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What's new in version 1.2

• Easier profile editing in place of Bio screen.
• Fixed some crashes and a lot of other bugs!

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Official app for iPhone and iPod touch.

- Simple, intuitive interface.
- Easy access to anyone you follow.
- Receive your questions anywhere. Answer anytime.
- Attach photos to your answers.
- Stay notified by push notifications.

You can contact us or report an issue at [email protected].

Customer Reviews

  • Emojis

    by Bricer898

    We need emojis on It would allow more options, and would make the app more fun and interesting


    by Durtka

    It's a fun app but you should be able to see who is following you and you should have anon back but have a way to block the person from asking questions if people get hate

  • Fix

    by Person in a world

    Bug where app crashes after scrolling down too fast..annoying

  • But....

    by Anthonito

    I came to the store specifically to write a review, which I don't usually do. I remember using ask when it was just on the Internet and wasn't on my iPhone. I love this website and I love this app. But the fact that you cannot use a non-anymore is absolutely deplorable I mean, that was the fun and it between you and your friends asking anonymous questions that you were too scared to ask people. Bring that back, we like it.

  • It was good..

    by Rosebudd38

    I loved the app when I first got it. I love receiving anonymous questions and asking other people questions. But Now that it updated, I can't ask anonymous questions to anybody. I thought maybe it was because they wouldn't let me, but I tried asking myself a question and I still couldn't ask anonymously. People keep saying reset the app, but I don't know how. And I hope they fix this.

  • Almost Good!

    by Hani1998

    2 Things I Dont Like:- 1) keyboard not updated 2) hide my name is crossed out

  • Make it better

    by Jdcm1230

    I love this app, it's entertaining. I love answering the questions but i would love it even more if I was able to use emojis . I would then rate it 5 stars . I would really appropriate it . Please and thank you

  • Somewhere in the middle

    by Akbari Uchiha

    The app is good , but the most annoying issue is that people can hide their names n ask while I can't ,, is it a bug ? Go ahead and fix it I duno why you pay your programmers if they aren't up to keep up and update their app, on this rate the app loses it's fame and just goes to the trash ban of failure apps,, just add lil effort to it and it can be something good,, it has a good concept.

  • Keyboard

    by penpenpenpen\

    Update the keyboard. Every time I see it i cringe.

  • Thank you

    by PathMax


  • Just go to the website......

    by Kiki1555

    Why is everyone complaining when you can still ask anonymous questions on the website? Are you guys just stupid or too lazy to or both because honestly it's really easy to realize. I like the app because it's easy to answer questions and post pics But when I want to ask an anon question I just go on the official website. Guys, use your brains.

  • Used to love it a lot

    by Ry

    Ok so this app was made to ask questions not to tell people something so i don't understand y they would take off anon cuz maybe its an embarrassing question or they dont want them to know who it is? I dont understand why they would take it off any way. Just because of bullying? Well then if they find that out they should get there account removed instead of doing that to the whole app. So i would say get it but be careful of what questions you ask

  • Just want to

    by Ply800

    Sup guys I just wanted to make things better

  • Please watch??

    by ayooitsdaniela:) 'site'allows you have anon questions. So go their instead. And its the app's bug. Apparently which they havent fixed for iphone Its still great to use but its just the anon part is off because apparently people dont know how to use the anon button nicely.

  • Help

    by Ggdhhshisb

    I can't ask any anonymous questions, this is a really good app to ask people questions and if you guys could make it anonymous again that would be great

  • by Dhdjshshssg

    We should be able to answer with emojis

  • Glitches

    by Not so picky Nikki

    When I first got it a couple months ago it was working fine and now I can't ask people questions anonymously.

  • Anon.

    by Bailey Martinez is awesone

    Please please take it back to anon questions.... Honestly nobody askes anymore questions now that, anon if off.... Please fix

  • Annon

    by Jeffi ricaldo

    After the update i cant ask annon,please fix it.Thankyou

  • Its Okay..

    by CindyForever15

    It Doesn't Let Me Be Anonymous On My iPhone

  • Used To Be Good

    by Uncopyable__

    This App Was Amazing At First But Now That The Dumb Choice Of Taking Anonymous Questions Off Was Made I No Longer Care For This App,, Like If You Took It Off For Bullying Reasons Then That's Ok But Whoever Was Getting Bullies Should Have Know That Social Media Has A lot Of Butt Holes On It.... Why Don't We Do This ,, Put Anonymous Back On And Then Add A Bully Check Option Where The App Checks For Bullying Before Sending The Question And Also The People Getting Bullied Don't Have To Do Anything But Delete The Question From Their Ask Box Because Anonymous Questions Are Exciting And Fun And If People Are Too Soft To Not Be Able To Delete A Simple Bully Comment Then Why Do They Have An Ask??

  • UGHH

    by Dill & Thumper

    I love but you need to fix anonymous question asking on the app! It shows a line through "hide my name." FIX IT PLEASE!

  • Worst App Created

    by LIBBY1843

    This app is the best way to commit cyberbullying and get away with it. It's pointless and it should be permanently removed.

  • One Star.

    by Cutiewithabigbooty

    Don't like the app anymore. It's boring & no one wants to ask questions... *deletes app*

  • Fix anon

    by Gggfdhbd

    If so robes getting bullied they can turn it off themselves. Bringing back Anon will make the app so much better


    by Channel forever

    There are a lot of cyber bullies . They also make fake accounts . Ask. Fm doesn't do anything about bullying . They also want you to pay them for the help . It's terrible. Just don't download . Thanks .

  • Needs an Update

    by spawluk76

    This app is simply the worst. I used to go on here frequently and tell people positive things as an anon, and ask questions to get to know people, and also to try and matchmake some of my friends anonymously. I hate that now I don't have the option to ask people anonymously, yet I get creeps who send me horny anon questions. Is there simply a way we can flag questions in our "inbox" and those users who ask these inappropriate questions will get reviewed?!

  • Put anon back !

    by SaneGeraldo

    For all the people saying anon is bad because of bullying well those people have the option to allow or disallow anon questions. Its an unreasonable thing to take anon off if that was the whole point of the app.

  • ??

    by brianaislikeasuperthug

    Why can't i ask questions anonymously anymore? Until I can get that feature back i give it 2 stars. I'll give it 5 when i can be anonymous again!! >:(

  • It won't connect to Facebook.

    by AllyKatt54

    I've had this issue for months now. Every time I try to share my profile or connect to Facebook it says: "Communication error (44)" I'd really like for this issue to be resolved because this is a very cool app.

  • Can't ask anonymously?

    by ...I ain't tellin' you...

    The whole point of the app was so you can ask people questions without them knowing who you are. Some people don't feel comfortable asking people questions. But the actual point of ask was to ask anonymous questions. If you get bullied, block the person, turn off anon questions, or delete the app. (That sounded mean, I didn't intend for it to). There a button you can use to turn off anonymous questions. If you don't want anon questions, turn them off. Simple.

  • Won't let me sign up

    by Blahblahblahswoop

    Why won't the app let me even sign up and keeps saying 'system error' ? Please fix

  • Won't let me sign up

    by Blahblahblahswoop

    Why won't the app let me even sign up and keeps saying 'system error' ? Please fix

  • Bully Victims Kinda Had It Coming...

    by cn klogdehkly

    Ok so i agree with the reviewers who say ask should bring back the anon checkbox . I know they deleted it because too many people were being bullied but honestly...thats kind of their fault . Why invite bullies in to make fun of you on the internet ?? Why make an account where peope can ask or tell you anything they want and not get caught ? Like i know some bullying you can't stop , but dont be stupid . Atleast control what you can like come on . If you make an ask and you know people bully you or dont like you then you kinda had that coming . Dont ruin it for everyone else because you cant handle either the truth or because you dont like what people say . If you cant accept that then ask wasnt made for you lol . #sorrynotsorry

  • Anonymous

    by 19Garcia99

    Bring Anonymous back it's no fun with it not being able to use.

  • No Anon

    by The awesome 1of all!!!!!

    Ugh I really need anon but I can't do it!!

  • Disappointed

    by Cutecountryprincess

    The anon button isn't working and that was my favorite part, getting random questions from people i may or may not know... Please fix it.

  • Blind

    by Ahmad alsayed

    Hello I am one of the Visually impared I use on my iPhone The Application doesn't accessible with voice over There are 4 taps in Ask voice over doesn't speak these taps


    by Alex Walker


  • What the?!?

    by Tremane28

    I can't ask anon questions anymore via app. Fix this pls.

  • get back anonymous

    by taylorwisedood

    Stooopiddsss get back anonymous

  • Communicatin Error (44)

    by Victorialynn06

    I can't get it to post to my twitter. I put in the correct info and then is says "Communication Error 44"


    by 286840

    This app use to be really fun but now you can't even hide your name when you ask a question so it's useless. Not only that but I can't even put the link in my Instagram bio so it's more convenient to ask me a question. Instead of taking the hide name option off you should ban swear words. I am very disappointed in this app. (It makes you rate this app but tbh giving it 1 star is being nice this app deserves no stars!)

  • Anonymous questions?

    by Walter Aguilar

    Where are the anonymous questions, it just says hide name crossed in red, FIX ASAP!

  • S.H.I.T.

    by _Everyone__

    You need to put anon back on. If you took it off for bullying that's stupid. The people that were getting bullied to a point where it got really bad, should of deleted those account and made a new one. Why punish everyone in here for their idiotic actions?!

  • Bad

    by Urs truly, me

    I can't ask anonymous questions it won't let me. Not worth my time. At first mine worked but now it says hide name crossed out in red and i can't ask a question without my name popping up. Disappointing.

  • Good App but starting to fade

    by D_whitty

    It is still a good app but it gets pretty boring when you don't get asked any questions for the people that are complaining about not asking annon question just go on the website and ask there that's what I do

  • What's this?

    by Please help this

    Hey, i'm not Russian I know Ukrainian friend but i don't know Russian Why can use other language?? Hey, hey i need other language!! Because i want to talk Ukrainian in English I need Korean or English Good Luck. plz plz UPDATE

  • Cool!

    by Noorhan Monti

    Good App

  • Needs An Update.. ASAP

    by Friendly Planter

    To those who support the fact that took away anonymous questions because of bullying - cry me a river. Cyberbullying is literally the most stupid thing ever. I'm surprised people even get affected by Cyberbullying. Look, no one likes to be bullied, right? But online, on YOUR own account, you have the power and control over those who Cyberbully you. Not just on Ask, but almost everywhere. It's called a block button. "Oh but blocking someone doesn't help the fact you saw their rude comment." You have self-esteem issues if you just said that to yourself. Ask provides us a 'Allow Anonymous Questions' button for a reason, if you don't want Cyberbullies on your Ask, switch that option off! Now, on to the app, the fact we aren't allowed to ask anonymous questions anymore isn't our only problem. This app needs an iOS 7 update right now, it's the least the app designers can give us. I bet the people who run this app are reading and scrolling past all these reviews, even mine perhaps, and just sleep on it. If you are reading this and you have a part in designing this app, PLEASE do your community a favor and improve your app.

  • Bad...

    by Asean121

    I can't even choose anonymous anymore please fix

  • Whats the Point?

    by Winter Murphy

    The while point of the app is to adk annonomous questions, you compketely defeated the point why dont you just delete the app

  • I can't hide my name

    by Nassarovic

    But in website i Can do this

  • Im disappointed its stupid now

    by Dancer4evz

    We need more new questions and to be able to ask anonymously

  • It needs updated

    by EmBolt

    I love ask but the thing I really hate is that it won't let me ask anonymously I think it's a bug but other wise that's my only problem

  • It's.. Well

    by 1234 :) Selena

    I WANT ANONYMOUS BACK!!!!!! But other wise I like it(:

  • Terrible

    by Xiosbdkj used to be good until you guys took away anonymous questions on the app. Very disappointed.

  • VIDEO!

    by Julianafranco1297

    When someone answers with a video i cant see that, you guys should fix that because it'd be so cool tbh, i think its a great idea

  • It's a great app, but it has a bug

    by Delhi blu

    I find the ask app very,very good and useful, I have a problem though, whenever I ask a question, I can't ask them anonymously

  • Anonymous Needed!

    by BaddestBit

    I hate the fact I can't ask anonymous questions anymore. If people have phrases like "kill yourself" and "you should just die" then THEIR anonymous option should be taken away.✋

  • ANON???

    by Firestar798

    I used to use this app all the time. I loved asking people ANONYMOUSLY really fun and crazy questions but no. Just because some people don't know how to just ignore stupid trolls on the internet we canter anyone use anon as an option. I think this is ridiculous and completely ruined the app. Never disappointed. Wake up you fools and make the citizens happy.

  • Anonymous questions???

    by Hahajjfoskxjd

    Anonymous questions is what is all about and with the app you can't??? That's kinda stupid.



    Bring back anonymous. That's what was for why the hell did you change it. If people have issues with bullying, they can turn off anon themselves.

  • anonymous

    by CYNTHIAwbu

    i dont like that you cant ask anonymous thats the whole point if the app -_-

  • Missing my friends

    by Kay Kay Kray

    I want to have my followers from Instagram. I don't have a twitter or a Facebook, and I want to ask my friends questions


    by Kimburlaay '

    Fix now , this is a moor issue , that's the whole point of this app .

  • Bug issue

    by Cookieknife

    Pretty good app but, there's a bug where we can't ask anonymous questions? Please fix this! Thanks

  • Anon needs to be back.

    by Idk who i am but i am hot

    i get no mor questions and its boring

  • Huh

    by TheOneZombieGuy

    I can't ask anonymous anymore since the update. Really?!? Also we should be able to use all the emojis.

  • ipad

    by tylerisbasic

    can you make this app available for ipad and ipad mini?

  • Brink back anonymous questions!

    by gtwrestler88

    It's a useless app if I can't have fun with my friends by asking funny questions and not having my name take up space

  • Guzel

    by Lotumert

    Simdi uygulama iz veri gud ama iz anonimus veri veri bed bi tane human gelmis ask soruo namesi gozukuo yapmayin bole ama okey pliz yes gud veri tenk


    by FallCrazyInHope

    Your app doesn't allow the user to send anonymous questions which is the whole point of your product. It's absolutely useless until you fix this. Thankfully your website still works but it's very inconvenient when you're on your phone. FIX YOUR APP!!!!

  • Anonymous

    by Dance23179

    The non-anonymous stinks so you should bring anonymous questions back to get 5 stars but for now, -1 stars

  • No

    by Sagittariusdragon


  • Put back anon

    by jojsas

    PLEASE LET USERS ASK ANON. It doesn't let us anymore!!!!

  • Can't wait just downloaded


    But from the screen shots I hope you will update the keyboard and stuff

  • Change

    by Batchofcookiess

    Make a option to be anonymous

  • Love it!

    by Morgan R. J.

    I love the app, it's a great way for me to talk to my friends. Couple things should change though. First, a delete button to delete questions that you have already answered. Also, new questions. I keep getting questions that I've already answered, it gets annoying. Other than that, it's a great app.


    by Jletumbler189262

    This app is so stupid now.! I think you should fix it. I hate how you can't ask anonymous questions. Please fix it. It's getting annoying.

  • Good

    by Mami_Chula_Sanders

    I love it!!! But anonymous questions are only available on the online version. Plus, we need to be able to use emojis

  • I hate it

    by thingnumber3

    This used to be one of my favorite apps but now I just get bullied non-stop, I wish when u actually report someone they can't ask you anymore questions. I suggest you don't get it.

  • anonymous questions?

    by ToriGee

    why can't I check the box that says "hide my identity" or something like that? there's a line going through it.

  • It was awesome

    by NQ4

    I can't ask anonymously I want to hide my username

  • wanting anonymous back.

    by SmileyTaylee

    just like every one else I want anonymous back. that's the whole point of ask. no one likes the change, this app of down to 2 stars now probably mostly because of that... and everyone is giving it one star because of that. People are saying that it's because of bullying issues and I totally understand that!! but if there could an option on your account that people can ask you anon questions or not. I think people were saying that there is but I can't find it!!! I'm close to deleting it because there's no point now.

  • I would give it -5 stars if I could

    by Ahmad AlSalama

    What's the point of this app if we can't ask anonymous questions?


    by Kikoflove

    It won't let me hide my name!

  • jonathan__bjj

    by ilovedianaluu

    I liked this app better with the anon. That was the only reason why the app was fun. Now, the questions don't have anonymous anymore. It's not right for the rest of the people who want anonymous back. If people wanna kill themselves because people taunt & hate, let them. it's their choice wether to listen, or not to listen. it's not fair to the rest of us. I support that people shouldn't get bullied, but that doesn't mean they should take the fun away an other peoples life's. I've been bullied on ask before, but I just ignore & delete. It literally is that simple. or they can just tell someone. We want the anonymous available. can we at least get a petition? anything? I miss having the anon. Thanks.

  • Update for iOS 7

    by AymanBedaiwi


  • I'm over this app.

    by SarahDoll<3

    This app use to be my favorite thing but now that you can't ask anonymous questions it's taken away all the fun of it. I sincerely wish they would give that option back because I'm over this.

  • Anonymous

    by Free8744

    Just put anonymous back on for us

  • Fix it

    by Pooh BayBee

    Use to be cool until the anonymous went away. We enjoyed anonymous for the fun.

  • Are you kidding me?

    by Omgwas herezxx

    No more anonymous?. I deleted the app no more

  • Seriously

    by Chickenforyou

    This app was Amazing until the update. You guys need to add anon back! You app is pointless and it's not only me complaining about this it seems like everyone is. You are getting bad ranks and nobody is going to get your app. You need to do a lot of work on it and update it more. Like what EVERY APP DOES. It's so boring and ugly, change it up a bit

  • Anonymous

    by Maddy_elliston

    I loved this app. But now that they took anonymous away I'm not really loving it anymore.

  • If I could give it half a star I would!!

    by Could not think

    I used to LOVE this app! 99% of the fun was the anonymity feature. You can see clearly that your rating went wayyyyy down! Why don't you just fix it? Why have the "allow anonymous questions" feature, if you can't do it anyway!!??

  • Anon

    by Fred o red

    This app used to be fun but after anon was removed I found no use for the app. I found myself using safari for ask

  • No more anonymous?

    by Amber Kkkk:)

    I used to love this app so much... Now it's very boring. I mean I agree with the staff via bullying and everything, but the kids getting all the hate can just delete the app or learn to ignore it. I received hate and honestly it was probably someone who was jealous of me at the time or something. It doesn't matter; I ignored it. But now I can't ask anonymous questions to anyone anymore, and sometimes I see other people still can? This is confusing to me.

  • WHAT

    by Purpleloversami3322

    No more anon question asking....? What's the point of having the app then. Fix please!!! If people are bullied then they can just turn off receive anonymous questions

  • hate it now DONT DOWLOAD THIS APP

    by Anonymousbbbm

    There's no more anonymous questions... really pisses me off I hope whoever created this realizes that they ruined there own app.

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