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Fixed an issue with in-app purchases, that was being experienced by some users. To download content that you already purchased, tap on "Restore Purchases" from the Upgrades screen.

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Dictionary.com Premium includes 850,000 Example Sentences and is completely ad-free!

Top-rated app with trusted reference content from Dictionary.com & Thesaurus.com. WORKS OFFLINE - no Internet connection needed when searching words.


• English Dictionary and Thesaurus - over 2,000,000 definitions, synonyms & antonyms
• Offline access – no Internet connection needed for most content
• No distracting advertisements
• Daily content, including Word of the Day, slideshows & the blog
• Audio pronunciations
• Example sentences
• Word Origin & History
• Voice search (five free searches included)
• Medical Dictionary with over 45,000 medical words & definitions available as a Premium Upgrade
• Science Dictionary with over 8,500 science definitions & illustrations available as a Premium Upgrade
• Translator with over 30 languages, perfect for ESL and reliable translations into English
• Slang Dictionary with over 19,000 modern and fun definitions available as a Premium Upgrade
• Grammar & Tips available as a Premium Upgrade
• Idioms & Phrases with over 10,000 idioms available as a Premium Upgrade
• Modern, up-to-date English definitions & content
• Customizable font sizes for better readability
• Favorite words
• Search history
• Spelling suggestions
• Popular & local trending searches

Tip: To turn Word of the Day notifications on or off, go to Settings > Notifications > Dictionary and toggle On or Off.

Customer Reviews

  • Absolute Best Dictionary, Thesaurus, etc

    by TangoXray

    Best dictionary or reference app that I have researched and found...no comparison

  • Just works

    by Wiearlg

    This app solves my need for anything word related.

  • Excellent!!!

    by Mizzy412

    I learn a new word every day and use the dictionary frequently. Thank you.

  • Were there MORE I could give!!..

    by SuperCrip666

    As many Stars as I could possibly give, I would!! I am a Researcher & Writer, and I couldn't be happier with this app.... EXCEPT, that is, if it had Latin as part of its Translator. And that is too small a complaint to subtract a Star.

  • Outstanding go to App

    by gmoore2

    The best I've seen. I use it often.

  • Great help

    by Manostone

    I use this almost daily. I became disabled years back & I spend a lot of time reading, web surfing & watching TV & I'm always finding words I don't know. I haven't come across anything yet that wasn't in this app. I like how it gives you alternate spelled words because sometimes I'm mostly guessing at the spelling. I've purchased all the associated apps & use them a lot too.

  • Perfect and helpful

    by jrbauer3

    This tremendous app is not only extremely reliable and fast, it has NEVER failed to impress with it's ability to clearly explicate definitions and appropriate word choices in our increasingly illiterate world.

  • Comes in handy .....

    by MAdelaT86

    for grad school. I am online masters student inEnglish and creative writing. This app is so helpful. The only thing it needs it a cite this word link. like the website. Right now i can look up the word on the app but to cite for class i have to go the website to cite it.

  • Excellent App!

    by Plasmaw

    I use this app daily. I have it on all my devices for easy reference.

  • Great & usefully dictionary but

    by MrKimP

    I wish they allowed your Dictionary add-on purchases to be transferred from iPad to iPhone. They told me I had to add the add-ons to my iPhone & install another (iPhone) version on my iPad, then restore iPhone purchases. Is that dumb or what. Keep two dictionaries just so you can access your add-ons!

  • Awesomeness

    by SinarDN

    I can't complain really, there could always be more done but still an excellent reference tool.

  • Good app. Quick and easy

    by Coach D Cooper

    Has most words and for quick and dirty meaning or spelling can't beat it

  • Great!

    by lanlan fei

    I have been using it for so long that I am finally able to write a review and rate it! It is quick and easy to use. No Internet is needed except if you want to hear the pronunciation.

  • Useful tool

    by Want to lose

    The voice recognition word lookup is awesome. Word roots and examples provide good support.

  • Rather disappointing

    by ianmbelinos

    The user interface for this app is very disappointing. The tabs for purchased in app upgrades appear totally unconnected with the main dictionary. If you have a word selected in the main dictionary and click on the grammar tab it doesn't take you to the grammar section for that word - it opens with an explanation of the word "grammar" - very disappointing. The translate tab just brings up an error message saying it is temporarily unavailable (after you pay for an upgrade it should be there and working)

  • Excellent Dictionary

    by wilsog

    All the basics plus. This is a generous work. Very useful and accessible. Features such as sound pronunciation and Word of the Day are genuinely fun. Thesaurus is excellent. RW I have to amend my first comment. At least in one instance Dictionary rates onlyy one star. It defines soteriology as "salvation through Jesus Christ" and offers no etymology or origins. The word is from the Greek and refers to the study of salvation. It has nothing to do with Jesus Christt or at least didn,t mean to. :-)

  • More

    by Deborah Mullen

    A lot more than just the necessary . I use it all the time.

  • The last word!!!

    by East Coast Kate

    This ap is the last word in word play. The real deal & I can't recommend it highly enough.

  • Learn everyday

    by Sundee8

    Always something notable.

  • Love It!

    by GeeWhiz!

    This App is great for me when I need basic information and suggestions.

  • I want syncing abilities!

    by PeterMHull

    iPad, iPhone, Internet. Three different favorites lists, why?!??! Cloud sync please!

  • How the heck do you access in-app purchases!?

    by wolfbyte

    The dictionary is great, but I've bought the $4.99 grammar assortment and I can't find them and can't find a way to access them. Tell me how or refund my $4.99.

  • Disappointing

    by mf54

    For 5 bucks, really all you're getting is the dictionary without the aggravation of ads. I guess I expected something more.

  • Dictionary.com

    by dselestial

    Nice app. Works good for me!

  • Very helpful

    by Jenene

    I am in a doctoral program and my vocabulary is being expanded daily. This app helps me keep up without fail. Thanks!

  • Love Dictionary.com

    by GrannyFrannie

    Love this app. Love the daily word. Love to be able to hear correct pronunciation.

  • Great app!

    by Teacher twice

    Very user friendly!

  • Good but lacking many modern words

    by Millanflorida1

    Good but lacking many modern words such as slang, etc. Collins seem to be more comprehensive. Great app but needs much more content updates

  • Buy the iPhone app less money and it's the same

    by RikoSmooth

    I bought the iPad version 4.99 iPhone verizon is 2.99 which you need to pay again. Funny thing is you could buy the iPhone version for 2.99 and use it on your iPad it might look a bit different because of the resolution but not a major difference. I am just disappointed that I payed $15 including all the upgrades to find out I have to repurchase them on my Iphone not happy. but the Use of the app and what it does it's great. I just wish they would let you know and don't make Pay for the size of the screen cus I really don't see any add features from one verizon to the other Thank you for your time hope you make a change

  • Good, not great

    by jafiii

    I have the stand alone "pro" version. It has had all of the root words for everything I looked up though not all the forms of the word. It might have the adjective root, but not the noun or adverb form. Foe example, obstreperous is defined, but not obstreperousness, or obstreperously. The definitions are short. That said, I use the app often and rely on it, but it is no OED.

  • My Favorite Dictionary & Language Resource

    by Brotox

    Over the years I've literally bought a dozen dictionary apps, including a highly rated unabridged version for $29. But this is the only one that's on my phone and iPad. It has everything I need in one package. It's interface is clean and simple to use, it's fast, it has a huge vocabulary, it's fully functional offline (except for audio pronunciations), it's regularly updated, it never crashes, and it's expandable. Using in-app purchases you can add additional features such as example sentences, grammar tips, medical dictionary, and more. This is definitely a keeper.

  • A "Go to App"

    by BootsMcIntosh

    Easy to use dictionary and thesaurus easily accessible from within other apps.

  • Dictionary

    by P4MU

    This app is well designed tool. The integration of voice is useful for those who are challenged by the English language.

  • Happy couple

    by just jak

    My wife and I both have this app & LOVE IT!

  • Really???

    by Gbpackman12

    The app is nice and I thought about buying the upgrades but they refuse to put a one time purchase on the voice search. I understand it's only a dollar and anyone can afford that but just the fact that they would rather have their customers keep plugging in money instead of just making their customers happy is pathetic and unprofessional. Done with the app till u stop being so greedy!!!!

  • Word of the Day

    by Domingo Garcia III

    Love the fact that it prompts you to learn the meanings of words everyday. Having it handy is great. Start the day with a new word.

  • The best!!

    by Miss Buda

    Loved before, but now is even better!! With the new packages is awesome!! Translator, audio, slangs... I RECOMEND TO EVERYONE!! Thank youuuu!!

  • Outstanding!!!

    by Iesusmecum

    Great work. This is not only a dictionary by a tool for growth. It helps to maintain an interest in acquiring new knowledge and understanding of the language with its different and interesting features such as "the word of the day" etc. This is definitely an app worth having. Luis Reyes

  • Easy to use.

    by Oki-Mar

    Love the word of the day.

  • Very handy

    by DB7db

    I have this app on my iPad, and it is very handy to check the spelling for accuracy if I am writing something. I don't have to get up and get the dictionary as we once knew it. My iPad is usually close if I am writing. I'm adding it to my iPhone now. I couldn't possibly care less about logo or its resolution! This app has the words I've wanted to look up for spelling or definition every time.

  • Great dictionary!

    by Sleep killer

    I use this app almost every day. I depend on it.

  • Great App

    by Pacolenapup

    I really like this app. It's reliable and has an extensive array of words, even uncommon ones. Good job!

  • Five stars for synonyms

    by vozzit

    I use the app all the time, and it is especially great for finding synonyms!

  • Best!!!

    by Miners00

    Very usefull apps.

  • Very Helpful & Convenient!

    by MN9NE

    I use the app multiple times a day for help with definitions,pronunciation & amusement. Great App!

  • Most useful

    by m2fd

    Progressively becoming more useful. Word of the day is a favorite.

  • Good app but not enough offline functionality.

    by Tizzy64

    This is my go to dictionary and I like the upgrades you are able to purchase. The only problem I have with this app is the offline functions are not so great. I still have to refer to other apps when I'm not connected to wifi.

  • Great App!

    by Toye Abraham

    Great app, I can't recall not finding a word I was looking for. The app has vastly increased my written communication and pronunciation.

  • Wonderful App to Use

    by Tom Walker

    I use this tool daily both to enlarge my vocabulary and shore up my writing skills. It's easy to use and loaded with information useful to anyone.

  • Great

    by Little Smoke

    One VERY useful app., would not be without it.

  • Excellent quick search aid

    by DancerMomMN

    I really appreciate how quickly and easily I (and my students) can look up words while reading. Vocab is no longer such an ordeal. Great resource for home and school.

  • Words of fun!

    by The Col.

    Great dictionary app. Love words of the day.

  • More fun than a murder of crows!

    by Mayberrb

    "If they'd had a dictionary like this when I was alive, no one would ever have heard of me." --Noah Webster

  • Good app

    by Larryzhu2009

    Good dictionary app.

  • Love this App!

    by Gesiglobulin

    Best app I have seen.

  • Satisfactory +

    by INTP always thinking

    No complaints about the apps function. I find most words are there. I only ask that you keep striving for the completeness of the OED. I do refer to this app when the iBooks or Kindle app comes up empty.

  • App is broken

    by Kwame Gyamfi

    The app would be great, if it worked. It bombs everytime i type a word to search and it will crash everytime. Please fix it !

  • Awesome app!

    by Mahmoudeh

    I started to find it useful after the latest upgrade came out. Lots of enhancements and cool features. Continuing on, real rich interface, easy to use, much more stable now, on top of a wealth of linguistic information. Real good addition to my apps!

  • The best!

    by Velkommen

    Easy to use. Plenty of features. Everything I need in a dictionary. That sums it up.

  • Outstanding Tool

    by Abie's Irish Rose

    I have been using this app for several months and find it very, very useful. I like the upgrades--they DO show up! Type in a word in the search space and when it comes up, you can find the upgrades in the upper ribbon. Just move across the ribbon to utilize them. Enjoy! Happy learning!

  • App crippled by faulty In-App Purchases

    by MacDelta

    If "Yet Another Dictionary/Thesaurus," is your game; this app is as good as any. It defines words and provides a handful of synonyms, making it suitable for most writers, teachers and students. There are plenty of dictionary and thesaurus apps available with a long and established history and pedigree as reference works. Dictionary.com's Dictionary App could have been the mobile dictionary/thesaurus of record with its customizable and extensive In-App Purchases. The fact that they do not download, or download items not chosen, yet still hit your bank account, has turned a fairly good application into "just another dictionary." You can find much betterApps than this Internet-based dictionary turned mobile app. Look elsewhere.


    by windmere

    I'm not a good speller & I have trouble trying to sound it out. Sooo, that's why I love this app!i put in a few letters, the app knows what I want and gives it me!!

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