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- Create, open edit and view Microsoft Word® (.doc and .docx) and Open Office Documents (.odt) on your iPad.
-Edit documents offline and online
-Record lectures
-Take notes
-Open Edit existing files from iPad apps such as Dropbox, Google Docs, Google Drive, Box.com etc.
-Export document created to iPad apps such as Dropbox, Google Docs, Google Drive, Box.com etc.

+ Spelling and definition
+ Word and characters Count
+ Text highlighting
+ Zooming
+ Undos and redos
+ Large number of font supports
+ International language input
+ Drawing and handwriting

Customer Reviews

  • Useful

    by cuixx888

    this is great tools for me,it can create, open edit and view Microsoft Word® (.doc and .docx) and open Office Documents (.odt) on my iPad.It is very wonderful design,i spend more times to use it on my ipad,i need this app whatever i want.

  • Sweet

    by dreadnok

    Now I can create word docs and edit files from my PC on my iPad, it makes traveling on the road less of Spain in the butt since I can now do the same type of work on my lighter device instead of logging around my big laptop. It's simple if you've used this program on your PC plus there is support if you need it

  • Useful app

    by zhou zhuangzhuang

    This app is easy to use, and it is very useful. As it can open,edit and create doc files. And I can add drawing,recorded audio and photo into the document.

  • Useful app

    by be always

    Useful app! With it i can easily view and edit word documents on my iPad. Do not need a tutorial, everything is very simple, this is exactly what i wanted.

  • Good

    by David.ra

    Very professional editing software. It is easy to use feeling powerful, commonly used functions. Can edit and view the doc file format commonly used, is extremely convenient

  • Ugh! Remember to save often

    by Birdie82822

    Sadly, this app has failed to install a feature that the desktop version of Word built-in back in the 1990s: AUTO SAVE!!! Save often, lest you be like me and waste 45 minutes rewriting something that fails to save as the app crashes.

  • Good app

    by starknownew

    I have loved Word Offline. I have loved creating docs on my iPad. I generally find that the app is easy to use and it does all I need it to do. It makes for very easy input! Word Offline is great for taking notes, doing homework assignments. I like it very much.

  • Great app

    by anytimeisok

    WORD OFFLINE is a easy to use and editing document software. It could open the DOC file and edit it. It could break away from PC computer to make work easier. I like it very much.

  • Awesome

    by vrishphade

    This app is very useful to create, open and edit word documents. With this app you can record lectures and take notes also. It supports drawings and handwriting also. Quick and easy to use.

  • Great

    by Wild Solid

    It’s easy to create a Word document with lots of fonts to select, Word Offline has many useful features good for using on tablets, that’s ehough.

  • Convenient

    by mr_fool

    It is very convenient to view and edit word documents on the iPad. But it is a little expensive.

  • Useful

    by seasons3

    Very useful app. It's very easy to use. I can do everything what I want with it. Really helpful.


    by Kite Runner2

    This software is very easy to use! It is very powerful! It is very useful to me! I can start my work anywhere. Love it! Recommended download!

  • Perfect

    by cskobe

    This is one of the best I've ever used app! You can add photos or recordings in the document above, you can also manually painting! Seamless connectivity with network disk. Any way, it's so great

  • great words edit tools

    by Jimmie3

    This is one of the best Words edit app.I used a lot of Words edit app and I was impressed by this app.It contain a lot of feature of Microsoft Words and it is easy to use.I special like the feature of selection,By using this feature,i can easy select a words or sentence.Also this app can insert photo or voice record into document,it is really useful.

  • Very good

    by Nicodiac

    This is a very good application for people that like working in office on the iPad. You can creat and edit documents very easy and on the go. The design is simple and highly effective. It's an app worth purchasing for my needs.

  • Cool applications

    by xibalakuapp

    Designed specifically for the ipad Word Office applications. Easy to operate. The interface is very clear. Function is very powerful.

  • Great application

    by Lisa-ww

    My friend recommended me to use this office applications. Use very convenient. Wherever you can use even without a network.

  • A very useful Word Office

    by Lucky-jxy

    The application can create DOC and PDF files. Function is very powerful. Use is also very convenient. In the work of great help to me.

  • Really good Word document editor!

    by ZiggoChyi

    This is a really good and useful Word document editor. The app is really easy to use. And it's a really awesome rich text editor, which contains many powerful functions.

  • Prefer to use as an easy notes app

    by Alan5460256

    A lightweight word processor app which enables you to create, edit word documents quickly. This is one of great Office app I have found so far you can add images and voice records into your documents and it also works great, so I personally prefer to use it as an easy notes app for daily work. Simple and easy to use, integrated all the common functions, but it is not perfect, the UI design could be better, the menu bar doesn't show up properly after adding a image, please fix it as soon as possible.

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