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Seller: Google, Inc.

In this small update, you will find:
• A Winter Olympics 2014 Google Now card with medals and the upcoming events
• A couple of minor improvements

In our previous, bigger update Google got faster and more immersive with:
• iOS 7 styling and true full screen browsing
• Fast, fluid image search for iPad
• Smarter integration with the Google Maps app

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562 Ratings
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The best of Google in one app. Say “Ok Google” and find everything from nearby restaurants to the calories in cheesecake. Google also shows you the info you need before you ask, like updates on your favorite teams and traffic alerts.

Google Now automatically gives you the information you need throughout your day:
• Start the morning with weather, news & traffic
• Get updates on sports, movies & events
• Ask for a reminder to “buy milk at the store”

Talk to Google:
• Say “Ok Google” and ask questions out loud*
• Google speaks the answer back to you

Everything else you love about Google:
• Fast: get to search results quicker than ever
• Beautiful: get fluid, full screen image search
• Intuitive: Swipe between web pages & results

More about Google Now:

* requires iPhone 4s or later

Customer Reviews

  • Keeps me up to date

    by Kayne27

    Great app

  • Nice!

    by Aum Maiteng

    I love the idea of getting all info in one place. Tho, it would be even better if I can sync from the calendar on my iPhone so I don't have to store new notes everytime I use the app to set reminder or something. Anyway, great idea! Keep on improving. :)

  • Update plz

    by Delaney9009

    I love going on google but today it stopped working. Whenever I go on it for 1 minute it goes to my home page. Plz fix this. I love the app so much and I go on it almost everyday but I can't with it not working. Get an update soon. I really want to go on google!!!!

  • Great app

    by Rob94509

    Works great for iPhone

  • My Opinion

    by Chandler (CeeRod)

    To be honest I think its an amazing app I really do. Its always ran smooth and fast for me. Has never crashed or had a glitch of some sort. But the only thing i'd recommend would be, adding a feature of being able to create bookmarks. I personally think it would become very useful, and believe a lot of other people would as well. But then again thats just my opinion. Thanks!

  • Amazing

    by Jaidem

    Nice work on the update

  • Great app

    by Reebootz

    Much better than the website the mic is an awesome addition to google

  • Application running slow and freezing on the 5s

    by Vivian vivid

    Application keeps freezing on the 5s phone I have to delete and reloads a few times I was just fine on the 5

  • Amazing

    by Arthrax Anthex


  • Love this app!

    by Gnarlymtb

    I rely on this app every day.

  • Cool

    by fatboymills

    I have tried many other apps to try and organize my life to no avail! This is really neat. I use it daily, it's so easy and quick to use!

  • Replaced chrome

    by Deltalux

    This app is my main search app and has replaced chrome which has become too slow. Google now additions are cool though i don't use them too often.

  • Awesome

    by NickDiSammartino

    Great app use it everyday

  • Good

    by Mr.yakubov

    Nice app!

  • Fun use of location and history

    by DougV

    Privacy concerns aside, this is a cool use of your location, travel and search history. Was originally concerned with battery consumption but seems to be minimal.

  • Love it so far

    by Amber25leigh

    I haven't explored fully of this new update but so far I'm diggen it. I like how I can switch between sites and results and I love the little apps that tell me how far away I am from home or score games.

  • Amazingly fast

    by KILLERofGODjr

    Another great product from Google. They never cease to please me

  • Google does it again…

    by pastor_gainzzz

    A great application for everything you would need in your life; the ability to set reminders, look up directions, (both navigation and transit from what I have used personally thus far) find cool stuff in your area to what the weather is where you live, work, are are going to travel. This app simplifies your life while on the go; download and try it out for yourself.

  • Thank you!

    by Dimi Morgan

    This app really does know where I am going and when. When I wake up it knows and informs me of whether I should take an alternate route or the one I daily. Also, it doesn't seem obtrusive and stifling; just an excellent piece of work.

  • Great

    by Paul Auger


  • It won't open

    by Bagelbags

    No matter how many times I turn my phone off and back on, it doesn't open. I used google search on a daily basis and now I have to use a browser to search. Please fix if possible!

  • Looks like google can't make anything

    by Jr120909

    This app always freezes if I could give it zero stars I would and I have noticed with this app that every time the app starts to mess up were the time is that turns red and google stops will google you failed to make a phone and failed to make a good app

  • It’s so slow to start up

    by pasodpfijasodifjoasdif

    Why is it so much slower than even Chrome, this app has a lot less features..

  • Update?

    by Sky bomb gotz swagga!

    I updated it, and it's been trying to install for hours...and it won't let me delete it..PLEASE FIX IT. I hate apple! I SWARE, I wish I got a galaxy instead.


    by Mojukwu


  • Please fix!!!

    by KristineNicole

    Please fix the bug that is causing you to not be able to open websites from the google page! It's getting annoying that I can't google properly.

  • Crash!

    by Pdevinne

    App for ipad keeps crashing. The fix is uninstall and reinstall. This is the forth time I've had to do this. Please!

  • Love this app

    by Coxda

    I use this app daily! It always works and I love finding new things on my dash. Keep up the good work!!

  • Not working properly on iPad

    by Blessyourheart

    The iPad version is not working. I'm going to try reinstalling and see if that helps. iPhone version seems ok. Please look into this.

  • Great

    by Lovely Dae

    This app is fantastic! It is very helpful & just amazing it does everything

  • Crashes all the time

    by Jomigo

    Seems to crash all the time, particularly when using the News app. Can hardly open an article without dropping out completely. Find myself now using Safari which I swore I would never do.

  • Very helpful!!

    by Loving it 3567

    I use this app each day and all I have to say is that I love it! I have no problems with it! I love how you can go back to what you were looking at!! Get the app!

  • Used to love it...

    by 1angel465

    I used to use this google app on my ipad for everything but now whenever I search things, the app crashes about 10 seconds later. This happens everytime, so I've switched to using safari. Even after the new update, nothing was fixed. Disappointed this app doesn't work anymore.

  • Doesn't work anymore!

    by jjrjjcrj

    I've had this app for a long time and loved how convenient it was. Just recently, no matter the wifi network or cell service, it will NOT work! It claims it is unable to get search results and to check network connection. Every other app I have has no trouble, and using Google in Safari works just fine, despite being a pain to use compared to the app. Please FIX!!!

  • Very handy but crashes a lot

    by Hanz

    I don't usually use Safari because usually if I'm going on the internet, I'm using Google, which is why I love this app. HOWEVER, the app crashes when I'm in the middle of the something. Then I have to start all of over! It's supper annoying. Somehow I can't get myself to delete it! It would be great if you can fix it... Thanks.

  • Ugh..this keeps happening

    by America-1123

    The app will stop working, and won't search anything. Once I uninstall the app and re-download it, it works just fine until it stops working again. I don't think re-downloading this like I have to all the time is good for the device.

  • Bug fix

    by bzzs in a trap

    It keeps kicking me out of here! Plz get a big fix!!

  • Bug fix

    by bzzs in a trap

    It keeps kicking me out of here! Plz get a big fix!!

  • Google search

    by Ninjabruh12

    Great app use it all the time.

  • Please fix

    by Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyy!!!!

    It crashed 5 times in 6 min.

  • Awesome app but

    by cheapjeep71

    The app tense to crash every time I get on it but now I'm updating it and hoping the crash is fixed other than that it's a really good app

  • Works

    by PAJager

    It appears to do what it's supposed to do, what more can a person ask...

  • Still the best of what's available

    by Moxiejen

    So I get that not every person likes this app. My experience (average user, average tech ability) is that it is easy to use and comprehensive and as personalized as you allow it to be.


    by Shsh88259


  • Great App

    by Minuteman:Cole

    If you haven't got Google yet, GET IT!

  • Really ?

    by Lola.logo

    Really? It doesn't even let me open the app !!!

  • ????

    by Gaming Freak :)

    Why does it say at the very top of my screen in red "Google Recording" is it recording what I'm saying when I don't even click the microphone only thing you have to fix but otherwise this is an awesome app!

  • Awesome

    by Briaxoxo

    I really love the app, how it looks, and haven't had any problems. It's really good ☺️

  • Getting increasingly complex and unintuitive.

    by Kurmistry

    When can google start to make things that work and is simple?

  • Great app

    by Mrevans56

    It always finds the correct information u am looking for. Better that Siri.

  • Google search

    by papaj001

    confusing if it ain't broke don't fix it turn to the old Google search were at work!!!!!! The business say keep it simple stupid papaj

  • Fantastic app!!

    by Mike DC

    This app is by far the best search app out there. The voice recognition software is beyond Siri!

  • Google

    by Fluffy

    The app is awesome I love it . It really helps when I need it

  • Great

    by DDatomica94

    Awesome search tool for your phone :3

  • Used to love...

    by Sherlockian101

    I used to use this all the time, but now it crashes constantly. About 10 or 15 seconds in it crashes... Please fix this.


    by Mustaches r us


  • Use it all the time.

    by erpcayne7

    My favorite app. I don't know what I would do without it.

  • Google

    by Tïçė

    Is the most convenient app ever

  • Very cool new view

    by Crispy85

    I really like the traffic home feature that they added it helps out lot and the speech recognition is really spot on.

  • Works half the time

    by Ch173648393947

    App stops working and won't allow me to scroll. I can still zoom in and zoom out, but I can't scroll up or down. This happens on my iphone 5s and ipad 2.

  • Nice app

    by fsmylc

    It's really nice app with Google now.

  • It's right there for you

    by Hellokittychic

    I always like to know the weather and I always have stuff to remember. When my favorite team is playing I know the score right there on my phone. It's quick and easy and I recommend it to everyone.

  • Awesome

    by Rishi Dayal


  • Google

    by daddysgurl863

    Google all the way! Siri don't know what there talking about half the time! I don't have time to fight with Siri' just ask google & you get a straight answer!!!

  • Love Google Now features!

    by Psyiiiiii

    Just love this app.

  • Horrible

    by DJRAY96

    After this last update this app doesn't even work anymore. I try to search for something and it simply doesn't do anything. Just horrible

  • New update working now

    by Hsprams

    It took a couple of days but the update is working now. Reminders, new cards the whole thing. I must say the app has gained a spot on my home page and it is likely to keep that spot.

  • Google Search

    by GONKSTER4321

    Crashes waaaaaaayyyyy to much.

  • Commute needs improvement

    by RyanFillPie

    Search is great and I love the concept of Now but the commute simply doesn't work for me. Needs to learn I drive to a bus and integrate with that bus' schedule. Or let me tell Now that... Great app though!

  • Google goggles needs to work with photo library

    by bryan121

    Its not possible to do image searches with saved images right now (reverse image search). this should be added. voice search is really fast and responsive. Great for normal searches. However I like to get sports information a lot and the results honestly are atrocious for most sports data. Unless you want the very next game it's not at all flexible. This should be relatively easy to implement compared to many other functions it already handles easily.

  • Alshaibah

    by الهدف تحقيق العدالة


  • Google all the way

    by Allthewolfies

    Google is the search engine ive been using forever. I tried Bing once. It sucked. :D

  • Loading time and account management.

    by G4hfruhffjogdss2476368

    Every time I switch from from college email back to my gmail, the waiting to allow it to load is forever and does not load. Also I disapprove of switching accounts from the main menu instead switching them while I'm checking through email or other applications while I'm on the app. Please fix this problem.

  • Please fix this!!!!!

    by Myles Hoglund

    It won't let me get pictures into my camera roll

  • Stinks

    by Cocopuffsffff

    Won't let me search or voice search

  • Trying out the cards

    by ctt1wbw

    Okay, since Google is unreachable, can someone splain how to get more than just one card for your sports teams? I have 5 teams, but only one card ever shows up.

  • Great app

    by Franklyn25

    Great app google keep up the good work :)

  • Good improvement

    by RocketRotary89

    Even better after latest update. Google now is really good at showing you relevant information.

  • Kid

    by Calevvbshsh

    This app is for every 12 year who's parents took off the safari on their iPod for looking at porn

  • Googs

    by aaviles

    Me like.

  • Works great on iPod 5!

    by Matt O:

    I'm always searching something, and this is very helpful. I've never crashed, but it is a bit laggy when loading a webpage.

  • Ipad 2 version doesn't work

    by Ustombraider

    It starts but in less then 10 minutes of use it just shuts itself down and it is annoying.until they fix no good ratings. :((((((((((((

  • Google records all audio even when not in Voice mode

    by Twister3764376

    The latest version of Google seems to be written by either hackers or the NSA. Whenever the app is opened it records all audio, even if the Voice function is not being used. The only way I can disable this is by removing permission for Google to access the microphone. I can't help but wonder why google wants to record all my audio. The privacy concerns are obvious.

  • I don't care I love it

    by Ghghhjofc

    There is nothing need to change

  • Crash

    by frostdeath6546

    Constantly crashing for some reason. Love the app but not crashes.

  • Crashes nonstop

    by Young911

    I've been using this app for about a year now. When I first got it, I loved it. It was easy to use, quick and the voice search was spot on. Since then it has been going downhill. The voice search is about as good as Siri now, who can't understand a thing. The app takes forever to start up and search for things. When it finally loads the page, 10 seconds later it crashes. Would not recommend.

  • Tracking card not showing up

    by Kerr link

    I'm not receiving a card for tracking packages. Everything is on, and up to date.


    by S1s3

    What a step backwards!!! Like so many other apps it has lots of cool features that I won't use and can't remove that make it slow and bulky. I really like the voice search that apple said was not usable for SIRI due to microphone restrictions. That being said , without tabbed browsing I will not be using it. Maybe later I'll try. They were so close! No tabs is so 90s.

  • Love Now

    by Veritas2884

    Whether on this or my nexus 5, google now is my go to for information. Love the push notifications for work and home commutes.

  • Google is full of themselves

    by Angobjenfofnajgivian

    The app is always crashing and Google Now is terrible. Just awful. It has no grasp of the English language. You'd think a company that can funnel millions of dollars into research and development can creat an accurate speech-to-text. It should at least be on par to Siri, but it's nowhere near as close. It makes me rethink my investment into any and every google product and service.

  • Doesn't work

    by DJ Ultimo

    Before the newest update, it was working fine.

  • Great app

    by Dr. Alberti

    This app keep tabs on what you do in Google. Places everything in tiles with the things that you like and search in Google.

  • Doesn't work properly!

    by Tcubb

    I love being able to search in the app, however after I click the links I can't scroll on the page! I just end up opening in safari since I can't even view the page!

  • Google search

    by Cassie50902

    Google app is the best app ever it has no technical difficulties and has no problems it works lovely hope you found everything is fine nothing is better than Google I love the Google app

  • Unable to Update

    by J enjin

    So, I have an outstanding update for this app that never finishes. I receive an error message that the app cannot be UPC Dated at this time.

  • Great but

    by Awesomely awesome person :)

    It needs to have a place to put a URL in. I've been trying to get to a specific page for idk about 10 MINUTES

  • Amazing

    by xin huang

    This app is one of the best, I love it, even I really use it....

  • Amazing

    by 91venom

    I use it daily, super useful for getting weather updates as well as sports updates

  • Amazing

    by 91venom

    I use it daily, super useful for getting weather updates as well as sports updates

  • Crashes

    by 1st Class or Bust!

    I use this app for everything, but I cant give it 5 stars when it crashes before I even put something into the search bar. Seriously, the updates that were supposed to fix it just made it worse. Fix the crashes, and I'd give 5 stars hands down, but until then, it's a waste of time using it.

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