Find My iPhone Utilities App Review (iOS, Free)

  • Category: Utilities
  • Publisher: Apple
  • Updated: Jun, 18 2010
  • Version: 3.0
  • Size: 4.89 MB

Languages: Arabic, Catalan, Chinese, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Greek, HE, Hungarian, ID, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese

Seller: Apple Inc.

• Find My iPhone has been updated with an all new design for iOS 7.

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If you misplace your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Mac, the Find My iPhone app will let you use another iOS device to find it and protect your data. Simply install this free app on another iOS device, open it, and sign in with the Apple ID you use for iCloud. Find My iPhone will help you locate your missing device on a map, remotely lock it, play a sound, display a message, or erase all the data on it.

If the iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch you want to locate is running iOS 6 or later, Find My iPhone also includes Lost Mode. Lost Mode locks your missing device with a passcode and can display a custom message and contact phone number right on the Lock Screen. While in Lost Mode, your device can also keep track of where it has been so you can view its recent location history from the Find My iPhone app.

Please note that Find My iPhone must be enabled in the iCloud settings on your device before you can locate it with this app.


• Locate your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Mac on a map

• Play a sound for two minutes at full volume (even if your device is set to silent)

• Remotely lock your device with a passcode
• Display a custom message on the Lock Screen

• Remotely erase all the content and settings on your device

• Lost Mode (iOS 6 or later)

• Driving directions to device location (iOS 6 or later)

• Battery charge indicator

Supported languages: English, Arabic, Catalan, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Traditional Chinese, Turkish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese

• Find My iPhone 3.0 requires iOS 7 or later and an iCloud account. You can create a free iCloud account on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.
• Wi-Fi or cellular internet connection is required. To be located, your iPad with Wi-Fi, iPod touch, or Mac must be connected to the Internet via a registered Wi-Fi network. Your Mac must also be awake.

• Lost Mode requires the missing device to have iOS 6 or later installed.

Customer Reviews

  • Chief

    by Moorison

    Works 99% of the time, all the time. Bravo and thank you, saved me 600$

  • Does this app help you find a dead iPhone

    by Zolobo

    I lost my iPhone 5 and to my luck it had no battery left and I still can't find it

  • Thank you, Apple

    by ChantelleM515

    Just bought my first iPhone - beautiful new white 5S gold. Left phone in bathroom at a music show downtown. Realized while still there and checked at bar multiple times, no one had turned it in. Had to leave and heard about this app. Didn't have app installed on my phone but since I use iCloud and have location turned on it still located it. Put my phone in lost mode and locked it and as soon as I did that, it was turned in at the bar and the bartender called my friends phone to let me know (CB# feature of app). Take that, thieves! Thanks, Apple! Sincerely, broke YP with no $ for new phone

  • Easy

    by Brainy chick

    I ur phone is lost or stolen then this is the easiest thing!

  • Love it

    by Cyntroy

    So never really knew how this worked. Yea probably should have asked my kids. Anyway went to an apple workshop and they showed me this app. Love it I don't have to tell my hubby to call me so I can find my phone. My kid with special needs has a communication app and takes iPad to school this makes me feel a little better if he loses it hopefully we can locate it. But hope that does not happen.. Glad to hear in the news when people find the bad people that steal our iPhones and iPads


    by Whitney Greenwell

    I was at a party last night and somehow lost my phone. I had this app on my phone so I went on someone else's phone, logged in, and it showed me exactly where it was (across town). So I went to the exact address, set off the sound and found it! So incredibly helpful!

  • Awesome app

    by Hockeeboy

    A few weeks ago we lost an iphone at a restaurant and we couldn't find it so I downloaded the app and we tracked and got it back. I love this app.

  • Love this app so much

    by Makael48

    Every one with a apple product should get this app. I lost my iPhone at school and someone took it. I got this app on my moms phone and we finally got my phone back

  • Life Saver!

    by Southnpimp

    My friends car got stolen, he had his phone in his car. He uses my phone to track where his phone was. After tracking phone we were able to let the local police know the location and got to witness a car chase, luckily we got the car back 2hrs later. Best App!

  • Awesome

    by Iewssssssssss

    Must have

  • Good app

    by Joshj826

    Very useful

  • cat food

    by brittany5555

    Found my phone in a bag of cat food, where I had sleepily dropped it while feeding my cat. Awesome app.

  • Best app ever !!

    by iPAulie3000

    So I dropped my iphone without noticing somewhere on my college campus in a snow storm , didn't realized until I got back to my room . I immediately downloaded the app on my iPad and this app was able to help me find where I had dropped it on campus and play a sound on it even though it was buried under 2 feet of snow !!! No way I would've found it without this app. Thank you !!!

  • Iraq

    by Mu7afas

    Very good

  • Happy ending.

    by Elevator Dr.

    At Angel Stadium for Monster Energy Supercross. At the end my wife left her purse at our seating area. We were gone for 30 seconds and when I returned her purse was gone. Wallet, new prescription sunglasses and her iphone were in her purse. She told me about this app and I downloaded it immediately. Got it started, pinged the phone and the app showed the phone was still in parking lot near street exit. Me and my friends ran to the area 300 feet away. No luck. The exit area like a parking lot, lots of cars crawling out but no way to know which car had the phone. After a few minutes we realized if the phone is moving, you must continue to ping it for updated location. We tracked it to a burger joint then to a residence. The home was a fourplex and gps gave us 2 different addresses. Talk to local PD, not much help there. Called the phone several times, no answer. Went home, slept. Next morning pinged the phone again, still at thefts house. I used the message option on this app to write a kind request. Described the burger place, wrote his address in message, asked for just the phone back for med. info stored on phone, put my number on message. The purse with all contents (except cash and iphone case) was returned within 45 minutes. No questions asked, just happy to get everything back. Great app.

  • Great ....

    by OlinCarter

    Love to have it ....Its very useful App.....

  • If it wasn't for this app my phone would be gone

    by Evaskay


  • Amazing!

    by Maclover382928

    Easy to use, "find my device" sound is loud and clear. Very accurate in position. Marvels of modern technology in finding misplaced items!

  • Awesome !!

    by Cud94i

    Found my iPod touch with the "Play Sound" feature ...I knew this app would come in handy some day.

  • Exactly what I needed

    by heyyou9999999

    This app ended a three day search for my phone after it got stuck deep inside a piece of office furniture. It's features are supremely useful.

  • Horrible!!!

    by coco202

    This app keeps saying waiting and I cannot even delete it please fix ASAP!!!

  • Unreliable

    by DongyKong

    The other day I lost my iPad and tried using this app to find it. Said it was offline. A few days later I got an email from the person who found it saying that my iPad had received an email, displaying a notification that gave her my email. Funny, I didn't know iPads could receive emails while offline. Today I tried out the app again because I thought I had lost my iPad again. Said it was offline. Later found it in my apartment where I have consistent wifi. Fed up, I sat my iPhone and iPad right next to each other and went on find my iPhone on both devices. Apparently, they're both offline, and now I find myself encouraged to write this review.

  • Hmmm...

    by alimr313

    The app used to work just fine until the recent updates. But now whenever I try to track the iPod I'm using to track it, it shows up as offline. That only used to show up when my WiFi was down or the device was turned off, not when it was up and running. Can you please fix this?

  • Piss me off

    by mikenastyyy

    Safemode locks the iPhone with the same passcode when the person that stole my phone already knows the code!!! SMH THIS IS A FAIL

  • Poor

    by Bihicrbiichoebxshceo

    Doesn't work that good. Has a lot of disturbs. Even if someone has location ON. It shows it's turned off. I am having so much troubles with it

  • Help please

    by Linzd98

    A little kid took my ipod and deleted the app deleted off my ipod which is ios 5 and i cant get it back i lose my ipod a lot and i really need it

  • Broken after iOS 7

    by WheezyG

    This app no longer works since I updated. All my devices show up as offline when they are not.

  • Worthless

    by BarryFam

    If you lose or misplace your phone or ipad, most likely it will run out of batteries. My kids do it all the time. This app NEVER helps! Make sure your phone or ipad is charged 100% before you lose it or it's stolen. Otherwise forget ever finding it with this app.

  • Question

    by elegantabatha

    Does this work for any smartphone? Or does it just have to be am iPhone?

  • Bad on location accuracy

    by Can't find my phone

    The location is only good if you need to know within a mile or two where your phone is. This app used to show that your phone was in the house but after the update it shows down the street or across town.

  • Get an update soon

    by Analeigh3

    Get rid of that green circle. What kind of programmers do you have working on this app ???????

  • Bad

    by Luiz botelho

    It doesnt work nomatter how much i try

  • Doesn't let me connect

    by Tanner jaxon

    I don't like the new update because it doesn't let me track my phone unless if my phone is connected to wifi and it's so annoying because with the old update I was able to track my phone without wifi and now I have to without wifi. So now no one can track their phones unless if the phone has wifi...... Thanks for nothing

  • Can't find the app

    by peachy_girl

    I tried to download this app on my iPad mini but for some reason it's not showing on my home screen. I don't know what's going on but I hope this gets fixed so I can give this app 5 stars.

  • What the heck

    by Billy bob12345678910

    What the heck if maps dosent need wifi to find you why does this need wifi to locate an ipad?! Also tested it and it said I was a block away from where I was fix the wifi thing and MABEY 4 stars

  • Good Idea... but Flawed

    by always awn

    I used to think this was a good app, and to be fair I still will use it. But, if my phone is ever off or has a dead battery it will not show up. From what I understand is that it used to keep the last known location displayed but it doesn't do that anymore. What good is an app that is supposed to be for finding your phone when lost if it doesn't show you where it was. The only usefull feature of this app is the ability of sending a tone to allert people to its location if it ever gets turned back on. What the iPhone needs is a way for it to turn itself back on after like 12 hours so that it can be found.

  • Fix it

    by 6543happy

    Fix it couldn't find my phone


    by Amazed

    I never write reviews but after being able to recover my phone w this app I just have to :) long story short lost my phone at a shopping center came home tracked my phone called the cops and thankful was able to recover my phone!! If u don't have this app you need it!

  • Not cool

    by Haj mehti

    I dont like it

  • Amazing app

    by Shady Ali

    Really thanks apple the app helped me returns my iPhone back after being stole.

  • Amazing

    by Sexyman1367467

    I didn't think this was going to work but it worked when I needed was time for me to go home and couldn't find it so I used the app and I used the sound and it was in a cabinet which my little cousin put it in

  • Great superb app

    by Bra_derniz

    Great work done by apple.

  • 9952

    by Prettyflowers30622603


  • Needs something added

    by Rocky blue baby

    I love this app cause it really works.When my phone got stole it was easy to locate.But I think that there should be something that y'all should do.Like when the iPhone is off and the only way we can locate it if it's on and they are by wifi or they have 3G or 4G.Try to up date it so we can find our phones if it's off.

  • Wonderfully made

    by Pdf25

    Find my iPhone or iPad is a wonderful application to own. It tracks your device without stress. This app helped me recover my stolen and sold ipad. I could not believe it. I recommend it to every iPhone and iPad owner, it is in deed a must have. Trust me, this is all you need to find your lost or stolen iPhone or iPad. Thank you for this app.

  • No more battery information??

    by Jt710gt

    Why whenever you make an update would you remove one of the most helpful features... The new version shows you how to map to your phones general area (wow... So helpful). Yet removes the feature that allowed you to see how much battery life remained. Really? Why? So now when I have to determine at what point I want to erase it or try and knock door to door until I find it. At least by having the battery life I knew how much time I had before I needed to erase all info...

  • -_-

    by Whythehelldoyoucare

    Because my iPod is off it can't connect to the internet. Then it can't be tracked making me unable to find it. Thanks apple for be worthless.

  • Recovered iPhone

    by Chakkiben

    This app got my iPhone back yesterday after someone picked it up from the grocery store and took it 6 miles to their apt. I notified police of their exact location and the officer was able to recover it within minutes. Thanks to the power of this app and good police work.

  • Almost lost my phone!

    by MBK293

    Left my phone in a grocery cart - it was found, but not returned. I was able to track where it was and left messages to the person who had it, including locking my phone, offering a reward for bringing it back, appealing to my need for it, and letting the guy know we knew where he was on a map and would have to send the police if it wasn’t returned. IT WAS! Such great information to have - once someone knows your phone is of no value to them as it is locked and that you are able to locate them, there is so much more motivation to be a “good guy” and return it to the person who needs it the most - the rightful owner! SO HAPPY WITH THIS APP!

  • It's great but...

    by Yekselev

    I was wondering can you cross ID the app like if I'm lost and I have my iPad and my mom has the app but a different ID, she could find me on her phone, can the creators release an update with that. Was wondering.

  • Spoiled

    by Dquerry

    Wow Emily you're really freaking spoiled.


    by mmstmym

    This app has saved me from getting my phone probably taken from someone random. I was at a dance competition and I threw my phone on my bag. When I came back from performing it wasn't there and I just knew someone had taken it. I was so angry and I asked literally everyone if they had taken my phone. I just knew someone would actually tell me if they took my phone. So I got my iPad out and downloaded this app and I eventually located my iPhone to literally where I was. So I turned on the sound and it turned out to be in my friends bag. I was so angry at her. She knew my password and she could get into everything in my phone. Thankfully for this app I wouldn't have gotten in trouble and my friend wouldn't have gotten into my phone.

  • Lose the giant iphone bubble

    by Daldiscochk

    This app WAS a 5 star until you messed it up with the ios 7 update. The green dot was way easier to place than the giant picture of the phone or iPad. It gets in the way and is not nearly as accurate as it used to be. PLEASE GO BACK AND FIX IT. WHY DID YOU CHANGE SOMETHING THAT WASNT BROKEN???

  • Great app

    by ileeadvine

    This app works. It saved me from having to buy a new phone. It gave me the exact address to where the thief lived. I highly recommend.

  • helpful

    by claiiremalik

    I lost my phone in the winter and there was snow EVERYWHERE so when I dropped my phone I was so scared (I had my new iPhone 5S for only a month). later when I was with my dad, we found the phone buried under the snow, with the help from the sound. I found my phone and I was so happy.

  • saved my life

    by Cookiemon34

    Why is this only a 3.5 rated app? I had no idea what location my phone was in and I downloaded this app on my pals phone and you can press a "play sound" button that plays a sound even when your phone is on silent!(which I keep my phone in) amazing app

  • Awesome !!!

    by Tanya78

    My daughters iPhone 5c was stolen today at 11am and the police retrieved it at 6:30pm suspect in jail phone back in one piece thanks for an awesome app that actually works and saved me from buying another new phone !!

  • Erase option needs password protection

    by Cruises523

    Please add a password option to confirm erasing the iPhone. My granddaughter got a hold of phone and accidentally erased the phone. Other than that it's awesome!

  • Great

    by Hope, love, & faith

    It doesn't have a lot in the help. I couldn't figure out how to add another iPod so now I can't find my stolen iPod! D':

  • So grateful for this app!

    by jcastrillon08

    I lost my iPhone last night in the ER. My phone ended getting thrown into the dirty linen pile because I forgot it on the stretcher. I went back to the ER with my iPad which showed it was still in the hospital. The spot it was showing up at was the area where they take the dirty linens. After making it play the little sound we found the phone! I disinfected it and now I'm reunited with my baby haha. But I never would have found it without the app, so THANK YOU Apple! :)

  • Saved me

    by Oslexon

    Used this on my sisters phone to find my white iPhone 5 that I dropped in the snow

  • Love, love, LOOOVE it.<3

    by Northwest Texas

    I think this is one of the coolest apps out there, honestly. I have a 2 year old daughter and 1 year old twin boys so needless to say, our iPhones come up missing a lot! It's nice because not only does it show the address of the phone, but you can set off an alert to find it! Even if your phone is on silent, the alarm goes off. I definatly recommend this app to anyone and everyone! It can definatly be a lifesaver :)

  • Pretty Good

    by MayaD18

    I like this app a lot. Sometimes it helps me when I don't know where my phone or iPad is. But, I don't really like the part when if the device is powered off, you can't locate it.

  • Pretty good

    by Shkemmerz

    It's wonderful... But just so u know it just tells you the address but it's still pretty helpful. You can also make it make a noise so you can find it even if the sound is off. You can leave a message so if anybody has it then you can tell them how to give it to you or something. So it's pretty wonderful.

  • What happened?!?!??

    by Mz. Wanna91

    This use to be a great app because I am very careless with phone I mean I stay layin them around nd forgetting where I put them nd I use this app to track my iPad all da time but now I have noticed that it is tracking all wrong I mean I can track myself nd it will shows that I'm in a whole different location this glitch needs to be fixed NOW!!!! Plz nd thanx until den this get 2 stars.

  • Thanks. I guess.

    by DrQuerida

    I'm sure that no one ever rushes home to use the "Find my iPhone app"

  • Very useful

    by Jnasser14

    One of the most useful apps I've ever owned! Love it!

  • Savior

    by Xx_UKO_xX

    It helped me when a couple of kids took my phone and I couldn't find it but a friend had this app and tracked those kids down

  • Good app

    by Nicole One

    I love it! A very useful for me . But make sure location show . Peace (*_*)--P

  • Locate Feature not 100% guarantee

    by Xantithor

    So I'm at home and misplaced my iPhone. Figured it would be no big deal, and use this app on my iPad to locate it. The app told me my phone was offline, and sending a sound to it would only work if online. After spending some time I located my phone, and it was connected to my home WiFi. Now with the phone in my hand, and browsing the internet on it I clicked the app on the iPad to locate my phone. Still says my phone was offline.

  • Sucky needs work

    by Madi122jddhd

    I can't find my old ipod on on it because it doesn't have iCloud on it and get a more advanced map like google earth but more

  • Can't remove

    by mindygarland

    I have taken my iPods into an apple store to get fixed. They have been replaced because the warranty was still good. It shows that I have two active iPods that I don't own because of that fact and I cannot remove them unless they are connected to the internet. I thought that they were removed when I took them in for a switch/repair

  • Saved me!

    by Daniel King

    This app is incredible. I lost my phone when I fell in the snow but by the time I realized, it was too late. It was gone. I was able to lock the screen, set an alert with a number to call, and found it in a house a block away. After confronting the home owner, he confessed he picked it up. Whether he was planning for keeps or going to turn it in, who knows. But I was able to get it back! Thanks.

  • POS since iCloud

    by silverado26

    Have to set up a matching iCloud account with every device now. My wife's, kids, and mine. One more hoop to jump through!

  • Horrible new layout and insanely slow

    by Hon2Chan

    The new ios7 layout is horrible and so slippery when looking at the map of the devices. The app is now much slower than the ios6 version

  • phone saver-must have app!!!

    by Less123

    If you are the type of person who is on the go or if you "misplace" wallets, keys, PHONES, often... then this is the app for you! I can't tell you how many times this app has helped me Find My iPhone, lol!! Not only does it locate your phone but it also plays a sound for you to locate it and you can remotely erase your information, if you needed to. This is an app that I recommend to all my friends with Apple products.

  • Saved my life i dont know how many time!

    by Me90876

    I track my iPhone 5S, iPhone 4S, iPad mini, my siblings 4th gen iPod's, and the list keeps going. Play a noise and we can find them when ever we miss place them. Great app.

  • This saved me!

    by MylissaR

    Someone found my lost phone with the message saying it was lost, and all they had to do was push the call button on the screen and it called my home phone. Thank God for this app!

  • Awesome

    by Awesome dude !!!!4113

    Have no words!!!JUST AMAZING

  • Doesn't Work On iPod?

    by Squasho54

    This app always said my iPod was offline when it was connected to the internet...tried everything it seems like, but it still doesn't work...

  • Makes my life so much easier!

    by SEMCB

    I use this app at least twice a week!! I always lose my phone everywhere I go. You can search the location so I know to continue to look at home or to drive back to the store to look for it

  • Recovered my lost iPad

    by 712biggar

    Well this app saved me when I forgot my iPad in the shopping mall, I was doing a bid of shopping with my 3yr old son and when I was done I forgot my iPad in the trolley I was pushing around the mall. It was only after an hour I realized that my iPad was missing so I panicked for a while and as I was driving back to the mall I remembered that I can track my iPad using my iPhone so I did that luckily it was showing that the iPad was still in the mall, and when I got to the parking where I left the trolley the iPad was not there but I followed the signal to a particular store and when I was near I requested the app to play a sound on my missing device and there it was by the counter someone had taken it to that store and reported it lost and I found two employees of that store (ladies) trying to get the device to shut up as it was making noise

  • It needs to locate dead electronic devices!!!

    by Awesomeness :3

    I like this app but everytime I tried looking for my dead phone, it never located it!!!! Please update this. This is a MUST!!!!!

  • A must have!

    by CATTT1991

    I believe all apple owners should have this app installed! Very important part of your device.

  • how am I supposed to use this app

    by Ctownville

    I installled this app in case I ever lost my phone. Well I lost my phone and can't figure out how to enabe the app which would be very helpful at the moment.

  • WIFI Only

    by JustPlainJen

    It's great...if you want to find a device that's connected to a wifi network. In other words, worthless for a device without wifi turned on and/or connected.

  • Wow

    by Wildfire6

    This app is truly "wow". I can't get over that when my dad lost his phone that it was able to lock his phone and send a message too it, I was also astonished when it gave me the address of his phone and pointed to where it was (the middle of Sheridan). No kidding people's this app works.


    by Unknown. 1233

    my sisters iPad was stolen and found it with this app!

  • Finally something that works!!!!!!

    by HarryStylesLoverForeverrr

    So I lost my iPhone 5 at the groceries story!!!! I got on my iPad air ( works great on iPad ) clicked on the sound to play the sound and the sound played so loud it echoed in the store I found it in a basket in Side a purse! So this was a life saver thank u!!

  • My Phone!!! I left it in the cab.

    by Ramiro Segovia

    When we got home I finally realized I left my phone in the cab. And I had it on silent. I remembered I had this app and logged on my friends phone and sure enough it was traveling the streets of Los Angeles. We got on my car and started following the map. After twenty minutes of dipping through back streets we found the driver parked in front of a club. Surprised to see us, Mr. Cab driver open the back of his van. And there it was...MY iPHONE!!! This app is dope! And we had a blast tracking my phone. Highlight of the night!!!

  • 10000% perfect!!!!!

    by Eka_13

    Thank you this app is amazing. TOTALLY RECOMMEND IT! :D<3333


    by Fat

    I was at Costco in one city and had dropped my phone. I got home and downloaded this app and my phone was in two cities over from the city I was in. I went to the address that it was at and even showed the lady the spot where my phone was (which was positioned at her house) and she said ummm nope that's not my house. Crazy thing is that she lived in the country and so not many houses on that street. I didn't want to harass the lady so I went home and as soon as I got home the app pinged at me that my phone was on and it had moved location. I drove to the location which was down the street from the ladies house and on the side of the road!!! The app pin pointed exactly where my phone was EXACTLY!!!!!! So got my phone back!!! And the lady obviously got a bit spooked on how well technology works!!!! LOVE IT!!!!!

  • Awesome

    by Scottyslady

    I can find Myanmar at all times with his Apple ID.

  • Absolute must for iPad and iPhone.

    by Yayalori

    This app was amazing. It helped me find my iPad in a very large area, inside a bag, in a basement. If I didn't have this app I probably would have lost my iPad for a year.

  • Saved me during school

    by N3ga is my name

    Thank GAWD. THIS APP SAVED MY LIFE I WAS ON THE VERGE OF TEARS THEN REMEMBERED THIS APP. I used my friends phone and found my iphone 5 in the middle of the street infront of my high school buried in the snow. Yes. Thank you.

  • Nice

    by Gbentolu

    Lost my phone, found it within 50 sec

  • Easyer to find your iPhone

    by Matt 00334678268

    You should he able to have a easier way to find your iPhone and so you can have your friends be able to help you too without having to use your Apple ID. Like a password so your friends can find you. But have a Apple ID section so you can always do the reset and alarm

  • Doesn't work anymore!

    by Bullonie

    Before the last update this app worked great! Now all of my devices show they are offline at all times of the day. It no longer tracks! Can you please fix this? This is very important!

  • Updated ruined App

    by doodler76

    App used to work wonderfully- now, off by miles. Was a great safety feature when my daughter left for long distance runs- now doesn't even come close...


    by Reg and mort reg show

    Did you hear the story of people breaking into a house stealing a Mac book pro.",and using this app to find it get it and find the police.But if a apple device is off it will not find it

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