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Languages: English, German, SE, Spanish

Seller: Urban Dictionary LLC

• Restored support for iOS 5
• Stability and performance improvements

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284 Ratings
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OFFICIAL Urban Dictionary app! Urban Dictionary is the people-powered slang dictionary.

• Perform unlimited searches for free, forever
• Look up both slang and non-slang words
• Vote for definitions you like
• Share on Facebook, Twitter, email and other services
• See the full text of any definition
• See today's Urban Word of the Day
• See autocomplete suggestions when you search
• Click on links to other definitions

Customer Reviews

  • scrolling problems

    by Marynguyen5645

    needs help



    This app is so funny and yet true GET IT

  • To the other ratings...really?

    by Leeleeteehee

    This app is awesome. All of the definitions are straight from their website. If you love their website, then you'll love this app. Awesome app, awesome website. Don't let the anti-urban dictionary people lead you to believe wrong, if you like the website, then you'll like this app. Its as simple as that.

  • Update

    by Cash review

    Sometimes when I open the app, I get a blank screen. Other times I get weird symbols on the screen and can't change it like it is frozen. It also crashes a few times

  • Needs updated

    by hjl198

    I can't even search anything

  • Like it..

    by Boss of ab

    I really like it.

  • Halarious

    by Amemeep3

    Well this app is way better than asking my parents! Love it

  • Good website, app needs work

    by Jimgeosmail dude

    Glitches, crashes and super hard scrolling are a bunch of things that need work in this app. Just a head up that you guys need to work on this more..

  • Really Love It. But...

    by Logan the Rater

    It needs a cool new ios 7 design. other than that... EXCELLENT!

  • Me

    by Mg worker

    The very best

  • Lol

    by sol_ange

    Your pic under details is really funny

  • iPhone5s

    by Oman531999

    Doesn't work Gives me a long vertical line of text idk what to do

  • Useful but...

    by PerryBorenstein

    With the proliferation of so many new words, a dictionary like this is useful, particularly if the word or acronym is not fully mainstream. It would be useful to be able to communicate with the authors in the event they need to update something. For instance, APT now also refers to Advanced Persistent Threats in cyber security. But you won't see that here.

  • Eh

    by Urbandictionarygal

    Well. For starters. It does give you a limit on how many words you can look up... Then it tells you to go to the full one. But overall, the app was a fun entertaining way to look up info. :)

  • best app

    by zayzaybae


  • Hello there

    by Zoie_styles

    Love the app so I can look up awesome definitions of One Direction and Coldplay

  • You guys are morons

    by Richard Riazanov

    Stop rating the app if you dislike the definitions. They pull all the definitions from the UD website which allows anyone to put in hilarious definitions without moderation. If you don't like offensive humor go download Websters, you lamers.

  • Fun

    by ChinoMiku

    It's fun to search up random junk :)


    by Princess Breeeeeeee

    I love it!!! my names paola & I hear such nice things on this I just love it


    by #dirctiner

    The definition is so like me and my bffs

  • So far, terrible.

    by Muscledennis 

    Takes forever to load on open and even longer to load definitions. Unless fixed in the next couple days I will be deleting.

  • Muslim

    by MuslimsAreNotTerrorists

    THE DEFINITION OF MUSLIM IS NOT TERRORIST. these definitions are bases on opinions. NOT facts

  • What?!?

    by Mis. Flabbergasted :)

    I never even got to use it!!!! It was so slow and wouldn't search anything I typed!!! Lame

  • iOS 7 compatibility

    by Needs an update to app!!!

    Need more compatibility with iOS 7!!! The keyboard for starters and look and feel of app are still like iOS 6. They need to update this!

  • Very Buggy

    by Luke4010

    Alright app, but I use the website because the app is very buggy on my iphone. It likes to crash a lot and show blank pages. Desperately needs an update.

  • App is Good and Other Times not

    by 水步牛业

    Seach someone's name or your name and they will tell you what it means . I say it's good cause it say good things about the name you seach sometime . And sometimes it says bad things like that person smell bad

  • Don't take it serious.

    by Comment613

    Cool app.. But don't take it serious...

  • iOS 7 Update please!

    by area406

    This app has begun to starting running crappy and crashing since the iOS 7 update. I've been waiting for a new version of this app for a while but nothing yet. Please fix this so I can use this amazing app!

  • No star

    by Jordan Rene

    I don't even want to give it one star this apps totally stupid

  • Perfect app to dis people

    by The evangelizer

    This app is perfect to dis peoples, faith, country, culture, and religion. And idols people look up to. And best of all it gives very little factual evidence

  • App won't open

    by boxerman 

    Won't open after update! Please fix

  • False description

    by  SHA in Chs

    It says in the description that you can add submission and you cannot. This app is literally exactly the same as the mobile web site. There is absolutely no need for this app, it's a waste of space, just book mark it in Safari.

  • Hilarious

    by G-puff

    This thing is so funny. I looked up my name and apparently I am energetic and beautiful. It works so well.

  • I finally found out what Yiff means

    by My Other Side

    Saving me the embarrassment of asking

  • Terrible

    by Bako Cali 

    Doesn't even open. I love urban dictionary, it has the ability to lift someone's mood. If this were to be fixed it would be great

  • Sweary

    by Pass wind


  • I don't like it

    by jwilkes741971

    The app won't open you need to fix this app nobody can use it

  • Urban d

    by mattspears21

    The app is not very good. On 3G it will not load definitions

  • Best urban dictionary

    by carrie birch111

    Really good

  • Always informative

    by Jessiegirl8447

    Always hilarious

  • You actually need it sometimes.

    by Academas 

    Funny but also very informative!

  • Awesome

    by LuvVSpink1977

    Haven't even downloaded it yet but 5 stars for the effort

  • .

    by Arena Family

    Innapropriate and comes in handy

  • Doesn't work, needs an update.

    by noodlezebraz

    I really love urban dictionary, but this app has NEVER once worked before. Even when I have great wi-fi connection, it just says "something went wrong, click to retry." Please fix this if you can, I would be so appreciative!

  • Likes it

    by Moneymanzzz

    Really like it but, give us a word of the day that would be cool

  • App broken

    by NoDocument 

    First app I've ever had that simply won't open. Garbage.

  • instagram:looloo12322

    by Looloo1233

    I love this app especially because of all this slang that this generation uses

  • Faith in Humanity Destroyed

    by Rhkiku2n

    Apparantly people support white supremacism, bash people just because of political party, and bash others just because people like Apple products. You don't see Democrats insulting Republicans on the internet, do you? You don't see Mac users bashing PC users.

  • Really needs an update

    by fringe108

    Works just fine, just feels really old.

  • Lol

    by  Dustdevil-2169

    The screenshot is funny

  • Not good

    by Install :(

    I got this I have internet/wifi but it won't let me search up anything! It says sorry something went wrong

  • Good. Could be better.

    by Thirt3en

    It's really no different than having a link on my home page to the dictionary. I wish it could save some of the terms I've looked up. Like a favorites. Store the favorites somewhere for offline reference. Also store my recent searches. It's handy but could be better.

  • Helpful but not working right know

    by Jill Fahling

    It's not acting correctly :/

  • To long

    by Bingacon 

    The app hasn't even stopped loading yet, i haven't even gotten to do anything on it yet

  • by It'sSellyBrah(;

    Funny asf omg it's so entertaining.

  • 2014:p

    by The Best T

    I love this app..Common words thots, boo thang lol ect.

  • Bad..

    by b3nrules

    If you make an app at least make it look like one. This app is just not intuitive in anyway possible and has the worst user experience.

  • Haters stop hatin this app!

    by Bari_sax_man98

    Why is everyone hating on this app? I find the definitions of certain words (I will not name these words due to the words being defined with explicit language, racist subtext and suggestive adult humor) very funny and amusing.

  • Cool

    by HosseinS

    The app is cool. But if you redesign it for iOS 7, and work a little on graphic, it will be more enjoyable.

  • Very bad!!

    by Redanhg

    It has many irrelevant things. mostly opinions, or look like opinions. too much ignorance. Do not recommend this app. waste of time.

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