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• Australian libraries are now much faster.
• Barcode scanning on iOS7 is fixed.
• Numerous other bug fixes

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The library catalog is now available for your mobile phone! Search, discover, and interact with participating libraries--anywhere you are, right away.

Search the catalog, place a hold and reserve items, see what you have checked out, renew items, see upcoming events, contact a librarian, and more.

Library Anywhere collaborates with participating libraries. If you don't see your library listed, ask them to join.

Customer Reviews

  • Works Great for me!

    by The friend of the kid

    The app is simple and fairly easy to use. I don't know why other people are complaining...maybe their library isn't compatible with this app.

  • Lib app

    by 3 Blonde Mice

    I really liked this app. The only thing that was bad was that it did not show my book lists. Everything else was just what I wanted.

  • Great app!!

    by jedijayca

    The new update is working well on my iPhone5. Lets me search and save books to my phone. Does what it should. Thanks!!

  • Has some potential

    by Tom and Liv's mom

    This app has some good features, but it needs updating. It would be great if it could store my library card number in there permanently instead of me having to enter it each time.

  • Pretty good app

    by ajrjaneway

    I like being able to use this on my iPod Touch instead of trying to do library things through the browser. I don't have crashing problems at all. It does keep telling me there's a new version when there's not. And I wish it would have a standard opening screen that would automatically refresh. I'd love to be able to do interlibrary management stuff with it. Overall, I'm happy with this app.

  • Great app

    by Stephllllll

    I love it!

  • No Circulation Number

    by Etheridian

    Good app. It is simple and easy to use with multiple libraries. However, the app does not seem to show circulation numbers for books within said libraries. These numbers are great for tracking down books as one delves through countless shelves in a large library, since most libraries I visit are oriented and organized using those number. It's a regrettable omission.

  • Needs updating!!

    by christoph gage

    I'll give it 3 stars since its useable. It's useable but mind numbing slow! I only using if I can't be at a computer. This needs to be updated for iPhone 5 and iOS 6. Why do I have to type I. My library card every time I want to do something? Please update!

  • Functional and Necessary

    by Mudslide Matt

    I like the idea of a standardized app that works with many libraries.

  • Excellent

    by Cherrow

    A great way to get to the catalog with minimal outside "junk".

  • Does What It Says

    by httydlover1618

    I like this app because it helps me keep track of the books I have checked out and the books that I have on hold. Sometimes it's a bit glitchy, and I wish it would keep me logged in, but other than that, it's a useful app for those who love books.

  • What Changed??

    by Prepalot

    When I first downloaded this app, it worked fine. You could not only see the titles you had out, but thier due dates, plus the ability to renew - all from my iPhone. Then, whu whu whu.. must've been a FAIL of an update. Can't do ANY of that. All you CAN do, is watch a useless "Display User Information" icon, that does nada. Nice job! Lol.......Delete! **UPDATE** After several weeks of not having this app installed, I was curious enough to download it again to see if it had changed. Bugs appear to be fixed. I upgraded my rating from 1, to 5 stars. Works fine now.

  • Slow

    by ejforstadt

    Even when I had good wifi it was still slow

  • Basic Library Browsing, But Not Outstanding...

    by jospkelly

    This app does let me browse library content and check out material, but I don't like the following items: 1) The app does not remember my library ID or password. This is a problem with a 14 digit ID. Having to re-enter this for each hold request is very time consuming. 2) The app does not seem to allow for filtered searches. For example, if I just want to search for music (audio CDs), there doesn't appear to be an option for that. 3) I am unable to view my library account information through this app. I have to use my web browser for that. I like the portability and layout of the app, but these things need to be addressed in order to make it worth using.

  • Works mostly

    by Momof 1

    I have had a lot of success with the app. There have been a few times when I had to reload but I love being able to search for books and then putting a hold on it. I wish it would save your card and pin number and also a way to search only one library.

  • No longer works properly

    by Jen5009

    After GCPL updated their catalog this app no longer is able to place holds. Any attempt is met with an error message. This USED to be a great app- please fix it!!

  • Not working after update

    by Nadd67

    This was working fine but after the latest update it will not work. Please FIT it!!!!

  • Useless for search & hold

    by LuvMoovees

    Every search yields nothing but return to account menu (renew etc) instead of finding wanted title. Was able to renew; hence two stars instead of one.

  • Missing

    by Ty_MD

    What happen to the barcode scanner?

  • Missing

    by Ty_MD

    What happen to the barcode scanner?

  • Needs Improvement!

    by NoPersonalInfoPlease

    Forget the bug fixes. This app needs a major redesign. The search function is the real problem. Absolutely terrible. I don't need to catalog the details; try it and you'll see.

  • Inconvenient

    by trying to migrate to Mail

    Makes me re-select my home library each time. Once I do that, it remembers my account info at least... But doing a simple search takes a LOT more time and drilling than it should. Hopefully an update will fix this - it seems like it should be an easy fix...

  • Great example of a bad app

    by Austin182182

    Never does what you want it to do. Makes me sign in over and over again. Hard to search for items. Terribly disappointing.

  • Library Anywhere

    by kayemarmvy

    Only worked for a few days. Now I can't get to my account

  • It is terrible

    by DockJohnson


  • One word

    by Abster20


  • Significantly less useful

    by CASpookygirl

    Our library asked us to update our app to this, and suddenly it's much more of a hassle to do my library business from my phone. It is a pain to have to log in 5 times in one season just to place holds and renew books. If it could remember by log in that would be perfect but as it is I have to log in several times in each season making it less worth my time and energy.

  • Sad. Just sad.

    by Yowzoe

    Sad that LibraryThing lends its name to this sad and half-azzed crapp.

  • Worst App Ever

    by A_Sappy

    All the reviews are true. It crashes all the time, freezes all the time and a waist of time.

  • Doesn't Work Anymore

    by Kn0wb0dy

    Used to work, but I can't do a thing anymore in iOS6. It forgot my settings and I can no longer find local libraries. .

  • Listen!

    by TaDa019

    Should have listened to the reviews. This app does nothing. I can't see the books I checked out, and there's always an error message popping up.

  • Frustrating App!!

    by LadyCroft86

    This app never works, constantly freezes and is very frustrating. Wouldn't recommend this to anyone

  • Just does not work

    by G8briel

    What an annoying app. I've tried to get it to work multiple times on my iPad and it just won't work. It freezes right away. As a librarian I think that this is an unacceptable app to be connecting to library services.

  • Can't get to "items checked out" section!!

    by Gmail junkie

    When I go to my profile, instead of seeing a menu of options (items out; holds; fees; etc.), it only goes straight to my holds & fees. I have never been able to get this app to show me the items I have checked out! I cleared the settings as suggested & it didn't help. I had the exact same problem with this app months ago when I tried it, gave up, and uninstalled it. I thought by now the kinks would be gone -- no such luck. And yet, when I go to my library's website on my iPhone & opt to use the mobile version of the site, which looks exactly like this app, it works fine! I'm going to uninstall again & just keep the site bookmarked. What's the point?!

  • Doesn't work

    by Zombieteacup

    I constantly get errors when trying to use this app. I can't do anything. It remembers my account information but that's the only plus to it. Deleting it now. Just because it's a free app doesn't mean you can get away with it being crap!

  • Some parts work, but not the most important ones

    by Meiochi

    It's constantly hitting snags when I try to do any of the functions beyond searching for books, and even that is spotty. Every time I try to request a book for a hold it tells me there's been an error. Sometimes it turns out to have worked and other times not. It seems to recall who I am and what/where my account is, but it is just infuriating to try to use it. I have a smart phone and the library has a website. It's easier to just use the website.

  • So so

    by L D K

    It's nice to be able to search for titles and place holds, but to date the app moves less than smoothly between searching and My Account. Also please add a Ready for Pickup section to My Account!

  • Doesn't work

    by david friman

    It doesn't work

  • Better Than Nothing - Slightly..

    by RandyNC

    The app seems to work, but there are lot of holes in it. It does seem to remember card info and account data, so long as you can remember the PIN to log in. That seems like a reasonable approach. Major hole that I see right off the bat is that you cannot check out a book from this app while at the library! I download an app because I want to get rid of my library card. But if that app cannot fully replace the card to check out a book, then it becomes extremely limited! I thought I was missing something on the operation but the local library folks confirmed that the functionality isn't available. I don't know why - GPS data shows them WHERE I am located (which library branch), and they already have my card info (via my account login), and they already have the capability to scan book barcodes. SO CLOSE but yet so far!! I would probably give the app 3 stars if it could process a checkout. For now, I will have to stick w/ the photo of the front and back of my library card. Even the old fashioned bar code scanners can read that and process the checkout. Too bad this app hasn't prgressed to that point yet.

  • Errors

    by Charmattack

    I can't even try to find my library. "5234 null please try again" I restarted and all as well.

  • Can't find my library

    by Kickme21

    I couldn't even find the library I go to, or the other ones in the next county.

  • Lacks basic usability

    by Qptbdx

    It's mind boggling that the items out page not only lists items in random order and shows their due date rather than listing in reverse chronological order by due date, but does not even provide an option to select a sort order! I'll keep using my library's web catalog until this app addresses this basic usability need.

  • Horrible

    by bkindler

    9 times out of 10 this app never works. The neighboring county has their own library app and it's terrific. This however is useless.

  • Very disappointed

    by Sandora38

    This app does nothing. I put in a search and get a message that it has timed out. The message comes up instantly. Also, once I try to put in my account numbers, it stopped even allowing searches. If I go to the website, it works fine.

  • I hope the libraries aren't paying for this.

    by Monkeysocks

    Full of bugs. I like that when I'm logged in, I can see my account and renew. I guess it's nice that it shows me my library's information. But the search is terrible. I can use it once, but then on every successive search, I'm told "no results found." Every time. Even after reboots. I want an app to make access to searches, holds, and my account faster. This is not that app. Not worth the space on my phone.

  • Disappointing

    by Mr Heat Miser

    All I want a library app to do is competently search the available books, store my account information, and allow me to request books from all the member libraries so I can read whatever I want. I have to use my laptop because this app just doesn't do those things. What does it do? Even when I am successfully logged in - when it shows me a Iist of exactly what I have checked out - it refuses to allow me to place a hold on a book unless I type in my 14 character login and my password - for EVERY book. The bugs are numerous. I can't imagine many people are happily using this.

  • Not worth my time

    by Mombeau of 5

    Worked once in a while. Very glitchy. Easier to go from my library's website. I will be uninstalling this app. I wanted it to work, really I did. I have tried several times to use it. Even patiently. However, I will not be wasting my time any longer. Sad to see it wasn't truly helpful.

  • Glitchy

    by H_O_T_D_O_G

    The first time I used this app it worked pretty well. Signed in with my previously existing card number and PIN, saw my fines and the materials I still had checked out, and was able to renew some items. Very handy! One hour later I can't even sign in! What's up?!


    by MsFrugaLady

    Cannot access my library account. Shows that I can logout - but I cant view my library account...other than a SAVED BOOK. I even logged out to try to login...NO LOG IN OPTION. ABSOLUTELY USELESS!!!! Even Free Apps SHOULD Work.

  • Library Nowhere

    by YoJo2

    What the heck happened with this app? It has been working fine for the past few months and now it won't load at all. Instead of LibraryAnywhere, it should be called Library Nowhere. What a disappointment. J. Funderburk

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