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Languages: English, French, German, Spanish

Seller: - Oliver Stein

FIX: turn flash off before scanning
FIX: searching for movie titles w/o barcodes improved
NEW: Completely rewritten search algorithm
NEW: Movie descriptions now in settings language, if found

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Welcome to MovieScanner - the ultimate iOS Movie inventory app! Now with full iOS7 support!

Have you been collecting DVD's, Blu-rays, PS3/Xbox/Wii games and video tapes and always wanted to have a current catalog of what you own? Until now, this was a cumbersome job involving a PC, some kind of database program and LOTS of time... but not anymore!

MovieScanner lets you build a compehensive list of your movies in an automated and convenient way - without typing! And you can take it on the road, too!

You simply scan the bar codes on the back of your DVD, Blu-Ray or even your old VHS cases. On devices without camera, simply type in the codes and get the same amazing result!

Movie data is automatically pulled from the internet using our own web service that is constantly being updated to guarantee the best possible hit rate. As data gets stored on your iPhone for offline reference, each movie shows up in the list with it's title, genre and a cover image. A powerful search option lets you find any movie in just seconds.

In details view, you can see a short description of the movie, the genre, and in many cases a direct link to the movie trailer! What's more, you can simply add a personal note and choose from 4 user-defined flags that let you mark any movie as especially cool, given to someone, on your wishlist etc.

With the new bluetooth multi-user option, you can even share your movie list with other MovieScanner users (not on 1st generation devices) - or eMail the list as a CSV or XML file.

Customer Reviews

  • Lots of potential but still has bugs

    by Enokovich

    I like the app. It's easy to use, but the following are bugs I have encountered: 1) when sending an email backup, any movie that starts with the letter U-Z including numbers, doesn't show on the list in the .csv 2) adding a movie seems to take longer than before

  • Lots of potential but still has bugs

    by Enokovich

    I like the app. It's easy to use, but the following are bugs I have encountered: 1) when scanning movies, after the 5th one, the app slows to a halt. Sometimes locks up. 2) when sending an email backup, any movie that starts with the letter U-Z including numbers, doesn't show on the list in the .csv 3) Random movies scanned in sometimes don't show up. Have to add them a 2nd time to get them to appear in the list

  • Great app for OCD organizers

    by Freschey

    I love this app. I can set up multiple libraries. I can set them as being lent out to friends. Just need a better update to fix the issues of when scanning the UPC and the search result comes up with nothing. Sudden freezes and the app shuts off. Other than that five stars !!!!

  • Great App!

    by xitkaoss

    But why did they add "key" to everything in the new version.

  • Just a heads up...

    by etz40

    Over all, this is a good App. There are still a few rough edges. As of Sept 25, 2013, If a Movie is not found and it has to be entered manually, the cursor appears in the Title Entry Key field one space in from the edge. If this space is not removed by hitting Backspace, the Movie will not show up in the "My Movies Key". This App is loaded on a iPhone 5 with iOS7. I find that when entering multiple movies, it is necessary to shut down the app after scanning 5 or 6 barcodes. I also find that closing all other open apps to be a help. Other than that, the App works as advertised.

  • Awesome time saver

    by tattooedluckylady13

    Compared to other apps this one has everything I need! Although I scan the bar codes, the search is wrong about 25% of the time, but this app lets me fix it and allows me to take my own picture so I can keep track of full/widescreen and platinum editions.

  • Best movie library app out there

    by clintscrazylife

    This app has not failed on me once. Easy to use. It does most of the work for you. Very happy with it.

  • Movie Scanner

    by Shadow Silverwolf

    Ok got thi s app a bit ago and started scanning movies into it!! Loven' it for movies then tried CD's for my music collection as well as a couple of books Just amazed at how fast it is to run thru codes! Easy to make folders and sort items for a home inventory list! All I can say is if you want an easy to use app look no further. It could be renamed to movies and more! keep up the great job update as needed but Just fantastic now!

  • Just bought it

    by Coolbean2

    I have an iPhone 5. Didn't read the reviews before I bought but the first two movies I tried came up really quick. One didn't have an image but title and info still appeared. The everything showed up. Will recommend. I have a vast amount off movies when I'm done with my project I will come back give more info on.

  • Please fix

    by Awesome joey

    When I try to send a email back up it closes the email right away

  • Good but not great

    by 2Headache4

    I really like this app. I have a ton of movies and love the fact that you can scan them into your phone, send an email backup and sync it with another device. All of these are great. The downside is that when you add more movies later on and then sync the devices again, you now have duplicates, triplicates, and so on for every movie in your device. I recently bought 3 movies. After i put them in my phone I synced my phone with my ipad. Now every movie is in my ipad twice except for the three new movies. Fix this and I'll give you 5 stars.

  • So so

    by Sputnik1585

    Nice idea, but has so many flaws it is not worth the $3.00. I am giving it three stars because I actually like that app. I just hope that the creators fix all the flaws and work to make it a better app so that it will be worth $3.00. Needs a way to add genres! Needs to be more accurate with descriptions (most of them have nothing to do with film)! Needs a way to remove trailers and add new ones (most of them have nothing to do with my films)! Needs a way to select titles from a list when movies with similar or the same titles are entered! Needs a way to add to the title images. Ex. I own the Errol Flynn version of Rudyard Kipling's Kim. When I scanned the barcode a completely different movie with a similar title appeared. I changed the info. However, when attempted to change the photo from that of the other movie to an image of mine, the only images that appeared in the image finder were pictures of Kim Kardashian and family. I should be able to use the camera on photo to take a picture of my movie and add it to the database or find the picture I want on the Internet and add it. Also, for $2.99 you should be able view your movies by genre, actor, director, etc. I should be able have the option of selecting genre "comedy", for instance, and a list of all the movies I own within that genre appear in list. It should be the same actors and directors (this would mean adding a "cast and crew" section in the movie info). Also, there should be the option of rating the films by giving them a number of stars. The rating should then show up in the movie list in the same way the genre does. I hope the creators of this app actually read the revues. The app could really benefit from all the suggestions that I and others have made.

  • Mrs O

    by Gods mold

    I got this app a couple of months ago n I really liked it at first it worked great then I upgraded n now I can't scan any movies n when I put them in by hand (which is a pain when u've got 5 kids) it freezes n won't save the movie or even close out the program. Plz fix I really liked this app.

  • Change to not sort on "The" causes app to close

    by Wringer

    I have used this app for 1.5 years. It might not find a new movie in its server database but it usually has the cover art. Before this current version, it sorted the titles as they appeared. If the name started with "The", it sorted with the "T"s. The current version changes the movie titles that start with "The" and lists the "The" at the end of the title. It still sorts the movies with the "T"s. The other complaint is true: when scrolling to the movies that start with "The" in the "T" section, the app abruptly closes. Please correct this defect. Thanks.

  • Great app

    by Tombonsun

    I have scanned over 380 movies in less than 24 hours and it has not found maybe 5. This app is awesome.

  • So far so good.

    by Zombie Dan!!

    At first it wasn't working. Wasn't reading any of the barcodes. The next day it started working and reading every one of them! If this keeps working this is going to be a great timesaver!! Out of 10 scans only 1 artwork (SALT) displayed. So far well worth the $3.00 though. It scans so fast that I had scanned 10 DVDS before I realized I had to save after each one!

  • Good idea, but needs work

    by Bgh930

    UPDATE: You CAN move movies to other folder... My bad. It just wasn't obvious. Only one at a time though. And if you send updated database to another device via bluetooth, it creates double entries. Guess you have to delete the orig. from the receiving end first? Can't find a way to rename folders. So received database gets auto named iPhone or whatever the sending device is named. Change one field entry such as Description, and often it goes online based on that change, and changes everything else for that entry all by itself!!! Better go with the defaults and hope later versions fix these problems. And it still crashes often... Very often. This will be great if they refine and fix it. ORIGINAL REVIEW: Too many crashes... About every 10 entries. Can't move movies from one folder to another. When entering my kid's movies, it'll crash, and when i restart, it defaults back to My Movies. If I forget to change folder, I've wasted my time because i have to delete and reenter in proper folder! Of course, that's rarely more than a few titles since it crashes so often.. ;-)

  • Great tool

    by RayRay the Guitar

    Awesome app. Very user friendly. Unfortunately it still has a few minor bugs that need to be worked on.

  • Good but...

    by Altijama

    I love it but it keeps crashing on me.... Help?

  • Scanner works great now

    by Howdy TC

    This app is a real help if you have a large library of videos you want to catalog. So far I've scanned over 200 titles and have only had to enter one title manually.

  • Movie Scan

    by Dotnita

    This app doesn't seem to find Disney movies. Very disappointed!

  • Movie Scan

    by Roel and Liz

    Bluetooth sync does not work and it shuts down after adding a few movies. I can handle it shutting down, but I purchased it for the Bluetooth sync. Very disappointed

  • Needs updating

    by RollercoasterNut

    What has happened? Several IOS versions ago, I could scan a bar code and automatically add movies to my collection. Now, I must manually enter each and it crashes often. Patiently waiting for updates!!

  • Has Turned Crappy

    by Movifan55

    This used to be a nice app. I hate that you can't delete movies (accidental double entry, lost/broken movies, etc). And now it's stopped letting me enter movies in. I hate to start all over with another app to catalog my movies, but I feel like I have no choice. :-(

  • Used to live this app

    by Ejones0310

    I used to love this app. Now it's buggy and crashes all the time. I also would like for it to show the cast.

  • Not Work with iOS7

    by Sato74

    Not even work with iPhone 5S

  • Add movies

    by Jimbob8

    I add movies to the data base and save them and when i go to check to see if they are there and the don't show up in the list, but if i search them they are there. I want be able to see them in the list.

  • MovieScanner

    by zebra142

    Used to LOVE this app. Now it crashes every time is attempt to view any items from "T" to "Z". Very frustrating!

  • Terrible!!!!!

    by klcbuck

    I wasted money don't wast yours it did not even recognize movies like Tarzan and iron man!!!!

  • promises, promises

    by gunnysgirl35

    it promises much, but does NOT deliver. where are the new folders the app says I can create... wait! let me guess... they're in the same place it's suppose to have the ability to access all databases to find the title scanned. or maybe, all of those things are in the same place where the app that's no longer suppose to keep crashing is stored. like I said, it promises but doesn't deliver. I think 3 years is long enough to wait for this app to change. I'm shopping around for a NEW app!!

  • Worked until Last Update

    by Ambi2111

    The app just keeps crashing. I tried to add a new movie and it would not let me add the photo. Then when I try to look through my catalog it crashes. I also wish there was a way to search for borrowed movies or lended movies. If the correct these problems I would give a 4 to 5 star rate.

  • Updates should work

    by Roby75elk

    I have used this app for years, IT WAS GREAT!!! Then tha last update, JUNK!!!If its not fixed soon I'll just go back to my old ways... Whats this "Key" thing about? Also the Genre is all messed up. Id dump it if I didn't have so many, but you can bet I'll be looking for a better option

  • Doesn't work on my iPhone 4S!

    by Elfgrl

    I want my $2.99 back. What a rip off. Scans new release movies but can't find any of those movies in their app data base. Kicks me put the the app when I try to save a movie title.

  • Sooooo Disappointed

    by Paul McBee

    The most recent update of this app with iOS 7 is a total fail!! Practically every aspect of this app is broken. I can't even save a new entry to my catalog, which is the whole point of the app!!!!! I've used it for years with a large database that would LIKE to keep it updated. What more can I say except, FIX IT!

  • Stinks

    by R31834

    Cover flow does not work. You cant search by one word. False advertising.

  • Bad

    by Mrskaminski

    When u scan the movies it don't show up

  • Its just ok

    by 68RS88Formula

    It is a fine app for keeping records of all of your movies and games. I personally can not get the program to scan a BarCode and have to either input the BarCode in manually or the Title in manually. I think that if the scanner part worked it would save much time organizing my collection. Seeing the movie cove at a glance is nice, being able to edit the title, description, and other lines is nice too. I gave it the rating I did because the product does not do what was promised, so I just put it in the don't ever buy from the parent company again catagorie. EVER! Make it work and I might change my mind, if not... I started out where I was going to give a 3 star rating, but after typing for a couple of minutes I find that I can't stand paying for something that doesn't work. I give it a 1 star just because it doesn't work as advertised. ...Ron

  • Times out

    by Michael189188

    Just bought this and nothing happens. I scan something and the UPC comes up but it just says its scanning then times out. What the hell?


    by Verny55

    This app is just awful. It does NOT work. Save your money.

  • Update problems

    by Bbladebass

    I just found this app and love it but the 9/18 update messed everything up. I am unable to scan or type in anything since the update. I hope this problem can be fixed or the app will be useless. When working it's a 5 but not as is, more like a 1

  • Fails

    by Sammersumcle

    Fails to launch 95% of the time. Used to be good but lately is not worth the effort. Update does not fix anything.

  • App has several bugs

    by Redneck_Skeeter

    App will just shut down on its own. Sometimes will not allow me to select covet art and at times it will not read the barcode without restarting the app.

  • Used to love it

    by *Simply DeJa

    This used to be a solid app. I have been an iPhone user for 3+ yrs and loved this app however I log in today and all my movies are deleted

  • Useful App, but lack of of options!

    by Bankai3DS

    I'm currently using this App to keep track of all the video games I own. I was disappointed that there wasn't a opition to make spreate folders (ie. 360, Wii, ect). I didn't want to mix my 360 titles along with the others. Now the update allows me to do this but sadly I have to re-scan all my titles in the new folder to do so. I have 40+ 360 games alone. I'm very dissapointed that I can't just move them to the new folder or atleast just rename the folder it's already in! Note: Also when you can a new folder if you do not add a title to it, the folder will be lost. Another thing is once the folder is named there's no opition to change it later. So make sure your 100% sure on the name you want before you scan all your movies into that folder. If these issues are resolved, this app would be 5 stars! Update: 4/15 The lastest version of this app is buggy. When I scan in a new item I'm not able to access the image picker. Also I wished there was a opition to simply rename a folder (without creating a new one then moving each entry). When the app is fully functional it's great! I haven't an app like it. Until this issue is resolved I have to rate it a 2/5. Please fix ASAP.

  • Ehhhh

    by TaFincher

    Just okay. Does not display artwork at all on my phone. Marginal at best.

  • Update not good

    by Irving Simon

    Since updates can't retrieve photos online for selections!!!! Why did you ruin a great app?

  • Stay Away From This App

    by TobyInTampa

    This app is crap and its creators are crooks! We really need a Zero star rating and info on how to lodge a complaint with Apple on App Developers who take your money and don't know what they're doing!

  • Dont work.

    by Mommy-at-19

    When I had first bought this app it worked fine. Now it does not work. I will scan a movie and It will not find any info on the movie. Some movies I have to scan several times. Please fix. Wasted my money on this app. :(

  • Great Idea, Poor Execution

    by Jack Heartz

    App crashes after about 6-7 entries. Still wont scan many movies. Title entry often brings up more accurate cover art than scanning Needs a way to add genres to d wheel. Still won't allow new category folders Should be able to list movie titles minus opening articles,such as "The & A" and not have them placed in the "T & A" files Unfortunately, this seems to be the ONLY app like it in the store

  • Movie scan

    by MelFrazier

    Should be scam i never got it to work i would like a refund! it never worked so i got another program and now i have almost half of my movies well a third counting disney movies how do i get a refund

  • No good

    by Tim Hartman

    The app lets you scan the barcode but does not pull any data from the internet and does not automatically fill in any data from the bar code. I go the program free with high expectations and those expectations have not been met by any stretch of the imagination. If it did work, as advertised, i would be a wondeful app.

  • Moviescan

    by BKE Houston

    Please fix the problem scanning barcodes

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