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On more than 100 million devices all over the world, people are reading, listening to, and sharing the Bible using the #1 rated Bible App—completely free. Hundreds of Bible versions, hundreds of reading plans, dozens of languages. Add your own highlights, bookmarks, and public or private notes. Customize your experience for easy reading. Access everything when you’re connected, or download specific versions for offline use.

* Set your Bible App’s interface for your choice of more than 30 languages.
* Easily select from hundreds of Bible versions, in nearly 150 languages.
* Choose from popular versions like the NIV, NASB, ESV, NKJV, NLT, KJV, The Message, and more.
* Offline Bibles: Read even without network access.
* Listen to audio Bibles as you do other tasks. (Audio Bibles not downloadable.)

* Hundreds of reading plans: Devotionals, topical plans, portions of the Bible, or the whole thing.
* Many reading plans are even available in multiple languages.
* You’ll find devotionals, as well as plans that lead you through specific topics, portions of the Bible, or even the entire Bible.
* Search the Bible using keywords.

* Highlight with custom colors—just like a paper Bible.
* Share verses with friends using social networks, email, or SMS (text).
* Bookmark passages: Share, memorize, or just keep track of your favorites.
* Add notes to passages: Keep them private so only you can see them, or make them public to share with friends.
* With a free YouVersion account, see all of your notes, highlights, bookmarks, and reading plans on any supported device.
* Read easier with settings like fonts, text size, and contrast for bright or low-light conditions.

* Contact support from directly inside the Bible App.
* Like us on Facebook:
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Download the world’s #1 Bible App now and enjoy the Bible reading experience loved by millions!

Customer Reviews

  • FANTASTIC APP!!!!!!!!!

    by Child-of-God!

    This app is awesome! It has basically any version you want and fantastic plans! My relationship with God was feeling dry and empty but once I found some of their plans it's been getting better! If you want a great Bible app, This is THE BIBLE APP FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!

  • Excellent choice for Bible study

    by ctg927

    What a great app! I love everything about it. Lots of study plans, different versions of the bible, daily verses, the ability to bookmark, highlight and take notes, this app really has everything. The one an only con is that I can't turn the phone to the side for a bigger keypad, and that doesn't even really count as a con, does it?

  • Marvelous Study Bible

    by Ravanatit

    I find reading along as it is a spoken translation makes it twice as effective. One incorporates sight and sound to help in reading and the reminders you can set to email your progress helps you to be more current and able to catch up if you get behind! Very encouraging bible helps in the study of God's Word! The availability of it being on my person makes it possible to have God's Word easier to study as life situations come and easier to be faithful in keeping a commitment to study daily, as well as deeper gleaning into Bible helps!

  • The future

    by Hector Ruiz

    Awesome app

  • God is Amazing

    by Buwahh

    Very good it! Christ words is forever!

  • Great App!

    by Glitteryrain

    This is an awesome Bible app! Definitely get it!

  • Great features

    by Mikeyman0814

    Great features!! Great for studying and I just love it! Soo many different versions of the bible and you can listin to it. And you do bible salvation plans ... Amazing

  • Bible App Review

    by romanian.chic1

    Love it!!!

  • excellent!!!

    by KillerMarteen

    very good Bible app. love it and recommend it.

  • Ease

    by Jkshineyman25

    This is a very easy to use bible app and comes in handy for reading on the go

  • How good

    by Jason wrote

    The best when going to church no need for giant bible :-D

  • Nice App but...

    by Sjones710

    It locks up and is very slow often. I hope the next update resolves these issues. :)

  • Please fix

    by Saint Robb

    This is a great app, but since the latest up grade I can't get certain books of the bible. The app tells me to switch to another version. Please fix, thanks

  • Very handy app

    by TTKA4life

    You never know when you're going to need the Bible...

  • Love this app

    by Dylan27272727272

    I love verse of the day

  • Great app

    by Azur45

    I find it very helpful having a Bible with me everywhere. It's very user friendly.

  • I love you JESUS!

    by Cookies&milk88

    You are king! You are mine father. And forever I will worship you!

  • Best bible app

    by wondergirl14

    What awesome resource Thank you!.

  • YouVersion is Awesome

    by Scott D Thornbury

    YouVersion is absolutely amazing. I travel a lot and have been to several churches. Whether the service uses NIV, ESV, KJV, or a host of others, the correct version is only two taps away. I also attend an International Bible Study and YouVersion is able to provide many foreign language versions as well. The only thing I don't like about the app is that there is no continuous scroll (you have to select the next chapter or book after reaching the end of your chapter) or at least not on Pre-IOs7 versions. -Scott

  • Great App!

    by Dave Dennis's

    Excellent App. As far as goes. It needs to be easier to do research. My wife and I used it to go through all four Gospels listening to it a few chapters of the time before we go to sleep at night. It was great!

  • Lovely app

    by Alexsan25

    With the voice reading the word of lord is BLESSING AND ENJOYABLE to hear Amen

  • The Bible

    by A Gentile

    Basic. Information. Before. Leaving. Earth... This BIBLE app is what every human being should have on their electronic devices. If you are driving down the road and want to read the bible. this app is perfect for audio and Bluetooth. Easy to find chapters n verses and topics.

  • Bible App

    by zozofunny2

    Easy for beginners. Wide selection of programs tailored for the way you learn.

  • Best Bible app

    by Jlau0

    I use it in French and it has so many versions of Bibles available. It allows you so set plans and so much more.

  • What I think

    by Kevin Wik

    It's been great for me. I use my hands a lot so to have something to listen to is perfect

  • Living to live again

    by Citizen's Bank customer

    Easy to use and easy to read, love that you can switch from different versions so easily! Love it!

  • Love the Bible App

    by Maryandfam

    Recently read entire Bible for 1st time. You version has wonderful bookmarks, searches, reading plans. Love it! Praise the Lord our God!

  • Just what I needed

    by Farnz2008

    I am a youth pastor who often needs to access the Bible at times and places where having a hard copy with me is simply not possible/convenient. This app is convenient and very useful for me in my ministry. Keep up the good work, YouVersion!

  • Good reading

    by Blaezer

    Well organized easy to read font and even audio reading. Quite good.

  • The Plans are Great

    by Radiotype

    I finally decided to read the bible from cover to cover. It's so easy. Set a plan up and it offers several different plans from motivational. Inspirational. And many other plans set up just for you!! Thanks Life Church!!!

  • Winner!

    by (Peggity)

    Easy to use. The different reading plans are excellent.

  • Wonderful!

    by Slickchic68

    This Bible is great for my iPhone! I love having the word of God with me at all times. I really like all the different bible reading plans this App offers. It's the best! The most important App I could ever have on my phone! Thank you and God bless!

  • Bible

    by Leonaina

    I love it but wish I could read it without the intranet all of the time. Sometimes I don't have access to it. When I am on my iPad in the car and stuff like that.

  • Powerful and Alive!

    by Twylalalalala

    GOD's Word is timeless and the more you read, the more GOD's Spirit is revealed! This app is very user friendly, and I have so much fun sharing His Word with others. "And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus." (Philippians 4:7 NIV) P.S. I also love listening to His Word while I'm at work or in the car, or even to help me get some rest/sleep! Sweet! Thank You JESUS, for giving us YouVersion! <><

  • Peaceful

    by Great penis

    It's peaceful and a great app please get the bible I love it makes me happy and makes day into a good day one of the best app of all time god bless you all

  • Bible

    by Deja

    This app has so many things that draw you close to God. And that's important to me

  • Great to have options

    by Onewhoplaystoomuch

    Lots of versions available and so many awesome plans! Great job!

  • The best bible app ever

    by TyberZann52

    Hats off to these guys, they have figured out how to make something that does not grow old !!

  • Love this App

    by Revandrem

    Love Love Love this app. I have completed so many reading plans with this app. It had really enhanced my knowledge of the scriptures and all right at my fingertips. One of the most groundbreaking spiritual tools of this generation.

  • Error Messages

    by gecox2

    Every time I open this app, I get an error message which reads "app unable to connect to server. Please check your connection and try again." Not sure why I am receiving this message. It's slightly annoying.

  • Amazing

    by Lars60

  • Amazing

    by Lars60

  • Amazing

    by Betty Ross

    I love this app!

  • New to rating

    by Jaymonet

    I've never rated on the App Store, but this app changed that for me. It has such an easy access to different bible verses and version. Plus it saves your place which is always a bonus.

  • Not connecting to internet

    by 1brofro

    I've been having problems with the app connecting to the internet. I can go on safari and download apps and I'm connected to my wifi with a strong connection, but I can't use this app because it says it is offline.

  • You Version Bible app

    by lcross11

    I really appreciate this app. It is a fantastic Bible app. I use it every day.

  • The Bible Never Goes Wrong

    by jm_c

    Awesome app! I mean, you can't mess up just a simple, original bible because God wrote it! Love this app!

  • Love it!!

    by BBF0830

    So easy to use!!!! This is very practical and super helpful! I love having access to scriprures on the go, too! It's the best!!!

  • It's Amazing!

    by Dj Slick

    It keeps you in check with The Lord and is easy to use!

  • Great!

    by Caroline in Cali

    I really love this app! I like that I can choose the version I wanted as well as having a daily reading. Good for reference on the go!

  • Love it!My fav app!

    by Superphotos

    Essential. With this app, I learn how to love reading bible! I can mark, note and make plans to read! On the iPhone, iPad...wherever I go. I really love it! God bless all! And don't forget that Jesus died for you, because He loves you and He wants to save you.

  • Love that it has so many versions.

    by akyoders


  • A must have

    by Snupcake

    I love my much used, notes in margins, weathered binding hard copy Bible. But this is so convenient and easy, I find myself using the electronic app as much or more than my old Bible.

  • Phenomenal

    by momo_ga

    I love this bible! This is the best bible app anywhere. Online and offline bibles are amazing. Thanks!!!!!

  • Practical & amazing!!!

    by angel moreno

    Practical & amazing!!! Love the fact that the team behind it is constantly improving its features. Keep it up

  • Great app! Quiet time motivator

    by Latham fam

    This app is a great motivator to do my daily quiet time! I am partway through the New Testament in route to having the entire bible read through this year!

  • Junky feeling

    by mathiasparks

    I love that this app has so many translations and options.... But honestly it seems so glitchy and slow that I've over time slowly started using a different bible app that is more intuitive and well designed.

  • Bible

    by CM Major

    Great !!!!!


    by Jay459


  • It's Wonderful Thank~You!!

    by Molani

    I recommend Jesus!!:) Thank-you "You Version" for creating this wonderful App! I only pray to read more and keep up with my plans, this App provides the opportunity to do so with ease. Again, thank-You, I love it.

  • Useful

    by Rsaclarion

    I love the convenience of having my Bible on my iPad. I like being able to look up the books and verses easily. I don't have to be connected to the Internet to read it. This version seems closest to what I am familiar with, though I notice some differences as I read the devotion version, and there seems to be a decrease in dramatic effect with this iPad version.

  • Talk about a "MUST HAVE" app!

    by Reavisboy

    Thank you God, your designs are amazing and the upgrades just never stop!!

  • Great Bible

    by moon2k

    Good bible app. Plenty of versions to choose from. Problems with it not loading at times.

  • The bible

    by TKSMaynard

    I love this app even when I don't have my bible I can look up the scripture that the pastor gives plus I can look at it in different wording like king James, new king James, new living translation I think everybody should have this app on the phone, laptop, and iPhone.

  • Notes disappear when offline!

    by Notes flaw

    I really like this app except for one major flaw I have found so far. When using the notes section if you are offline(like at church for instance ) none of the notes that I save are there when I get back home onto my wifi network? Soooo frustrating as I want to be able to use the iPad at church. Can this be fixed please!!!

  • Can't connect to Facebook and share!

    by tarheelmj

    Help please!

  • Love it

    by Divertivo

    Love this bible, it reminds me everyday. Especially when I'm busy.

  • Love it

    by Minnie26

    Greatest app

  • The Good book

    by PurposeDriven365

    It's great to have the Bible everywhere you go at all times.

  • Needs iOS 7 Update!

    by jtymebeck

    I love this app, and use it every day. However, it needs an iOS 7 redesign.

  • Used it daily for the first week I've had it!

    by giollachriost

    See above!

  • Excellence

    by Schmerm

    Excellence in the app, the interface, and even the support. I cant get this level of support from companies that I pay big money to for support of software that was itself expensive. The folks at LifeChurch obviously take unique pride in what they do. Its hard to believe that they can do it without charging for the app. This is a true ministry. They have even been able to make the copy writed texts available with no charge. The app itself is simple, elegant, intuitive and very well designed.

  • B

    by B-onyx 77

    Great app! Its great having the Bible at my finger tips. But i will never give up my paper Bible for this.

  • Motivating.

    by 5min to find an available name

    This is a great app. I downloaded a few different Bible apps and this is the clear standout. The plans offered are easy to use and well structured and they keep you motivated. I'd love to see in-app purchases for versions not currently offered, the NRSV for example isn't available, I would gladly pay for that version to be able to use it with this app. Thanks for inspiring so many people to read their Bible. You guys are doing something great. Regards, -josh

  • Love

    by <3333 dalana

    I love this app it is a great way to read the bible! :)

  • Awesome

    by Gangland518

    Great for out of town.

  • Best app ever

    by WorldsBestAppReviewer

    Best app ever

  • Love

    by Lalita1678

    Love the daily bible

  • Great app

    by Maxglider

    I love the reading plans, the ability to bookmark verses, and the different versions.

  • Holy bible

    by Cowgirl59

    I love it review every version words god bless

  • My bible app

    by The new beginner

    I love using my bible app. It is easier to take along with me no matter where I'm going. My son even uses it at church. He likes to brag how he can look up the scriptures faster than I can.

  • I love it!

    by Jeje review

    I read my plans everyday.


    by Nikolai xD

    Great bible love how it breaks it up and large print love that there are diffrent kinds of bibles ( still almost exactly the same ) love its amazing and the only bible app i have tried and will probably stick with it dosent crash works great

  • I love this application!

    by Atomic1956

    Very helpful and organized well for easy use! Makes it the prefect app for everyday use.

  • Bible App

    by 1 Mrvic

    I have been very pleased with this app for my daily reading. It would be great if the app had the capabilities as the bible app on Apple, such as, ability to highlight only the words you want to highlight and not the whole paragraph. The other would be, being able to get definitions of words by just pressing and choosing define. Thanks for your work!

  • Return books

    by  Fscheer

    Without the books selection this app is almost useless. I would grade it five stars if the books returned. I was using this app to follow my pastors during the sermon. This is impossible now. Please return "books".

  • My go to Bible

    by Tru2Cntry

    Love it! I don't have to worry about small print, what version I have or need. It's got it all and I use it in my daily devotions, my bible study and in church!! Love it! Thank You!

  • LoveS iT

    by CoolieMo

    Great App! I Use it all the time!

  • :)

    by Areaumire

    Used everyday and love it! Best app ever!

  • Easy to use...

    by Daily hard copy POST reader

    ... and priceless when you don't have your Bible. Easy to read and switch translations, too.

  • Necesitamos escudriñar la palabra de Dios

    by Yarienille

    Me encanta día a día en donde quiera q este tener a la mano la Biblia y con tan solo oprimir un botón ahí esta. Bendiciones. Yary

  • I dislike this app !!!

    by Anacaramelana

    Every time I come back to read this bible is not where I left off !!!!!!!! It's always in John 1 and it throws me off !!! It also takes a long time to get to the bible part !!!!! I'm not happy ! I gave this app so many chances but I'm done and downloading another app !!!!!!!!

  • Good app

    by Blind Kicker

    Great app but, sometimes when I'm reading a chapter in audio mode sometimes after it finishes a chapter it stops early, like a minute or less. Then it starts that chapter all over, as far as I know, this happens over and over till I do something. This is very annoying, I have to manually go to the courner (top,left, click today, click plans, check that chapter then click on the next one. Then most of the time it works. Most of the time it's near the end of a plan, today it happend just about every time. Also most days when I click today for plans, it goes to yesterday, this only happens once, when I first open the app and start reading. Please fix all

  • Love!

    by alexiabc

    I love the ability to flip between versions easily while reading! Also, I enjoy the fact that you can download your favorite version to your phone. The bookmark and highlight feature are great tools- I wish there were fewer steps, more interactive like iBook, but they work and do not detract from the app. The reading plans are a nice feature as well.

  • Super

    by Muley103

    I love having the Bible with me, always at my finger tips its the instruction manual to life

  • Great Bible App

    by Investmentguy

    Love the ability to switch between versions to listen to it as we'll.

  • Love it!

    by Jfong20

    Love that I can read & listen to any version of the Bible at anytime. I find myself reading the Bible more often, now that I have the app on my phone.

  • Love This App

    by OneCymphony

    It makes ready the bible easier and more convenient.

  • New version too slow

    by LuisD1976

    Since I upgraded to the latest version, it takes much longer to load the app and it crashes. I have an iPhone 3G(S).

  • It's wonderful!

    by Callalilymomma

    This app has the bible in more versions than I knew existed, multiple devotionals that you can use along with it and it keeps track of your progress. I can use it on multiple devices -my Kindle, my iPhone, my laptop computer... It's wonderful!

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