Free Translator with Voice - More than a dictionary Reference App Review (iOS, Free)


Languages: English

Seller: Eagle Capital LLC

- iOS 6 support
- iPhone 5 support
- bug fix

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This is a translator application with 35 known languages and is able to translate web-sites and long texts as well.

- You can re-translate words or sentences without re-typing the whole text.
- It supports a manageable history (you can delete blocks from it).
- It's very user friendly;
- if there is a mis-spelled word in the original text.
- You can change the translation's direction with a simple tap.
- It has a clear design and an easy-to-use interface.
- The translator has a built-in email sending function.

Languages available for translation: Arabic, Bulgarian, Catalan, Chinese, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Estonian, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Latvian, Lithuanian, Norwegian,Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese

This program is using your device's internet connection. If your internet contract has high data transfer fee, your internet bill also can be high.

Customer Reviews

  • Translator

    by Fmenendez

    Very good

  • Not perfect

    by Chewie the turtle

    Its good just that i was testing it out and some of the spanish came out wrong.

  • Hey

    by Kinsey Woodrow

    Ok I started using this a app 1mounth ago and I'm learning Italian I love it

  • Clear as a bell

    by MrPastryCA

    Does basic translations well. Not perfect, but well. Wish there were a speech input version. If some knows of one would love to hear about it.

  • Translate app. Review

    by Ma's ButterBud

    This is easy to use, & even will trans. Slang, so far this is a go!

  • Oops, my bad.

    by HalfPayApp

    I wrote a review of this app with bad translations. That was meant for a different app. This one actually works pretty great, and I use it to practice writing! Other than the ads always popping up when you enter it, this app is very good and has many language options!

  • Great app

    by JillF.

    Deutsch sind böse translation:Germans are evil :)

  • GREAT!

    by Butterfly*69

    Pretty good, actually worked better than the google translate app! it is really annoying though that every 10 seconds the little banner that asks u to update pops up. Take it away!!!!!! Or at least don't make it pop up every 10 SECONDS!!!!! Other than that, pretty good!

  • Help

    by MHfromGA

    It's amazing at translating and all, but the speaker doesn't work for mine. Help!!!

  • Oh You Know!

    by BaitEight

    Awwww Yeaaahh!

  • Alright

    by Toy tester

    It is pretty good I just don't know how to spell the words

  • Best ever!!!!!!!!!!

    by amceach

    Quit complaining people!!! It works perfect. I love it so much. You can learn a billion languages!!! It even speaks the word to you! I works fast and great. Why not buy it. It works on the iPad iPod and iPhone

  • Ehh

    by Suzie _Q

    Sound is alright but most of words don't translate >.< Been working fine though &is pretty quick!

  • Great!

    by Kream aj

    This is a great app. Most of my friends speak Spanish and now I can speak to them in Spanish.

  • Amazing!!!

    by sissyjoe

    This is above all my favorite translater! It's easy to use and it pronounces for you! :)

  • LOVE IT !

    by ilovecasseyyboo

    Haha, I went up to my mom, and said," Dad is a buttface!" in Spanish..too bad she didn't understand ! (x

  • Great Help!

    by Crdiwnra

    It helps me alot in my daily day to day activities in my job!

  • Great

    by Mr.rateit

    This app is soo cool because no with this app I don even have to talk too communicate with people now I just type in what ever I want to say and let my iPad do the talking for me

  • Great!!

    by Napoleonfan2

    I LOVE this translator. I don't really use the speech part, but the rest is great! I love it for homework! 

  • Awesomeness!!!!!!!!!!!!

    by Erika Pe

    Best thing ever! Really helped me!!!!!!

  • I hate this app

    by Hotdogman597

    I used to love and use this app so much before it stared saying, "you used this app x times would you like to donate" now I can't use this app anymore because it doesn't let me type anything!!! It a ripoff dont get it!!! It was so useful before but now it doesn't even work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm. So. Mad..... :(

  • Does it work?

    by BleedinMyLuv

    No I tried to translate something in Spanish to my uncle and it came out completely wrong

  • Works but when you "upgrade" it doesn't upgrade.

    by brcpatricia

    I aid $2.99 to upgrade to avoid constant pop ups saying "you have used this app x times for free. Please donate to upgrade. I still get pop ups. I feel cheated. I want my money back!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I don't like it

    by JOEI TAN

    Wasted my time

  • Annoying pop up every time

    by Blahhythoy

    It wants you to buy another app

  • Worthless

    by Abiabr

    A good translator has to di more than google translate. If not whats the point of it?

  • Good

    by Hithecow

    Ich mag diese app funktioniert es gerade jetzt große Im Einsatz-ing


    by BoulderBolder

    Sound does not work.

  • ME=ANNOYED!!!!!

    by Bamboo412

    This app was great until it just randomly started never being able to load! this is VERY disappointing.


    by AJMilliron

    Is perhaps the most irritating translator on the face of the earth, begs for money EVERY TIME I OPEN THE APP. Makes me not want to use it. Ever. I have deleted it.

  • Doesnt work

    by Civilmouse

    Tried two words, didn't work at all.

  • Gay thing

    by Purplesoawsome

    It's really good but it won't open plz fix it

  • Removed Croatian : (

    by Josh1487

    Very Disappointed that the Croatian language has been removed. : (

  • Do Not Update ! Crashes !!

    by Jmozz60

    I updated this app & now it won't even open . Was a great app , plz fix !!!!!!

  • Does not work

    by Ellonora Isaac

    After the update the app will not load at all!

  • Bad

    by M987520

    This app wouldn't work for me at all.

  • Ew!

    by x0Lexx99<3

    Worst aplication ever do not buy

  • Translating

    by Toriwest3

    It speaks way to fast and not very clear don't buy

  • Translator

    by Petr N

    This is the best app ever it really helps me in my business

  • Meh

    by TokiLoliPop

    Pretty good overall. Though the translate button needs to change color after you type in the box. That is confusing. Also needs to be able to SPEAK the Estonian translations.

  • What?! No Korean

    by AnnieHearts

    I only gave 2 stars because this app couldn't translate English to Korean :(

  • i really like it!

    by Cloverlucky


  • Why bother?

    by Gedroth

    Okay, I don't normally rate apps 1 star because I feel for the developer. However, this app has no purpose. Go to Google translate on the web and your don't have an ad taking 1/3 of the screen and nag dialogs. I'm all for paying the developer but this app isn't the one.

  • What the heck!?!?

    by Alexis81

    Do NOT get this app it downloaded fine but when I would type the words would be so small I couldn't read them and the translate button was grey and wouldn't work!! DO NOT BUY THIS APP!!!

  • Buy plox k thnx bai

    by Wow 12

    Buys it! It is good and doesn't afraid of anything. K thnx bai.

  • by MalikJS19

    Not A Good App The Spanish Is Off An If The Spanish Is Off I Know The Rest Of The Other Languages Are Too But At Least The App Came Up That The Only Reason It Got Two Stars

  • HATE IT!!!!!!!!!!

    by maddest person

    I tried to download it but it doesn't. So glad it was free though!

  • Meh...

    by Echo Zulu

    Kinda stupid cuz it needs internet.

  • GET IT!!!

    by Packman75

    The app is very accurate and clear. I often use it to talk to my Spanish teacher.

  • Blocked?

    by Rmanpxl

    I write a sentence but the TRANSLATE button was blocked by grey still I can't translate! I really don't get it ugh I can't translate!!! I'll give it 3 stars because I like typing

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