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Seller: Blue Letter Bible

• Stability and Performance Improvements for Daily Bible Reading Progress

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Powerful Bible study tools linked to every verse in an easy-to-use, personalized Bible reader!

Dig deep into God’s word with over 30 Bible versions, audio Bibles, text and audio commentaries, Hebrew / Greek lexicon, concordances, dictionaries, advanced word searches, and more. Customize your reading experience with rich color themes, fonts, auto scrolling, and parallel version views. Personalize your study with highlighting, underlining, and note taking options – all with Cloud back up.

Join our 7.5 million+ annual website users and 1 million+ app users who choose to dig deeper into God’s word with Blue Letter Bible!

• Use the new PDF document reader to read BLB digital books and PDF documents
• Study the Hebrew & Greek with our original language lexicon
• Perform advanced word studies using the many available dictionaries and encyclopedias
• Go more in-depth using the Treasury of Scripture Knowledge
• Read from the many available text commentaries
• Listen to the Bible and audio commentaries

• Choose from over 30 Bible translations, available in English, Spanish, Chinese, Italian, Korean, German, Russian, Slovok, Croatian, French, Hebrew, and Greek
• Choose from various color themes, adjustable fonts and sizes with an automatic option, and more
• Read different Bible versions side by side
• Read the Bible with the variable speed auto-scroll feature

• Bookmark your favorite chapters with visual indicators in the app and organize them in custom folders
• Highlight and underline your favorite verses in customizable colors
• Backup, restore, and share your preferences locally from iCloud with the ability to share files
• Launch the new resource menu from the BLB icon

As of May 1, 2013, we will be unable to provide updates for older devices that are not compatible with iOS 4.3 or later. For any devices not running on at least iOS 4.3, we recommend upgrading to iOS 5 or later, if possible, to continue to receive BLB app updates.

iPhone 5 support is now available as of app revision 2.20. iPhone 5 support did not previously exist in an effort to maintain support for the most devices possible.

Questions or issues with the BLB app after updating? We’re here to serve! First, visit our FAQs by clicking on the link to our support site to see if your question can be answered there. If not, leave your feedback from the support page and a member of our staff will get back to as soon as possible.

Customer Reviews

  • Best bible app

    by Laci01

    I have been using this Bible up for a long time and I love it! I used the commentaries every time I read my Bible!

  • Wonderfully user-friendly

    by Twiggsy1

    It is evident that lots of careful work has gone into this ap. it is also carefully tended, as evidenced by regular improvements. There are so many resources available by just clicking on a passage. It is very easy to figure out how to navigate this ap. Kudos to all the BLB developers, and thank you!

  • Excellent source...

    by Jennoro53

    I run to this app on a daily basis for everything from a quick scripture reference to an in-depth audio teaching. It has literally put a scholar's library in my pocket.

  • The best bible app out there!

    by JCarelle

    I've had many different bible apps but non of them were good enough. They all were plain and offered the same as a paper bible. I use this bible app every time I open my paper bible. It gives me great commentary or version comparison plus I can get deeper into the Word with the original Greek/Hebrew. I won't download anything different than the blue letter bible app and neither should you

  • Great app!

    by Lizw3

    So glad this app exists!!

  • Love

    by Jauday

    Love this app. The only thing I would recommend is making the devotionals available like they are on the actual website.

  • Haven't found a better Bible app!

    by JesusLovingGirl

    I use this every day! Love all the different versions offered but more than that all the resources, like the commentaries! Love, love, love this app and website!

  • Everyday use

    by squeakycheez07

    I use it everyday. I love it. It has come in handy numerous of times. It's my most used app.

  • Use all the time

    by Tootilou

    This is so user easy! The concordance to scriptures and love the commentaries by knowledged believers to understand the scriptures I got a Nook as a gift and there is NOT a bible App this nice available out there!

  • Blue letter bible rocks!!!

    by Kenndogg1

    I am soooooo glad this app/website exists!!!!! It helps me ALL THE TIME!!!!! #ireadmybible

  • Best app on the market.

    by BloodBought316

    Love this app!! So many amazing features to dig deep into the Word. The Hebrew/Greek concordance is clutch for in depth studies and unpacking the richness of the Bible. What better than God's Word and so many ways to learn from Him.... Best app out there IMHO! Thank God for Blue Letter Bible!!!

  • Helpful

    by <3~player~€>

    I used it with a precept class and it was very helpful for digging deeper into the text.

  • Caleb

    by Jampap

    If you want to be a thorough reader learner and understander ँof the Bible you must have this app. I love it.

  • Simply the best

    by ...NurseDaddy...

    BIBLE in an app! This is the way to go. I have enjoyed this app since it was made long ago. They keep improving it and keeping it user friendly and stable. Packed with features! I will only choose BLB!

  • Much appreciated

    by "rail" puzzled

    Thank you for this app. It is appreciated so much.

  • Best Language Reference I've Found!

    by Hanabell3

    This is a great app, and it offers features I haven't seen in other Bible Reference Apps for iPad. I wish you could give half stars...4 isn't enough, but navigating, which is all that keeps me from giving a 5, would be better if more like online version from the computer.'s an essential tool for me!

  • BLB

    by Eek-rocks

    By far the best bible app in my opinion! Thanks for a great product!

  • My favorite Bible app

    by Cjsparks

    This app is great. I love how easy it is to use. I love being able to look up the original meaning in the Strong's concordance. I love the commentaries that are available. This app has a lot to offer!

  • Best Bible App Around

    by srb_871

    I really like the convenience of where everything is located. Looks nice, runs nice, but it would be even better if it matches the design of ios 7! :)

  • Great and Awesome app

    by Mommyade

    This bible app is awesome and great! It's designed such that I like to read my bible everyday. Thank God!

  • Great app! Needs more versions

    by JR_theWiz

    This app has a lot of potential, It needs more bible versions like the "Message" Version and the "Amplified"

  • Great

    by Poppi5gz

    Thank you for the best app ever.

  • Great app

    by Revolutionary man

    Continue to spread GODS word . Amen , GOD bless

  • Great Parallel Bible App

    by Matthews0042

    My wife had another Bible app and recently switched to Blue Letter Bible since I had it. Great app! She likes the BLB much better than her previous app.

  • Thank you!

    by 2662 to you

    This is by far the most useful and most helpful app I have ever used.

  • All-Time Favorite Bible App

    by AmerPy

    I've used the website for years and the app is just as great - better, it's portable. Always use it in study and Church (quick access to the Hebrew and Greek texts and their lexicons is my favorite feature). I do miss the early web version's ability to tell you the verb tense in the word-by-word concordance but it's still so easy and useful. Highly recommended, tell all your friends.

  • Best

    by Funner21

    Best bible app esp for studying. Could use a better notes/foldering feature like now defunct BibleXpress that let's me organize studies and sermon notes.

  • Wonderful app. Like side-by-side translations

    by Hhffvhbbbgbbbvdfgrhff

    Does what's needed. Most churches now have wi-fi, so, you can use any of the available translations.

  • Awesome App!

    by Studyin' Girl

    Love, love, love this app! I use it for daily Bible study because of the great features like version comparison and access to both layman and scholarly commentaries. I highly recommend it =)

  • BlueLetter Bible

    by Kegger T.

    Superb Ap. So glad the Greek is available. I enjoy being able to see the parallel English and Gr. Plus to be able to cut and paste is pretty nice.

  • Remarkable app!

    by Minister Jones

    Awesome tool to have and share with others.

  • Search is not the same

    by Bamaguygt13

    I love this app but I found it by using the website. To my disappointment the search on the app is not up to par with online. The features are all close and this is a great app for other reasons but I hope there will be an improvement to the search because at present I wouldn't suggest that part to a friend

  • Solid Program!!

    by Rms150

    A wonderful asset when it comes to study. Notes, bookmarks, and resources for help with questions make this an outstanding Bible reading/study application. Thanks BLB!!!!!

  • Everything you need... As long as you have the Internet

    by Paasch spice

    Great app. I use it all the time, it's nice to have the Greek and Hebrew at your fingertips, even though I don't read either of them. Highlighting is nice.

  • Great app!

    by John_d_d

    This is a very useful app that makes Bible study fun

  • Awsome

    by Board game man

    The best bible app available for sure. The audio version is wonderful, I wish that it worked offline, but it is still great. This app almost never crashes and has smooth operation.

  • My Go-To Bible Study App

    by Brenda-Leigh

    I am so grateful for all of the resources available in this app! I help teach Bible Study at my church and this app is really helpful for my personal study to get me ready before I teach. Thank you guys sooo much!!!

  • BLB

    by CausematicFDD123

    Great App!!!

  • Awesome!!

    by pdj1949

    This is an incredible app! I use it daily along with my study Bible. They offer a variety of interpretations and notes from sermons presented. The variety of Bibles offered is next to none. I appreciate the ability to view 2 versions at the same time. Occasionally, I will submit questions about the app or make a suggestion. The small staff has been very attentive to my emails. I always receive a response from them. To me, this says a lot about the dedicated staff of this app. I hope you are blessed through this app like I have been. Jp

  • Go-To Bible App

    by AlTillyTheBum

    This app has everything you need in a Bible app! It’s clear and well constructed, runs smooth every time. Great job BLB folks! :-)

  • Awesome!!

    by jakeridge

    I love using the BLB. It comes in handy especially when you need a good commentary. Great Bible app!

  • Great Bible

    by chris jordan

    This is the best bible app I have in my phone.

  • Fantastic

    by Frus Trated With This

    This is just a wonderful Bible application. I use it everyday. It has everything you could want for Bible reading and study, including Hebrew and Greek concordance and many Bible commentaries. It also has audio versions, an automatic scroll, highlighting and saving favorite verses and on an on. I can't thank the creators enough for what a great job they have done on it! P.S. I am not frustrated with this. I don't know why it is posting like that.

  • Lots of great features!

    by pfcih

    Everything from the audio Bibles to word study features to parallel translations - this app has a lot to offer. I wish it had some older, frankly - deeper commentaries included, but regardless, I am very happy with this app.

  • It's holy!!

    by Stanza23

    Love the way you can see the Hebrew or Greek definitions!

  • Awesome

    by olivier simon

    Just a great app to the point that I even deleted another very famous bible app that probably ranks #1. However, you can do much more with the BLB especially in terms of more in-depth bible study. Great tool!

  • Great

    by Skipper sasquatch


  • Great App

    by fatznduppy

    Great App.

  • BLB

    by Joshua2008

    Awesome way to connect with God's Wording the move!

  • Best bible app

    by Richterrichter

    I've been a long time user, and couldn't ask for more in a bible app. Thank you for all the hard work!!!

  • My Main Bible App

    by Christopher Olson

    I use many other Bible apps, like Logos and Olive Tree - but BLB is my primary resource. The concordance and other functions are amazing. I love being able to drill quickly into the original language and access the wealth of information within the concordance, such as Strong's numbers and the usage of the word throughout the Bible.


    by ShmattisonLove

    This is the most perfect thing in the whole world! THANKS BLB!!!!!

  • Great study material.

    by 5 Star Reporter


  • Tons of resources available! Awesome app!

    by Freemoose

    I use this app all the time for my word studies off the bible and it allows me to take my bible study even deeper on my own without having to read commentaries. Another great plus is how fast the app loads. So much faster than other Bible apps out there. This is my first choice when looking up scripture on my phone!

  • Good bible

    by Taco448

    Love it

  • Great app!

    by SethCulp

    I mainly use this for Hebrew and Greek reference. Love that they made an app!

  • useful

    by defcon7

    I use the app on a regular basis.

  • BEST

    by Abigail Brooks

    LOVE THIS APP!!! So great to have pastor chuck smiths commentaries with me at all times!

  • Great app for a bible scholar

    by KR711

    I love blue letter bible. The commentary is great and so is the concordance. Very easy to use and a great tool for any bible scholar!

  • Great Bible App

    by Jared Reed

    I love that the app can be used with and without wifi. I also like all of the concordance and commentary options. Keep up the good work.

  • Amazing

    by Nathan1024

    Very intuitive and well thought out!

  • Great App

    by User..,..

    Love this app. Flexible. Easy to use. Full screen. Split screen for dual versions. No complaints.

  • Awesome!!!

    by Burlyswift

    The only thing I'd improve is whenever I switch versions, I loose my place in where I am reading

  • Better than others

    by whitmccburg

    I like Blue Letter much better than other Bible apps. I really like the many versions that are included. The new history feature is great, as well as the reading plans. The one thing I would really like to see are chapter headings. These help me a lot when studying.

  • Great for Bible study

    by Wholeyone

    This app is great for Bible study. The tools that it contains are invaluable!

  • The most effective bible app I can find

    by mario trujillo

    The most effective bible app I can find, and I've put some effort into looking! Hands down, the best out there!

  • Great Bible Reference


    Wish design could be a little better but otherwise this app is great.

  • Great but needs some updates

    by Flip flop lover

    This is a great app! I have really enjoyed it. I just really wish you would update it completely to how the iOS 7 is. The keyboard is different and the layout. Also, if you would make it possible to let it show when you have notes on that chapter. I would like to be able when I'm reading to go back through and see the notes I've put in. Other wise, it's great!

  • BLB

    by I Love Poker

    This is the best Bible app I have ever seen. Multiple versions make it extremely easy to understand. I have installed this app on all of our grand kids iPods. Definitely recommended.

  • great App

    by arts-sc

    Great app with some great resources. Been using this app and the web site a long time! Thanks for the work!!

  • Awesome

    by Bryant hunt

    I use it in church. It's very easy to use. And it is an awesome app. Thanks for making it :D

  • Blue Letter Bible is the best I have found!!! Thank you.

    by TexRojo

    Great job folks.

  • Favorite Bible App

    by PDDrummer4JC

    I have used a few different Bible apps and this one is by far my favorite. You can click on Scriptures and read the concordance and interlinear notes, saving tons of time searching through a Strongs Concordance. This is a great app for study and saves tons of time. Very functional and well thought out! 5 stars!

  • Great App :)

    by HumbleDude

    A great App for Bible Study. Thank you for blessing us.

  • A great tool

    by NE Ohio Pastor

    So far, Blue Letter Bible has been the most helpful Bible tool that I have used, both for personal Bible study and for preparing messages.

  • Great

    by mcreel

    Best bible study app out there!

  • Great app

    by Bcaubin

    This is hands down, the greatest, most helpful Bible app out there. From the Bible study tools it has, to the commentaries linked to each section of the Bible, it is what I use to for my daily devotions and serious Bible study.

  • Awesome app!

    by Bible Student Layman

    Much like their website, this app is packed with some serious Bible study tools. Highly recommended!!!

  • Fantastic

    by Frus Trated With This

    This is just a wonderful Bible application. I use it everyday. It has everything you could want for Bible reading and study, including Hebrew and Greek concordance and many Bible commentaries. It also has audio versions, an automatic scroll, highlighting and saving favorite verses and on an on. I can't thank the creators enough for what a great job they have done on it!

  • Bible study

    by Malachi Dad

    Awesome app easy to read. Word definitions just a good on the go study help.

  • Great study aid

    by Prattvilletarheel

    Incredible amounts of helpful information at your finger tips to really have an in depth Bible study.

  • Best Bible App

    by Mghollis38

    This is the best bible app out there. I use it all the time. I love the highlighting and the version comparisons.

  • Most used app

    by Ncdc2011

    It's everything expected and even more. Use it everyday. Thank you!

  • Love!

    by Only_Me2

    I use this app a lot! I love that I can simply tap on a verse and get access to dictionaries, a concordance, and commentaries from great bible teachers.

  • Love app and website!

    by mkjvanh

    Love website and app. I use it often to help with understanding Gods Word. I do not need to go to other apps to look up things. BLB has been a blessing to me I encourage others to donate too to keep BLB available and updated.

  • Really nice app to use as a study tool!!!

    by 73V3N

    Really like all the features this app has. From the commentaries to the Greek and Hebrew meanings being played by audio. One thing that could be improved would be the ability to copy multiple verses. It is a bit redundant to append things or replace things to the clipboard.

  • Best bible app

    by kingcwhaca

    Great app with amazing features! Easy to use and very convenient

  • This is an awesome bible app

    by JillsGrace

    I love all the features, the history reading tracker and the parallel versions, the interlinear concordance and dictionaries. In depth studies that used to take three large books I can now accomplish with a few screen taps. Huge blessing!

  • Most Powerful Study Tool Available

    by William in Ohio

    I've been using the BLB website for years and I've used this app since it's inception. It is the most powerful study tool available anywhere. If you have any interest in reading or studying the Bible, you need this app.

  • Amazing Study Bible!

    by Mjhoff00

    I love this Bible and use it all the time. Thank you!

  • Great great great study tool!

    by BubbyD

    The best bible study app available PERIOD

  • Great app

    by My preferred bible app

    This is an app that gives you the opportunity to read Gods word on your phone

  • It's good, but...

    by mena jolly

    It would be nice to have devotionals, videos, reading plans, and a sleek design to match iOS7. Besides that it's perfection.

  • This is a perfect Bible!

    by Que_nisha

    I love this Bible for study on my iPhone and iPad. I never have to worry about streaming content while I am in a church service down in the country somewhere or in the middle of a cinderblock building where I don't receive signal. I enjoy the features that it offers. One suggestion I would make is please make the content compatible with iCloud so that I can link my study notes and scripture history between my two devices. I would really like to continue the notes that I take on my iPad during a church service on my iPhone during the week. Thanks for a great Bible!!

  • My preferred Bible app

    by GospelGuy

    I really enjoy all the features in this app. I've used many other Bible apps and love this one. Folders are great! I'd like to be able to have sub folders. Or maybe if a link would auto generate when you type a verse in your notes so that you could easily reference that verse to a point in the sermon outline. It would also be an added bonus to be able to be able to underline partial verses. Thanks for a super useful app!

  • Outstanding!

    by Paul Esposito

    I highly recommend this app!! It has the best "side by side" comparisons of whatever your favorite translations might be, including the Byzantine Majority Text, and the TR. Perhaps the best Bible app out there!

  • Great app!!!

    by SarahWieczorek

    Blue letter is a wonderful app for looking up a verse in any translation, reading on the move, or simply taking a break by reading a sweet devotional of the day!

  • Constantly crashes

    by Starksw

    I enjoy the app. With the latest update it crashes when I try to mark off dates in the chronological readings. Many times it crashes when I try to load the next reading.

  • Love it!

    by Mrs. Jess67

    Great tool, love the devotional section. Love all the options. Make it your own.

  • Great resource

    by RLBlatz

    I like the links to commentary's and concordance. Very intuitive and dependable. Would like more study background information to expand even more for understanding.

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