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Languages: Arabic, Catalan, Chinese, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Greek, HE, Hungarian, ID, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese

Seller: Google, Inc.

More control over handwriting input. You can disable automatic confirmation for handwriting in settings.
Say goodbye to many pesky bugs and crashes!

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Break through language barriers with Google Translate:

• Translate text between more than 70 languages
• Listen to your translations spoken aloud
• Directly translate speech and handwriting
• Star your favorite translations for quick access even when you’re offline
• View dictionary results for single words or phrases

Translations between the following languages are supported:
Afrikaans, Albanian, Arabic, Armenian, Azerbaijani, Basque, Belarusian, Bengali, Bosnian, Bulgarian, Catalan, Cebuano, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Esperanto, Estonian, Filipino, Finnish, French, Galician, Georgian, German, Greek, Gujarati, Haitian Creole, Hebrew, Hindi, Hmong, Hungarian, Icelandic, Indonesian, Irish, Italian, Japanese, Javanese, Kannada, Khmer, Korean, Lao, Latin, Latvian, Lithuanian, Macedonian, Malay, Maltese, Marathi, Norwegian, Persian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, Swahili, Swedish, Tamil, Telugu, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian, Urdu, Vietnamese, Welsh, Yiddish

Customer Reviews

  • Love it

    by britannic124

    Great app! I use it all the time! Though, they need to add a voice input to instant speaking of translation like on other phones. Also, a translation review and suggestion feature would be good.

  • Helpful

    by COD Zombie Z

    Exactly helpful app. Easily translates. 5 star

  • Could you add this?

    by Freedom777

    I love this app it's almost perfect, but I am learning Japanese at home for fun and, I don't really understand their symbols. I know it has words under it but you can't copy those. Basically I'm asking you to allow us to copy the words under the symbols that tell us how to say it! Thank you!

  • Great App!!!!

    by gmagnis

    Excellent application. Very useful and easy to use. Must have it!!!

  • Google translate

    by Fish warts

    I think this is a great app. It helps me on my Spanish homework and speaking to my Portuguese friends who don't know English. Over All this is an amazing app. The only problem is the speaking thing that you talk into doesn't work very well. But, other than that this app is outstanding and very helpful if you are traveling

  • Kinds

    by Toh Poet

    The thing that I don't like is you need internet...

  • Et

    by djamel noui


  • I love this app

    by Kelvin de Jesus

    I love this because work nice

  • Amazingly Useful

    by LeaveItOnTheFelt

    An brilliant app. So many useful features and functions. I only wish I'd started using it sooner.

  • Great app!!

    by Colbylane092054

    It would be a lot better if they put a camera in this app. I take Spanish class and Most of the time I have to translate story's so it would be a lot more helpful if there was a camera.

  • Needs improvement

    by Einsteiner

    This app picks up very little of my voice while using my iphone 5s. I may have to repeat something several times for it to work, or I'll have to type it in after several failed attempts.

  • Update camera

    by LoviAlai

    Create an update for camera no camera button appears

  • Good but ...

    by IParhamKiller

    This is great app but in IOS version picture translate is not there why !!!

  • Great app

    by Epic kid483920:818293838

    We all know google developed this. It's use full for my French homework. Get this app if you need it for your honors classes.

  • Maimaibeerm2

    by Maimaibeerm2


  • Cony

    by Conymaradiaga

    Very very nice

  • Great but...

    by monkeyfunkey


  • Ya

    by Caaaloop

    I really like this app it is super fun to just put in random words for fun but it is also very helpful

  • Great App, Old Keyboard

    by drew627

    I love the overall flat design of your apps. It feels very modern and very inline with iOS while retaining a unique Google flavor. The multilingual voice recognition is also surprisingly accurate! However, it's been a while since you guys updated Google Translate and the old keyboard from iOS 6 is getting a bit unpleasant. I guess it's not really a big deal, but if you guys would only update the app and give us the new keyboard...! :) Please?

  • It needs something...

    by Sarahspencelala

    This app is really helpful and great, and I use it all the time, mostly just to goof around. But PLEASE bring the feature back where you could tap the translated text and easily copy it, like in the old version! Thanks!

  • Translation no longer speaks

    by ronjamin

    The translation software no longer allows the translated text to be spoken. If I press the little speaker next to the translation nothing happens. Broken

  • Update theme to iOS 7

    by Shanx88008

    Update the top bar and keyboard theme to iOS 7 please. Then it's a 5/5 stars.

  • Doesn't support all voice trans

    by Vapor.founder

    Translate is used to be able to see and communicate with a language not our fluent but like irish for instance there's no voice translate so how can I use it to communicate with those who speak it when you can't hear how it is supposed to sound?

  • Doesn't support new keyboard

    by 789112

    When iOS7 came out, the keyboard got a nice makeover. However, this app doesn't seem to have gotten the memo.

  • Using it daily, but interface needs work

    by Hazeo

    Height for each row I wish were smaller like before, so I can see more at a time. Also the translation should be bold or more highlighted so I can use my translations as vocabulary tests. Love the quality of translation, and the fact that I can save a list of vocabulary to learn.

  • C'MON!!!! *Please read*

    by Cluelessvic

    This isn't such a major problem, in fact, I consider very minor. The keyboard isn't an iOS 7 keyboard. I know I'm over exaggerating with the one star but chances are you won't read this if it was five stars, given the fact that the customer perceived the app as ever so perfect to rate it a five of five. Anyways, please fix this minor issue, I'll greatly appreciate this. I'll also add five of five as soon as you fix it. Thanks.

  • It's wrong

    by Girl with perfect idea

    It told me Piacere means please when it means a pleasure .

  • It is good.

    by iayhs

    Please, add Zhuyin, for Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese. Thank you.

  • Not impressed.

    by dasprague

    I have tried speaking several Russian phrases into the phone for translation for a test and not one of them was correct. Further, I used the same word 4 times and got 4 different translations, all of which are wrong. I really wish this actually worked. It would be invaluable when traveling. As it is, I don't trust any word it translates. 'Latitude' and 'alakaline' are very different words, yet that is the translation I got when trying individual words. Is this an accent issue? Is the spoken word part of this app not fully developed?

  • Voice is inaccurate

    by dogwithacomputer

    The voice recognition feature has seemingly gotten worse. Clear words such as "this" are inputted as "best". I also tried to translate the Spanish word "leer" to English. The app thought I was saying "mana". It should have an option of letting you correct words that were heard incorrectly. This would also, in my opinion, help the voice recognition hear more accurately. An offline mode would also be nice, but other than the voice recognition, this app does its job well.

  • Cool

    by Москва

    I like it

  • Needs help but...

    by ~*messo*~

    It's pretty good. Helps clear some questions, vague translations. It freezes. Dear google .. Please let us sign-in/link to our google accounts so we can save all the things we look up. If you lose/delete the app you lose ALL the things you starred. And please give us the choice to pick FORMAL or INFORMAL conjugations for Spanish and French. We sound silly saying formal conjugations to friends. And like online, we should be able to indicate an issue with the translation and maybe even substitute in alternative words.

  • Useful app

    by Bubba1063

    Translation skill is unacceptable.

  • Useful

    by Erick Solá

    This is a handy app that can go great with other reference apps such as a dictionary; however I don't use this app that often

  • Sad face :(

    by Lolzzz100

    It's a great app but when I click to listen to the translated words it says nothing I'm very sad I want to hear what it says so I know how to pronounce it :(

  • iOS 7

    by Alan Volkert

    app needs iOS 7.

  • Great app

    by one one six

    Only reason I'm passing Spanish

  • Great App

    by Mr. Old Geezer

    Great app but frequently I need a few more words translated. How about adding another sentence or two? Maybe even adding a premium version for a dollar or two that would have addition capacity.

  • Hasan hatem

    by Hasan hatem

    That is wonderful program

  • Single Word Translations


    I use this app all the time for my Spanish homework. It's great for single words, but it doesn't translate sentences correctly. Also if you want to hear what something you wrote sounds like, it only reads 100 characters. I didn't realize how little of writing 100 characters is. It's barely a sentence. It's very disappointing.

  • Awesome

    by Eric12234554

    This app is sweet!! Very awesome!!!!!

  • Google Translate

    by Lmfao1987654321

    This app is good but it doesn't include many languages such as Dominican which is spoken in the Dominican Republic. It is a commonly toured place so the app should include it.

  • Doesn't work anymore

    by Seachelle1030

    When I first downloaded this app it worked nicely. Now every time I translate something and try to hear the pronunciation, that button does not work at all. Very disappointing. Please fix.

  • So useful

    by Andrew Talbot

    Most easy to use and efficient translation app. I have two requests: 1. Google Translate as a whole should start offering information on word usages and definitions. 2. This app needs a new keyboard.

  • Wonderful app ever

    by Jannetfleure

    I love it so far so good


    by Konishi-Wha

    sadly I have to type my friends names and like whenever I say Burns it says birds and whenever is a tralyn and it spells trailer is Frustrating and in and you need to fix these things because they are my friends names except for Burns Burns is not my friend's name but that's her last name and I do not like that because they are my best friends and I'm going to be saying their names a lot and it's just really annoying you have to type it in every time because my fingers get tired and you know it it's annoying

  • It's alright…

    by bbrown40

    Good but not great… Needs pronunciation guide for Hebrew & Arabic, and needs the feature to allow you to submit a corrected translation (like the desktop version).

  • Seriously embarrassing. Inaccurate

    by Whoajesse

    English to Spanish . A joke . Doesn't even make sense .good to just look at . Nothing else

  • English to Chinese

    by Andrea_119

    I've been using this app to translate between English and Chinese (simplified). It's works very well, but I have one complaint: if you want to copy the text of the translation, you can only copy the characters, not the pinyin.


    by Swlotale

    I love it!! I use it to send my fiancé sexy messages in different messages that he has to translate. He speaks a little French, but it is Acadian French, a dying language trying to be revived with the help of Canada. I would LOVE TO see that here! Thank you!!

  • Amazing app

    by  Soccerstud3

    App is amazing....what else can I say?

  • too bad

    by timwenzhemin


  • Love it!

    by AsANightWalker

    I love this app, I love the new UI, everything!! I just wish it has iOS 7 keyboard.

  • Falta el nuevo teclado y poder tomar foto

    by No tiene cámara ?!!!!

    Please pónganle el nuevo teclado y la cámara para traducir . Eso es lo único que le falta para ser la mejor app

  • All google products get one star

    by kevinTheGrey

    All good products get a one star rating until google gets rid of google+

  • Dosent work for pasted stuff

    by App inspecter 5

    I typed in some text translated fine. pasted text from a website in german it didn`t translate. please fix!!! The keyboard is still IOS 6, but that is not something to worry about.

  • This only works for a majority of spanish words

    by Ghost kamakazie


  • This only works for a majority of spanish words

    by Ghost kamakazie


  • Google translate

    by ronzrolz

    Very impressive! I am not a language expert but I have occasions several times per week to correspond with other Rotarians about international projects in their countries and my estimation is that Google translate rates as a gold standard for ease of use and apparent accuracy! My personal quick test of effectiveness is to translate to the different language and then translate back to the original language for comparison. It is almost never perfect but I have found that restating a confusing sentence often produces very acceptable results. I have used google translate several years and have watched the continued improvements! Keep up the great work!

  • Picture translate?

    by Katarina Maria

    I absolutely love Google Translate! However, when translating I constantly find myself wishing I could take a picture of, for example, a Portuguese worksheet, and have this translated. It's a major hassle having to type in large paragraphs from worksheets you already have. I know it would be difficult to integrate photo and text recognition into this app, but it would be immensely beneficial and take Google Translate to new heights.

  • Useful

    by Freddys Gf

    I understand French much better now

  • thanks and can you pleas make an English

    by Barro0

    thanks and can you pleas make an English-English dictionary

  • perfect

    by Jupes512❤

    it's perfect in every way except for the fact that it still has the iOS 6 keyboard

  • Very Good app

    by k.deepak

    Love this app

  • No audio

    by HannahAbbott

    Great app for translations, but the sound won't work for me! Please fix!

  • Download languages

    by MathewSPOVAWA

    It'd be nice if you could download languages.

  • Best translet ever

    by Yasser =)


  • Nice app

    by Shivadev

    Nice app i love it..

  • El mejor

    by Millita 80

    Es lo mejor del mundo

  • Updating the app!

    by Basheer Raya

    Please update it to FULL iOS 7 Integration

  • Like it

    by Ski Bow

    But the male voice sounds robotic

  • Bummed

    by Lucidelic

    Nice app, but considering it sensors my freedom of speech I will never use it and encourage others to make the same stand.

  • tanarug

    by tanaruk

    good app

  • Vietnamese translator voice/ios7

    by Lesley_Banh

    This app helps me a lot though the vietnamese translator voice is really hard to understand i can also read in vietnamese but i learn better with the voice. Please fix this. Also the keyboard isn't ios 7. Though great app i love using it.

  • problem

    by mohammad alani

    how to download the offline languages?

  • Traductor de google

    by Luis13x3

    Estoy impresionado el desarrollo es muy bueno

  • What a great tool to have!!!

    by EmBattle

    It's not perfect but it's still an excellent app to have handy. I'm using this app and DuoLingo to get a hold on Spanish and this is a great team of apps to have. I recommend it to everyone who is interested in learning a new language. I'm very happy with Google translate!

  • Yes, get this app!

    by Kahli Newman

    I love this app. In my line if work, I find myself occasionally dealing with a client that dies not speak English. It is very easy to use in communication. Also, this app allows me to speak to it and it has a handwriting recognition that works very well. I am more impressed with this translator than I have ever been with any other. I would highly recommend this app.

  • Just right

    by Plummy 34

    Nothing special, nothing bad, just right.

  • المناصير

    by ado0ol_000

    مراجعه البرمحه.

  • Good, but not great

    by Pologeter

    It's very useful but should have iOS-7 optimized keyboard like Google Search

  • Why can't I take a picture and have it translated?

    by Victor Garcia

    Why google?

  • iOS 7 keyboard, please!

    by Some Random Bloke

    And the addition of the beatboxing trick would be nice, too.

  • It doesn't correct spelling mistakes!

    by GagaaaXD GagaaaXD

    How do I suppose to write properly in a foreign language without making spelling mistakes??

  • Ios 7 keybord ????

    by Juanfranciskitu

    Where is the Ios 7 keyboard !!!??????? it looks so bad without it !!!!!!!! ios keyboard please !!!!!!!

  • Ios 7 keybord ????

    by Juanfranciskitu

    Where is the Ios 7 keyboard !!!??????? it looks so bad without it !!!!!!!! ios keyboard please !!!!!!!

  • "Don't be Evil"

    by Nils Franco

    I'll give it to Google for updating to iOS 7 (as all others have), after years of incompatibility with iPhone 5 and 5s/c. But using the iOS 6 keyboard? It'd be cute rivalry if it weren't embarrassing.

  • Translate

    by Tomuchfor

    Helpful in today world of keeping in touch and on top of now⁉️

  • Like with google account

    by BoGaMaZ

    Google translation as all know is the best, but the problem is we can't connect it with google account to use favorite words or so.

  • Amaaaazing

    by An advice for you

    It's nice and helpful but needs to more updates to make up it

  • Horrible translations

    by Regularuserx12x

    Most translations are incorrect! Spanish to italian, portuguese to type a noun it gives you the translated verb, sometimes not even clearly have no knowledge of languages!

  • How do end dictation?

    by  chibeycol

    Speak mode doesn't work after leaving app. Dictation mode stays on. Is there a way to end it. I have downloaded it 4 times.

  • N

    by Jayesh82

    Good application.

  • Horrible

    by Brister Lucrester

    Please make it more than a hundred characters and make it unlimited plus where's the iOS 7!?...

  • by gturifj!!:)

    VERY useful to US!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Doesn't make sense in my language, Khmer

    by Kmoum

    I looked up the words 'director of housing', in Khmer and it was not right. I looked up the word, 'director', and I got something. I tried other phrases and sentences and they were hard even for me to make out in my own language. Google needs to review this because now I question if I use sentences correctly in other languages.


    by Dev Bhatt 01

    There is no keyboard in the entire app which is ios 7 optimised , the new beautiful translucent keyboard is one of the beat things in ios 7 and they hace not included that . Not expected this from google

  • Great until the sound stopped working

    by BB Axelrod

    What happened to the sound?

  • Limited functioning

    by Conces Family

    The app no longer displays parts of speech or offers multiple translations for the same word, making it unreliable and virtually useless if you're looking for anything beyond the most basic words.

  • Where is the sound?

    by Q long

    No sounds :(

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