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Manage your account when it's convenient for you with My Verizon Mobile.

With My Verizon Mobile, you can manage your account right from your device.

*Pay your bill
*Check minute, text and data usage
*Manage Friends & Family numbers
*Change Calling plans
*Change Features

Customer Reviews

  • Magpie

    by Ag48377

    For what I use this app for, I find it quite usable. Functions the way I need it to and hasn't given me any trouble. For those of you that are having trouble, maybe you need to update or backup your phones. Works flawlessly on my iPhone 4S.

  • Keeps logging me out?

    by Meeeererrrrerrr

    K so I got this app to check my data usage, but I can't do that when every time I want to check I have to do the hole sign in process again even though I put "remember this device" which is pretty pointless to put if it makes me sign in every time>:(, and I don't even know that stuff so I go to my dad........ Just fix it please?

  • Repeatedly says it doesn't recognize device.

    by jkirk1626

    Had a "well done recommend" review from me. Now, it asks for new authentication every time, despite settings to remember me.

  • Have to enter credit card ID every time

    by Smash enforcer

    It should be able to save, like my password. Not the best.

  • Nice app but

    by mjoinsd

    Will not remember my devices no matter how often I tell it to. Very annoying. Also do not like the multi screen login. Put it all on one screen so I can log in with one click. I would also like to see the per-line break-down of usage on a single display/graph. Instead of having to select my phone to see my phone’s usage, I’d like to see all phones, and each phone’s usage separated on a single graphic.

  • Phone # entering issues

    by customfitz

    This app is pretty darn great, HOWEVER, every time I try to input my phone number the key pad enters the wrong digit one to the left or the right of the actual number. I tried multiple times thinking it was fat finger syndrome or beer fingers but alas no. I even tried dragging my finger from my intended digit across the numbers row, it is consistently one digit off, but only on a few entries. Just enough to make entering your phone number really annoying.

  • Good

    by speakso

    This app is useful to check on your account quickly. See how many minutes and texts you have left. Design could use an update, but it functions well.

  • Nice app but

    by mjoinsd

    Will not remember my devices no matter how often I tell it to. Very annoying. Also do not like the multi screen login. Put it all on one screen so I can log in with one click.

  • update to iOS7

    by mando698

    the app itself is great but the ui is little lame for my taste a face life of the app would be great

  • Ugly

    by Mcr123987565611

    It suits my needs, but it sure is ugly.

  • New version offers reduced functionality

    by SherlockLogic

    The latest update has removed the ability to see data/minutes/texts usage amounts on each individual line. You can now only see your personal usage stats. Please add this back!

  • Useful

    by Hockeyaddict27

    I love the app because in able to check my usage and make sure I don't go over my limit. It works great and I find it easy to use.

  • Come on Verizon...

    by jj josephat

    I expected more from you. you would think that a major carrier would have updated its app by now. this app really needs some work from the functionality to the design! please upgrade to ios 7 so your loyal customers will be satisfied

  • Loved it before but doesn't work on business plan

    by Penacho13 

    Works great on family plan but not on small business.

  • iOS 7 interface

    by M_jUsTiCe

    Please get this app updated it's ridiculous the amount of time that has passed without any updates to this app. With all the money Verizon cyphers from their customers we still don't have a happy app. Get this done please.

  • Works fine

    by Oohlalababy

    Using on the 5c. Works perfectly fine.

  • Does what it says

    by MrReviewGuy

    Crashes sometimes

  • Excellent app!!!

    by  Johnthunder1443

    Has all the information you can expect regarding your bill. I successfully logged in at the first try. Very easy to navigate and fast! Don't pay attention to the complainers (they are everywhere and for everything ) and try it. You will be happy you did.

  • Works great

    by Scott Hummel

    Works great .... Love it so far!!

  • Not updated for iOS 7

    by AllenJBlodgett

    Kinda frustrating that a major carrier like Verizon still hasn't updated their app for a 5 month old operating system.

  • What happened?

    by caedus2109

    It worked perfectly fine until the latest update. Now I can't even open the app. Gives me a stupid Internet connection error when the connection is just fine. I'm using an iPhone 4. Please fix this.

  • Just the worst kind of app

    by AlexWJA9812

    First, always have to have it re-remember my device. Second, I have to have the stupid picture every time I log in. Third, I have to go through three screens to log in. Fourth, when I try to login in to make a plan change it won't let me log in and just says my request can't be processed. It's cumbersome, redundant and just all around unpleasant. I seem to remember it being much, much better.

  • Unrecognized Device?


    Everytime I login to the app it always asks for my secret security code and password. I always checked the remember password and device boxes. Please fix the login Verizon.. It is really time consuming just to check usage stats.

  • You need to totally reregister!!!!!

    by LucyVanPelt666

    Pretend like you've never done it before and then it works

  • Should be less than 1Star

    by gcipra

    It took one star to get access to the review, but the app shouldn't even receive the 1. Have reloaded this app several times, but always end up on the phone with Verizon to get what I need done. Save your time and frustration. Verizon really needs to take a serious look at this app. Save yourself some time and just go directly to the On Line Full Website and Save it to your Home Page. From there you can do whatever you need to see, alter or do without any difficulty. It doesn't have a fancy icon, but it works and all the options you need to work with are there. If you have old passwords that you've used they will work. It's amazing that a communications company can't create an app that it's customers can communicate with.

  • Garbage

    by Att is better

    This app makes me reset my password every time I log on.

  • Latest update is a fail!!

    by lime702

    Verizon...seriously? Why do I have to enter my security question every time I open this app? Why tell me the risks of "remembering this device" if it's not going to remember it? Why does this app no longer save my password? Why can't I upgrade my data plan to retro back to the beginning of the billing period anymore? Why is the data usage incorrect? Why isn't the credit card CCV number remembered even though it warns me of the dangers if saving it & makes me verify that I understand the risks & liability? Please fix this app!! I understand security, but if you're going to ask for my password before changing anything major anyway, I should atleast be granted access to the app upon my initial tap without all the questions & confirmations.

  • Keeps saying it doesn't recognize my device!

    by 71925

    Over and over again. Then requires that I answer the secret question. Over and over again. The device is not changing. Unless you can't access this stupid app from both an iPhone and an iPad?? Seriously?

  • Garbage!

    by Imalooknatcha 

    Should be usable on any iPhone/iPod touch device. Many customers have multiple devices and do not wish to always use their phone and VZ data network. Why restrict it to data network only? That's just dumb programming. It says wifi coming soon...why release an unfinished product?

  • Useless

    by Fiskdgs

    What's the point of having a 'remember me' setting if every time I try to use the app it tells me that it doesn't recognize my device? Really? This is my Verizon phone - how can it not recognize it? Come on guys your ' security' is a pain in the you know what.

  • Pointless app. Use the website

    by Mk2367

    This is a terrible app. You can only view summary features and billing history. Fine if you're using it to make payments, but if you want to see why your bill went up for a certain billing period for example, the app won't give you the details.

  • Worst garbage app

    by nioted

    I wish I can give it ZERO stars. Login doesn't work, I just get an 'error' and a blank page. Password incorrect!?!? Oddly enough the same password works perfectly on Verizon's website. Verizon makes BILLIONS of $$$ every quarter, you'd think they'd spend some of that money to higher some decent programmers to create an app that works.

  • Why

    by FillmoreSlim

    Why do I have to sign in every time I open the app? My information is in the boxes and I have the remember me boxes checked but I still have to click 3 times just to get into the app. Fix this please.

  • Sucky app

    by ♦ **** yea ****♦

    This app is the most annoying app i've ever had, it gives you no option to go back if something goes wrong and often locks me out, all i want to do is monitor my data usage but this app causes more dismay, wastes of time and trips to Verizon than its worth, if i could id give it a negative rating i would, I'm going out of my way to warn you of its disfunctionality( i know its not a word but I'm trying to make a point with out being vulgar) VERIZON!!!!!!! PLEASE FIX YOUR HORRIBLE APP!!!!

  • I expected better from the largest mobile provider.

    by Suhrdavid

    Constant login issues and cannot view individual usages of users on account...lumps all shared usage together.

  • Bad lately

    by Robin Hammersmith

    This app had worked fine for me-basic but functioned fine up until about 2 weeks ago. Suddenly my password is incorrect, my username doesn't exist, my secret answer is wrong and I cannot use this app. PLEASE UPDATE THIS APP ASAP!!!!! It is not useable in its current state! Very frustrating!!!

  • This app is the WORST

    by Lp310

    I gave it one star but that was only because i couldent give it zero stars. I am disgusted by this app!!! This app is horrible. I cant believe they made such a useless app i think im a lil more stupid than before i attempted to use it.

  • Terrible app

    by UCJaybird

    Seriously??? With the ridiculously high service fee you people charge you can't afford to hire a competent programmer to come up with a decent looking and functioning app?

  • Trash

    by Junkpieceofcrap

    Deleted my whole review I had typed bc the nickne was taken? Along with apple, this app and service blows. Asks for a temporary password every time I try to open the app. Says it will send a temp pswrd via text but just freezes and does nothing. Complete trash! Verizon overpriced crap service and junk features that don't work

  • Doesn't work

    by sferrari

    It wouldn't even let me log in. I used my user ID and password on the website and it worked fine. The app just keeps telling me that my password is wrong. What kind of company offers garbage like this to their customers? I'm reading these positive reviews; I'd bet dollars to donuts that they're all shills. The developers/Verizon people are posting positive reviews to offset all the bad ones. HEY VERIZON; maybe you should spend less time trying to BS your customers and more time FIXING YOUR APP.

  • Way too buggy too be useful

    by Tknterry

    Verizon is a quality wireless service. This app though is worthless. Hardly representative of the carrier. Get your act together Verizon.

  • Can be improved a lot

    by unre4l

    The two screen login is idiotic. What's the point of it.

  • Stopped Recognizing My Device

    by Hammystar80

    I remember a time when I could click on the app and it would log me in immediately. Now, I have to enter my password, secret question answer and then my password again every time. It's so annoying and definitely not convenient. Fix this!!!

  • Won't let me sign in

    by Tjskegtkfjsjtjf

    It won't let me sign in with my phone id or my phone number making it useless

  • Everything's wrong

    by Mrchild101

    Not a pleasure to use app. Rather access online from computer or browser it's quicker and looks and feels 100 times better.

  • Used to be OK!!!!!!!!

    by Martin miranda

    The app keeps telling me it doesnt recognize my device, you know the one i have used it on for months!! Get real verizon IT guys, the app went from OK, to needs an overhaul!!!!!

  • What happened?

    by R. Collins

    I used to be logged into this app automatically. It's always been poorly designed, but now it doesn't recognize my device. I have to enter username, answer security question and verify my stupid security picture and that even fails 25% of the time.

  • Was okay.......

    by Que Bummed

    I use this app to monitor my data usage. I am willing to tolerate the clunky user interface. However, I have gotten very annoyed by the app repeatedly not recognizing my phone. I have gotten annoyed to write this review; my first review for any app. I am leaving this feedback here, due to the fact that I cannot find any way to send feedback directly to Verizon.

  • New login process horrible!

    by JRHiTunes

    Previous login was one page. Now takes two pages. App doesn't remember device (yes, I have it checked to), requires security question answers. Just a horrible hassle to use!!!

  • Now junk

    by Jtr8151

    Worked great before this update. Nothing but problems logging in. This extra layer of security during log in doesnt work and always prompts me staying that the device is not recognized. Fix this!!!!

  • Can't even log in

    by Russel F

    The developers of this app limited the input length of the security question/answer field to 20 characters! This limit does not exist when creating your security questions! I'm unable to enter my answer because of this limitation. Why in the world would they even put a limit on this field? Please increase the size of the field so I can use the app, thanks!

  • Useless

    by Mlee3580

    This app is about as useless as their website. 95% of the time my username and password don't work but come back a hour or day later and walaw! In the app it doesn't recognize my phone all of a sudden but just circles back to the sign in page when I try to pay my bill. Zero stars in my opinion.

  • You still need to fix this.

    by Tazman1970

    This app still was issues! Does not down load incoming massages sometimes. Seems to be getting worst. Fix please!

  • Disaster

    by a6610013

    Nothing works. Can't ever log in. It's a nightmare, don't bother.

  • Horrible

    by Thatgirl_102

    This app is terrible. I've had to delete the app and then download it again just so I can pay my verizon bill. It is not convenient and have to do this every month. The app needs to be fixed badly.

  • Bad

    by Hidden disk

    Come on I can't even log in this ****!

  • Get a new programmer

    by J Eric

    Great job Verizon, for some reason now I cannot get into this app. It says it does not recognize my device, but I have definitely used it on here before. When trying to sign in and asked me for my first school. Well, the moron that programmed this app, doesn't allow for enough characters for me to enter the complete name of the school. Therefore, it does not match up with the database, and I can't use this app. EPIC FAIL!!!

  • Not useful and always asking for password

    by eugenepp

    This app doesn't give you much information about your account and every time you switch from one limited feature to another it asks for security information, even if you have registered your device. Worthless.

  • App only displays in landscape view.

    by Boosterhymen

    It only shows up in landscape view. What if someone doesn't want to have to turn their device sideways. I guess it represents the crookedness of the developers.

  • Bad

    by Sujpak

    Need to log in every time which is extremely annoying even when I save password. And I don't like it that much.

  • No

    by Ambersampson686

    Just a big waste of your time does not work

  • App looks horrible.

    by Micah1454

    The app looks so bad, that I'm actually considering switching to AT&T just because there's is updated.

  • Wow

    by Toh1890

    I've had the app for about a year now and it's been fine until today. It forgot my credit card info and it bugs when i try to enter it again. so I can't make my months payment...lost confidence in this app and Verizon. Shoddy app service might means cutting back on customer service.

  • Phone gap trash

    by Chirondoc

    This is wrapped crap web view. You'd think they could put out a simple native app for each platform.

  • I hate this

    by Orlandoballer3

    Keeps saying my password is wrong, and then when I press forgot my password, I have to put in my number and it says my number isn't valid. Like what the heck

  • So terrible that it seems like a prank.

    by magast91

    This is the worst app I have ever experienced. Aside from obviously not having been updated in 6 years, the app clearly is no longer being supported or developed. There are so many bugs that it is impossible to use. Not that you would want to because the user interface is the ugliest thing I have ever looked at. The icon is so hideous that I can't leave this installed on my device. Why is it that a company with as many resources as Verizon can't code a single useful app? It's pathetic and only serves to underline the fact that Verizon hates it's customers.

  • I can pay my bill, BUT..... :-(((

    by MomOf2,Healthcare,USMCwife

    I can't see my past bills, support don't help, CANT GET THE 4G WE WERE PROMISED ON CHERRY POINT MARINE CORP BASE, they won't put up ANY TOWERS on THIS BASE.. Yet they are MORE THEN WILLING TO SELL US A BOOSTER for $230 Extra! Wonder if a write up to the Inspector General to allow him to know that we are being offered 4G on Base w/a contract & then having to pay way more to get even basic signal.. They might even be banded from Cherry Point.. & other bases.. FYI: better GET THOSE TOWERS UP ON BASE VERIZON!!! He's such a sweet guy to talk too, he's great company!

  • C'mon now...

    by Gr8GuyPauly

    Verizon... Whole new level of bad. I love my phone, and for the most part service is great. But are you serious with this app? It looks terrible, like MS DOS terrible. The connecting screen is a joke. Feature wise, ya, it tells me what I want to see after a few clicks. But it's slow, the load screen pops up for everything, and looks like it was developed 5-10 years ago. As the #1 or 2 service provider, I expect more. This app shows no regard to the branding you're putting on your company, or a user's enjoyment in UX.

  • Very poor and useless app

    by rickey6

    This is one of the poorest apps I have come across in all my years of entering the App Store . I sure hope the person responsible for this app is not in charge of anything important with version

  • Terrible

    by Clewie2

    Doesn't work most of the time. Doesn't recognize your payment info that you have always used. App is usually unavailable to display your info. Gets one star for letting you see your minutes used when it does work.

  • Doesn't work

    by Markp57

    App doesn't work on iPad. After entering userid and password it says, "Sorry can't retrieve your records....... Error 508."

  • Some effort please

    by Sideline Techie

    You would think a company with 20 BILLION in revenues in ONE QUARTER alone would be able to muster up something better than a straight website interface in a bare bones app. Verizon, please get a dedicated iOS app created. Your customers deserve it.

  • Crashes/doesn't open

    by OhYaseenAli

    Wish I could give no stars. This app is just plain useless.

  • Doesn't work for me

    by Gladius5815

    Keep getting a 508 error. It never opens.

  • Bad

    by Awe fun

    Won't load at all after I sign in. It keeps giving me a pop up to reload the page.

  • verizon app stinks

    by tpisys

    the app starts on failing with the "remember me" not working this app needs to go back to the App Store bye-bye

  • Works great for me

    by Aasgrbl

    iPad mini ... IOS 7 ... We have a Share Everything plan and I can see usage for each of our four lines, which is exactly what I wanted.

  • 50% pointless

    by Iratherfly

    What's the merit for this app if you can't get a clear listing of the features and services on your account and add/remove them on the fly? Seriously, if I am at the airport and about to fly abroad I want to buy a data package, add international features, find out the rates or schedule when I want the feature added/removed. I have been able to do this with the AT&T Wireless App for 3 years before moving to Verizon. Isn't it about time Verizon stop spending my time? (and decrease their phone rep labor costs too) Do I REALLY need to call customer service every time, spend an hour on the phone, get mis-information from an underpaid teenager, get disconnected and eventually dispute the erroneous bill??? What is this app for if I can't make account changes on it???

  • Please modernize!

    by annova

    Clunky, ugly, and glitchy. If there were any other alternative I would use it. Makes me scared to be a verizon customer when I see this kind of work.

  • Excellent App!

    by k0rbis

    Works great! Does exactly what I want. Pros: View your usage per month View payments Make payments Detailed information Contact support Cons: Nothing yet Overall, Verizon did a good job on this app. I believe the reason that it has low ratings is because some users may not be updating their iOS to the latest or they aren't updating the app itself. Having a list of compatibility may help. Other than that, no issues on my end.

  • Update!

    by Derek224

    Needs an iOS7 update and some fine tuning and then it'll be good!

  • Needs iOS 7 ui

    by Ants....

    Please add iOS 7 ui and icon

  • Doesn't work

    by Haskell99

    Won't let me access my account. Verizon's website is horrible as well so I'm not surprised. Deleted. Useless.

  • Bad Update

    by 1GoPackGo1

    This app used to work fine and now it doesn't even let me login which makes it completely useless!!!

  • Great App

    by NY Mets1983

    Thank you for updating your app. Works great now!

  • Great Product

    by kelly7952

    I've been using this on my iPad and iPhone for a year and a half. It's always fast and reliable!

  • Unbelievably Inept

    by thebardteacher

    This app won't open on a brand-new iPhone 5S; a phone purchased at a Verizon store. It doesn't exactly give me confidence in Verizon.

  • Friends & family list

    by Mon21111

    Cannot manage friends and family list! I click on a name, and nothing happens. Use to work great. Cannot pay bill!!!! Says password doesn't match, but I'm able to log in on the computer iOS 7.0.4 iPhone 5C

  • unusable

    by Toxa2

    I really didn't expect much from Verizon. This is a very poorly designed and implemented app. Verizon truly does not value its customers.

  • Won't open

    by DjbrianL

    This app brought to you by the creators of

  • Eh

    by P0tat0l0v3r

    It was working fine up until they said my phone was reaching its data allowance for the month. But it should've been reset by now and it's telling me it hasn't. So I'm frustrated. I called #DATA and it says that there's no data usage found. This app needs major fixes done to it.

  • Landscape mode only?

    by HäckMáte

    The Verizon developers are either lazy or assume that iPads are never help upright. They also apparently have never heard of docks which are mostly portrait mode. Nope, strictly landscape layout fellas. The astonishment of such bewildering oversight has motivated me to consume 5 minutes of my life and write this review with the hope that my efforts will encourage Verizon to allow this app to rotate ...for the love of GOD!!!

  • Doesn't work on my iPad Air

    by Tdk74

    App will not load! Just sits there with the spinning circle!

  • Ineffective

    by Mmr5042

    Thought I would download this app to keep track of my data usage. Well, it doesn't even work. Fantastic if you like looking at a little circle.

  • Does not work

    by /\/\/\ ALP /\/\/\

    New customer, won't let me make an account. Says my phone number could not be validated, but I transferred my number to Verizon more than a month ago.

  • I struggle with this app every month

    by Jackie Anaya

    Every month I try to pay my bill but sometimes it goes through sometimes it doesn't. At times I have to delete my card and manually enter it in again. It asks for my zip code and almost every time the zip code come up an error. Also, I don't believe there was any UX/CX involved when making this app. because there's many unnecessary flows the user has to take to get something accomplished.

  • No problems

    by MeeshRene

    Worked great for me, did exactly what it says it's going to. Was able to do exactly what I wanted, and some. Simple and to the point!

  • Could be better

    by Weses56

    Of course it's not fully operational for all devices. But when this app does work for your device it is really handy to have because it allows user to view their account info. However certain abilities are limited within the app as it often crashes once the user tries to explore the full capabilities of the app such as the add a line feature. Good app but then again bad app.

  • Horrible

    by BeckLR

    Verizon has made horrible, useless apps a true art. No one is better then they are when it comes to rubbish apps that don't do anything...

  • Good app (needs many changes)

    by Hawkster97

    The reason I am giving the app two stars is because before ios 7, the app worked great. One other great feature would be auto-login. So you don't have to press login every time you open the app even if you have it remember the password. Since iOS 7, the style has been getting old. With the new OS design should come a new app design. I would really love that, and I think many others would too.

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