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  • Updated: Nov, 04 2010
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Take the power of on the go for free! Ask any question and we’ll find the best answers from the web or real people. Need a personal answer? No problem. Ask our community to get a personal answer from people who know. It's perfect for local questions when you're out and about.

Ask for iPhone is the only app that combines the best answers from the web with personal answers from real people. Just ask and we'll get your answer!


* Type or simply say your question – we’ll understand. Voice to text is supported on the iPhone and 4th generation iPod touch.
* Get the best answers from the web – instantly
* Need a personal answer? Send your question to people who know
* Answer notifications right on your iPhone
* Browse and answer questions
* Ask about local places near you
* Totally FREE – no service or SMS charges!


* Quick questions: “How many teaspoons in a tablespoon?”
* Weather: “What’s the forecast for NY?”
* Travel: “Where’s a good place to stay in Rome?”
* Entertainment: “When is Lady Gaga coming to town?”
* Local restaurants reviews: “What’s the best sushi place in Palo Alto?”
* Reference: “What’s the longest word in the dictionary?”
* General curiosity: “What happened to Jeeves?”
* How to do something – “How can I remove a wine stain?”

About is the number one online brand for questions and answers and an operating business of IAC.

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Customer Reviews

  • I love this app

    by Bucky bucko

    I love this app! It keeps you in touch with other people in other places with similar questions. I've learned a lot from it

  • Great!

    by Firelizard54

    I love this app! I use it often! At work,at home, whenever I don't know or can't remember something! Great for those over 50!! Lol!

  • Ask

    by Eric E Single

    I have learned a lot from ASK. I tell everybody go to ASK.COM if they don't no.

  • Good

    by Miraniatriforce

    I enjoy the ask community, not as much as I did in 2012 though, the app is great but I recommend the website more. It's good for asking and helping, depending on the time of day it's usually busy. My names coolspot on there. Well what are you waiting for download the app!

  • Cool

    by Smell it guy


  • Pretty fun

    by @*_*@

    Use it or not you usually enjoy yourself

  • Great App

    by Supercat8835

    I love this app, but there are these really stupid people called "moderators" that delete any question they want. If they remove the moderators, this app gets 5 stars.


    by tim colgan

    Really helps with my down time TIA.

  • The Greatest

    by Kristen11150

    For years I have asked my Dad any number of questions that come up for me throughout the week. Now I don't have to bother him with my silly question. I love ASK. I have only been using it for a few weeks. I have found it very helpful. I have asked the community two questions so far and was very happy for the responses I got. I have responded to a few questions also. The more I learn about ASK the happier I am. I love it.

  • Rating

    by TonyaOwen2

    This is the best app to have on your phone in case you need to know something right then or later on. I would highly recommend this app to everyone and anyone with an I-Phone or above that can download this especially if they have children. It comes in handy and is invaluable to everyone.

  • Good for Answers:

    by Ineedsomebody

    This a good site if you need an answer. I really enjoy it. When there is nothing to do, I try to answer some myself.

  • Great

    by Mari187211

    Don't know we're to go! It's so easy. Embarrassed to ASK a question? Not anymore you can be anonymous. Awesome.

  • Awsom

    by Kfkdkdmdmndjdjdnndndbndbdb

    Love this app very helpful

  • It ALWAYS has answers

    by Gollito33

    Love this app. Every time I have a question, this app gives me the answer. Every time!


    by 40putt

    Great. Answers to many questions stimulate conversations. I really like it.

  • Very nice

    by Dylandiehl@icloud

    Very nice, no bugs or glitches

  • Great

    by Peggy Ryons

    Everything that I have asked the Ap has helped and has even directed me.

  • Great!!

    by BeYourOwnKindOfBeautiful

    Well I, personally,move this app! It's easy to use! People answer you fairly quickly. The one thing I don't like is that you HAVE to choose a category.. But that is also on the website too. I just wish we could ask questions where everyone would see it. But other than that it's amazing! 5 stars to ASK.COM's App!

  • Facts

    by Cory March

    The app is fine but if facts are important to your go somewhere else.

  • Ask

    by LadyPooh

    Love This App. I Wouldn't Know What To Do Without It. So Helpful

  • Not Worth It

    by Belgrave47

    When you ask a question it goes unanswered for weeks then when you search the question you've asked its been deleted

  • Really stupid

    by Davidfaris3

    Every time you post something and it does not meet the criteria they will delete it and if you ask two question and let's say that both had to do with car they will delete one.


    by Ambie naners

    Every question I asked is removed, and I read the "Do's and Dont's" THREE times. I am very angry, this is stuff I NEED TO KNOW, and you BLOCK it?! I'm deleting this app.

  • No thank you!!

    by TJHOUS

    This app needs some work, will not let me connect using Facebook. I will be deleting this app.

  • This is a stupid app

    by Ddjdjdjsejdjd

    This is a stupid app from my opinion do not download the stupid thing

  • Bad!!!

    by D4 M4CHINE

    I was really disappointed that I downloaded this app I thought that I could've ask questions but I was not able to it sucked

  • Waste of time

    by Nicolasthethird!!!!

    Completely pointless

  • Answer

    by Garin poole

    I havent gotten one single answer back!

  • Horrible customer support

    by :(--------

    1: they remove so many questions 2: you guys ( are so ignorant, that when I ask why it gets removed (I don't say anything negative In the questions) you remove that question 3:horrible customer support 4: get it if you want, but these people are just ignorant :(



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  • Horrible.

    by Zeze 3000

    This app was awful! It wouldn't ask my questions because it didn't fit the "criteria". Don't buy this app, even if you looked at good reviews.

  • ChaCha app is better!

    by TheOnlyVeeVee

    Yes I'm biased but not because I'm a true ChaChee, but because it really is a better app for answering your questions personally.

  • Ask ?

    by Carms711

    This is a very nice App. I really like it.

  • Would be better if less dumb questions

    by austriak

    See title

  • Great app

    by Cheetahs are awesome

    This app is great if you like helping people figure out a burning question they had and great to receive answers quickly from real people

  • Kerryokie

    by Kerryokie

    This is a very good app, I like the speed of the answers

  • What

    by Glo281

    I found this site very helpful, fast and accurate.

  • Needs to be fixed

    by Rae<3Rae<3

    I love this app but it keeps closing randomly. They need to fix that problem.

  • Awesome

    by Awesome1423

    This app is amazing because it answers all my questions and I never had bug issues! :)

  • Nice but


    I'd like it if u could look up a profile

  • Ask

    by PurpleSpider69

    It's ok

  • Horrible app

    by Graciestar8

    This app is horrible cuz each time I post a question, it always removes the freaking question!!! It's annoying cuz I spent 20min explaining my problem them it just deletes it!!!

  • Useful app

    by OWNed...

    Good app. No issues with anything and helped me out in a bind. Good stuff.

  • I'd love some answers...

    by Nova360

    I think this app is bearable at its best. Half the questions I ask are deleted for no reason. I can never get any serious questions answered. You might as well re-name the app as 'dating advice' considering that's what most "questions" asked are about. Very, very useless moderators as well. Do not download this app.

  • BAD

    by bobothesquirrel

    I like the regular website much better, and the app is WAY worse than just asking google a question.

  • Ask. com

    by Ex-law enforcement officer

    This app is WONDERFUL!!! Easy to access, fast, & always answers my questions! I give it a 5 rating! Sharon Ochsenbein from SW Missouri.

  • Stupid

    by I like onions

    The people who answer are idiots when I asked can an iPod 4th gen update to iOS 7. And he said update your shiz that doesn't tell me anything

  • HandyDandy

    by Jabtoo

    So far this app has provided quick answers for any questions I've had. I've learned a lot without the old "trial and error" method. Very handy.

  • Bad app

    by mindygarland

    I thought this would be like the website and both the app and the website need to be updated

  • Bret

    by Bret Goodwin

    Great app. Ask and answered in timely manner. Good choses of familiar questions to answers.

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