BookMyne Reference App Review (iOS, Free)

  • Category: Reference
  • Publisher: SirsiDynix
  • Updated: Jan, 15 2010
  • Version: 3.0.15
  • Size: 13.39 MB

Languages: Arabic, English, French, German, Spanish

Seller: SirsiDynix

Bug fix for library services

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BookMyne™ makes it quick and easy to access your local library on the go! Search your library’s catalog, download items, manage your account, and find suggested reading instantly with your iOS device.

Top Features
· Search your library catalog: Search for items by title, author, subject, or general keyword and place holds on interesting items.
· Download items: Download Project Gutenberg books from your library’s catalog for reading on your mobile device.
· Manage your account: Keep track of your account with dynamic notifications and view your checked-out items, holds, fines, and account information.
· Manage your bookshelves: Add books, CDs, DVDs, and other media to your bookshelves for later reading or recommending to friends.
· Find suggested reading: See what your friends have read and recommend with reading recommendations powered by GoodReads. Or check out the latest best-selling and award-winning titles.
· Search by barcode: Use your device’s camera to scan the barcode on a book, CD, DVD, or other item at a friend’s house or bookstore and search for available copies at your library.
· Find libraries: Search for libraries by name, address, browse a list of nearby libraries, or find your library on a GPS-enabled interactive map.

Includes French, German, Spanish, and Arabic language versions.

NOTE: This app is only compatible with libraries running SirsiDynix software. Please contact your library if you have any questions about their software setup.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at [email protected]. Let us know what device and iOS version you’re using and the specific steps leading up to your issue, and we’ll work with you to resolve it.

Customer Reviews

  • Love it!

    by CaptainArr

    Great App! Use it all the time. Love how easy it is to renew items! Discovered how to find books, too! Love it more!

  • Handy app for little things

    by Lizsun

    I use this to see when my items are due and what i have on hold. Don't know about other features. I have the ios5 version. The hold que number would be helpful.

  • Works well enough

    by Chloe's Mum

    It's handy to have, but the search feature could be expanded a bit.

  • Good, but needs extra accounts at same library

    by Untmdshrew

    Great for library search and reserving books. I tried to add 'extra accounts' for my kids' library cards, which would be very useful to us, but it wouldn't work unless I chose a different library for them, which I don't want to do. Still one of my favorite apps, even w/o that function.

  • Convenient app

    by Shailesh1475

    Gets the job done

  • Quick and Easy

    by SAR2562

    Quickest and easiest way to see what I have checked out of my local library and to renew items that soon will be due.

  • Very good

    by mercuryfalling

    Would be great if it allowed for making "hold" requests. Other than that, I find it's one of my most important apps!

  • Good function, a little disappointment…

    by ladymage

    This app works with your library and your personal library account (provided the library utilizes the Sirsi system). The search function works, and its generally faster than my library's webpage. I would like it if it would incorporate links within individual records to search for more by author or subject. It would also be great to limit media by type (book, e-book, etc.) The hold function also works very smoothly, and will automatically choose the destination as your designated home library. I haven't really used the e-book or suggested reading functions, so I can't comment on those. The account feature is handy, and the ability to renew books and modify holds is a plus. The only point that the library website has over this is a third notification category of 'in transit' in addition to the 'waiting' and 'available.' The one big detraction for me is that there is no integration with the iOS notification system, which is what I was hoping for when I downloaded the app. It will show you books due and holds available, but _only_ if you open the app, which doesn't really help this occasionally forgetful borrower.

  • Fantastic

    by PinkiePiePlz

    Simple and easy to use. Helps me with all my requests and searches. Much easier and faster than trying to find a computer when I'm on the go. I love this app! Such a fantastic app!!!!!

  • A Top Notch Library App

    by MickySue555

    I use this app a lot as it keeps me updated on the impending return dates of books and movies. What I find to be most convenient is the ability to renew books remotely, a feature I use quite often.

  • Great library helper

    by Reader rating

    Easy tool to manage my families library books. Quick to renew and see due dates.

  • Waverunner66

    by Likes books

    Bookmyne has been very helpful in terms of keeping up w my lists of library materials on hold or checked out. And, it is not as glitchy as were previous versions. one item I still miss from a prior version was a separate list of books of interest to me (that I wasn't ready to put on active hold yet). Another thing I miss from previous versions was the numbers of holds cued up before me Summed up, if you want to search for books from your public library, or put them on a hold, this app would be vital for you.

  • Review

    by JHH74

    This app is great. Every time I get a notification that something is ready to be picked that I put on hold, I can always check to see what it is.

  • Great for tracking your library items.

    by Mac Lover2

    This app will alert you when an item is due soon, it will let you renew items, and will let you cancel items too. The (1) thing it won't let you do is view and check out items from all libraries in your coop network, it only lists (1) library at a time, f it did, then I would give it 5 out if 5 stars

  • Design

    by Coasterfire3000

    This app is very convenient, but it still hasn't been designed for iOS 7. Please make this happen. Thank you.

  • Love this app

    by 911 Doc

    This application really helps bring my local library into the 21st century. It's great being able to place holds and access my library information without having to enter my long library card number every time.

  • Convenient!

    by Joyjs

    I love it for looking up books and putting them on hold, also for renewing books. My only complaint is that the reviews for each book don't work for some reason.

  • Excellent App!

    by Becky Beck2

    Great way to renew my books!!!

  • Easy way to handle my library account

    by Dinah Ann

    I can reserve and renew books

  • Great app

    by Heheheheheheee

    I use this app regularly for searching for material, placing items on hold, checking due dates, and renewing material. I typically have about 5 items out simultaneously and was racking up fines because I couldn't keep the due dates straight. This app helps to manage that process.

  • Just OK

    by Daily Lustener

    I can search and order a book which is what I use this app for. But I cannot select music or movie categories to search efficiently. I have a large list on my library account already but it was not transferred to this app. So the book list feature is useless for me. And on my library account I have movies, music, fiction and non-fiction lists. I do not think this app supports multiple lists. If these two issues were addressed, I'd give a five star rating to Bookmyne.

  • Just OK

    by Daily Lustener

    I can search and order a book which is what I use this app for. But I cannot select music or movie categories to search efficiently. I have a large list on my library account already but it was not transferred to this app. So the book list feature is useless for me. And on my library account I have movies, music, fiction and non-fiction lists. I do not think this app supports multiple lists. If these two issues were addressed, I'd give a five star rating to Bookmyne.

  • Not worth the download until all functions become usable

    by Sev_Dreamling

    Useful in terms of keeping up with current books checked out as well as the ability to search through the library catalog. However, the inability to reserve a book through the app makes it somewhat useless.

  • Doesn't work

    by CEDS59--)(

    I just spent hours entering all the books I want to read onto a list. When I close the app and then open it again all the books are gone. Great idea if it would work.

  • Buccaneers

    by Msmarym

    Sirsi. If you're from Libraryland, you know what I mean. Bah.

  • Similar issues as other users.

    by thisisveritas

    It has lots of glitches on iOS7. It was working ok. I deleted it, then reinstalled it to see if that worked, it didn't. It's not connecting to the libraries at all. It gives an error message.

  • Hold que feature, please bring back!

    by Pam law

    Like this app, but what happened to the hold que feature? It was the best thing about it. Very helpful to know how many people have a hold on a title prior to yours. Please bring this back!

  • Can't connect to local library

    by Nathanael.vinquist

    This sounds great but it does not connect to my library and they do run off the people who operate this app. It keeps saying connection failed. I would not recommend this app at the current time even if my life depended on it

  • Used to love it...

    by NJmommy3

    I used to use this every day but now it won't even let me log on.

  • Used to work... Now it doesn't

    by kyblue

    I have an iphone 5 with i0s7 and nothing works. Deleted it and redownloaded it and it crashes before I can even select a library. Used to work fine.

  • Wonderful!

    by JBM42

    I use it every day. Very quick and easy to use.

  • Used to Love BookMyne

    by No. 1 Editor

    The app still no longer works at all for me even after today's update. My iPhone is running iOS 7. Please fix. BookMyne used to be great.

  • Great way to manage library account

    by Maijakat

    Not the most capable tool in searching library catalogs, but otherwise does a great job managing accounts.

  • Bugs

    by Patricia Bennett

    I really like this app...when it isn't crashing or shutting off on me. Need to get this fixed please. Otherwise it is a very good app and I am usually happy with it.

  • Awesome utility.

    by K-Z!

    This is a great app. It works flawlessly with the Westchester County Library system and your personal account. I only wish they would make an iPad specific version.

  • Very useful - could be better search and UI

    by Sfmice

    Very useful since app is faster than using web. Search improvement with type (book, audio, ...) and saved locally (not server) previous search would be great new features.

  • Reader

    by LCotton1

    I love this app! Establishing a connection with Goodreads would make it even more powerful!

  • Good App

    by Ssenthilnike

    The app is very convenient.

  • Not working..

    by iTINALE

    It use to work just fine, but lately the app doesn't allow me to place holds.

  • Easy access to library account!

    by Michcalv

    Love this app!! Always lose the little tiny slips the library gives me with the due dates. One tap and I know what's due when and can renew with one more tap. Awesome!!

  • Works great!

    by There is no other nickname except for this

    Love this app! It makes it easy to go in and quickly see when my books are due, and then let's me renew them if I need to. The only thing I wish it had was better push notification support, like giving me a notification in the lock screen and notification center when something is close to being due. It does give you a badge alert, though.

  • Awesome

    by Mollyreader

    Best on the go app for readers!

  • Awesome!

    by RDK18501

    We homeschool and this app is such a lifesaver. Saves us money by keeping track of our library books. It's super easy to use and if I'm cutting it close on a return date I can just re-new the book with one simple click. I absolutely love it. We're also a military family so a lot of moving and I just wish all libraries used this app!

  • Love this app

    by Texlorakg

    This app has been a time saver for us.

  • Two Enthusiastic Thumbs Up!

    by ZanIAm

    Fantastic! I use it daily to find out where I am in the hold queue for newer books. Love the ease of reserving books and searching for titles at different branches. Highly recommend!

  • No Push Notifications!

    by KarenX

    This app is great for searching, and requesting, and renewing books, but it doesn't notify you on your phone when holds arrive or books are do. You have to open the app and look at your account to see it, which is fine, but which gives me nothing that I wasn't already doing by opening my account at the library's website on my phone. And at the library's website, it is much easier to switch between accounts (my kids each have their own cards but not phones). It's a good interface, it was easy to set up, and fairly easy to figure out (placing holds stumped me a little), but it adds no value if your library already enables you to do these things online. If this is your only online access to your library's catalog and your account, you will probably like it.

  • Very useful app

    by Don2fon

    Find this very useful to manage my library account.

  • Great app but you cannot create an account here

    by Laurlu12345

    Great app but you cannot create an account here. I have an online library account, but on the app you cannot retrieve your user ID and PIN if you lose stored login information. Other than that, I love using the app.

  • Awesome site

    by Jrockfangirl

    Bookmyne is convenient, easy to use & handy!

  • Nice tool

    by Katafus

    I love having the ability to renew books from my phone. I have two library accounts, though, and one of them signs me in automatically, which is so handy. The other requires me to enter my card number, which is really inconvenient. And I submitted a help request, but never received a response.

  • Keeps on making me pay overdue fines

    by Appfuner

    It shows me the books due on 12:59 a.m of the day after its due - ex 8/31 Whereas the actual library website had it due at 11:59 pm of the day - 8/30. I ended up paying lot of overdue fines because of that & finally deleted the app. Also, it didn't link all 4 accounts of family members.

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