles... crashes when viewing the cartoons... having to reinstall the app at least 3 times now... AARGH

  • Bookmarks?

    by slippy123

    Turns reading the New Yorker from a pleasure to a nightmare. No bookmarking capability for a magazine with 20 page articles. Goes back to article beginning any time you must leave the app to do something else. This isn't a minor complaint for anyone who actually wants to read on this app.

  • Still crashes.

    by John Biggs

    He cartoons are the worst. Most of the app you can stand but when then cartoons endlessly crash the app on the iPad mini it's a mess.

  • Review

    by Kirkhwth

    No stars - but you wont accept that. Inexcusable web site. I tried a dozen times to read an article about whooping cough but never succeeded. Kirk Hollingsworth

  • Unworthy of a great enterprise

    by Emarch333

    The NYr is unquestionable a great magazine but this app is crapp. None of the auxiliary functions- photos, films, cartoon collections are accessible on the iPad mini.

  • Disgracefully bad

    by LeeG-01

    What a terrific magazine. What an awful app. There are actually sections that are impossible to read because they snap shut on their own. Stories jump back to the first page if you rotate the iPad, and on and on. These are not subtle, random bugs but fully repeatable dysfunctionality. Haven't seen this level of bugginess in any other app.

  • New Yorker

    by UI fixer

    I love the content but hate the app. It crashes for no reason, and even when it is up is annoying to use. The app is poorly designed and does not take advantage of basic features of Mac IOS such as pinching to adjust size, backing up or keeping track of what you have read. Downloads aren't in the background but are slow and force you to wait until you're dumped into a half downloaded part of the magazine. Worse, I upgraded my iPad to version 6 and lost two years of paid-for issues which now have to be painfully, slowly downloaded again, one at a time. I could go on, but really this is a disgraceful app.

  • 1 star is too many for this app

    by Salgud

    I've been a fan of the New Yorker magazine for many many years, so I subscribed to this app. Navigation is awful. It doesn't remember where you last were. And I just got now got trapped in an ad for Fidelity Investments with no exit! It doesn't automatically download new issues, and no obvious way to download them. Now, I can't for the life of me, figure out how to cancel my subscription to this piece of crap. This is one publication that it works far better to read on paper!

  • Needs work

    by ellka

    What is the problem? Just copy the kindle or zinio app. Worst offense: text size setting only applies to one article at a time. Equally bad: Cartoon gallery continually closes and loses place-- essentially unusable. The user experience is the worst I've seen. Can get stuck in talk of the town area while losing place in that area at the same time. No way to hold place. Bookmarking is poor.

  • Love the magazine, dislike the app

    by Gramma Stef

    What is wrong with it? Let me count the ways. 1. The cartoon gallery does not work at all. I cannot get past the first cartoon: it keeps returning to the access page. 2. Swiping while reading this week's short story kept returning me to the title page rather than the next page of the story. 3. Each new issue takes forever to download. And those are just the major complaints. Please get your act together and give the magazine readers the high quality online experience they deserve. PS, I deleted and reinstalled the app as instructed by the customer care folks at The New Yorker, which only made it worse. Adding this several months later: still one of the most problematic acts I've used. Except for a slightly faster download speed, none of the above complaints have been fixed. Fortunately we also get the print version of the magazine so when my frustration reaches boiling point I take turns with my husband reading the "real" magazine.

  • please learn from the NYTimes app

    by Carol1074

    I find it impossible to find anything intentiomally in this app. For example, if I want to see the cartoons first, it starts out and pretty soon they are gone. No clear indication of which ways to navigate. Trial and error required. Check out the NYTimes app. It is a shining example of a clear, beautiful app.

  • Bring back pagination

    by Crhri815

    Or at LEAST make it so that I can keep my place in an article when switching from portrait to landscape mode. I'm glad you guys write long articles, that's why I read you; but if you're gonna do that, then at least make it so that one small turn of the iPad doesn't lose my place in the article. I'd rather read the print version than this!

  • Not great.

    by Karim Teresa

    Not easy to navigate.

  • It's awful

    by WebSiteCoordinator

    I agree. This is a terrible app. Now will somebody tell me how to remove issues from my library that I have already read? That would be a good place to start with much-needed improvements. And why can't app writers prepare a decent FAQ sheet so users don't have to rely on other (often clueless) users for support. This provides an opportunity for a good programmer to develop a good ten-dollar app to replace this terrible alternative.

  • Disappointing update

    by Christopher Jennings

    I'm very disappointed in the new update of the New Yorker app. I've been a devoted subscriber for years and was so thrilled when the New Yorker came to the ipad. But WHY ON EARTH does the app lose one's place in the article and start over again every single time you open the app.!?! This is absurd. Come on Condé Nast get it together.

  • Don't bother

    by rlargman

    This app is so poorly designed. When you are reading an article an icon pops up at the bottom left of the page if you want to Twitter, or email, but there is no way to remove the icon. Also, there is no way to highlight or bookmark your page. In this day and age, it's shocking how shoddy this app is.

  • Great magazine, but app is bad and getting worse

    by underdog2

    I once held up Conde Nast apps as exemplars. But while other magazine apps have improved, Conde Nast apps have unaccountably descended into incompetent, user-hostile chaos, extending from sign-in challenges to a cartoon app that crashes so often it is not funny. Make David Remnick read his own publication every week using this craplet, and I'll bet his professional pride will lead to immediate improvements.

  • Do the people responsible for this app actually use it?

    by Mr. Yosemite

    Not only does each upgrade seem to contain pointless changes that are poorly (or not at all) explained, each update invariably breaks something that perviously worked. The latest update has now sends me back to the top of my current article each time I exit and return, forcing me to slowly scan the article before I can resume. This problem is compounded by the fact that scrolling too fast closes the issue entirely.

  • Wakeful time waster

    by Matthew Langenkamp

    Current issues don't download. Stay away

  • Frustratingly Buggy

    by Susan Becker

    It's a battle trying to view the content. Please fix.

  • Great content, terrible format

    by CG_ology

    The new format is unbearable. Slow, glitchy, closes for no reason, and even when it works the scrolling is frustrating. I know you tried guys, but it was better before. Update 1-23-2014: still practically unusable. The comics are the worst, and regularly close when you try to turn to the next one. You produce a quality magazine, PLEASE bring the app to at least a functional standard.

  • It doesn't work

    by Jmgps

    Please fix this thing. I'm begging. It's no longer possible to scan through the cartoons--the page crashes every time you try to go to the second cartoon. When you close the app you lose your place in the article. It used to work fine but you've ruined it.

  • A me too review

    by Golfcheesmo

    App used to be great. Now buggy. How long does it take to fix???!!! Update 1/1/14: Still buggy. Time to hire new tech guys! Still one star. Update 1/22/14: Still buggy. I admit that the first, sometimes only, section I read is the cartoons. Wonderful cartoons. BUT that section continues to be buggy. Sometimes unusable. The fact they won't fix this spanks of arrogance. I advise giving the digital edition a pass.

  • Several problems

    by SG NY

    Pros: stores a lot of content for offline viewing, usually well presented and easy to read. Cons: - cannot always enlarge drawings or images. - swipe up/down when reading often accidentally goes to previous/next article (too sensitive to side swipes) - not intuitive to navigate, often going to library instead of table of contents - no readers' comments

  • unstable

    by PhilHj

    I have a 1st gen iPad and find this app crashes too often and is just too "touchy" - I'm forever turning to the next feature when I simply mean to scroll. And forget about the features such as embeded videos - they try to load, then quit, or else crash the app. The New Yorker extras don't work at all for me. I wonder if it's that my iPad is too old and not up to the demands of this app, or if the app is simply buggy. Otherwise, I do like reading the articles using this app - the organization and navigation is good and easy to make sense of. Just wish for a more stable, robust product.

  • Latest rev is buggy

    by local_fan

    The swiping from one cartoon to next doesn't work at all.

  • Can't keep more than one issue downloaded

    by mllejae

    The app works fine otherwise but it seems I can't keep more than one issue downloaded. Every time I download a new issue the last one disappears and id have to redownload (in which case id lose the other one I just downloaded). Pretty inconvenient issue for people who download multiple issues for flights.

  • 3 strikes

    by TomBCom

    On my iPad I tried three times with this app. It left me wanting stone tablets. From activiation and logging on and magazine navigation this is too much work for no reward. Finally I uninstalled the app and canceled my New Yorker subscription.

  • Buggy, Buggy, Buggy!

    by C Patel

    Navigating cartoons at the end is one of the most frustrating experience. It is never consistent. Sometimes it will automatically go back to the beginning after swiping one or two cartoons. Has any body else experienced this behaviour?

  • Unstable

    by MDHx

    Terrible. Unstable. Pages abruptly disappear.

  • Crashes Constantly

    by Lekun

    Crashes all the time, even after full restart. I paid for a subscription I can't use.

  • Needs work

    by ellka

    What is the problem? Just copy the kindle or zinio app. The text size setting only applies to one article at a time. No night setting. Cartoon gallery continually closes and loses place-- essentially unusable. No way to hold place. Bookmarking is poor.

  • Nice Improvement but...

    by Sissyvandyke still has a way to go. I use the app on my iPod Touch. The cartoons are still very hard to read and some sections do not allow for enlargement, which is often frustrating. I love the copy and define options, the fact that I have access to the digital archive, and, of course, the portability.

  • page last visited still not fixed

    by danr43

    Ever since the last update to this app it does not return to the last page open but returns to article's first page. I contacted customer service months ago and they admitted being aware of the issue and promised a fix. Still nothing. I may go back to getting the print edition.

  • Dreadful

    by Choronzonon

    No way to logon. Designed by idiots.

  • Basic usability issues

    by Edmund Burke in California

    -frequent deaths on ipad -when you reopen it is always back at the top of the article and you have to spend up to 30 seconds trying to figure out where you were before -can never get all the way through the cartoons at the end. It always interprets some touch as a close? Pretty disgraceful. This review is mainly for use on an ipad mini on ios 7

  • broken!

    by hooks like a tacklebox

    and needs to be fixed, can't swipe through gallery sections. best magazine out there...worst app, and getting worse. how could it get worse?

  • Beautiful app

    by Pyopyoy

    Love it

  • New Yorker

    by Theo5152

    Terrific APP . No need to take magazines around on vacation. Even at home I prefer the digital edition..


    by sweetcharlee

    The app isn't working properly and hasn't for months. When I swipe the cartoons to go to the next one, the page doesn't turn. It reverts to the beginning over and over again. In addition, the app is buggy. Why aren't you fixing it? The subscription is expensive. I expect better service from Conde Nast than what we are receiving. Not only will I delete the app, but I will cancel my paper subscription if you don't fix it soon. Just horrible service to your customers!

  • New iPad, same problems

    by Dwalli

    Sad that so promising an app is unable to even allow a login after months of bugs, then an outright refusal to load issues. New iPad didn't help. Customer service not helpful. Roz Chwast, cartoon this!

  • Technical issues

    by marcy105

    --can't always delete old issues which makes it difficult-sometimes impossible-to view new ones --difficult sometimes to get print account to work online --customer service not helpful (I've just given up using it on ipad) But when it works it's really, really great. Love new feature of being able to shares one articles, many other things.

  • Not very good

    by Fitzthecat

    I wonder if they read these reviews try to correct the mistakes. The Cartoon Gallery disappears whenever I try to move from one cartoon to the next. They need to really rework their app.

  • good

    by pb111

    1/2014 update Now use an iPad Air and still do almost all of the reading at the gym. (minus) The scrolling pages format is not appreciated, much prefer the single page version as is available in iBooks etc. (minus) The app does not remember where in an article you left off. (minus) There is a lot of empty space on the left hand side when reading in portrait mode. (plus) The downloading of new issues now works all of the time. (plus) There are occasional special issues on selected topics and a cartoon issue. (plus) The iPad version is much, much better for my purposes than the paper version. 9/2011 update I now prefer the iPad version to the print, the text is much easier to read while on exercise machine, especially the front pages; the cartoon collection section is fun; the audio selections are limited but quite nice. Also, the collection issues are a good add on and there will probably be more of these to come. The only current problem is that some issues take a couple of attempts to download, the first 100 MB or so goes fine and then it goes off into infinite pause. -- original review-- as a long time (decades long) New Yorker subscriber I was pleased when they announced that print subscribers could get the content for no extra cost downloaded a couple of issues and it works fine on an original iPad for me, some of the pages take a second or so to load the graphics are well done and there is a lot of unnecessary white space on the text pages being able to hear the poetry read by the author is a nice addition ** this is now included** having settings to include particular blogs (ie. Susan Orlean) and other material from the website would also be useful

  • Terrible navigation

    by JRRiker

    Like others, I cannot get through an issue as it will not allow me to change pages. Jumps back to page you start on. I will be canceling subscription.

  • This version is still junk

    by nate12345

    I wrote the paragraph below for the last update and they updated this on 10/9 and not one thing has changed. Scroll to the middle of an article, put in landscape and then portrait mode and you are back at the beginning of the article. Junk. Same problems as everyone else - constantly going to the beginning of the article, so you always lose your place. From day one this has needed a brightness control like other e-reader apps, and now with iOS7 it is almost impossible to hit and swipe up the control center to change brightness. Sometimes it works, sometimes you get their control to move through the magazine. Also seems to sign you out randomly. Do not try, like I did, to go back to the previous version using Time Machine The issues after this update are not compatible with the previous version of the app! OK now it is January and the above was written in Oct when this version came out, and they have still not fixed this. Come on!

  • Lose place

    by Tomtommom

    Keep getting returned to beginning of article and often cannot bring up top ribbon to get to table of contents or out of the issue otherwise fine

  • New Yorker app

    by Lorraine Furia

    Great reading and amazing app.

  • Love the New Yorker

    by Xander74

    The content makes up for the worst app in the newsstand. Seriously, have the developers and the editors actually used this app? I used to have a subscription on my nook and was so looking forward to the color version on my new ipad, but the bugs are horrible, and the cartoon gallery is virtually unusable. New Yorker editors and Conde Naste management should be ashamed!

  • No comics :(

    by David Zetland

    It's IMPOSSIBLE to flip through comics at the end of the mag without getting pushed back to the other articles. SO FRUSTRATING!

  • Carton gallery doesn't work

    by dudealicious

    Please fix the cartoon gallery!

  • Worst

    by Dsfhshdhvv

    1. bring back pagination or at least hold my place in the article 2. get rid of the stupid ugly "sharing & extras" footer 3. In every section you can navigate back to the contents by tapping the screen and hitting the menu button that shows up EXCEPT for the cartoons where tapping opens the cartoon gallery. It's so frustrating. I have never rated an app but this one is just so terrible I had to. I am canceling my subscription.

  • When it works...

    by Skaneateles

    it's very, very good. When it's naughty, it's horrid. Crash, bang, oops, reboot. Cartoons in particular are very chancey - smart they are no longer the first proffered choice. I keep pulling for you. Keep trying.

  • a new experience with each issue....

    by pilly1986

    I'd compare this app to a Trabant but that would be doing the Trabant a disservice.

  • Embarrassing

    by Trevor Valentine

    Everyone involved with this app should be horrible ashamed of themselves.

  • Please fix

    by alhagar

    I'm starting to think that Conde Nast doesn't want us to read the cartoons or be able to return to a partially read article and find our place. Maybe they don't want us reading the digital version of the New Yorker at all...

  • New Yorker app

    by But fun

    Wonderful way to read a magazine. Easily to manipulate through the different sections of the magazine.

  • Poor execution

    by ahab

    The latest version of the app makes some nice changes, but is buggy and poorly thought out. It's a minor miracle to get through the cartoon gallery without it randomly closing and making you start over from the beginning. Even the longest features are just one long scrolling block of text, and when you quit the app it often forgets your place. And having multiple text sizes is nice, but there's no global setting, so you need to adjust for every individual article. And if you rotate your iPad from one orientation to the other, it resets to the smallest font size. The app needs some major work to get back to the level of functionality it had before the redesign.

  • Disappointing

    by Sls1674995

    Not at all on par with the publication. Very slow. Often freezes. Not intuitive to manage libraries. Sad let down.

  • Good enough...

    by Une ètudiante française

    Needs some improvement but for me, it works well enough and I'm happy the online subscription is available on my iPad mini.

  • Non-starter. Awful!

    by Pierogiville

    Can't even login with credentials that work on MacBook Pro. Still waiting for assistance from customer service, who seem clueless. Very frustrating and inexplicable fail.

  • Downloading issues is a nightmare

    by Narial Taster

    To add to the dismal set of reviews, downloading issues is very frustrating. The app does not support background downloads and so if you want to download a bunch of old issues to catch up on you have to keep the app open while doing so. That the downloads are not small doesn't help. To make matters worse, the screen stays lit while issues are being downloaded and turning it off stalls the download.

  • More Cartoons Subset Closes

    by Arthur III Gonzales

    When you tap the + sign for more cartoons, and try to scroll to the next one the subsection always closes. Please fix this.

  • Very disappointing app and customer service

    by Opadb

    In spite of subscription and receipt of magazine, app does not provide access to current issue, and repeated attempts to access customer service have resulted in no change. There are too many other good options for digital content to stay loyal to New Yorker with this current system.

  • Apple approved this???

    by rbjatty

    I have been unable to download an issue for several weeks. The New Yorker customer feedback is useless and unresponsive. I used to love The New Yorker and at this point will probably never look at it again. How did Apple approve this app, and how do we get our money back?

  • Font size

    by Skyblue456824

    Why must I resize for every article? Ridiculous!

  • Works fine

    by Adam Thomas

    Surprised to see all the negative reviews. This app works fine for me.

  • Getting worse

    by Aredubyou

    This app has been quirky all along (it uses different navigation than most of my epubs, frequently moves in the wrong direction -- left or right instead of up or down, and for some reason hides the system clock when in use) but not annoying -- until the latest version. For some reason they took away pagination. When you're reading a story you can't skip forward or backward by x pages. Stories now just scroll. So if you skip backwards to see a quote, picture, cartoon, or the author, good luck getting back to where you left off. It's also easy to inadvertently scroll up or down. I hope they'll listen to reader comments and restore pagination. Fellow readers, if you agree, please contact them and complain. I was going to give the app 2 stars but lowered my rating to 1 when I realized that when you close the app it no longer remembers where you left off in a story. Since there are no "pages" it's really hard to get back to the previous spot when reading a long story.

  • Works well on ipad mini

    by BelentJr

    Just downloaded an issue today because I like the content, but was wary given the multiple negative tech-based reviews. Not being sure what devices people who are displeased use, I gave it a shot. Everything works well on my device - cartoons scroll and it holds my place after closing. So far so good. As I did before it went digital, I like the magazine itself; the content is good.

  • Conde Nast Magazine Apps Are Terrible

    by HomerIII

    I subscribe to several Conde Nast mags (N. Yorker, Wired) but never read the iPad version because the app is so awful. The "All Access" process for print subscribers is completely broken. I have to repeat it ever time I want to read something, and the login never works until I've reset the password several times. Ridiculous! Plus the UI for this process is abysmal. You enter your information, it is confirmed, and you are told to sign in with your email. But there is no "Sign in" button on that page (as good design would dictate), nor on the page you get if you select "Close". If you manage to find the right page, "Sign in"is in tiny type in the upper right corner. It SHOULD be easily accessible from every page. The whole process is ridiculously over-complicated and badly done. I should be able to setup a login ONCE, then be able to access ALL of my subscriptions without ever logging in again. I'm not wasting any more time on this until it has a complete overhaul.

  • Did eustace Tilley write this?!!

    by Lao bio

    So excited to get my digital subscription for this magazine I have loved for years, but this app is Just unbelievably inoperable. Tough to navigate pages, constantly having to sign in again, if your iPad goes to sleep, oops! Start all over again loser. I subscribed to the digital edition to read the archives and tying to read the archives is maddening. New Yorker, hello it's 2014. You're selling digital subscriptions. Make them work!

  • Not working

    by jr98121

    If I didn't love the magazine I wouldn't even try. There are constant issues using this app. I can see from the reviews I am not alone.

  • Please fix this app

    by rpcvJK

    Generally a good app in terms of display and navigation, but it has some fatal flaws and bugs that need to be fixed. The app's inability to remember where in an article I last was reading makes it almost unusable. There is also a strange bug that sends you back to the beginning of the article you are reading if you rotate the screen. I love the New Yorker but please fix these problems.

  • Too many bugs

    by Misteryasha

    Especially cartoon gallery keeps crashing! Pretty sad considering the New Yorker realized the importance of cartoons by putting a link to "see the cartoons first" on the cover.

  • A me too review

    by Golfcheesmo

    App used to be great. Now buggy. How long does it take to fix???!!! Update 1/1/14: Still buggy. Time to hire new tech guys! Still one star.

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