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Languages: English

Seller: Dictionary.com, LLC

Fixed an issue with iCloud sync that was being experienced by some users. This issue was causing the app to hang on launch.
New in v4.4:
• Exciting new content: Idioms & Phrases, Grammar & Tips, Slang Dictionary, and a complete Encyclopedia (available as premium upgrades)
• New in-app message center: receive word trivia and other bonus Dictionary.com content
• Backup your Favorites to iCloud so you can save them as you update (iOS7+)
• Fixed an issue that was causing app to crash when using the Translator

Customer Ratings

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2894 Ratings
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188666 Ratings


Top-rated app with trusted reference content from Dictionary.com & Thesaurus.com. WORKS OFFLINE - no Internet connection needed when searching words.


• English Dictionary and Thesaurus - over 2,000,000 definitions, synonyms & antonyms
• Offline access – no Internet connection needed for most content
• Daily content, including Word of the Day, slideshows & the blog
• Audio pronunciations
• Example sentences
• Word origin & history
• Voice search (five free searches included)
• Medical Dictionary with over 35,000 medical words & definitions available as a premium upgrade
• Science Dictionary with over 23,000 science definitions & illustrations available as a premium upgrade
• Translator with over 30 languages, perfect for ESL and reliable translations into English
• Modern, up-to-date English definitions & content
• Customizable font sizes for better readability
• Favorite words
• Search history
• Spelling suggestions
• Popular & local trending searches

Tip: To turn Word of the Day notifications on or off, go to Settings > Notifications > Dictionary and toggle On or Off.

Customer Reviews

  • Great app

    by Savvybelle

    Especially like the pronunciation feature.

  • My most used app

    by Luznia

    I love it. I def use the thesaurus to spruce up my vocab. Helps at work too. If you dot have it, you should now.

  • Continuous knowledge

    by kcckcc

    Do not like to go a day without it.

  • L-O-V-E I-T

    by lazrtek

    I originally got this app for my daughter to help with school work. I now find myself using also!! Great app with lots of good info!!!

  • Good app

    by Matthew rocky

    This app is very helpful

  • Good tool

    by Somefreetime

    Has definitions and synonyms and antonyms. Great when writing a paper.

  • My backup tool for writing

    by ZBR_Streetgang

    Great reference for writing, aesthetically efficient and easy to use.

  • Great tool

    by Jose M.D.

    This is a great tool and works very fast so you don't interrupt your reading.

  • Killing App

    by AntonioLapa

    Great and useful App!

  • Very convenient, great tool

    by Tjng01

    Great app for great helps.

  • Awesome

    by DiandraS

    It's a great app and has every word I need.

  • Great tool

    by Pipi Kim

    Very fast and convenient

  • It's good

    by Jd1398

    Nice, I like it

  • I'm so pleased!

    by ElleyRae

    What a fabulous resource! Aside from instant definition access and lengthy lists of helpful synonymous terms via the thesaurus, the articles are also fascinating to the Natural Self-Educator and the Fanatical Linguistic Nerd alike. This is an excellent App.

  • Approved

    by ashleymans

    Great, easy to use and has reward points

  • Is very good

    by superheroes123

    Is very good to us

  • Great App.

    by Dmcfadden

    Easy to use. Clean, effective.

  • Really good app, with info at a touch!

    by Rocky 26

    Good app, kind of slow, but still, really good

  • Cool app

    by MagnumMagz

    Very useful!

  • Fun to learn new things

    by 333hecate

    I enjoy the themed slide shows that feature words and their origins.

  • Dictionary.com

    by Bloomen1

    It serves me well. I use it almost daily to help me with spelling a word using it to me solve a crossword puzzle. Don't make any changes in it, please.

  • Bumi two

    by Bumi Two

    Great app - very informative and useful. The ad at the bottom highly irritating tho. Would really be great if I could turn it off!!

  • Don’t Buy their add ons

    by earbuddude

    i purchased the rhyming dictionary as an add on and the purchase went through but i never got the download. i reported it as a problem to Apple, but they didn’t resolve it. and i contacted dictionary.com who also did nothing about it. so i am giving this app and their company ask.com 1 star and 2 thumbs down.

  • I LOVE this app!

    by rae311


  • Great tool to have

    by Barca messi Ope

    Awesome app, would be nice if Apple can adopt this software and use it as a dictionary support and search for words while reading

  • Love this app!!!!

    by Da small beas T

    Is my right hand assistant.

  • Dictionary

    by NickLa335

    Great resource at my fingertips.

  • by Onionpoop

    Great for doing homework!and if don't have wifi anymore,it'll still work!

  • :)

    by Yehudis 614

    Awesome app!

  • Convenient

    by Roxie1117

    Very useful app

  • Tom

    by Mugwump73

    Excellent tool. Thorough and flexible.

  • Super Amazing!!!!!!

    by GetItPlayItLoveIt

    This app is extremely helpful for everyday life and homework. I highly recommend this app for everyone. There are so many words out there that are dying to be understood, so get this app and improve you brain to the highest level ;)

  • Great App!!!

    by TT of the world

    Love this app

  • great app

    by Artem Zhukov


  • Love

    by Treydoee


  • Highly recommended

    by Majdi Gari

    This app is one of "must downloaded" apps, it helped me a lot as not native speaker

  • Helpful

    by Guero1126844579

    I'm pretty happy with is app I learn new words everyday

  • Great app

    by FAH_TIYA

    I love word of the day...!!!

  • Educating

    by druseegirl

    I've increased my Vocabulary by using this App.

  • Where is the full site?

    by SeriouslyDave

    Why can't we get to the full site from our mobile browsers now? That always used to be available. It was fantastic. Now all we get is something that looks as incomplete as this app. Very disappointing. --

  • Great app

    by tumbleurbutt0ff

    I use this app because it has a sound option where it speaks the word to you. I know you can get definitions from iMessage but this allows you to see how it's pronounced which I find very helpful when wanting to apply new vocabulary words to my everyday language.

  • Me

    by GAJ Jeb n AMBW

    I love it.


    by Thelittleleslie

    This ap always helps me with my homework or when I'm curious about what a word means. Never let's me down! It's also really easy to use.

  • Love the dictionary!

    by Holyscraps

    Excellent resource! Love the word a day

  • App made me do it

    by Oogaboogah

    Gave it a 5 cuz I had to.

  • My Favorite Dictionary App

    by Astoriajane

    I love the dictionary.com app. It is so useful to me as an avid reader and writer. The clarity of the definitions, word etymology and availability of the thesaurus all make this app indispensable. I use it every day!

  • Good

    by lra98

    Very helpful app. I use it all the time

  • Great app

    by Lovey0123

    Gives you great help!!

  • The best

    by DUKE2DUKE

    I love it. It helped me with every vocabulary test I had.

  • Great

    by Frank8890


  • Dictionary

    by Heavyshok

    Love this app

  • Very nice dictionary app

    by Delzer4848

    Recommend dictionary app. Best dictionary app

  • What the app?!?!?!

    by Glumglumbugbug

    This app is so helpful! Thank you do much for creating it!

  • Great App

    by dodatstik

    I love this app!! it's perfect!

  • Sheryl's point

    by FB frustrations

    The reason for the three stars is because once I get past the annoying functional issues, I actually get what I need. When I begin to type in the word I need defined, the page moves to another list of words. I have to wait for it to reset itself, then I can proceed with typing in my word. I loved this Ap when it first came out, but this newest version has quirks.

  • Gratitude!!!

    by Scholar1217

    My vocabulary has increased by using this resourceful app. I'm very grateful to everyone that collaborated on this project. Knowledge is power!!! Two thumbs up!!!!

  • Great app

    by MrWeebleWooble

    I like the options. Works well.

  • Grrat

    by Donna Yoder


  • Great app

    by Jroc1074

    Excellent app!!!!


    by DLHornsCXM

    This is my goto app when I need to find the spelling of a word as my spelling has never been great and nearly 30 years after graduating high school, it's not gotten much better. I'm not a 5 star kinda guy and I feel they can always get better but it is a great app. I've been using this app since my first iPhone 3, 6-7 years? I'm not one to keep apps that aren't very good, user-friendly or not used much and this is none of those.

  • Speech to text doesn't work

    by cridernickname

    Speech to text feature doesn't work. It starts listening but it never stops listening. There's no way to make it stop listening so there's no way to submit the spoken word.

  • Love word of day.

    by Adj123

    All round great for cryptic crosswords too.

  • Great app

    by Kolyan from brooklyn

    Love love love this app!

  • Great app!!!

    by D-Debbie

    This is a great app. I use it every day.

  • Nice app

    by So so ok app

    App is helpful in looking up the definitions of words.

  • Excellent

    by TcMd45

    Love having this app right at my finger tips.

  • Wonderful App.

    by Twistedfate0708

    I personally love this app. It's definitely my "go to app" for when I'm reading/writing/in-a-thinking-mood. Being on who loves English and learning new words, it only does it's job, making me feel confident with what words I use when I write/talk, etc. Also, I preferred the older version/layout of this app, but the newest upgrade is very clean n' crisp..easy to maneuver and just as easy to use! I use this app for pretty much everything and love learning new words on here; it's very helpful and I find that to be the best feature of all! Thank you(:

  • GrammaJanice4

    by GrammaJanice

    Faster than flipping thru pages in a dictionary and includes extras like word origins and synonyms. Always reliable, easy to use, great app for all ages!

  • Great!

    by Bbonics

    Love everything about the app!

  • S'okay

    by Bjstuhl

    Not always accurate or clear. No OED, but it'll do.

  • Great app

    by Darlizzle ma nuzzle

    Does what it should.

  • Promotes learning.

    by electroqube

    Great way to expand your linguistic horizons.

  • Top of the line app

    by smart93

    Keep up the good work!

  • Great

    by Jen diaz


  • Great app

    by J.flwr

    One of the most well designed apps I've used

  • Anna

    by Seaturtle9000

    Best dictionary app I have ever used !!! Thanks :)

  • Dictionary

    by Yeah yeah 65327

    Handy when your unsure of how a word is pronounced or spelled

  • Convenient dictionary

    by Sikgurung

    It's easy to use and has cool features.

  • Always there to save the day

    by TimothyW?

    Perfect tool, for those times when your in serious distress of word meanings. Hate those moments, but this app releases the hate a bit.

  • dictionary

    by ياجنون فــــMــــك

    Nice diction

  • I hate this app

    by Hawk # 50

    This app couldn't even give me a definition for culture

  • Great app!

    by Tklberry

    Easy, convenient, and accurate. I especially like the word of the day feature.

  • Best app

    by Pocoyo1020

    It's very help for my homework in English class for high school

  • Great!!!

    by Tre$$24

    I love it as much. It's easy to read n clear. (:

  • Cool

    by Birdmanqwwieieiei

    I enjoy the word of the day function

  • I love this app, it is so helpful.

    by GlitterLioness

    I like that the app allows you to speak the word that you want the meaning (or spelling) of. It helps when the kids want to spell correctly or just want a meaning without typing. I use the medical dictionary daily for my job, especially for rare diagnosis terms.

  • Awesome app for business writing!

    by Energy8

    Love it!!! It has helped me tremendously with business writing. Highly recommend it.

  • Excellent app

    by Twe0420

    Great work

  • It's cool

    by Jaz0914

    It's very helpful and learning new words is always good

  • Very useful! I use it often.

    by S Layne

    Downside: initial loading is frustratingly slow. Once up, it's very responsive.

  • Love, love, love it!!!

    by Bali's Nene

    I love this app. Dictionary. com is wonderful, I am never at a loss to spell correctly. Everyone should use it!

  • I like it

    by Fletchdawn

    Thanks for an easy ton use way to look up words!

  • Price vs quality

    by Sick-O-Typing

    The price is right. Hope the definitions are too.

  • Great App!

    by Brandie711

    Great interface, and very helpful!

  • The Best

    by Wide_opeN

    Dictionary.com is my go to source, for anything word related, period!!!


    by Amuhammad

    I think my above statement says it all. I'm an educator and a writer and it helps to have this app available when looking for the right word. Great!

  • Best dictionary app

    by Smooth Biggavelli

    Best app so far always helps me out when I can't spell a word plus voice speaks is a plus

  • Cool apps

    by Kobeanb

    Simple. User friendly. Easy access. Very useful.

  • Great vocabulary Builder

    by Chef Sha

    This app is wonderful. It's very easy to use and has made me a greater scrabble champion!

  • Excellent app

    by Himanshu Bhardwaj

    Easy to follow app with lots of added features. I like 1 day a word a lot. Definitely a must have for someone who would like to master English language in a fun and candid way.

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