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Languages: English

Seller: Khalil SLIMI

- Fixed notification bug
- Fixed Dropbox bug
- Fixed Swipe gesture
- Added iPhone 5 support
- Fixed Social sharing

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"The best things in life are free", and so is, "55,000 Amazing Quotes", the best and most comprehensive Quote collection to ever grace the App Store. Enjoy for FREE! No Pro version and no restrictions at all!

Features/Benefits :

-100,000+ Quotes Offline (No internet needed)
-7400+ Authors
-1500+ Category
- Quote of the Day
- Swipe gesture to browse Quotes
- Add and edit your own Quotes
-Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Mail, SMS (Internet needed)
-Info about the authors (Internet needed)
-Favorites mode
-Best Of mode : carefully selected collection of quotes. Some of the best ever said.
-Browse by Author, category and Keywords
-Random Quote mode (Shake your device to get next random quote).
- Ability to put your own background image from your gallery.
-Retina Display support.

Please, review it if you like it. Any feedback will make it even better.

Customer Reviews

  • Best of the best

    by dgen2chkn

    Best quotes ever, best app ever for quotes

  • Nice app

    by Tipp2010

    Love all the different sources!

  • Not so Good! Not so Bad!

    by Adam03402

    It's not too catchy

  • Good but....

    by Valkri27

    I use it often and love it. But the quote of the day isn't adequately accessible and several problems I've seen here have not been addressed making me wonder if these reviews are seen by mfg.

  • Good but....

    by Valkri27

    I use it often and love it. But the quote of the day isn't adequately accessible and several problems I've seen here have not been addressed making me wonder if these reviews are seen by mfg.

  • Quotes

    by Thomas Adams

    I use this quite often to give friends unsolicited advice.

  • Inspiring!

    by Onemixdgal

    I absolutely LOVE this app! Whenever I'm down or too deep in my feelings, I always reach out to this app to find some words of encouragement. Works like a charm! So many categories and authors to choose from. Very inspiring app

  • Wow

    by Pat_U

    Easy to use. Tons of amazing quotes. Search a word or theme and find a quote, short or long, there's always one to fit the mood.


    by Smiley P 91

    Great App

  • Love it but...

    by Elmer0127

    I love this app but when you remove the adds the apace(adds space) stays as an empty space and you can't really see the whole thing. Other than that it's just awesome :)

  • Very wonderful array of quotes the pertaining book is enthralled whith

    by Mr. Ladner 1987

    Lovely gracefully delightful amazing

  • Amazing app

    by Romeorams

    Love every aspect of this app. It's got truly the best quotes you can ask for and the best quotes category are all ones that I would have collected a my favorites

  • Great app

    by Lovepolly

    Tons of quotes. Great way to pass some time

  • Good Overall

    by copperlemur

    When you enter your own quotes the app adds a period to the end, so it ends up with two like this..

  • Best Quote App I've Found

    by taishan1

    I like this app, but it is lacking in many ways. First, a lot of the quotes are duplicates or are incorrect versions of certain quotes. This is likely an issue with the database these quotes are from, but if you could fix this, I'd greatly appreciate it. Also, I hope you'll add more quotes. Was having issues with Tumblr sharing also. Despite its shortcomings, this app has much to offer and is nice. A little plain, but not bad.

  • Fix Quote of the Day

    by Not_So_Average

    Love the app but it would be so much better if when you get the Quote of the Day you have the option to favorite it not only the annoying options of "OK" and "Share." Fix this so this app can get a 5!!!

  • Perfect

    by Someone smart132114

    This app is extremely inspiring!

  • Great App


    I've had this app for a while now and just love it. I do have some suggestions for it, in the search by category, the last letter on the line of letters is "w" and you cannot see what the last subject in the list is. I just wanted to bring those errors out in hopes that they'll be fixed.

  • Good app but so many ads

    by Johnydaed

    I suggest you < Quotes+ Inspirational Sayings it has 100 000 quotes )

  • Superb

    by Joe Milobar

    Absolutely amazing!!!

  • Bad business

    by GeekyDiorGirl

    App sends the same daily quote everyday! Horrible!!!

  • Quote

    by KateNicoleLovesToSing

    Quote of the Day is the same.

  • Ok

    by Kenneth Hebert

    Too many incomplete quotes And way too many repetes

  • Love it no matter what.

    by Bri

    I love this app even though the quote of the day is messed up. I'm sure it can be fixed. Good job.

  • Love it

    by Love These Game

    But "every day quotes" should be better.

  • One problem

    by Slh1113005

    Same quote everyday, very annoying. Please fix.

  • :D

    by Keller1156

    Love it

  • Quote of the day?

    by Addicted photographer

    I love this app except for one thing... The stupid quote of the day keeps giving me the same quote!"It takes a lot of courage to show your dreams to someone else" Please Fix!

  • Perfect in almost every way.

    by 814k3

    I would love to be able to share every quote in "my quotes" at once. Like the app bump. Just to be able to quickly transfer them from one device to another. But it has some really great quotes.

  • Buggyy

    by Fadfadfadiii

    Quote if the day extremely buggy. Same quote daily. Fix this ASAP

  • Excellent app!

    by Wujek

    Downloaded it and went straight to search and found exactly who I was looking for! Can't figure out how to post to twitter- might be my privacy settings or something- but still great app!

  • Bug in the update

    by Ajpaasa

    Quote of the day isn't working correctly. Fix this!

  • Exactly what I was looking for

    by Fielga

    Good supply of quotes, some popular and some obscure, from a great variety of works. Smooth, simple, easy to read, quickly responsive. The singular down side thus far is that it still needs some stuff from some of my favorite authors but all things considered, beyond well worth the download.

  • Update

    by ebarham2

    Update for iPhone 5

  • Really inspirational

    by He Is Mr Big Shot

    Good app

  • A little disappointing

    by Kaeley Ipson

    This quote app was my favourite, but since the update many quotes have been flagged inappropriate. A ton of quotes you can't even read.

  • Love this app

    by Savage11 WDE

    I love this app!

  • Great app but could be improved

    by DLP Benicia, CA

    I love the ability to put in my favorite quotes that are not already included. However this could be made easier. If I paste in the quote in quotation marks with the author citation following, this should be a one step operation instead of having to paste both the quote and the citation separately. Also the quote with citation should show the number of characters, so I quickly know if it's tweetable.

  • Good app

    by Pookiepoop

    I like this app. I would give it more stars if there were less quotes from Kerry and Margaret Sanger. We KNOW what they really said.

  • I like it

    by JenB125

    I like the variety of quotes. I like that I can post directly to my Facebook.

  • Great

    by Hillary Langat

    I love it. It is even more fun without the commercials!!!!

  • Love it

    by rockelle83

    I love this app. Now I don't have to go searching and searching the Internet when I need a quote! It's all right here :)

  • Great Quotes!

    by Kavoza

    I love it!

  • Great App, Easy Searching

    by ngcomputing.com

    Love the easy search feature. Tons of great quotes. Could have a "modern pack" with quotes from Ron Paul, and current leaders. Noticed some spelling errors (a report feature on the quote page would be a plus). I'm no fan of say Hitler, but whether good or bad, historical figures that impacted the world should also be included. Info about the author is a very nice feature.

  • Exceeded my expectations

    by Zuck2

    This is a great app. Simple and organized. Keep doing what your doin guys!

  • I really like this quote app - Except....!!

    by Mrmustardseed

    I really like this quote app! Would have given it 5 stars if it wasn't for the way the maker prostituted it with the "TOP APPS" button! I paid for a CLEAN app without advertisement !! This button is lame ! Get rid of it - at least put the thing in setup menu....

  • OMGah

    by xosirisxo

    I love it!!! Soo many great quotes, easy to use, just awesome!!! As well as easy to post on twitter or just share.. Must Have for English lovers or just someone who likes a good quote! ;)

  • Fail

    by MagicalRealism

    I paid once. I am not paying again. @ Romantic Country Boy - your more like dumb country boy....Obama is not liberal; he is a moderate.

  • Love it!

    by Wonky0868

    An amazing resource of good quotes!

  • Excellent and here's why

    by NecronandTau

    This app is awsome. Tons of quotes, it enables you to add your own quotes, it tells you about the person who was quoted if you want to know about him, you can change the background with custom pics, and it's all free. Recommended

  • A wonderful resource!

    by Jake Cunningham

    I think this I one I the best "quote" resources for quickly finding the words needed to express the thought at hand... From familiar names to those who may be a new source of inspiration and discovery. Good app.

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