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What's a better way to waste your time than learning hundreds of new cool facts?

All funny,weird,cool,stupid and random facts are presented in this Cool Facts Application for your pleasure and enjoyment.

You will find lots of informative and unbelievable facts that might you never know like:
Did you know that a group of geese on the ground is a "gaggle",and a group of geese in the air is a "skein"?

Did you know that like fingerprints,everyone's tongue print is different?

Did you know that a cup of gasoline,when ignited,has the same explosive power as 5 dynamite sticks?

Remember these are just few,in this application you will get tons of facts that you will not believe or never know.
So grab this app and gain your knowledge with this Cool Facts app.

Add: Chat with strangers who are using this app too. Improved chat experience.
Add: Appwall that you can load more excellent free apps.
Add: You can answer others questions and ask questions too.

Customer Reviews

  • Not bad

    by El Jefe de jefes...

    Good app. Wish there were more sports facts. Update chat section to talk to people better.

  • Cool facts

    by Rudy Weber

    Is great !!!

  • Great

    by Taylor Reed

    Great app

  • Nina15216

    by Nina15216


  • Cool facts

    by Sassy Ela

    This app has lots of cool facts I didn't give it a five because I would like it to start where u live it not start all over from the beginning :)

  • How I like this app

    by Tap star to rate 467654)9"9554

    I like this app because it has lots of cool facts

  • Facts Facts Facts !!

    by Jas5444

    This app is a lot of fun! With great random information!! I just wish there was a lot more -__- but other than that it's pretty Awsome!

  • Very true

    by Blackops159

    The facts are interesting and is true.I enjoy this app and hope many more shall too!

  • True saying

    by Nickycole91

    I like it because it is like going back to school

  • Not bad

    by Youssef270

    Well it is horrible brcause i end up having to find my spot, definatley star where u keep off.

  • Funny

    by Silent fun

    Great to read fun times

  • Cool Facts

    by Martha Baney

    Good. Some repetitions.

  • Lovin this app

    by Indiehair

    Luv this app but need more tells

  • Great app!

    by Hitfdegghudcded

    Great app. Works fine for me. I've always liked trivia facts!

  • Review

    by Goodgoodgood161616

    A very cool and interesting app but it tells you the same thing about 3 times just in different words and it sometimes glitches up.

  • Make me smart

    by Kelse - a -natter

    I now now stuff I never did I love this app I give this app

  • Ugh.

    by Evil in th night

    It's cool but it tells u the same thing over and over, then there a weird glitch.

  • It's not so good

    by Scrubadubdub

    It's tells you the same ones over and over without adding new ones

  • It's just ok

    by Mandi33

    I do like the content of this app. It does actually have some cool facts but there is something I don't like about it!! I a person that don't have enough time to go through the whole thing all at once so I'll have to close the app. Then when I open it back up to read more, it starts back at the beginning. I don't have time to figure out where I left off. It should do that for me!! Start where you stop!! Update this thing already!!!!

  • Definitely five stars!!

    by Pizzaloverr12345678910

    Great app

  • Lame

    by coolman48892

    The most boring facts known to man

  • Weird

    by Baconrocks01

    I don't really like how u have to start from the begging every time , plus there are a lot of prevs on there . The language is really gross

  • facts

    by ¡Tù madre! (;

    the app is great, but make it so you can start where you stopped. and the chat is great, lots of "interesting" people (;

  • Sane big

    by Over the too girl

    I dont like that there is not that facts

  • Interesting time passer

    by 1950 apple

    Very well done ,like the fact you can adjust font

  • 5 STARS!!!!!!!

    by Mrs.Pooppersnit

    I give these wonderfully brilliant creators..... 5 BIG STARS!!!!

  • Good and cool

    by Killroe

    I like it

  • Cool!

    by April and Lily Casas

    Like it.

  • ThePaj

    by ThePaj

    Informative and very interesting !! :)

  • Fun

    by Be There


  • Great app!! :-)

    by Mandella717

    This app is great!! I love the fact that it has so much random useless info it makes for good conversation and it was free so it's defiantly worth it!!!!

  • useless info

    by Mini-on

    Great grip of game show info not required for survival

  • I like it!

    by boe dreams

    Very nice bed time story, lots of info to take in and it wears you out to try and remember the facts.

  • Review

    by AppMom777

    Love the app!

  • Awesome app

    by Supertride

    Fun and knowledgable facts

  • W

    by Scrapdragonjudy

    I Love it

  • Review...10 out of 10

    by Poppy7777

    A plethora of useless information...it is Awsum!!!!!!!

  • Perfect if you're bored!

    by Pointless, but awesome.

    If you're bored, this app is perfect! Useless information can really boost your intelligence!

  • Real cool

    by Rexmj

    Cool facts

  • by Stylist M

    I'm a useless fount of information now and I love it ;)

  • Good info

    by Duck-inna-Row

    Easy to read

  • Cool facts ap

    by Juvpp

    It would be so much better if it didn't open on the same fact all the time, but let you start where you left off. I really do not like having to start at the same point!!


    by Gaza red big love

    I loved it :D

  • Learn about the World around you!

    by shai-lei

    Great Learning App.

  • App

    by DAviDbsmith667

    Cute. Random facts more than true trivia.

  • So interesting

    by cosky

    Learned a lot from this app. Very varied facts

  • Red guy

    by Anime and manga >////< ~ <3

    It wouldn't open so now I have the same face as the red guy :\

  • Great

    by Katelyn91191


  • Cool

    by Robert Abro

    Awesome luv it

  • Nice

    by doratebas

    Good app

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