Barefoot World Atlas Reference App Review (iOS, $4.99)


Languages: Catalan, English, French, German, Japanese, Spanish

Seller: Touch Press LLP

• Significant stability and performance improvements, in particular on iPad2, iPhone and iPod Touch

New expansion packs:

• North America
Travel around the breathtaking states and provinces of the USA and Canada. Learn about some of the most interesting, important and intriguing features of North America. Test your knowledge of the region’s names, shapes and flags with playful puzzles.
- 120 hand-painted features
- Stunning photographs
- Narrated by Thérèse Plummer
- Highlights notable people born in each state, province and territory

• Great Cities
Explore 100 of the greatest cities in the world, from Bogotá to Bangkok, and discover what makes each one unique.
- Stunning artwork and photographs
- Quirky facts about famous city features
- Audio narrated by Seema Anand
- Cities and Countries matching puzzle

• World Puzzles
Test your knowledge of the world with this wit-sharpening puzzle pack.
- Flags and countries matching puzzle

Coming Soon:

• World Art
“World art” presents carefully selected works of art from around the globe. Look at each extraordinary object to see how different cultures have created and viewed art, from prehistory to the present day. Includes sculpture, textiles, jewellery, paintings, ceramics and photographs.
- 100 incredible works of art
- Learn about each object
- Sliding tile puzzles for each work of art

• International Football
Read all about your favourite FIFA teams, and become a world expert on international football. Includes up-to-date rankings, squad names and much more.
- 209 international teams
- Comprehensive statistics
- Stunning stadium photographs
- Football kit matching puzzle


Praise for the first version:

“Geography has never been more addictive.”
– Ane_mone

“Tapping any text box to have it read aloud is fantastic and keeps the kids entertained for hours! Great app all round.”
– calten35

Customer Ratings

Current Version:
16 Ratings
All Versions:
962 Ratings


Extend your horizons with 5 brand-new packs for Barefoot World Atlas: “North America”, “Great Cities”, “International Football”, “World Art” and “World Puzzles”.

Barefoot World Atlas is a magical, interactive 3D globe that invites children to explore the regions and countries of the world, discovering 100s of fascinating features and immersing themselves in the rich wonders of our planet.

Geographer and BBC TV presenter Nick Crane is your guide as you fly at will around this beautiful globe, created by artist David Dean. Explore the world’s continents, great oceans and changing environments. Meet different people around the planet and find out about their way of life. Encounter amazing wildlife, and discover landmarks, natural features and famous buildings.

The new packs for Barefoot World Atlas offer exciting, absorbing and interactive content:

• “North America” provides 120 new features for the USA and Canada. It includes audio narration by Thérèse Plummer and WolframAlpha-enhanced data on all the states of the USA and the provinces and territories of Canada. Browse through stunning photographs, explore the history and geography, and expand your knowledge of their shapes, flags and positions with fun and challenging puzzles.

• From Bogotá to Bangkok, “Great Cities” allows you to travel to 100 of the most fascinating and significant cities in the world. North Indian storyteller Seema Anand is your guide as you find out what makes these cities truly “great”. This pack also includes WolframAlpha-enhanced key data, photographs and a new puzzle.

• “World Puzzles” invites you to test your knowledge of the facts and figures in Barefoot World Atlas in a variety of wit-sharpening ways. Includes a jigsaw of the world and a flags and countries matching puzzle.

Coming Soon:

• “International Football” puts facts and stats on all the FIFA World Cup teams at your fingertips. Read about all of FIFA’s 209 teams with sports journalist Sim de la Torre, and dig into comprehensive information from Opta, including current world ranking, team badge, date founded, squad names, stadium and more. Toggle between home and away strips, and test yourself with a matching puzzle.

• “World Art” presents 100 carefully selected works of art, from prehistory to the present day. With textiles, sculpture, jewellery, ceramics, photographs and paintings, all drawn from the Bridgeman Art Library archives, this pack offers an inspiring overview of the ways in which people have expressed themselves through art since the dawn of time. Put each work of art together yourself with sliding tile puzzles.

Each pack is available as an in-app purchase.

With the new Barefoot World Atlas packs, you truly have the world at your fingertips!



“The whole app is wonderful and though it’s obviously aimed at children, it will prove to be just as diverting for parents.”
– The Telegraph

“Barefoot World Atlas is one of the best exploration apps there is, with so much to explore in such an intuitive way. Anyone can enjoy using and learning from this app, and it provides a brilliant atlas for your household.”
– Apple’n’Apps


• An interactive globe that children can spin, zoom and fly around
• Extensive Information on every country
• Hundreds of animated features to discover
• Innovative interface allows navigation by multiple routes
• Beautiful animated illustrations by artist David Dean
• Written text and spoken narration by geographer Nick Crane
• Hundreds of carefully chosen photographs
• An evocative soundscape with ever-changing music and effects
• Live country data from Wolfram|Alpha®
• Multi-language, universal app optimised for the retina display



English, French, Spanish, Catalan, Japanese, German

Pack language:



The Barefoot World Atlas app is based on the acclaimed hardback atlas (Barefoot Books World Atlas by Nicholas Crane and David Dean) published in October 2011.

Customer Reviews

  • Excellent educational tool

    by Weeds1

    My 7 yr old has learned more geography than he would retain from a class. He enjoys just looking around the globe and discusses it often. The little details are wonderful, such as cultural music, current time and temps, etc. Would give it 5 stars if it had a little more information sites. Looks like updates are doing that.

  • Great app but....

    by KbTic0

    It is one of the best apps to educate kids, however as of iOS 7 it crashes a lot.

  • Too Large In Memory

    by John Angelo

    Cool app but it takes up way too much memory. No leisure app should take up over 1GB in memory in an era where mobile device storage is between 8-64GB. Optimize, optimize, optimize your code and images!

  • Love the app, hate the continuous downloads

    by Synchrophoto

    I love the app itself. My kids love it. We can go exploring and have a blast. The one thing I REALLY hate is that ever time there is an update to the app, you have to download the full thing again. All 1.2GB of it! That's a lot of bandwidth.

  • Awesome yet Crashes

    by Gian C

    Informative and awesome atlas app. Crashes every time I zoom in, pls fix immediately.

  • THIS app Is the VERY BEST!!!

    by Marty's Genius

    I have decided this is the VERY BEST app available, and I own about 800 apps. I LOVE this app!!!!! It is very unique, makes learning a joy and is so much fun to use!!!! The Atlas Packs and Puzzles are AMAZING!!! GORGEOUS graphics too!!!! I will buy anything historical or geographical you develop. I hope you will develop a comparable app on American and world history. Also, I have other apps that crash, but this app has NEVER ever crashed. I also own Solar System which is equally FANTASTIC!!!

  • Love it

    by Listerine0000

    Love the new update! This is a really great, fun, exciting, and educational app! Thanks!

  • Crashes when zooming in

    by Bervicking

    When using the puzzles the app crashes when zooming into the globe

  • This is a great app!

    by boo921

    I really love this app. I haven't tried, the new puzzle yet, looking forward, to doing so. I feel that, your taking the money valuation off, is a loss as kids need to know, all aspects of a country. So can you put it back on. Looking forward to that happening, thank you! Then I will call this a five star app.

  • Fascinating! I love it.

    by Supre1960

    What a great app! Very interactive and a great reminder of of the vastness of our beautiful earth.

  • Ok

    by Pupper 37

    It's an okay app.

  • Super cool app!

    by Keouch

    Love this app, it's so cool. Especially that you can look around, or search by name. Great app!

  • For an adult?

    by Windflyer3

    I am an adult. I'll want to see how my 8yr old grandson relates to it, but for me, I found it to be frustrating for the spotty coverage of specific countries and seemingly random choice of information bits. Obviously, there is a near infinity of information that could be presented. Also, the maps lack much detail. There is so much that could be done with an app like this, as a front end to an encyclopedia geared toward kids. But for educational purposes, the coverage is too spotty.

  • Love!

    by Mcsrva

    A must have for any ipad that children use! We love it!

  • عالیییی

    by amrtat71

    هم برنامه یاکو کل اندرویده ایرزه

  • Wow

    by burrrock

    This is super cool. I love this app

  • Best app for 5 year old

    by Jive mouse

    My five year old is now spouting off facts about various continents. He is teaching me things.

  • Nice graphics

    by Lunarjane

    I like how this is so colorful and generally informative.

  • Consumes a VAST amount of space

    by Cameraman55

    Not a tremendous amount of data, that I can find (am I using it right?) but is OK. However, it consumes over a Gig of space on your iOS device. Not worth the space, so I am deleting it.

  • Cool

    by wncapt2007

    Interesting facts, beautifully designed, an adventure awaiting.

  • Crash. Again and again.

    by Anthony Bui

    This uses to be one of my favorite apps. Unfortunately, I can't use it anymore because it crashes constantly. It crashes so often that it is practically unusable.

  • Crashed and Burned Cannot remove

    by VOL-Kathy

    This version is unusable I have the most recent iOS and plenty if memory but the app constantly crashes in just the first few moments if use then it is frayed out and cannot be deleted from device. Have tried to open it won't open the only way to open is to come back here to the App Store and use the OPEN button. Very poor performance drive me to write this comment and give you a 1 star for app. I hope you can fix these issues soon. Thank you in advance.

  • This app has gone from best to worst

    by DavidNoHappy

    My sons used to love this app- as did I. But ever since the release of the expansion packs (one of which I foolishly purchased) this app crashes within 30 seconds of use- not the best experience for five year olds or their fathers. I'm writing this even AFTER the "bug fix" version was released. Please fix this app! Until a true fix is released, I would advise against purchasing- too much of a headache!

  • Crash!

    by Namaste12

    App constantly crashes. Unusable. Previous versions were OK bit the constant crashing of this version drove me to write a review.

  • I wish this app did not crash every 5 minutes

    by MChicagoR

    The app gets one star because it crashes. Touch Press PLEASE FIX YOUR PRODUCT.

  • Collects & Sends usage data! Beware!

    by Iphone4lemon

    Collects & Sends usage data! Beware! Why? Developers sneaky In addition this app started crashing. Avoid

  • Crashes All The Time

    by NoAccess

    Can’t seem to ever use this successfully on a 64 gig 4S. Useless to me.

  • Pass

    by battleshipterry

    Yea pass on this one!


    by robertlasvegas

    App tried to update itself and killed my mini. Had to go App Store and hard reset complete mini!

  • Great app but crashes

    by TCpharm1114

    I love this app but it constantly crashes making it difficult to use. When working it's very educational.

  • Nice app, but crashed twice.

    by Nawsum526

    I really like this app, but it is the only one on my phone to crash. Hope they fix the bugs, I would reconsider adding this back to my phone in the future.

  • Very Limited Information

    by ienava

    This a good application for kids. The information is very limited. It's a shame that there's no information of the island of Puerto Rico, which is a commonwealth of U.S. Application can be improve.

  • My favorite app!

    by Bufcu

    You can see how much dedication was put into creating this app. It's beautifully designed, it contains a lot of interesting facts and great interface! My children love it and have learned a lot. I love it.

  • worthless

    by ft.lauderdalejim

    So superficial this atlas is rendered worthless unless you want something for a five year old. Spinning the globe is kind of fun for a few seconds but sadly that is the highlight of this worthless App. If you expect any information, look elsewhere.

  • App icon problem

    by cpvptony

    Just updated the app. The icon for the app is now a circle subdivided with arcs and the app will not open.

  • Freezes

    by Hunterjs2356

    This app was great but every time I try to update it on my computer's iTunes it freezes up my computer.

  • v2.2.8 don

    by Let's go to the mall

    v2.2.8 don't work on ipad1 ios 5.1

  • Stunning

    by undercover_IB_kid

    Stunning. Very thoughtfully created app to inspire the curiosity and love of learning for children and adults. The sounds are great, and it works really well for people who think in a more linear way (explore by region) or just like to jump around (random button). I love it!

  • Why do I have this app on my phone?

    by Crusty Chucky

    I have yet to figure that out.


    by Bayamon 1

    Puerto Rico TRUE that POLITICLY it is a USA territory, but PUERTO RICO is: an Island in the Atlantic Ocean with the Caribbean Sea to the South. Has produce more Miss Universes beautiful women than any other country in the world. Lots of champion boxers. Lots of Mayor League Baseball players. Countless Military heroes that fought in EVERY USA war. It has one of a few phosphorescent beaches in the planet. One of the biggest cavern systems is the world. The biggest radio telescope is there. The deepest Atlantic Ocean trench is to the North of the Island. It's one of the most populated in the world per square mile. It has one of the biggest spaniard constructed forts in the New World. It has all of that and more and it doesn't have a place in this app? Are you all ignoramus or it was just a slippage? I hope it is put in the next update!!! THANK YOU !!!

  • Junk

    by faisalislam

    This app is total junk and overpriced. Most of the informations are incomplete.

  • For infants

    by Chic606

    A first grader probably know more about the world than what this app has to offer.

  • Not great

    by 1pw

    Takes up too much storage and is just not exciting.

  • Repeated crash at startup

    by FroggyBoy

    Always crashes. No support. Finally support got back. No good. Program always crashes. FAIL. - DELETE

  • Useless and Terrible Waste!

    by Lass80

    Useless, void of content and lots of memory use. I'd like my Money back!

  • Crappy!

    by 8:15 A.M.

    I got this app thinking it could help me get better in geography due to its interactive features but this just is the opposite. It can recognize people as features but mt Everest isn't. Mind=Blown!

  • Not much content

    by anidoll

    It's just a globe. That's it. There's other things like apricots and aboriginal man... But they don't say what that means?

  • Atlas

    by Scottorosanos

    This is a great app. For all ages !

  • Useless and inaccurate

    by Clcizme

    This ap is pretty useless. The information it gives is scant and not accurate. Only gets one star because I can't give it lower.

  • Nice App

    by LiMb0-Aliraq


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