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A beautiful, updated design for WeekCal. FREE, of course. We don't follow the trend to charge for these kind of updates.

- Streamlined calendar UI with more room and focus for events
- Dark calendar UI theme
- Faster 'Add Event' screen
- AutoComplete
- Travel Time
- AirDrop support
- Extended timezone support

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Does your ordinary iPhone, iPod or iPad calendar give you insufficient insight and options? Then Week Calendar is the solution for you. Whether you use iCloud, Exchange or Google calendar, Week Calendar is the most user friendly and the all-round calendar app worldwide for everyone that needs to get the most out of their calendar app.

Week Calendar is available on iPad (Week Calendar HD), iPhone and iPod touch (Week Calendar) and will soon be released on other platforms. Week Calendar supports 24 different languages.

Adding, repeating and moving events is now much easier than ever before. And with its magnificent interface and intuitive usability, working with Week Cal is a pleasure for both light as extensive users.

Week Calendar provides a clear and detailed overview based on day, week, (mini)month or year level. Furthermore, Week calendar takes away the limitations of the standard iPhone calendar, for example by showing a weekly overview of all your appointments for the upcoming week.

Move your appointments by simply dragging, copying and pasting them. Clear up a busy schedule by assigning different colours to various appointments and events. Powerful reminder functions make sure you’ll always remember your events. Customizable week numbers or repetitive options and many other functions suited to your own personal needs. Using your digital calendar was never easier!

Add additional subscriptions to sports games, national holidays and more to your calendar from the calendar store. Accidentally scheduling an appointment on your free day now belongs to the past!

- Magnificent overview of your appointments and events
- Viewing all your events for the week at one glance
- Simply relocate events using drag and drop
- Calendar overview by day, week, month and year
- Batch operations
- Various icons for different events
- Group templates
- Works without setup for all calendar services supported by iPhone (CalDAV, Exchange, iCal, iCloud, birthdays, subscriptions)
- Supports synching of the calendars
- Quickly add events on the right time using tap-and-hold
- Pinch to zoom
- Relocate, cut and paste appointments
- Link contacts to events
- Rotates with iPhone screen
- Templates
- Advance repetition rules
- Customizable display
- Full customization of events
- Full screen support
- Invite participants/ share appointments and events by e-mail
- Time zone support
- Adaptable week numbers
- Better birthday integration (shows age of your contacts)
- Hide weekends when there are no appointments /on weekdays/not rotated
- Completely adaptable and customizable action menu to quickly change appointments and events
- Unlimited search
- Support for TextExpander touch snippet expansion

Do you have questions, complaints or comments? We are more than willing to help or solve any of your questions quickly. You can find the most frequently asked questions on our website or just drop us a line.

Customer Reviews

  • iCal = iCan't

    by Pppomk

    Love this calendar! It's exactly how my mind organizes events. Great app!! Only thing I'd request is if you could set the color scheme for different views. I like the week dark and the agenda default. Easier on my eyes.

  • Don't fear the update

    by Not_Keith

    Update: STILL THE BEST! Apple should buy you guys out and make this a standard iphone app!!! Mini month view is fantastic and I can't find anything bad about the update. Here is an idea for the next update: add nag feature to alarm.

  • My New Go-To Calendar App For iOS

    by Old Boulder Mac Guy

    Five star app, just holding one back due to wish it also did Reminders. So, guess this is a 4.5 star app. Really love that this calendar app is a lot like Mac desktop Calendar: timezone support, custom repeats (eg. third Thursday of month), custom alerts, can add more than two alerts. Lots of editing options, including copy/cut & paste. Drag & drop. Love the month view in that shows dots in the color(s) of type of events for day (vs. iOS plain single dot). Also all the other views available (liking Agenda view).

  • Best calendar, hands down

    by Dentalbabe

    Way better then CalenMob or CalenGoo. This calendar gives me the week view which I really wanted. And has custom colors and customer reminders and many more things. Is a definite download.

  • Calendar app win

    by Abby.Lea

    I have been searching for the perfect calendar app for a long time. Found it. This does everything I need quickly and easily. You will not regret this purchase! This app is a must.

  • Convenient

    by imffayedua

    Especially used with Pendo note to add new events!

  • I finally found it!

    by Badputterjan

    This calendar is very user friendly and well organized. I love the alerts, I can remind myself the night before and again in the morning of the appointment. For a busy senior, with a more senior husband to remember for, this calendar is so important to me. I love that it is backed up on line, so I can depend on it even if my phone would be lost or on the fritz! This is absolutely my favorite App. Great support, too! Great support too! The longer I use it, the more indespensible it becomes!!!

  • Problems with app

    by Gregory Shepherd

    This is a really good app the only problem I have is getting the alerts to come out properly and not get mixed up they won't alert properly when you put the first alert in and try to set a second half they get twisted around

  • Love it

    by kelchung

    Exactly what I want after upgrade to iOS7, which is a step backward to iOS6 build-in calendar.

  • Nice iOS 7 theme

    by lilmikeinfiniti

    Need to make event colors see threw that iOS 7 default calendar

  • Great App

    by BeenHeavyinFlorida

    I have used this for years. Much easier to use than the native calendar. I use the agenda view and the mini month. I have a subscription weather calendar with Week Cal. Very nice to see the weather on the calendar when you are planning travel. Very good calendar app!

  • Basically, it's Calendar Pro

    by Hisaac

    I love the face that I can see my entire week in a glance with Week Calendar. More than that though, the app has a lot of pro user features. It's hands down my favorite calendar app.

  • The best calendar app

    by Abolonia

    Easy to set up with countless viewing and editing options. Gmail users, be sure to review your gmail settings, it will make this app work so much better

  • Worth Every Penny - Excellent Calendar

    by gonz4104

    All I have to say is that I have been waiting for a calendar like this for a very long time. Love the features, the color coding, the options in setting. There is so much to select it's so wonderful.

  • Harder to see

    by Jenro4

    I used to love this app. With the latest update, it is much harder to see the separation between the days.


    by Her19372917391V

    I am in college and have a lot of apts/classes to keep track of and I love this app! So my settings so I can organize my events perfect and not get confused! It's a MUST!

  • Sports Times Need Work

    by Grobo555

    I love this app overall, but I do have one complaint. The timing on calendars for sporting events aren't right at all. I have two NHL calendars purchased (Boston Bruins and Los Angeles Kings), and they only show one hour and forty-five minutes for each hockey game. Similarly, the NBA calendar that I purchased (Boston Celtics) only shows an hour and forty-five minutes for each game, and the MLB and AHL calendars I bought (Boston Red Sox and Manchester Monarchs, respectively) only show two hours for each game. These sports take longer than the app shows for the events. I'd like to see this fixed by either changing the default times of the sports or allowing users to change the default amount of time for events in a calendar.

  • Luv it!!

    by Ian Jones

    I was using the app "ToDo" for years and it was horrible. Never spend the $9.99 to buy that app. This Calendar app is great!! No problems and lots of helpfully setting!!! Best EVER!!!

  • Excellent but need it universal

    by Gohoomoa

    Would love to have it universal Still looking sharp

  • Love and have used for two years

    by Megnkju

    Highly recommend this if you like the weekly view.

  • Help seems nowhere to be found

    by Mtholly

    I have contacted support many times. All "Events" list except for recurring items. Does anyone work there?

  • Very Buggy Now

    by lilmikeinfiniti

    Calendar colors don't match I have red for work and some events show red some show light red. Darken weekend on/off switch won't turn off darken weekends in mini calendar. They really didn't do much for iOS 7 but change the icon and make it look very white or black. The icon is the best improvement to this app. The calendar colors should be see-through but it's solid like iOS 6 look. I use to give this app 5 stars.

  • The same as native calendar app

    by RumBlur

    It has a very nice GUI (display) but this app is basically the same as the native iOS calendar app. It has to piggyback everything to work with google calendars. To receive notification center alerts, this app and the native calendar must both be enabled. Then all the Week Cal alerts come through the native calendar app, not this one. Since the native app is already awful, what is the point of buying this one? I just want the notification center to display calendar events after the alert has passed, not any upcoming events. Since this Week Cal fancy looking app did not help me it has been a waste of money and I am deleting it now. Thanks for nothing.

  • Frustrated

    by Joelle Bishop

    I do not want this app to sync with iCal. I want to only view my google calendar but can't login to it. Doesn't do what it says.

  • Used to be a good calendar

    by Ke//y!!!

    Used to love this calendar until the last update. Now I can't delete any events. Since my schedule has changed and I can't delete old events the calendar is basically useless.

  • POS

    by ppinla

    I downloaded this because the description of the app said that it could be synced with Google Calendar and I am looking for a replacement for Calenmob which does not work with the current IPhone 5 upgrade. THIS DOES NOT SYNC WITH GOOGLE CALENDAR. In the user manual for this app there is a link to instructions on how to sync to Google calendar but the link doesn't link to anything; it does not work. This advertises a lot of features, none of which are self-evident in the interface. This is just another dumb calendar app. Save yourself the $2. I would give this app zero stars but that's not an option.

  • Auto Alarm

    by Biggy81586

    Everytime we add an event to the calendar, after saving it automatically sets the alarm, even if we didn't select it! Very annoying! About to delete app and select another!

  • Horrible

    by Ireland1970

    I've had this app since November 2012, with this most recent update (01/12/14) I have lost all my current and past appointments. It's extremely frustrating.

  • Wth!?!? Again!!!

    by George546

    Update, and nothing is there. Lose all entries. Please help!!!

  • Less functional after upgrade to 5s

    by Streetglidin09

    I've had this app for my iPhone 4 for a long time, and LOVED it. It did everything I needed and was the best app I could find for my needs. Now, with the upgrade to iPhone 5s, I can't move most of my outdated appointments forward. When I press the date and time feature to adjust it, it does nothing! But some do work. Obvious a bug. Fix, please.

  • Great App!

    by Abe613

    Best calendar replacement app. Have tried dozens. This is best: Most options, works perfectly, and good customer support. Also nicest!

  • Unsatisfied

    by Djdhshdhdidg

    Synching this app between devices is annoying. Alarms still keep popping up without being set.

  • Nice Update

    by vrrm

    This is a nice update. It continues to work flawlessly, extracting info. from the native calendar app and displaying it in an easy-to-read format.

  • Good calendar. Needs better FB integration.

    by MarthaJones

    I have used this calendar for over a year now, and have also tried several others. This is the best of the bunch I've tried. I really like the look and feel of it, and the ease of adding FB and Google calendars to it. The repeat event feature is also quite good - it is very easy to set up repeating events on odd schedules. My problem is with events on FB that you have declined - these events stay on your calendar, and there is no way to remove them. You end up with events you don't want cluttering up your calendar with no way to distinguish which you are going to without viewing the entry. If that were fixed, I's find this app pretty much perfect.

  • Terrible

    by Edmkurrri

    All my data was lost

  • Mostly awesome

    by Cleveland Filmmaker

    Love - automatic driving distance to events - recent places, recent event titles, contact search - automatic colors Hate - no option to have an email as an alert...especially when my calendar is derived from Google. Disappointing

  • Best Calendar App

    by James Moore

    I love this app. It works so well as has the best options for a calendar hands down. Just one thing, I wonder if you would consider adding a faceplate that shows today's date. I know there is an option to have the app badge show the date but if I want the badge to show my appointments for the day I can't do both. Thanks. Again I love the app

  • My favorite calendar

    by Roberttjay

    Displays nicely Can zoom or shrink. Can select or create different color for each event or type if desired. Can see day, week, month, itemized month. Shoes multiple events in a day each with its own color. I was recently at a convention and this kept track of all my meeting options. This is the best calendar app!

  • Waste of 2 dollars

    by Austin51248

    I only bought this app because I was told it would allow me to see my old events. I still can't see them. This is just like the calendar my iPhone came with. I wish I hadn't thrown away 2 bucks.

  • Improved time input

    by Content reviews

    I really like that that the time input feature is in one minute intervals now instead of five minute intervals like it used to be. Great improvement!

  • Best for power users

    by babydubs

    I've been using this for over 3 years now and this is the best calendar app for power users. If you can live without the vertical timeline week view, and want to start the view from the current day instead Sunday/Monday, this is the only good app that can do it.

  • Fantastic- superior to Fantastical!

    by Alpine Meadows

    It's replaced Fantastical on my phone. I bought it to test for my wife, who needed an app that could search in specific date ranges, something that Fantastical can't do. I soon realized this is the best calendar app I've seen, better than Fantastical in almost every other way (the exceptions being that it doesn't use natural language entry or show weather): I spend most time in the agenda view; it's the easiest for schedule and planning, but the mini-month view is also amazing, as you can read event titles. There's also a standard week-hour grid; fantastical has none. Also easier is duplicating events, through built-in copy and paste. Thus you hit the copy button. Go to your favorite calendar view, find the date you want, and paste (the app's own operation, on iOS. Also supported: drag and drop and other features. I emailed a question pre-purchase, and got a response within an hour, so support looks good. Highly recommended!

  • Best I have found

    by pimmle

    I came from Blackberry about a year ago (I know); however, Blackberry does have the best business calendar. After trying every calendar I could find/buy for the iPhone, this is the closest to that Blackberry calendar and I am very satisfied. Highly recommend.

  • Simply the best

    by IceMan~

    It's replaced iCal on my home screen. I really appreciate the iCloud integration, which allows me to keep events synced between my iPhone and Mac. The ability to see my calendar in many different views is what initially enticed me to buy this app. iCal does not allow for you to see all your events in the monthly view, but this app does allow for that. Very well thought out. This app makes it easy to duplicate events that occur all the time (such as working 4-10 or 5-9). It keeps my life in order. Only request is that it have a task manager built into it, but that is a minor request. It still gets a perfect 5 stars from me. The developer continues to make improvements and it is well appreciated. For $1.99 it is a STEAL. Buy it and you will not be disappointed!

  • Ah! Contentment

    by SPhilly2Chicago

    Seriously, well thought-out app from people who understand the need to make distinctions for mnemonic purposes. Have had this app for about 3 hours, and my calendar frustrations have turned to ashes and blown away. Insanely great price.

  • Outstanding

    by rradarr

    This is by far my favorite calendar app. I find the list view is a very compact and efficient way to view my events. I love the flexibility and ease of editing events. It supports two alarms, each of which can be set to the nearest minute. It also supports rolling events, something I have not found in any other iOS calendar app. I use this a lot, for instance to remind myself to replace smoke detector batteries (an annually repeating event that rolls over every day until I check it off).

  • Dropped appointments

    by Gsb60

    Is there a function on this calendar that will STOP erasing passed appointments. I need to be able to see all past appointments for at least 6 months to a year. 12-12-2013 Again I ask you, is there an option to save all past appts for at least 6 months. You gave me an answer and I followed your directions but the appts that are not on a monthly setting are still dropping. Please tell me how this can be stopped. M. Graves ELPM

  • Great App, with a Big Issue

    by .:Wayfarer:.

    First of all this is a great calendar app, far better than Apple's. However some times it has issues syncing events that I know are on my calander. A sync button would be a great addition.

  • Wow

    by Jss2012rater

    The iPhone standard app should be this good. Pinch to zoom is worth $2 by itself.

  • Bugs

    by synister69

    "When started show current time" doesn't work every time. Also, multiple entries at same time should be overlaid, like the default Apple calendar, instead of side by side.

  • New Upgrade

    by Big - DG

    You will love this app, if you like the new look of ios7. I purchased Week Cal because it looked great, now it has the "ios7" look, which I do not care for. The features still are light years ahead of the Apple calendar.

  • I prefer the previous version

    by Lukejt

    I find that it now takes longer to schedule an appointment with alarm. It's more difficult for me to maneuver due to the new slide feature. I find that I change the times instead of moving or sliding down to the alarm area. Not a fan of the new design, it's more difficult to use IMO. Hopefully an update will take care of this.

  • Best Calendar App

    by Deluxe App

    You can do the calendar in several formats; week, day, month, etc. You can do colors, different calendars, and tricks like repeating, reminders, invitees, etc. GET IT NOW!!!

  • Excellent app 5.2.2

    by KWM

    I have tried about 6 calendar apps in 3 years, this is by far the most functional AND least cluttered I've used by far. I'm on 5.2.2. Use this and Clear in tandem and it works well for me. One of the dependable ones.

  • Great utility

    by AtlasShrugged1776

    This calendar works well and should be the first such app you should try.

  • Great App

    by Blind783

    Best calendar app out there!!!

  • Best calendar app

    by MikeM74

    Best calendar replacement app by far.

  • Best cal app

    by Nick9283

    Best week view on any app period.

  • Breath of fresh air!

    by Weatherchannel

    Such a breath of fresh air after the horrible new iOS calendar app. I love being able to look at the activity without changing the calendar view.. This became obsolete with new iOS calendar -- however with this app you can! It's even color coordinated so you can be very organized. One other positive, all do my iOS calendar activities transferred over! I even had a holiday app that placed holidays in my calendar, so those dates transferred over as well :) now my iOS calendar is pleasantly hidden in a meaningless folder! And this is on my front page!

  • Don’t waste your money on in-app calendar!

    by vero432

    I purchased an in-add calendar and it wouldn’t download. It went to an install screen where it told me to subscribe, which i did, and the thinking wheel just kept spinning. After about 10 minutes of nothing happening, I tried to restore the purchase since it didn’t work. It told me it couldn’t create the account because an identical one existed. If the app was smart it would realize its not an identical account, and that it ripped me off because my account was the one their failed to fulfill. Talk about a wast of time and money!!!

  • This calendar has as much or little as you want.

    by Brian Krienke

    This app has the ability to look in so many different ways at your calendar it's amazing. But, there's no need to worry about getting bombarded with features because you can select as many or as little as you want. I personally use a lot of the features and it takes very little time to learn and makes your calendar experience much more efficient and enjoyable. I especially love the ability to pinch zoom on the week view so that you can have as many hours or as few hours as you want to see you at one time in your schedule and you can see seven days at once. The year view them in the calendar view the simplicity of editing templates to quicken your entries this app has it all. Their help menu is very quick and easy to learn so there's very little downtime between installing this app having everything automatically from iCloud in this calendar app and going and creating events.

  • Great app.

    by k fielding

    Finally an app that has the features I wanted .

  • Useless

    by Brevard Bull Fan

    Cannot save events. None of the fixed work . A waste of time and money.

  • Show off

    by SfH Guy

    Whenever I compare calendars with someone else on an iPhone and they see mine, they ask what app is that? They instantly see the advantages Week Cal has over their calendar app. Great features! In fact, they implemented a suggestion I submitted. Get it. You won't regret it. Version 7.0.1 Thank you for a dark color scheme. It's so easy on my eyes. I just hope Apple follows your example and makes a dark scheme option for its iOS. White is blinding! Often when I pull up weekcal people ask me, "what calendar app is that?" I gladly tell them, Week Cal!

  • Great app

    by thechumas

    App keeps getting better and better. MUCH better than any other scheduling/agenda app out there, hands down! If you are anal enough about your calendar, the extra fee for the iPad app is negligible.

  • Love this but it would be great if you could change the order of all day events

    by Alexandra Gold

    I should be able to set notifications for only certain calendars - not all. Otherwise this app is great.

  • App changes alert times

    by Smudgerustycat

    I like this app for its clarity and color options, but one bug drives me crazy. Whenever I schedule an alert, say for two hours, the app will change the time to one hour, and vice-versa. I sometimes have to schedule the alerts over and over to get them to be correct on my calendar.

  • NO STAR!!

    by Giggy52

    The only NEW thing I have done(no web) and ALL of my contacts in TWO books are totally gone. Coincidence? I don't think so. I've always sworn by this calendar app, but now I'm just swearing.

  • The best

    by csbly

    It's cliche, but this is what the native calendar app should be.

  • Week Cal

    by Trefon

    I have been searching for an app that satisfies my need for a task manager I have tried several pim's including Pocket Informant (do not wast your money way over priced) This is fast and simple to use Just love it for my personal and business needs keep the updates coming Don Update: Just keeps getting better Now features inner update are great Do not bother to look any further for a PIM Update: This app keeps getting better constant updates with incredible features Keep up the good work!!

  • Paying once is enough!

    by LGForslund

    This calendar is very good in my iPhone! then I don't ser why I should pay for the calendar for my iPad again!

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