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"This is my favorite new find of the week. I am so happy to have found out about an app that takes care of that irritation." - iDownloadBlog

Ever had a frustrating experience setting a picture as your iOS 7 wallpaper?
Your photo looks zoomed in and pixelated? iOS 7 doesn’t let you resize or position it the way you want to?

These frustrating times are over thanks to Wallpaper Fix.

Wallpaper Fix lets you freely resize, rotate and position your picture in order to use it as your custom iOS 7 wallpaper in seconds.
iOS 7 needs wallpapers to be of a specific size, that is why Wallpaper Fix adds a not visible border to your image so iOS 7 shows your wallpaper exactly how you want it to be.
Optimized for iPhone and iPad.

Customer Reviews

  • Great but for one flaw

    by Katanna

    This app works great except for one ugly flaw: it leaves the "background" behind the photo black, thus if your photo doesn't long up correctly there is an ugly black bar that appears. Instead there should be a blurred version of your photo, similar to how TV stations show old 4x3 footage on their 16x9 broadcast. If that is fixed it is a solid 5 stars, until then it is flawed.

  • Amazing

    by Dyer91B

    This is the best app you could get for creating better wallpapers for ios7. We have all had the annoying zoom problem when trying to create a wallpaper and with this app you don't have to worry about that anymore, this app is simply awesome.

  • Awesome

    by antonia Collier

    I do not really do reviews but this app rocks

  • Amazingg

    by Moh.Abdullatif

    The most thing I hated about iOS 7 was how it zoom into the wallpapers. Problem solved

  • Output quality could be better

    by RedStarr808

    This app is just okay. If the output quality were better (sharper) I'd give it a higher star rating. No matter how sharp your photo is, by the time this app is done with it... Quality has gone down quite a bit. Disappointing.


    by Rosedanie

    Thank you so much! I like to change the backgrounds a lot, and after the ios7 update it Wundt let me adjust my photos,, so I was stuck with the same picture for so long. This app let me make the perfect wallpapers (:

  • Border color

    by pearlescent_clouds

    This is a great app, does what it says, but the standard black border causes a shadow to loom over the upper half of the wallpaper when the image is set. I tested a wallpaper after changing the border's color to white on Photoshop, and the shadow disappeared. It would be nice if we could customize the colors for the border.

  • Amazing app!

    by Hsmluver525

    I love this app so much. I tweeted complaining about how iOS 7 never lets me have my wallpaper the way I want. I got a tweet recommending this app, so I bought it. So happy I did! Got it on my iPad as well as my phone. Very easy to use, and my wallpapers look the way I want. If the iOS 7 stretching annoys you as well, the 99 cents is definitely worth it!


    by Fisher001

    Best thing ever, all 99 cents was worth it, it derserves 1000 stars!!!!! Buy it if your having trouble with ios 7 backrounds!

  • Awesome

    by ....ooopppp

    Does exactly what it needs too, quick and simple, love it!

  • Worth the money!

    by No L48392

    Works exactly as described! No flaws whatsoever, 10/10!

  • Awesome

    by kmoore4086

    This works just like it says it does and is super easy. Exactly what I was looking for.

  • It's ok

    by SweetCity0716

    It would be nice if I could preview the lock screen instead of the home screen.

  • As advertised

    by draffut

    Apple screwing up is making this guy money, but it is worth it to be able to change your wallpaper.

  • Excellent app!!

    by Nesquick199718

    This app solved my wallpaper problems!! I recommend this app to anyone who has wallpaper problems on their iPhone! Worth the while for 0.99 cents!! :D

  • Great

    by 11360

    does exactly what it says

  • Nice

    by frankster222

    It's always nice when you buy an app and it does what it says it's supposed to do. 5***** to you!!!

  • Amazing!!

    by ilymp415

    Love. Love. Love. LOVE. This app! This app has truly been wonderful! Money def well spent! If I could you'd get many more stars!

  • Amazing

    by JC Godin

    Honestly my biggest pet peeve with iOS 7 was the wallpaper thing and this app totally got rid of it! Easily worth the dollar! Download it forsure

  • Works perfectly!

    by Pjdjdjdjjdj

    Great app! Definitely worth it!

  • Portrait mode only supported

    by Kevin Agot

    Once landscape is also supported, I'll update my review

  • Doesnt work

    by Lunarcycl3

    I want a refund

  • It ok

    by Colerper

    You people need to add the option for white backround along with black

  • Waste of $.99

    by Funster345

    Doesn't work like it says it does. I was under the impression that I would be able to get my old wallpaper back from before I switched from an iPhone 4 to a 5s... Didn't happen. I wish you could try an app like this before committing to purchase.

  • Must I shrink or enlarge the whole picture?

    by Jagermeisterlsu

    All you can do is Pontch your fingers to make the entire picture bigger or smaller. I was hoping to stretch one side of the picture to make it longer and less wide to fit the screen. Now I am left with a small picture with ugly black emptiness above and below the picture...

  • Doesnt work

    by Lunarcycl3

    I want a refund

  • Still zooms in too far.

    by ssky1

    I cannot get my logo pic to be in the frame unless I do landscape mode. Sad - Still cuts off part of the picture.

  • Nothing special and it's a FAIL!

    by Formaset

    If you can't use the picture formatted with this App on landscape and portrait it's a FAIL. Wasted my money. You can do the same exact this this App does by simply going to Camera Roll, then pinch zoom in or out. Then when you are happy with it simply let go the finger and take a snapshot by holding the home and power button. You don't need to edit or crop any picture. Your formatted picture will fit just like this app does which is not enough. Strange... On IOS6 the pictures work on either way and I don't understand why IOS7 doesn't format correct. It needs to zoom in so you can view on both ways.

  • Life saver

    by THE ginger princess

    After not being able to change my lock screen for 5 months, I found out about this app. So easy and helpful! Now I can use any of my pictures as wallpapers for my lock or home screens!

  • Amazing!!!

    by Saraf89

    It does exactly what it says. I've been struggling to get this picture of Nipsey Hussle as my wallpaper until I installed this app


    by The Kid Rauhls

    I was so sick of the pictures of Justin I wanted to use for my background always being too zoomed in and I tweeted about it, then lo and behold I got a tweet back saying to try this and it worked PERFECTLY! I'm way too excited about an app but I seriously missed this feature. It's well worth the $.99, I would've paid more if I had to. Love this! Great job, guys!

  • The app I needed! :))

    by CookieM24

    I LOVE THIS APP!!! so helpful with my wallpapers :)))

  • Brilliant!

    by Lew C Lew

    Brilliant, just brilliant. Finally a way around Apple's "OUR way on YOUR device" attitude! Nicely done! The only thing missing is a lock screen preview in addition to the home screen preview, then it's 5 stars.

  • Perfect!

    by ctaxxxx

    This guy is a genius! Fixes an annoying problem with a simple solution by adding black bars to deal with the iOS7 parallax feature. Originally, I had reduce motion set to "on" to deal with the wallpaper issue, but a new iOS7 update replaced the transitions with a fade! Glad I found this app. I do agree there should be more features as others have stated, but for now, it does what it says perfectly.

  • Refund

    by @KdotEscobar

    I seriously want my refund. This didn't solve any problem.

  • Solved my problem

    by Aytch Gee

    This app definitely fixed the iOS 7 wallpaper issue for me in a beautifully simple fashion...before, I was doing finger gymnastics to screenshot a zoomed-out photo to make my wallpaper, which then revealed the fuzzy background of my photo album behind it when I rotated to go to landscape mode...I definitely prefer the black background and the easier way of doing it, especially for $0.99, but I would suggest maybe finding a way to make it work how you want it for landscape as well as portrait, although I'm not even sure that's quite possible. Either way, THANK YOU - this has saved me a big pain in the neck!

  • Great!!!

    by Ceceilia

    Works great for those wallpapers that just don't fit right. Well worth the money

  • Amazing and easy!!

    by JeremyW419

    I love this app!, it's really easy to use and really does make a difference! Definitely work the 99 cents!

  • Enjoying wallpapers again

    by OCDMedic

    iOS 7 took a lot of the joy from having wallpapers, but this app has made it much better. Well worth the $0.99.

  • Too Simple

    by Jack Thompson

    The app is great and has a great purpose, but it is lacking important features. It needs a feature to be able to center the image, add multiple images, and change the border color.

  • Awesome App

    by Jldrummer

    Not many apps are as useful and stable as this one. This app is what I've been waiting for in both the purpose of it, and the reliability of an app. My only small critique is that while you're rotating the picture, it should snap back in place if you're close to the original position. Other than that, I have no complaints.

  • I have never wanted an app more than this

    by Benjamin Thompson

    Perfect. Does exactly as advertised. Very pleased.

  • Works great

    by Last24k

    If your wallpaper is important to you, then this is the app to help you control your wallpaper.

  • Good fix

    by Carlotsal

    I was very upset when after downloading IOS7 I could no longer resize my pics for wallpaper on my iPad. This app helps to do that again. At first I thought I had a problem with the app but got it sorted out. Works well.


    by ThomsonM78

    Works exactly as advertised. Fixes an issue Apple's overpaid developers couldn't address, or have refused to address!! Worth the buck!!!!

  • Good but...

    by JHMurphy

    Love the app, but I hate the black tint that's on the top and bottom when I use wallpapers. Other than that works great.

  • Yes!

    by BAPosey

    Does exactly what it says....resizes your photos! Love it!!!!

  • ?????

    by Miko_84

    It does the job scaling down to fit the screen, what's up with the black shadow on top of it, all i need is my original image to fit the screen not adding something in it. Not the same as those screenshot you have on your site, please fix this & i will definately give it 5 stars.

  • Excellent!

    by XweAponX

    This simple $.99 app allows me to set my wallpaper and bypass a complicated set of tweaks that I would have to twiddle with in order to set a wallpaper in the area that I wanted it to be. This app allows me to simply choose the image and then set it so it fits right into the proper area on my iPhone and iPad, then when I save that image and choose it as a wallpaper, it fits in perfectly with no extra fiddling whatsoever. Thank you very much for making this! What astonishes me is that anybody at all would have a problem with this as it does exactly what it says it does. Either this app is too easy to use or the people who are trying to use it that can't get a grip on it should not have Apple devices in the first place.

  • Soooo bad

    by SidewindeRinHD

    Not worth .99 can't even change background color. Horrible.

  • Horrible

    by Mygoodreviews

    Cant believe i bought this . I want my money back


    by R-Trix


  • Thank you

    by Shellrika

    This bug has been bugging me for months.

  • Fixes a bug in iOS 7

    by jakemondo

    Apple's iOS 7 is buggy, this fixes a bug and allows you to set your wallpaper properly. Until Apple fixes the bug, this will be a useful app.

  • Fantastic!

    by bhealy27

    Have hundreds of apps and never wrote a review before, but Wallpaper Fix deserves one. I've been fooling around with a lot of cumbersome techniques to resize photos and add margins in order to get wallpapers to work on the iPad Air and keep parallax on. This app is simple, elegant and does an excellent job. Couldn't be happier.

  • Great app!

    by Lung Daddy

    Does what it says it will do!

  • Perfect Fix & Solution!

    by Evan Katz (Manhattan)

    When iOS 7 came out, I was shocked that it severely messed up my lock screen photo, which includes my and my wife's contact information, in case we ever lose our iPhones or iPad, all of which lock screen contact info was now truncated and totally missing/invisible under iOS 7. It was a big "How did this ever get through iOS 7 Q&A?!" disaster. Thank you to the makers of Wallpaper Fix for an desperately needed, easy-to-use program that solves a very frustrating problem, and does exactly what its authors state that it will do. But the app does have just has one small flaw (as others have pointed out), namely, that users, when zooming in or out, tend to rotate pics unintentionally. So, could you please add a rotate lock/unlock feature/button. Otherwise, a great little app! Thank you!

  • Useless

    by NormaJean88

    This was useless. Keeps leaving black sides to if and when you try to zoom in it ends up cutting part of it out. Don't waste your money.

  • Exactly what I needed!

    by DaveandMandi

    Thanks for making this app, it solved my wallpaper frustrations! Worked perfectly!

  • Most helpful

    by JeffK110

    I was trying all morning to get an image to work correctly as a wallpaper on my iPhone. This fixed the problem in one minute.

  • A long-waited app!

    by Jacordan

    Finally someone invented an app for this!

  • It works

    by Monkeysbandtogether

    This is great! Helped adjust a photo for my wallpaper & Facebook cover pic

  • plain and simple

    by McDuck999

    good wallpaper maker

  • Indispensable.

    by Bought the Farm

    A must-have if you want to parallax with your own pictures. Killer app. The piece that Apple forgot.

  • 1st app I've ever reviewed...

    by YayGoodDay

    because it did easily what it promised, and solved the most annoying "feature" of iOS 7.

  • Needs to be fixed

    by Geamma

    Got this and it worked great the first day. Now the pictures are off center when you go to use them for wallpaper. PLEASE FIX IT!!!!

  • Very good!

    by iphoneroxxxxx

    This app is really good! But there should be an option to make the background white or black. Not just black

  • Worked even better than advertised!

    by MscRev

    I simply linked the app to my photos when prompted, chose my photo, and without pinching or cropping saved it to my photo library. When I opened it to save it as my wallpaper, there was a border around it so that when iOS7 zoomed in like we all hate it does, it fit my photo perfectly. Worth the dollar and tax!

  • Works

    by MoTabulous

    As described! You do need to decide between landscape or portrait, which is much better than what I had before. Good solution for a horrible decision made in development of iOS 7. Simplistic but it is only $.99

  • Works like a charm!

    by gzgirl09

    Does exactly what it says it will and is very easy to use. A great app to get around that annoying bug.

  • Who Knew?

    by Personickty

    This is the best thing since the the Automobile, the iPhone, WD 40, and Slap Your MaMa!

  • Works great

    by TCrawf3

    Try this app. You will love it. Cuts down a lot of time using Gimp or Photoshop to resize images. Spend more time editing your photos now. Highly recommended.

  • Solves the problem

    by MRT SAH

    This absolutely fixes what I find to be the most frustrating bug in iOS7. Finally I can set the wallpapers how I want them again. Thanks! Worth the .99.

  • Works perfect:)

    by Andy Swagel

    This is the best app ever! Works perfectly!!:)

  • It gets the job done...

    by iAm addicted

    This app does a great job in simplifying the process of making an image a wallpaper. However, it’s pretty buggy. For example, a “double-tap” to make the image fullscreen moves the focus point to the far-left of the image, whereas it should center and make the point “double-tapped” the center (or close-to) of the fullscreen image. Also, rotating could be much more intuitive. However, for a dollar, I’m happy.

  • Works better than the bug

    by Bob35960

    You have to decide which is more important, landscape or portrait. If you size for landscape, switching to portrait results in ugly bands at the top/bottom. The other way, you retain something reasonable. This is no big deal since I mainly use my pad in landscape. The app does what it says, which is basically formatting your picture to advert the iOS bug. I just hope Microsoft will reimburse me for spending a dollar for finding a work around for their bug.

  • Excellent App

    by AgtScullyMD

    This app solved my problem with wallpapers on my ipad air, iphone, and ipod 5.

  • Good but could be better

    by MirrorMage

    It needs a button to center the picture in the very middle of the screen

  • Fixes iOS 7 wallpaper photos perfectly

    by Johnnyrrtb

    I cannot thank the developer of this app enough. Thank you! There are other apps that falsely claim they fix the notorious iOS 7 wallpaper background photo cropping disaster, but this app actually does this and without messing up the photos with unwanted crops. The app puts an invisible border around the photos you open in it, and then they display as the original uncropped photo as intended for wallpaper background photos. This was my biggest issue with iOS 7, but now the problem has been solved with this easy to use app. Now if this awesome developer could create a way for wallpaper photos to run the same as a desktop slideshow automatically without having to start a new slideshow, I will be so happy (I am so pleased with the many wallpaper photos that display correctly because of this app's help that I want to see them all as rotating wallpaper background photos).

  • Does what is says

    by ccmn2000

    Worked perfect for fitting wallpapers for iOS 7

  • Thank you so much for this app.

    by GuyBey0ndC00L

  • Nice

    by Timstermman

    Best fix I've found yet. Sad that I even have to buy an app to fix the wallpaper issue in IOS7.

  • Worth the price

    by KRKapple

    All the pretty wallpapers I have for this Christmas and none would fit right no matter how I edited them. Whatever this developer found WORKS and is worth the price. Many thanks.

  • Fantastic

    by Anon_Not

    Love iOS7, but the wallpaper fail was driving me nuts. Solution right here, worth every penny!

  • Fantastic

    by DonHack

    Perfect fix for the annoying wallpaper issue in iOS 7.

  • Thank you!!!!!!!

    by FOGinML

    I love this app. I can now use my photos as wallpaper without them being freakishly distorted

  • Love This App

    by Pam Venhoff

    Finally my wallpapers are back to crisp, clear and sized correctly. I love this app. Works great- just like it says it will. Very happy with it.

  • Wallpaper app

    by Michael740823

    Terrific app. Saves time trying to resize wallpaper in iOS 7 mmwaikiki

  • Pointless

    by Toby71

    Maybe helps a bit but most of the features you allready have.

  • Greatest app ever

    by BriH93

    It's the app ive been looking for since apple updated to iOS7 ! It's works like magic, I love it !!!

  • Finally Something that works!

    by Yvyvct

    It is worth the price! Very easy to use. would highly recommend anyone that has problems with their wallpaper.

  • This one works!

    by Rdhddva

    Tried a couple 'apps' that all failed to do as promised, almost ready to give up decided to try one more, this one, so glad I did, it's fantastic.

  • Works great

    by IgorNJ4

    Thank you so much for this app, works perfectly! :)

  • Awesome!!!

    by jonnyboyyates

    Best .99 cents I've ever spent. Works like a charm!! It's very easy and straight to the point. Thanks guys!

  • Amyyyyyyyyyyu826393

    by Amyyyyyyyyy826384

    Happy!!! Really works. Download and you'll be happy. Love my backgrounds now that they aren't zoomed in and pixelated!

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