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Languages: NB, Catalan, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, HE, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish, Chinese

Seller: Olive Tree Bible Software, Inc

This update paves the way for a future App update that will include :

· Interlinear Bibles
· New international Bibles
· Expanded library with more great titles
· New features and design

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Over 4 million people on 6 continents use ‘The Bible Study App’ to read and study God’s Word! This Bible app is more than just an e-reader, ‘The Bible Study App’ links your Bible reading with outstanding commentaries, maps, and dictionaries for an in-depth study experience. You can take notes, highlight verses, bookmark passages, and sync all of these things between different devices. Install now to explore over 100 free downloadable resources that make ‘The Bible Study App’ a must have.

"Olive Tree is my default mobile Bible"-John Piper
"I highly recommend you give Bible+ a try." -
"I feel confident investing in Bible+." -
"I love this Bible app! The direct linking to reference material, notes, bookmarks, etc. makes this even better than my favorite printed bible." - iPad user

With this OliveTree Bible app sync your Bible study resources, bookmarks, notes, Scripture verse highlights, and book ribbons between any device with Bible+.

With our one-of-a-kind Resource Guide, you can perform powerful searches through your entire Library of Bibles, Bible commentaries, Bible dictionaries, and more.

Your library, notes, highlights and all of the app features are stored on your device so that you have full functionality when you are offline or in airplane mode.

With our unique 3-touch Verse Chooser, you can navigate quickly and easily to the exact Bible verse you want.

The split-screen view allows you to open two books at once to compare Bible translations, view your study notes while you read, or follow along with a commentary while you study Scripture.

Remove distractions by opening your books and Bibles in full-screen and immerse yourself in the text.

* Bookmark verses
* Highlight words and passages
* Take notes that can be tied to Bible verses (like margin notes in your paper Bible)
* Organize your Library of Bible resources
* Tag anything to find it quickly later
* Leave a book ribbon on a page in order to pick up where you left off
* Select and copy text from any Bible or book in your Library

Instantly share the Bible with your friends from inside the app. Tap on a verse to share it through Twitter, Facebook or via email.

The Olive Tree collection of Bible study resources is constantly growing and offers over a hundred FREE resources and over a thousand titles available for purchase.

ESV English Standard Version
KJV King James Version

* NIV, NKJV, ESV, NASB, The Message, Amplified Bible, New Living Translation, HCSB, NABre, NRSV
* Best-selling study Bibles: ESV Study Bible, NLT Study Bible, NIV Study Notes, NKJV Study Notes Dake’s
Study Notes; MacArthur Study Bible with ESV
* Strong's Dictionaries, and KJV, ESV, NKJV, HCSB and NASB Bibles with Strong's Numbers
* Commentaries and Study Tools: Vine’s Expository Dictionary, Expositor’s Bible Commentary;
Olive Tree Bible Maps, Bible Knowledge Commentary, Zondervan Atlas of the Bible
* Original language Bibles: Greek New Testament: NA28 & UBS-4; Hebrew Old Testament: BHS; Greek
Old Testament: Septuaginta, LXX
* Non-English Bibles including Spanish, Portuguese, German and more: Reina-Valera, Almeida Revista e
Atualizada, Dios Habla Hoy, Luther Bibel 1984, Louis Segond, Afrikaans Bible, Indonesian Bible

Customer Reviews

  • The bible

    by rosegar1227

    Great app

  • Versatile and multiple-featured

    by cctjpogo

    This is my main Bible app. Olive Tree allowed me to port my Palm version titles over without charge. I can also read all my purchases in the desktop version of the app! My only feature request would be a built in flash card function for verse memorization (I currently use the bookmark feature for this) or allowing easier uploads of verses to a second flash card app. One downside to the app is that it sometimes is slow--perhaps because it has so many features.

  • Excellent Resource

    by PhD Engineer

    The Olive Tree app has a very comfortable, pleasant, and effective user interface. I have tried a handful of other Bible apps over the past 2+ years and I like Olive Tree's the best. One of the best features is the plethora of resources (commentaries, maps, study Bibles, dictionaries, Bible versions, other language Bibles, devotionals, etc.) which can be purchased in app and brought up quickly in split-screen mode. Throughout the year, various resources go on sale at significant discounts. Another very valuable and noteworthy characteristic is their customer service - prompt, professional, and very helpful - matched only by the quality of their app.

  • Great Bible App!

    by Brian.....

    I know it's not a helpful review but it is true!

  • Great Bible study app

    by bbman1

    The portability and flexibility of this app is fantastic. Internet connection not needed to view multiple translations. Having the ability to look at different translations, look up Greek and Hebrew words, view maps, etc -- all a great study aid at home, at church, or on the go!

  • Bible Study

    by Dre luv

    Beautiful App. To have, It's Great. Helpful, Insightful, It's a Great Bible to Have.!!!

  • Best Bible App!!

    by Jesus Reigns

    This app is great! Not only can you use it without having to be online, you can take notes, make bookmarks, and more! Plus there are a plethora of resources and study guides to assist with your time in the word!!!

  • Great App.

    by gigi369422

    I love this Bible app. It is so easy to use. I have used other Bible apps and found them very hard to navigate through but not this one. It's grrrreaaat!

  • Great! I love this app.

    by Ro z

    Many options and a great tool. Like the way its syncs with my other devices.

  • Love this app, only 2 small problems

    by QPrr

    Can't say I've compared this to any of the other Bible specific apps, but I have the Bible on Kindle for iPhone. This app is much better - very easy to customize highlighters &/or underlining (which I love), lots of references to other verses, definitions, etc. I only have a couple of issues 1) when you click on an in text reference, a window will pop up & you can select the text but can't use the highlighter in this popup widow. Really sad for me. 2) If you hit the "open in split window" the 2nd split window opens the old verse up not the new one so you end up w/ 2 windows having the same verse. Not major issues but very frustrating. Overall though it's the best reading app I've ever used- why I gave it 5 stars. Wish more books came in this easy to mark/note take format! Thank you Olive Tree.

  • Bible reader

    by Acutchlow

    As a student i receive a lot of very good information from this app. I am able to do more with off line than o5her apps on line.

  • Really enjoy...but one suggestion!

    by DDS4life

    I use this app pretty much every single day! I look up texts, read my devotional and thoroughly enjoy the experience. Would it be possible to add an option to "Alert" or "Remind" when to do a devotional on a daily/weekly basis? I've seen this in other apps and feel if implemented well, would be of great use to scores of people. Thank you for developing a very good product!

  • Awesome

    by Create Nickname 23

    Well structured and thought out platform. Could not think of a better way to connect with our lord and savior, no matter where you are.

  • Great app

    by Bob&mindy

    It is nice to have a Bible available anywhere. Enjoying the features the app comes with.

  • Easiest of the Bible apps

    by Kenneth Breaux

    I have tried a number of the Bible apps and this seems to be the easiest to use. The actual Olivetree books seem to be reasonably priced compared to other books or other apps. Overall a very helpful Bible tool.

  • Great resource

    by Ace15open

    Well organized, All my notes and bible content in one place across all my devices.

  • Great app!!!

    by 777DS777

    One of the best ways n which to study the word of God

  • Great!

    by GaJammy

    Easy to use! I am still learning all it will do but already love it.

  • Great app

    by Smeagol!!!

    Must have!

  • Love this app!

    by Sadiebone

    I love this app! It has everything you could imagine to help you with your daily Bible study.

  • Good app for personal study

    by twoboyzzmom

    Good app for personal study

  • Ease of use and functionality

    by Chirostof

    I love how easy the app is to use. Quick to get to any book, chapter or verse. The ability to bookmark, highlight and take notes in the app are great additions, although I believe you have to create an account to save your material. Great overall!

  • Great

    by The man who must repent 75

    This is amazing to me because I can take it with me everywhere; I can read offline!

  • Great app I use it all the time.

    by SOS1234

    Awesome a great way to study His word.

  • Great

    by Momnrun

    Really like this app! Especially the "go to" feature! Highly recommend it.

  • Great app

    by Pinkkin

    I love this app. It has more features than I know at this point, I've only been using this app for about six months. I find it easier to use than previous apps that I had used. I can take notes right from the scripture that pastor is preaching on and later pull up those notes for later study! Thanks Olive Tree!

  • best bible app

    by Qbum87

    keep on walking in the Word

  • Wonderful App

    by Jesuslives01

    This app is so good! I have had it for 3.5 years and haven't had a problem for a real long time. When there was an error a long while back, it was immediately fixed. Very thankful for this bible app.

  • Easy to use

    by Mcktech

    I love using this app not only for reading, but also when I am reading a book and want to read the references the author is citing. It is easy and quick to find the verses. Thanks for a great Bible app.

  • A MUST have!

    by Drummindot

    I've used Olive Tree software for over 12 years. It is the BEST Bible app and software around! We are blessed to have bibles so readily available and Olive Tree makes the UI easy and streamlined. The daily devotionals and Bible reading tools are wonderful! While you are reading if you come across a word or phrase that you want defined you simply select it and the you'll find "define" in a little pop-up menu and it goes to a dictionary and defines it! If it can't find it you'll find an option to do a web search-all right IN the app. Thank you Olive Tree for helping me in my walk with The Lord! Keep up the good work!

  • Amen!

    by Baldy77

    This app is super helpful! It is exactly what I was looking for!!! Love the bible reading plans, currently working on one. I thank god for this helpful app to always have the bible with me :)

  • LTC

    by ltaveras958

    Great App This is the best Bible reader On The App Store. God Bless You

  • Great bible app!

    by Boblafon

    This app has been a real help to me, especially since I can use it off wifi!

  • Nice app!!!

    by Smiley Girl #14

    I love this app. It's nice to be able to find certain verses, highlight them, and take notes all in one app!!! Would highly recommend this app!!!

  • this is MY BIBLE!

    by joy creed

    This is MY BIBLE now! I use 3 different versions, can highlight and make notes and it is so easy to search and locate a Scripture... I enjoy this Ap 24/7! Wouldn't be without it today! Am so Thankful to have it!

  • Child of the King

    by Pbpd83

    Great app you won't be disappointed.

  • Don't leave home without your Bible

    by HBuell

    Great application! Awesome reading plans available if you want to work through the entire Bible.

  • Great App for Study

    by samgn

    I'm a pastor and have several Bible Apps on my iPad. I would have passed over this one, except my son-in-law showed it to me and told me how much he liked it. One of the main problems I have with some of the more popular apps (including the one which includes the huge library I have collected over the years) is that they just haven't conquered the nuances of how to work on IOS yet. Olive Tree continually outshines them. I still do my daily devotional on YouVersion and love it for that purpose. More and more, I come back to Olive Tree when I am preparing sermons and other things. I love the simplicity of search on this app, plus the way it copies text to transfer into my word processor is amazing. If you are looking for a great IOS app to enhance your Bible Study, this is the one I recommend. If I were starting over, I would gradually be adding books to this library (I'm sticking to a few basics for now) and build it up to carry with me to work on the fly.

  • Great App

    by Terrance A. Johnson

    This is the best app ever!!!

  • Mm

    by MMilie

    Outstanding app

  • Great Bible app

    by Notyomama2

    I really like this bible app. You can get multiple versions of the Bible and have two opened at once in order to compare. There are also loads of other resources you can get like Bible notes. These are especially helpful when studying the Bible.

  • Best simply the best!

    by Chungane

    I love this app!! Easy to use so far~

  • Awesome tools!

    by Revgerry

    My go-to sermon prep and personal study tool. It's everywhere I go, yet has almost everything I need to do my biblical study. An additional specialized volume or tool for specific subjects is all I ever need; this app covers 90%+ of my prep needs. That's amazing!

  • Read form it everyday

    by BH in KY

    Olive Tree is a very good App. I love having my bible at my figure tips and the notes are very helpful and easy to use. Great App!

  • Close to perfect

    by Teskillz

    This app would be perfect it it allowed me to add photos or attachments to my notes.

  • From Parson's to Olive Tree

    by Skipper1956

    I used to use Parsons Technology Bible Study programs on my PC. But the company disappeared as did my documentation. I have been without such help now for 10 years, since I left the Seminary. Now I am doing more word studies again and preparing to do a Sabbatical Year and needed something. Though it doesn't have all the bells and whistles, it will serve me well. I have found it easy to use. My only concern is that it would be good to have Strong's Numbers cross referenced with the New American Bible, including the Deuterocanonicals, or Apocrypha as my Protestant Brothers and Sisters call it. Even Parson's didn't do that.

  • Hymns

    by Sherreye

    I am learning so much about how the hymn writers came to write the songs I love and what they went through. It helps me know God will be with me throughout the day.

  • Olive Tree App

    by Papa-DD

    Very good and easy to use.

  • Love It, exactly what I need in my daily life

    by MsAOP

    Several times I've tried to establish a habit of reading Gods word a little everyday. It's like exercise, two weeks on, one day turns into one month with no activity. But the Olive Tree Daily Devotional in particular has helped me stay on track. I wake up looking forward to reading and finding out what God is saying to me. The resources are totally awesome! Keep up the good work and thanks so much for the coupons!

  • Very Useful

    by Cool guy gamer

    This really is a fantastic bible app. I'm a minister and I use in my ministry along with my personal study. The highlights, notes, parallel scriptures, notes, and commentaries make it easy to Use and super useful. Definitely get this app!

  • Great

    by Timewaister1

    The 1st Bible app that is actually formatted to look like my old paper Bible that I am use to.

  • LanieP67

    by Elena P67

    Love it!!

  • SolidRock

    by Blueboy2500

    I love the Olive Bible app, it's great and let's me have opportunity to get some good food for the soul anytime, anywhere, anyplace !!!

  • Wonderful

    by Becky80cny

    I love this app! I use it everynight!!!

  • Favorite Bible study app

    by 2 timothy

    Love this app. Easy to toggle study helps. Use the Treasury of Scripture Knowledge daily.

  • Phenomenal!

    by kdog662011

    I love this app!! I use it all the time. Each update makes it even better!

  • Viziogem

    by Clifpat

    Great app. Resourceful and easy to operate. Love this app! Functions very smoothly thus far. Keep up the good work and God Bless the creator of this app. Just one thing I wish you could allow with this app. Whatever Bible I'm viewing that my highlights, notes, and tags would sync with other bible versions. What the possibility of that happening????

  • Olive Tree is great!

    by Catar8

    Talk about a wonderful study tool! You can read for enjoyment, set a reading plan, dig deep for a study and even deeper for teaching or writing.

  • Bible app

    by Astro 38

    On my Desktop, iPhone and iPad . Extremely handy to carry several version of the Bible in your pocket. All of the plugins make it interesting as well as helping you understand the times. The Study Guides & Maps are also a great help. Thanks Olive Tree.

  • Best study tool

    by Ob_one_1

    I have used OliveTree bible reader since the first edition and this is the best yet.

  • Awesome!!!!

    by BIG SEXY 2K

    Words can't describe how awesome it is have this bible app!!!! Being able to flip from one translation to another in seconds, it's like bringing a high powered machine gun to a knife fight!!!!

  • Favorite bible app

    by Brittney Marshall

    I absolutely love this app, the design is great, but mostly I LOVE the reading plans it offers! All straight from the word!

  • Favorite bible app

    by Brittney Marshall

    I absolutely love this app, the design is great, but mostly I LOVE the reading plans it offers! All straight from the word!

  • Great source

    by Delores98

    Highly recommend


    by Superpal123

    Absolutely love this app and the way the developers have linked the scripture reading to all your available reference materials in your library. Genius design and ease of use! Has easily replaced my other Bible study apps (particularly WordSearch Bible) as my go-to choice! I will look to continue building my library with this app.

  • Awesome

    by Winner77

    Great way to get around the good book!

  • Olive Tree Bible Reader

    by Captnuke

    I have used Bible Reader read through the bible in a year plans for the third year now. Using different colors to highlight specific interest areas of mine is easy, and I'm writing notes more and more as the Holy Ghost prompts. My iPad is my bible of choice now.

  • Amazing app!

    by Monils146

    My primary bible study tool!

  • Best Bible App Purchase Ever

    by Coco19626

    I've gone through several apps and this is the best by far. To really get the most out of it, you can't just open it and read the bible. Take the time to learn all that it can do, from taking notes to exploring commentaries, study guides and reference materials. For me it is literally the all in one app. All the books I have used I have all right here. Thanks!

  • Hands down the best app!!!

    by Pastor...

    I preach from my iPad and I prepare my message with this app,it delivers. I tried many other none came even close. It's the best bible app out there. Very happy especially with the latest updates.

  • Great App

    by Revbmingo

    Love it. Used daily. No problems no complaints. God's blessings on you and yours.

  • By far the best Bible app

    by JarkaiMaul

    I've used a lot of Bible apps but this is the best. I love that I can sync my notes (the biggest thing) and not lose anything. I know that whatever device I'm in, my notes are going to be there. I've written down notes for years, and I don't want to lose anything. Notes are like journal entries--they are important. Too important to lose. The only thing I don't like is that the add-on books are so expensive. Other than that, it's great.

  • Outstanding !

    by chiefbuzzb

    I use Olive as a Study Bible and daily reading. With the ability to use the different translations I can find the meaning of the original text and feel what was being said at that time. I also can quickly search other books for help or references and Olive Tree is always up grading and ad dings ways to make it easier to find what you are studying . I really enjoying using it!

  • Does the job

    by Birdie Brain

    Easy to use. Hyperlinks in the notes make taking sermon notes easy to look up references. Daily reading plans are a plus. Very well integrated.

  • Recommended to all my friends and readers

    by TechyLady

    It is easy to learn and use. I remember having multiple resource books and other Bibles beside me at the table. Now they are at my finger tips. Don't have to move from my easy chair. I love the pop-up reference verses and Strong's.

  • Great app

    by Patriot24/7

    Great app... Use it for my devotions every day!

  • Use it every day! Love it!!

    by Hayvejxsnd

    This app just gets better and easier to use. Thanks!!

  • Simply amazing

    by Gyuwon Baek

    Has everything i need

  • Great app

    by Tom 67575

    Best bible app I've tried yet. Everything works together so well. This is much easier to use than an ebook.

  • Easy to use

    by DaBx

    I have this app on my tablet and phone. Love it

  • Perfect!

    by David Perrote

    By far the most convenient Bible app I've used. So simple to use.

  • Love this app

    by Anitramic

    This app makes it everything so easy to taking notes and finding verses but one words. I can bring all my highlights up and find my favorite verses. You will love this app!

  • The Best

    by Averain

    I think this is really the best of the Bible apps. It is so easy to get around in it and they consistently update it to make it better.

  • Adventure!

    by RocK_sTaR 101

    I love using this Bible and all the tools they have for me. Studying the Word can be exciting or heavy. This Bible App has captured my heart, and keeps me very interested. The reading plans are your choice, but they are by definition meaningful to me. I hope people try it , because it's Excellent ! Gawade

  • Great

    by hi777777777777777777

    Great app overall. I wish they would do more with scripture memory, but everything they do offer is excellent.

  • Really good app

    by Cb32oJB

    I read this app all the time. I have now had it on four different devices since buying it. I have synced it and it kept my bookmarks between devices. It even has great references.

  • Highlighting

    by GottesSegen

    This is a great bible app to be able to colour coded highlighting! Love it!

  • Good Bible App

    by Brengineer

    It has good settings and options, but some are confusing. There are also a lot of frills that get in the way. Otherwise, it's great!

  • Excellent!

    by Mountainsax

    This app is just what I was looking for. The daily reader encourages you to stay in the word and there are lots of resources. Thanks!

  • Huge Fan

    by Brian. NC

    This app's abilities to seamlessly integrate with an expansive Library of other books is quite impressive. I'm able to read John while relevant maps from the Moody Bible Atlas pop up depending on the section I've scrolled to read. Impressive!

  • Excellent resource

    by Spasm hart

    I really like the layout of the app and the study plans. Very easy to navigate.

  • Nice integrated resources.

    by RichIWalt

    Too much to write about. Resource guide, partial verse highlighting, underlining fully customizable, reading plans, split windows, pop up reference following. Synchronization, tagging subject matter, note taking (including hyperlink referencing). Cross platforms accounts, social networking - too much to write. Fantastic app !!!!

  • I tried them all this is the best

    by Jmanmelb

    The best, most powerful bible study app. Not the cheapest but you have all your bibles even when you don't have a cell signal.

  • Great App

    by N Houston

    I love this app! It works very well and the integration of different study materials are very helpful.

  • Bible reading & study

    by Smartcopy

    Bible app is great! Love U can add a note, change highlight colors and find Books easily. I copy / paste Verses into Pages, for my own study. #1! Keep up the great job with this App. Thank you, MissLady101

  • Best Bible app

    by I am a wretch

    Tried many Bible apps. None we're very good. Been using Olive Tree for several years, it is the best. I only use OT now.

  • Great app for bible study.

    by Jdavis2809

    Love it. Have it on iPod touch, nook, and pc.

  • Good job!

    by BigSarge283

    The program does everything I expect it to do. It's smooth, doesn't freeze up, lets me take notes and bookmarks without drama. Good job!

  • Deserves all five stars.

    by MD_R

    Easy to use.

  • Olive Tree Bible App

    by Ge exodus

    The best for Bible study, I have many but always use Olive Tree Bible App. Thank you for the hard work, it paid off?

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