Backup Assistant Productivity App Review (iOS, Free)


Languages: English

Seller: Verizon Wireless

- Now easier to setup
- Fixed a bug which caused contacts to be duplicated
- Other miscellaneous bug fixes

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This app is only for Verizon Wireless users on an iPhone. Download this free application to sync your Backup Assistant contacts to your iPhone. You can then setup optional sync reminders to keep your contacts protected in the Verizon cloud.

Customer Reviews

  • Blah

    by TBwithHT

    I've never had a problem before, everytime I got a new phone BA had my back. But now that I reset my iPhone4 and tried to get all my contacts back it did nothing for me. It says I'm "transferring" 141 contacts but I only have 45 contacts in my phone. I've even tried deleting it and reinstalling it. NOTHING!! I'm so peeved!!

  • Worked for me

    by Hockeyaddict27

    The app was able to successfully transfer my contacts from my old phone to my new one. It defiantly made it a whole lot quicker than transferring my contacts by hand.

  • Works great

    by Adoptdontshop

    Works great on my iPhone. I've had this app on my phone since day one and it's never duplicated any of my contacts. Also I receive a reminder everyday, exactly 24 hours after doing my previous update.

  • Thank you!

    by therockshow332 

    Thank you so much. I didnt want to have to manually insert contacts from my old phone to my iphone. This saved me a bunch of time and i recommend other people to use this as well!

  • Works Great

    by Mike Aces 66 

    It was great Verizon made this app to easily transfer my contacts. It worked with no problems.

  • Worked

    by Monkeyman(.)(.) 

    It totally worked for me. No complaints whatsoever.

  • Duplicates need to be fixed.

    by Invader94

    Although there were several duplicate numbers added, it got the job done. The contact info I got back was very far out of date and need a few minor updates/changes, but I'm happy with what I got. This is better than completely losing all your contacts and starting from scratch.

  • Great App

    by Pharmacy student rph

    I've never had a problem with this app. I like that it randomly reminds me to update because otherwise I would forget. I feel if my phone crashed, I would have all my contacts backed up and I enjoy that feeling! Great app!

  • It worked for me!

    by Purplehaze2nd

    All 890 contacts backed up and added to my new phone! I think people who don't have problems with them forget to write a review bc they're so eager to start playing with their new phones!

  • Happy

    by Tracy Greenwood

    I was able to bring all of my contacts over from my old phone. There were some duplicate numbers within contacts, but the iPhone allows you to merge contacts. I think that is why I did not get duplicate contacts.

  • LOVE IT!

    by Purplebanana21

    So many people are saying how it duplicates names...not for me! I lost all 150 of my contacts and this app was a lifesaver. I also get notifications once a month to update it. I LOVE this app!!

  • use once and that's enough

    by Helgi Hundingsbane

    Used it once to import my contacts from my old non-iPhone. Don't see why I'd need this app anymore since now my contacts are synced with iCloud and Google.

  • Verizon backup assistant

    by Co- Chief

    100% Good! Don't no what I would do without it.

  • Worked Perfect!

    by Conley Patillo

    Just picked up an iPhone 5c. Verizon rep told me I didn't old phone to transfer contacts over, problem with that was my 4s didn't charge anymore. I googled how to transfer contacts on a Verizon iPhone from the backup assistant, found this app and bam! All my contacts back. Thanks Verizon, no thank you apple, even though I just got another iPhone... Gosh they got me!!!

  • Please update this app!

    by Buran Ryley

    Uploading my current list of contacts seems to work fine. What I can't stand about this app is that it the proceeds to download dozens of contacts to my phone that I deleted years ago!! This app needs a way to distinguish between a push to store contacts in the backup, and a pull to restore them!

  • Love it

    by Tate Pfaffenberger

    I read the reviews and most we're not good. I decided to try anyway. I just got the new iPhone 5S and i had a samsung, all my contacts transferred perfectly. I also did it on my husbands he got the iPhone 5S as well and had a flip phone. Both were a great success!

  • Great!

    by unofratello

    Have no idea why everyone has all these problems, have never disconnected from wifi to make it work. Worked like a charm on my other iPhone as well. Seems like the competition is putting out bogus reviews, just saying :)

  • Work for me!

    by Calendar not working

    Had 210 contacts. Transferred all in a matter of seconds.

  • VZ Contact Not Transfer

    by Jaimama2162

    I'm having the same problem too. Google said to turn off wi-fi, delete the app, do a hard restart and reinstall the app. Don't waste your time. It didn't work either. I like the idea of being able to roll back or restore a previous transfer. Get on it app makers !!!!! I would also like to be able to rate an app as a ZERO.

  • Pointless

    by albionfog

    No need it get this if you have iCloud set up. Apple already backs up everything for you.

  • Crashed several times! Worst app ever!

    by Suhano

    I tried backing up my iphone 4S several times using this app. Tried on 3G when had full 5 bar signal and wifi off. Tried on wifi on. Tried on different days. Updated ios. Updated app. Despite all the efforts, NO SUCCESS! On step 3 of 3 crushed every single time. Tried probably more than 20 times! Didn't for me!

  • App crashes before contacts are restored!

    by Rabbit55mania

    Before I purchased my new iphone I uploaded my contacts with this app. Now that I have the new iphone the app crashes every tine I try to retrieve my contacts. Very frustrating!

  • Contacts vanished

    by Really Verizon?

    Contacts vanished one day so I updated as told and used the "new improved" app to reload my contacts. Well they are gone again and when I transfer them it says congratulations 0 contacts uploaded...oh gee thanks!!! Clearly there is a bug that needs to be addressed. Address it!!!

  • Stuck on waiting

    by Chick204

    This app is stuck on waiting I can not delete it and have to go to the App Store to open it. It also drains my battery while waiting. please update and fix this bug.

  • Hate this

    by Joey. Fred

    Will not work for my iPod touch

  • Not working

    by Penacho13 

    App not working since update. After sync I just get an error message.

  • Duplicates!!

    by Luke B123

    Horrible miserable app. I have 3-4 duplicate contacts.i don't want to think of how long it will take to delete them all. All of Verizon's apps are substandard and untested. This app worked fine for a year and then went haywire. And there is nobody to complain to. And to think I paid for this piece if sh#t.

  • Simply Doesn't Work

    by Tahoejr

    Tried with 2 of my kids different phones to get this application to work and it didn't on either. Waste of a couple hours that I could have just transferred contacts to manually and saved time.

  • Annoyed


    Half of my contacts loaded with NO phone number.

  • Not good

    by Acme1000

    Should have paid attn to other reviews. It duplicates and messes up contacts. It works if you have no other backup method but save yourself the headache.

  • Really, really STINKS!!!

    by Cajintn

    First you duplicate my contacts, then delete my contacts, then make it impossible to update from the web. I would say a kindergartner would do better, but I'd be insulting kindergarteners everywhere. Thanks...for nothing but anguish.

  • Dumps all my contacts every couple months

    by Olga1o1

    This program is crap, not only does it not assist me with "backup" it instead delete ALL my contact every couple months or so (five times already). and I have to detente the program, re-install it and manually go into my online account and resync it again. I have lost HOURS to this process, from the first time it happen and having to call in to tech support, to still having to do it myself every couple months it so.

  • MsMimi

    by Mz Dina

    When I first started using this app it constantly duplicated all of my contacts to the point of making me have over 2000. Contacts now that I was able to delete most of the duplicates. I now have the issue with the new up date I can't get pass the first step. Which is getting an access code, it stays at that point it won't go any further. Just crazy and aggravating. I have iPhone 5 & I have the latest update not sure if that's the problem or the update to the app. Please fix this glitch as well.

  • Duplicates and missing numbers

    by Dcmom67

    It's really irritating to have so many duplicate contacts as well as to lose them, without deleting them! Fix the problems!!

  • Didn't work

    by Optionalweirdo

    Followed all of the instructions to backup contacts on my old phone and restore them to my new phone. However, the only contacts that made it are years old. Obviously a huge glitch in the software.

  • Deleted Contacts

    by DRDwight123

    Yesterday afternoon my contact list went from 260 to 27. Thanks Verizon.

  • Miserable

    by the gamer101

    Lost all of contacts I had added in past year...some back up assistance

  • Didn't do anything

    by Barb98765

    It didn't download any of the contacts from my old phone's backup.

  • Rate app

    by Moppiou

    Does not work

  • Most contacts won't transfer!

    by Amom03

    I should have listened to the poor reviews instead of the Verizon rep over the phone. Most of my contacts did not transfer to my new iPhone, even old contacts that I've had for years from the old flip phone! Verizon reps don't have an answer to it! Very frustrating & inconvenient!!

  • Terrible!

    by Heartcrnp08

    This only backed up about half of my contact's phone numbers and none of their addresses. Very dissatisfied.

  • No good!

    by Trapper473

    I turned off icloud on my iphone. It erased all my contacts! Went to this app and it didnt even have one of my contacts stored. Not to mention even trying how to figure out how to use it. I constantly backed up my contacts too. Sorry app. Will be deleting it immediately after this review!

  • Automatic Update

    by BobDarling

    Why won't this version do a backup schedule automatically? I don't want a reminder to do it... Just do it!

  • What the heck?!?!?!

    by Hlamers

    I lost all my contacts and I didn't replace any of them. This is a piece of crap!!!!!

  • Your latest update made it worse!

    by Iromaguera

    Last update was in march it's been 5 months and the fix obviously did not work. Contacts are still being duplicated!!! PLEASE FIX ASAP!!!

  • It still multiplies my contacts!! Grrrr!

    by LJS5

    Yes it backs up my contacts & is super easy to add/restore my contacts on a new phone should I need to. However, THE APP NEEDS TO BE FIXED so it will STOP DOUBLING (or quadrupling) MY CONTACTS EVERY TIME I BACK IT UP!! I don't need 2-6 copies of every person in my contact list & I have better things to do with my life than editing out the extras that shouldn't be there in the first place! Fix the glitch & you will get the higher rating that you deserve.

  • Duplicate nightmare

    by LanceBikes

    Was unaware of this app until lady at Verizon store champaign Illinois used it to backup contacts during a phone upgrade. She even commented after seeing 1340 contacts "sure have a lot". Hope now I can find app to undo mess.

  • Duplicating Contacts

    by S-B-review

    This app continues to duplicate my contacts when it syncs. I have deleted and updated the list, taken steps to resync, only to have it duplicate all previously deleted duplicates all over again on the next regular sync. Hundreds of contacts...each time.

  • What's Deleted Should Stay Deleted

    by AshiiAsylum

    Not only does it restore contacts that you deleted or changed, it also changes names back if they were changed.

  • None

    by Gene1001

    They do not help at all back apps are useless

  • Reappearing contacts

    by T-Kook

    I delete contacts of ppl I know longer talk to but then when it backs up it puts them back on there? I want it to backup and save the contacts I have. Not upload all the ones I deleted.

  • Contacts

    by Bcdillard

    Contacts did not transfer from old phone. Please fix.

  • Duplicate contacts

    by phi bear 13

    I have erased 200 contacts about 4 times now and whenever I sync, they show back up!! Needs a fix ASAP.

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