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Word of the Day update bug fixed

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America's most useful and respected dictionary – redesigned for iOS 7 to make it even more enjoyable to use.

In addition to all the definitions from Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary, the app offers voice search – to let you look up a word without having to spell it – along with an integrated thesaurus, example sentences, Quick Definitions, Word of the Day, Favorites, and more.

It’s a great tool for reference, education, and vocabulary building.

The app is free, and supported by ads.


* Voice Search
* Integrated Thesaurus: Synonyms & Antonyms
* Example Sentences
* Quick Definitions
* Audio Pronunciations
* Word of the Day
* Favorites
* Recent History - lets you keep track of the words you've looked up

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Customer Reviews

  • You need it

    by Alana-awesomeness

    It is awesome u can search words u do not even know I think u need it

  • Woo!

    by Robby Boxrz 

    Best dictionary app!!

  • Calabar bean

    by Why can't I choose a nickname

    It is a CALABAR BEAN.... It's ironic how this is a dictionary app and I don't know how to spell CALABAR!

  • Incredible

    by MShi8

    Pro: Good definitions. Load time is unnoticeable. Word of the day is informative. Synonym discussion is indispensable. Con: minor bugs (not annoying just unprofessional), no option to disable quick definitions. I want the full definition asap so it's a hassle scrolling down everytime.

  • Must have

    by hazardtown

    This is all ya need to spell well. I use it for my young boy who just won his 4th grade spelling bee!

  • Extremely Helpful / Useful

    by Not a fan of pop, sorry

    It's great! I don't have to go consult my paperback dictionary. I like that you can click on the sound to hear how the word is pronunciated!

  • Incredible

    by MShi8

    Good definitions. Load time is unnoticeable. Word of the day is informative. Synonym discussion is indispensable.

  • Awesome in so many ways

    by 1 believer 4/17/2005

    It's great to see one still referencing the Word of God

  • Quizzative & Merriam-Webster

    by Jared Baxter

    My everyday use of the dictionary's word of the day has significantly expanded my vocabulary and has now given me tools to test myself increasing myconfidence to speaking up and share opinions with deeper meaning.

  • Helps me with my homework

    by The Rocker 60

    Really good homework helper

  • Great

    by Solidgold mom

    I really love this app. ESP. When I use it to pronounce the words I use correctly. I recommend it to everyone especially when calls pronouncing words correctly! When I updated this app the words are very huge, can that be fixed I hate to move the words in order to read the whole meaning of a word!!! Please fix!!!

  • Webster's Dictionary

    by jlipoet

    This is a good app. It sometimes doesn't suggest a word even when the spelling is slightly incorrect. A word may be hidden in another base word. IE: ophthalmologist, I found it under optometry. I didn't know how to spell the word correctly. So, I found a similar word to see if I could find my word. I guess I got lucky.

  • Essential

    by JessAndNo

    A quick reference for pronunciation . I really like that feature!

  • Please add wildcard character lookup

    by WordWELDER

    Great app to use when looking up words that start with certain letters ("una" for instance) but when playing W.E.L.D.E.R. I'd like to look up words that contain certain letters ("una") and have them list from shortest words to longest.

  • No Wi-Fi Necessary!

    by LSDexitOzAmericaDotOrg

    I was thrilled to find that my M-W Dictionary App worked for word lookup without being in a Wi-Fi activated surrounding! (My other dictionary app would not operate without having that Internet access available.) LSDexitOzAmericaDotOrg

  • It's a convenient app

    by Knee911

    The only complaint I have about this app is that they should add a random word button, other than that it's a good app, it doesn't crash, & doesn't need wifi. :)

  • fftt

    by okayme2

    I liked the previous version better. The option to switch between dictionary and thesaurus for example. This one's also simplistic. Not sufficient for serious writers.

  • Fantastic!

    by Skfheosnejdkskaaj

    Even a word of the day!

  • Could be

    by Fun stuffs!

    There could be some additional options in this app that would make it 5 stars for me. For what it contains; it works well and proves to be useful.

  • No brainier!

    by iNassar

    I use it almost daily, don't think just purchase it.

  • Ads obscure bottom portion of definition

    by Jimbo Mt Horeb

    Ads obscure bottom portion of definition. Would expect app design to have prevented that problem.

  • clunky

    by ArgyleKelly

    The newest update has me looking for a new dictionary. Here's why: 1. The ads have increased in number and size. 2. The "updated" interface requires several more steps more to navigate; it used to be simple and easy to access all functions from one "home" page. 3. Worst of all is the app constantly trying to access your photos. Creepy and intrusive. Good Riddance to this app.

  • What a great App!!!!!!

    by Big Will #1

    This app is so helpful. This App is one of the rare ones that you can count on. It's reader friendly, very easy to comprehend. And the up-dates just keep getting better. At times I find myself reading this as if it was a good novel. I LOVE IT!!!!!

  • Good reference book

    by Sweatermeat1

    A go to book that should be at most fingertips and its a freebie.

  • Great amp

    by HebrewPrincess

    I use it all the time life saver

  • A must have

    by CaroleH2011

    This app is great. Not only is it continually updating to keep up with the latest trend words and bug fixings but it also has "word of the day" which is interesting. Also it has a favorites section where you can keep the words you like the most.

  • Top Dictionary App in the AppStore

    by Gaurav Vasare

    The iOS7 UI, Word of the day, Examples if word usage, Etymology, Pronunciation, what not? It has everything you need!

  • Lifesaver

    by Deep Chris

    This app is beautiful

  • Why did I ever get this app?

    by Amazing,yummy maya

    It is a horrible app. I wish I never even got it. I'd try to look up something like horrible and I ccan't look it up. There's barely any words to look up. This app stinks.

  • Liked it until IOS 7 update

    by Pretti boi the 

    You can't speak into recorder, please fix

  • Better than app


    It uses the word in example sentences where as in the app you have to pay to see them

  • great interface

    by qwrb'ffdgr

    The new UI is beautiful!

  • Exquisite

    by Awesome212312

    The reference was fantastic, it helped so much with school. I'll never have to search an encyclopedia again!

  • Great app

    by Nghnyuq2610

    This allows you to save your favorite word! nice feature!!! Very easy to use. Great update, better background, no crash. Still have many words that are not explained clearly (english learners at beginning level may face some difficulties using this)

  • by Patel, shiv


  • Nasty upgrade

    by C0VER

    Think I'm about done doing product updates, the latest for MW Dict is TERRIBLE. I'd rate what I had as 5 stars but the latest was a 1 and that's before I deleted it from my device.

  • Flawless.

    by Suddenlypolio

    I previously swore by's app but got sick of theirs spontaneously closing. So I downloaded the Merriam-Webster and I LOVE IT! The design is simple, easy to navigate and above all, it LOADS AS QUICK AS I NEED IT TO. Not to mention the dual definitions: basic and complete. Great job on designing this. Thanks!

  • Love it

    by Cutekat280

    Great easy fun (I love

  • Best dictionary app!

    by AppleJacksApple

    I prefer this rather than app because this one is much faster and easier to use. The definitions are brief and easy to understand, and there aren't as much annoying ads as I keep accidentally touching them in the app!

  • Love it

    by Me Sheldon

    The best in the west

  • Dictionary

    by Killspree20

    Great new updated version amazing app for me

  • Bug

    by Mrs. Firestar

    I really need a dictionary app and this looks good but it won't open or even download a little bit. I really wanted to use this so I'm dissatisfied. Please fix : ( : /

  • Easy to use and functional

    by Romar9999

    Voice recognition needs improvement.

  • Webster dictionary

    by M Abdul H

    Excellent app. A much needed tool, for sending words or just writing.

  • Need a fix

    by 6 string man

    The microphone option isn't working anymore. The screen comes up but just sits there. Is anything being done to fix this problem?

  • Nice redesign

    by Zengh98

    Love the update. It's more intuitive and clear.

  • Nice & clean

    by Edimoj

    Thanks for NOT having lots of promos and ads - I just wanted a "dictionary" and you kept it simple! Again, THANKS.

  • Feature request

    by montospecks

    I really like the updated version but I have some feature requests! I'd really like the ability to create custom lists of words say for a book I'm reading or an article. And when I look up a word, it should tell me if that word is already in a list I've created. That way I can associate words with where I encountered them. Also I'd like integration with quizzative so I can train myself on words from my custom lists. These would be great features and would definitely push me to buy

  • Voice search working on iPhone 5s

    by Liam A.C.

    I've tested voice search on my iPhone 5s and it's working just fine. Not sure why others have problems with it. Anyway, I'm glad I updated the app. Great new design!

  • Love it!!!

    by Tortoga

    Great dictionary and thesaurus if you purchase the premium version for 3.99.

  • A wonderful app

    by Jennifer5292

    I find this dictionary very helpful when I play the word game apps on my phone. I also like the word of the day. I'm sure it will help improve my vocabulary.

  • Webster

    by Bmw james

    It's a good app but the voice feature doesn't analyze words. I have an iPhone 4.

  • Helpful!

    by kenmedel

    The Quick Definition is more helpful and more useful.

  • Not working

    by Parrothead1977

    For some reason the app does not update for word of the day as it should as it connects with the Wi-Fi I'm not sure if the app is worth anything

  • Love it!

    by Im not writing my name here

    I haven't even opened this app yet, and I know I'm going to love it!!

  • So useful

    by Ashwat

    I am very thankeful for this app. I use it to look up words that I come across in my reading and it runs really smoothly. Thank you!

  • Only dictionary you need

    by Abatil

    It was a great app. The update made it even better.

  • I love it!

    by Literary Girl

    I love having access to a dictionary at all times wherever I go. Easy to navigate, and of course, informative. I just prefer to use an 'actual' dictionary, otherwise I'd have given this app five stars.

  • Word of the day

    by Unhappy movie viewer

    Good app, but same word of the day since I updated.

  • Speak to search


    Speak to search no longer functions correctly (or at all). Fix this and go back to 5 stars

  • Love!!!

    by retroguise

    This is my most used app and the new design is just beautiful!

  • Great app

    by SDR76

    I love learning words and this app makes it easy. Never am I unable to find a word.

  • Thanks.

    by Vyse3

    Love it. New design is great. I use this app multiple times daily.

  • Submit review

    by Goooooodddd gamer

    Awesome helps u

  • Great update!!

    by Arash Hddn

    New UI is nice!!

  • Incredible

    by MShi8

    Good definitions. Load time is almost unnoticeable. Word of the day is informative. Synonym discussion is indispensable.

  • Great job

    by IvansBet

    I like the redesign, looks very user friendly and clean. It has 5 star content as well.

  • Gooooooood app

    by IrvinC


  • Favorites bad

    by capegreg

    Don't understand why the paid version has no favorites retention setting?? There needs to be a way to store favs or transfer favs to SQLite db, e.g., for back up.

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