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Seller: TextMe, Inc.

- Whole new attachments experience: You can now send Places, Videos, Songs, Files and Stickers with TextMe (And more!)
- New theme

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The Best FREE TEXTING App on the Store with FREE VOICE and VIDEO CALLS now optimized for iOS7


● FREE Unlimited Text and Pic messaging to any phone in US, Canada and 40 countries in the World
● Send pictures, voice and video messages to your friends
● Transform your IPOD TOUCH and IPAD into a real phone
● Send your Dropbox photos and videos via sms directly from TextMe

No Catch, No Hidden cost !

TextMe is an easy to use messaging application that allows you to send unlimited text, voice, pics, video messages to any mobile phone number in United States, Canada, Mexico and more than 40 countries in the World for FREE. With this new version, you can now also Call any number in the US and Canada for free too ! Also, if your friends install the app as well, you will be able to do a lot more with them (including Video Calls) ! So choose a nickname and a Texting Number and share them with your friends and start texting, calling and video calling ! and Guess what ? It’s a free app!

What makes TextMe different? With TextMe you and your friends can:

- Send as many Texts as you want (real SMS) to any number in the US, Canada, Mexico, China and more than 40 countries worldwide FOR FREE
- Call any number in the US, Canada and 200 Countries in the World
- Enjoy Free Video Calls to other textme users
- Send and Receive large Pictures, Videos and Voice Messages from iPhone/iTouch/iPad to iPhone/iTouch/iPad
- Receive phone calls on your number and enjoy Free Voicemail
- Share your location in one click
- Enjoy group texting features with text, photos and videos

Other goodies that come with TextMe:

- Enjoy a wide sample of 367 free Smileys and Emojis to choose from
- Easily find your facebook friends on Textme and chat with them for free
- Get notified when your message is delivered or/and read by your friend

* Important:
- We do not Support 911
- In order to call for free any number in the US and Canada you need to Earn free minutes within the App
- Free calls to numbers in the US is subject to some limitations see TextMe Terms and Conditions
- If Push notification is not enabled, you may not receive messages and calls

Please give us your feedback on the app! Thanks for testing TextMe!

The TextMe team

Support: http://support.go-text.me
Twitter: @textmeapp

Customer Reviews

  • Vlosich

    by Sally Tate Vlosich

    I love the way they separate names in group texting. That way you can not accidentally text the whole group next time you contact someone.

  • Textme

    by Roman 69 62

    Very helpful to the poor

  • Great

    by Ffghjgfxcccvb

    I like it just use it often or they will take your number

  • I really love this app

    by Tinakisha

    This app is so convenient and reliable.

  • Good

    by Kpathy

    Good app but hard to get credit...

  • Awesome app

    by Hustlinmetal


  • Mr Man.

    by JLVA757

    I like it so far, I heard about it so ima try it out

  • Great iPad app

    by Equisse

    This app makes iPad more useful by allowing text and calls. Have not had it a long time, but I have not found 1 problem yet, and I have used it extensively since I installed it. It is quite user friendly.

  • Great

    by Bethany2017

    Love it

  • I love this

    by Solainy

    This is very goood I love

  • Great app

    by iPhone Heaven

    This is an invaluable app. Works perfectly. Thanks textme!

  • Text me app

    by Forget it joking

    Great app good features for calling and texting

  • Best app of its kind!!!

    by Arsenial

    Forget the rest

  • Princeess

    by Saghaboo


  • Never been better!!

    by $$$Flooowww

    Great app!!!

  • Amazing

    by _ronald_98_

    It's cool

  • Good

    by Ultravioeletfat


  • Amazing

    by Kit9756

    Do it!

  • Great

    by DKKDT

    Great app for folk who need a phone

  • Great

    by Lasamone

    Best app ever

  • Can't delete texts

    by coozoe

    You can delete call history but not texts, even wrong ones which chew up your credits.

  • Nice app

    by Kristinak100

    Thumbs up

  • Awesome game ever

    by Lexi Lou 03 30 22

    I know I want to give this game all stars

  • c'mon people..PICTURES SHARING!!!!

    by KavorkianPrime

    I have YET to find an app that doesn't require app to app compatibility in order to send pictures efficiently. I saw this had 4+ stars so figured unlike pinger,it had a solid method of sending/receiving pictures without the email address quirks to share pics. It's a serious inconvenience,I have pinger..this is useless now w/o the efficient image sharing...deleted.

  • TextMe Review

    by Hillthethrill777

    It's great but I can't receive picture messages from others, and they can't receive mine. Fix that and it'll be 5 stars for sure!

  • ?

    by joja29

    really good App

  • Great

    by 50NIC

    Best texting app i've found so far!

  • Apptastic!!!

    by Resident Warcraft fan

    I love this app!!!

  • Rate app

    by Tre11111

    It's a great app

  • Nicee!

    by Lexy K.

    I love this app! :) it's really cool and secret lol! Nice!

  • Good

    by Smiley girl123321

    It's amazing but crashes a lot

  • G

    by Luciano5902

    It's great

  • K

    by Kittikerri

    Great app. The calls come in more clearly than the other apps I have used

  • Perf

    by Melissai2696

    This app if perfect! It has a valid phone number that me and my friends can connect when I have an iPod! Thanks!

  • Best to call...

    by Aloha247

    This app helps me to call s. Korea... Love this app.

  • Dumb

    by Champaign143

    Don't let me receive calls . Fix it

  • Pretty swell I'd say

    by Kasssh$

    Toadz love this app only issues I have encountered is sending/receiving multimedia messages and when on calls it cuts in and out or off a lot

  • goooooood

    by Fohnay

    very very very good

  • by Zmo0ck

    hey podrian poner mas aplicaciones para descargar y agarrar mas creditos o mas videos por ver utilizo mucho la aplicacion es grandiosa pero le hace falta apps para descargar y videos para obtener creditos diarios gracias textme :)

  • Cool app

    by JayHov513

    Cool app but buttons are off when making a call that requires u to press buttons during the call..

  • Cool

    by Moal1234

    Can be netter

  • Great

    by José leyva

    It keeps my family together

  • That app is no super hero

    by Ackboyz

    It is a good app to use if you have like a tablet or kindle

  • Ghfhg

    by Hchgvhgfhgf

    I love this app

  • Works great

    by PrincessD509

    Love it

  • Pretty good app

    by KaumaCode123

    I like both the text and phone features. Also, I like the text and phone options.

  • Great app!

    by maria alvarado

    really recommend it You can call Anywhere!

  • Amazing

    by purehartsoap

    This app is amazing. The only drawback is the recent app-downloading links. Every time I go to download an app to get more credits, the link doesn't. Please please please fix this problem. Thank you. After that, this app is pretty much perfect.

  • I love textme

    by Tumi13111

    Hi everyone I love this app better than other app in apple store... Just love it...

  • Love this app

    by Lizzet1D

    Love this app I can talk with family

  • Awesome

    by Dj rider

    This app is the best

  • 5 Star!

    by ShandiGirl13579

    Love this app!

  • I Love It

    by CK2920

    I Love It!!!

  • Learning to use

    by Randysbride

    I love this app. I am still learning how to use it, but I really like it!

  • Love the call app

    by Hamsters love me

    I have a iPod and I can't call but now I can yay

  • Text me

    by Omarvee

    I luv this

  • Pretty swell

    by Youngballin

    The app works pretty well and does what it is supposed to do without having to jump through hoops like many other apps! I would definitely recommend this app to a friend!!!

  • Review

    by Reisfamily94

    Good app

  • Great

    by I am the worst girl

    A great app

  • Very good app!!

    by Bgcbl

    I love this app !

  • Textme

    by Bigbattleman

    It's the best phone app ever

  • برنامج مميز

    by ابو حسن

    برنامج جميييبل جدا

  • Its good

    by Jr90232

    I like this app and i use this app as a home phone, since i don't got a real house phone i use this to text my sisters and brother, but the app advertising that pops up every time i use it is so unprofessional of them and quite harassing since i already got a couple of the apps that they advertise it still just keeps on popping up and harassing which makes it quite annoying when i try to use my text me app, if only there was one with no pop up ads

  • You spend time downloading it but you only get 3 texts

    by Tombstoneken

    You spend time downloading it but you only get 3 texts

  • Boo!

    by Aliens182Exist

    Error! Error! Error! All day and night long! Error!! FIX IT!

  • awesome

    by gwayne42

    nice app

  • Awezome

    by Christjve


  • Great app


    I love this app it's the best texting app ever

  • Great App

    by Emma Rakoski

    I like this app a lot it allows me to text, call, and video chat my friends and family using my iPod!

  • textme

    by whitetyson89

    best text app ever

  • Needs some fixin up !

    by Needs some fixin .

    This is a good app , it just that there are some problems like the people i text in another country dont recieve my messages. They get my calls they just dont recieve messages .

  • Love it

    by Diony413

    This is great!

  • by SmuciO

    Odlicna app.

  • Muy buena

    by Javier Giron

    Es una aplicación muy buena me gusta mucho puedo llamar y se escucha bien

  • Super

    by Piffstar2

    Best app out...simply

  • Not bad

    by Bpendley

    I like it so far

  • Better than text plus

    by A.V.E.nue

    I used to use text plus, then i got an ipod and it wouldn't work so i got text me. Great choice, it's much better!

  • Great app

    by Musketeer72001

    Great for texting. U can earn credits for calling by watching short videos!

  • Good good

    by Alex9345

    I love this app it's a must when I forget to pay my phone bill

  • One of the best app I use

    by ronnettah stewart

    This app has help me when times are hard and I do t have a cell phone. I'm able to do mostly everything I want to do. I just wish I can get incoming calls from all use not just Apple users

  • Rating

    by Meghan4450

    Will work great. Crashes occasionally just because I have to many apps running but by far the best texting app

  • Great app

    by Josie2418

    Amazing. Does everything you need it to do

  • Useful

    by Iza Chan

    It's between than Pinger!

  • Gracias por los minutos que nos ganamos y es una muy

    by Fidel Sánchez

    Muchas gracias por todo

  • Awesome

    by Chatotulei

    This App is amazing, it work a perfect and the quality of the call is great.

  • Super simple

    by California-loves2party

    Love the app it's easy to use ,it's simple enough and you earn credits

  • Very good

    by sthaprajwol04

    Voice calls are clear!!

  • awsome!

    by DROH FTS


  • Awesome

    by roza43

    It's great I can text and call. It's great.

  • How do you receive pictures?

    by Levy KAXVI

    That's my only question, someone help please.

  • Awesome

    by Trust_And_Beliv3

    Its an awesome texting/calling app. Everyone should download!

  • It is ok

    by Ashlee koen

    It is ok

  • Cannot Receive Pictures

    by JacksonRode

    This app has been very useful for me, but I cannot receive any pictures. Please update this function. Thanks.

  • Love

    by totesgoats

    L or it

  • Lovely

    by Sarkmiba

    It's better than any other app and very easy to earn credits

  • Love it

    by Äïrę

    It's so awesome for your tablet

  • The shizzzz

    by SonicOG

    Great app. Love every aspect!!!!!

  • Great!

    by Rainingtea56

    I like it!

  • Phone numbers

    by Jrrmick

    The app works great! But you should be able to change your phone number if desired

  • Good

    by Rêbaz


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