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Official Wikipedia App for iOS. Wikipedia is the free encyclopedia containing more than 20 million articles in 280 languages, and is the most comprehensive and widely used reference work humans have ever compiled.

Features: Save article to read later or offline, Search articles nearby, Share articles, Read article in a different language, Full text search and more!

Send us your feedback on Twitter @WikimediaMobile.

The code is 100% open source and community built. If you are a developer and good at JS/HTML5, then come fork

Customer Reviews

  • Great app but...

    by dgroenig

    The share to Facebook feature has never worked.

  • Needs new iOS 7 look

    by Ants....

    It looks outdated compared to the site. And also could use some speed improvements.

  • Needs a new design

    by christelcr18

    App is alright but I would love to see it get an overhaul to an iOS 7 design. Incorporate the new keyboard and design. Then it would be much better in my opinion. I'll stick to google for now.

  • Needs to be updated!!


    I use this app on a daily basis and probably more so than any other app on my phone. It really needs to be update for ios7 and I'm surprised it hasn't been already...

  • Mobile Wikipedia

    by Mattkx4

    I don't really know what to say… I mean it's Wikipedia, but on iDevices so… yeah… cool feature though is the featured articles. Pretty cool to look at occasionally!




  • Great! What's the fuss about?

    by JetStream90

    Great usability and speed. Easy to search bookmark & share. Someone said it doesn't fit on the iPhone ... News-flash, this is an iPad app. Can't share? Try looking for the share button (top right) ... Same with bookmarking. Can't get the right search term? It lists suggestions. 5/5. Enough said.

  • Update needed

    by 太子长琴92

    Please update Wikipedia to adapt to iOS 7! It looks awkward now

  • The bar is higher nowadays

    by Mirocal

    Priority zero: Back should navigate to the last position in the previous article. It would also be nice if ios7 back swipe gesture is implemented. Navigation in back stack is slow, a caching system is probably needed. As the official app it really needs some reworking to raise to today's expectations. I have constantly donated to Wikimedia, I want Wikipedia to be top notch.


    by C.E.A.E.

    Wikipedia is funded through donations and contributions. If you didn't pay in to support these fine individuals you have NO right to WHINE about anything.

  • Great app

    by Iamsocool3762

    I love it very nice and I'm only 9

  • Eh

    by Nbghtj

    Needs new ui and ios 7

  • Good

    by Maboka

    Everything is working correctly, at least till now.

  • Doesn't fit

    by w1_m2

    The font size needs to be changed. 100% is too small and 150% doesn't fit on the screen. What's with that? To read in portrait style, I have to constantly move to the left and to the right to get the rest of the letters which are off of the screen. I'm always baffled by excellent work that is ruined by stupid quirks! How about let's getting it right guys?

  • Needs new ui

    by Zenthbr3w

    Like the site

  • works for me!

    by Mblovelady

    no problems here, using an iphone 5 with ios 7.0.3. thanks, Wikipedia!

  • Good App!

    by Green3lent

    I was looking for the option of increasing the size of the letter and it worked. I would like you to give it the option of full page reading, double tapping for full view page. Thanks!

  • Great Initiative

    by Arneman

    Great App, where would we be without Wiki! This App makes access from my iPad effortless. Well done.

  • No multilingual support

    by App use 13579

    Good UI, but unable to find pages when the exact title is used. Frustrating.

  • Random article button please?

    by Hugotomic

    This app works good. I'm not having any problems described by other people. The only reason I use it though is because I get bored. That said it would be nice to see a button that brings me to a random article

  • Slow and outdated

    by snowdawg1986

    This is the only app I have that still uses the iOS 6 keyboard. It's slow, doesn't work consistently, and won't save anything when you close out of it. Use the mobile browser for Wikipedia, it's way better.

  • Slow and out of date

    by PhillyPride08

    The interface is gray, pages load slowly (I go to the mobile website and it's at least 3 times as fast), and has yet to be updated to support iOS7.

  • A few suggestions

    by Bronze goddess

    The search feature could use some work. I also wish it would take you back to where you were in a section when you hit the back button after clicking a link.

  • Photos don't load

    by Keflavik59

    Like the app a lot, but it does not load larger pictures when you tap them.

  • Suddenly it became very hard

    by Mehalawy

    Suddenly from few days it became very hard to use and click , really its a nightmare now, before it was awesome.

  • Lagging

    by Phycheez

    Every time I tap search button, no responding. Also, it should have iOS7 UI till now.

  • please update for iOS 7

    by Dein Trommellehrer

    i used the wikipedia app often and eventually got fed up with it. the app developers should utilize the many tools that make the screen seem larger, like the disappearing headers/footers. when you use the app in landscape mode, you dont get more than 7,8 lines before you have to scroll down further. i have faith in you wikipedia app developers!!

  • please update for iOS 7

    by Dein Trommellehrer

    i used the wikipedia app often and eventually got fed up with it. the app developers should utilize the many tools that make the screen seem larger, like the disappearing headers/footers. when you use the app in landscape mode, you dont get more than 7,8 lines before you have to scroll down further. i have faith in you wikipedia app developers!!

  • :(

    by harrisonpats12

    Desperately needs update

  • Poor app by an ideologically indifferent foundation

    by del nuevo mundo

    Obviously, the Wikipedia Foundation doesn't care about mobile. The articles don't match the web version's. Search stinks. It's slow. I just bought Wikibot. Impressive!! Forget this app and get Wikibot. Maybe Wikipedia will figure out they can make money by selling a superior product some day and not have to go begging for donations on the web.

  • Pictures don't show after clicked on

    by I05fr3d

    I would rate 5 stars but images in articles do not show up after you click on them. It goes to a new screen with the image name but the image never shows. Really annoying when you want a full screen image or if the thumbnails are too tiny to see details.

  • Crash Crash Crash

    by im4woodstock

    Every time I look something up I'm not on there any longer than two minutes and it crashes

  • Doesn't work well at all

    by Muzikluvr09

    It never wants to load... It's so much easier to just use the google app instead.

  • Terrible laggy and crash filled mess

    by .iAndroid

    At first this app was awesome, I could do wat I wanted with it. But now it's annoying! It crashes on me and lags at times. The txt is too big so it doesn't fit on the phone and it doesn't handle my "power scrolling" I also hate the fact that it doesn't save ur spot on an article, u have to scroll back down to where u were, which can get tedious!

  • Pitiful

    by NevHoffman

    It's old, sluggish, and just plain awful! I use Wikipedia for a lot of things, and this app comes in super hand... When it works right! It needs a completely new UI for iOS 7, better controls, faster responses, and the ability to be able to tap the status bar to get to the top of an article, like ANY OTHER APP ON THE APP STORE!!! Fix it!

  • Needs work

    by Tech1x

    Apps needs to update to a iOS 7 look and feel and fit the text to the screen when you go landscape

  • Bad

    by Soccerluvr121

    Like really?! It hasn't even been updated to iOS.7 and is super slow I can't even get to the articles. So annoying!

  • God loves YOU!

    by Jjehehehiqvheifejsjgewki

    No "god" other than my GOD He is the one and true God! And His Son died for the whole world so we can live eternally with Him in the best place in the world...... Heaven!

  • Less Than Stellar

    by Oldpivot

    On my iPad Air, when you double click a picture to expand it, you get the picture title but no picture. When you return from trying to view a picture or outside link, the app takes you to the top of the article instead of the point where you exited, making you have to search to return to the exit point. This is very annoying. Surely you can do better than this!

  • Ages 4+ Rating?

    by DBC0921

    Why is this app rated for ages 4+ when it contains nudity including full frontal, and explicit discussions of sexuality including deviant sexuality? This should be rated for ages at least 12+

  • Something wrong

    by Tian_H.Y

    I can't use it, I am in China

  • Come on...

    by nmark125

    Update your app. The entire world uses your site.

  • Not working

    by Beans and Cornbread83

    Keep saying its offline and not working and I try to check on my phone and nothing

  • No Problems For Me

    by Styker43

    Not sure why some people are having problems. This is an awesome product for my iPhone 4

  • WikiRox!

    by NormalGenes111

    My go to App for everything

  • Good

    by Shomrani

    I love wikipedia "No God exept Allah , and Mohammed is Messenger of Alla"

  • Nifty service! But there is a problem!

    by ThomasJohnson

    Nifty service! But I'm having problems with the app. Everytime I save pages it keeps on crashing. I think there is a bug that needs to be fixed. Please fix this as soon as possible. Thank you!

  • Not so good

    by CaptSaltyJack

    Terrible UI. No table of contents popup. Might as well browse the site in Safari to be honest.

  • Frequent crashes and disorganized pages

    by orokananaruto

    This app crashes all the time, even when the app is at complete ease. In addition, many pages are displayed sloppily. I was disappointed to see such a great website become such a sub-par app.

  • Random article

    by Ghfgbch

    Needs a random article option

  • WHY? :'(

    by jm456

    Why is there no "Find in page" option anymore? How am I supposed to search for words in the article?

  • Editing?

    by tenny1028

    What will make this app as great as the version on the mobile browser is the ability to edit articles.

  • A suggestion

    by Mussab86

    Kindly add a refresh button so i can see the latest updates after editing. Currently I have to go back and forth the links to see the latest updates.

  • Slow

    by Wilderness guide

    Better to use wiki through Safari then this app!

  • Could be better

    by ~~>Ana<~~

    I wish I could delete my previous search history. Also I do not like that when I read another article and than come back it's not where I left off the takes me to the top.


    by Dbest Eva

    OMG a search something and it takes so long to come up, if it comes up at all. Not worth the space

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