PDF Expert 5 - Fill forms, annotate PDFs, sign documents Productivity App Review (iOS, $9.99)

  • Category: Productivity
  • Publisher: Readdle
  • Updated: Dec, 03 2013
  • Version: 5.0.4
  • Size: 44.24 MB

Languages: English, German

Seller: Igor Zhadanov

- Bug fixes and stability improvements

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67 Ratings
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PDF Expert 5 is a must-have app for anyone who reads, annotates or edits PDF documents on the iPad. It allows you to markup documents with highlights and handwriting, insert text and stamps, sign and even merge PDFs. Moreover, PDF Expert is the best choice for filling out PDF forms right on your iPad.

You can open various file formats such as iWork, MS Office, Power Point, text files, images, even music and video files, etc. Be these files from desktop computers, email attachments, documents on the Dropbox, SkyDrive, GoogleDocs and in other iPad applications you can store them in PDF Expert 5.

PDF Expert 5 provides the best support for filling out PDF forms. Text fields, check boxes, radio buttons and other form elements work as you expect and all the information you enter is saved within the form. Even complex interactive forms with Javascript work impressively well.

With PDF Expert 5 you can:

- Highlight Text -
Mark important things in books, journals or documents you want to review.

- Fill Forms -
Work with static PDF forms created in Adobe Acrobat.

- Create Notes -
Add comments to the texts you read.

- Draw with your finger-
Use it to make handwritten notes or highlight text in scanned books.

- Make Bookmarks -
Create table of contents for your document right on the iPad.

- Review Documents -
Mark-up errors and place special emphasis on important sentences.

- Sign Contracts -
Additional types of PDF annotations are coming in the next updates.

Other things PDF Expert lets you do:

+ Read PDFs with ease
PDF Expert has one of the best PDF viewers for the iPad. It opens large files, supports full text search, handles PDF links and outlines, opens password-protected documents and extracts text from PDFs.

+ Copy Files From Mac or PC via Wi-Fi and USB
Use iTunes file sharing to transfer files directly to your iPad via USB cable. As an alternative connect your iPad running PDF Expert via Wi-Fi and operate it like a wireless flash drive. No additional software is required.

+ Save Email Attachments
Open attachments directly from the Mail app. Also, you can open PDF files from any other application on the iPad via "Open In..." dialogue.

+ Edit Documents on a variety of storages
PDF Expert allows you to download and upload files from Dropbox, Microsoft SkyDrive, Google Drive and other services. If you use more than one cloud storage, PDF Expert will handle all of them.

+ Share Files With Your Friends
Email files directly from PDF Expert with all annotations preserved.

+ Protect Documents with Password and Encryption
Restrict access to PDF Expert with a password to protect your files from unauthorized reading. Enable iOS Data Protection to encrypt everything while iPad is not in use.

+ Text To Speech
Now you can listen to e-books or audio files on the road or when you don’t feel like reading. PDF Expert 5 intelligently processes PDF books and uses iOS7 text- to-speech API to read them aloud.

And one more thing:

• Review Mode •
The Review Mode allows you to markup PDF documents in a very special way. Just tap anywhere on the text where you need changes and correct it in the text editor. The text that you delete is marked as removed while everything you add is shown as new text in different colors.

All your modifications are standard PDF annotations that do not affect text in the PDF itself, which is very important.

NOTE 1: Please note that Dynamic XML PDF Forms made with Adobe LiveCycle should be converted to Static PDF Forms format before filling out in PDF Expert.
NOTE 2: We cannot reply you in comments. If you have any comments or issues, please contact us directly at http://readdle.com/contact

Customer Reviews

  • Fantastic!

    by The Grey Dress

    This is my go-to app for PDF markup.

  • TTS Needs Improvement

    by Jolly Roger 1

    I upgraded from PDF 4.0 solely for the TTS. As far as the quality of the voice and pronunciation, it's the best I've heard so far. However, there are glitches: 1. The highlighted word either doesn't work (most of the time), or it lags a lot. 2. If you stop the TTS mid-page and then restart it, it doesn't automatically scroll to the next page. 3. Other options and features would be nice, such as different voices (i.e., a male voice), word count, and seeing the words read per minute when you change the speed of the TTS. if the developers read this, see the Voice Dream app for pointers.

  • Great App

    by DaMonkey

    Love this app. Except for the OCR function, I prefer it over Adobe Acrobat; and I have the Pro version of Acrobat. As a lawyer, I have all my annotated files in PDF expert. In a courtroom it has tremendous value. Worth every penny.

  • Excelente Aplicación

    by Raymond desde PR

    He tenido varias aplicaciones para PDF muy buenas, pero definitivamente esta ha sido la mejor. Es bien fácil para utilizar y muy versátil. Recomiendo PDF Expert 5 definitivamente.

  • great app

    by taz3261

    great app for my job.

  • Great app

    by Mpakzadeh

    This app is really good and user friendly. Unfortunately it does not support persian language as well. I hope you can fix this deficiency. Thank you ...

  • Best PDF annotation app

    by Gres713

    I wish the app had a computer version that worked as well

  • Excellent App!

    by GoldenCoconutofFury

    I'm not just saying that, if you're looking for an app to use to manage and sort all your PDF's as well as highlight, underline, strikethrough, write notes (you can literally type text anywhere on the PDF's, especially useful for writing notes on the side margins), then this is the perfect app. I haven't noticed any major flaws or bugs at all either. A+!

  • Buy PDF Expert by READDLE !

    by Alarmingfriend

    OMG. Ever want to white out and rewrite the type in a PDF. I've been modifying agreements and other Legal Documents and even put my signature and my customer has the ability to sign sales documents/Agreements. This is my second year using it every day. I store everything on my Google Drive. Buy it you won't regret it. Be aware a company is selling some software called PDF Expert for your Mac and it is not the same software when purchasing make sure it was written by READDLE. I GOT RIPPED OFF FOR $20.00

  • iPhone version?

    by deetsha

    Good app, but it needs to be universal with a iPhone version so we can access our documents even when we don't have out iPad with us.

  • Will not open anymore

    by JRiedl

    I bought the old app and used for years, I rebought this app, used it for a month, now it will not open. Tried powering off, closing everything, freeing up memory, nothing works. Now I can't access any of my PDFs. I need them, I guess I will look at other readers now.

  • great app for school

    by Ben Wardell

    I'm a med student and was looking for a better way to utilize my iPad for class. All we use is PDF and some power points for lectures and research articles and this app has blown me away. I can study, take notes, and edit like i never thought possible. Wish i could convert power points to PDF with the app but there are a bunch of ways to do that online and other apps. Great app and the voice feature is sweet when you don't want to read an article. it does it for you.

  • Best fully loaded PDF app

    by brenshaw833

    I have tried them all (well many of them at least) and this is by far has the best combination of speed, ease of use, layout, etc. I highly recommend it

  • Awesome!

    by Paul Brown

    Works great!

  • Great app

    by Lawrence Leun

    If you only want to use one PDF app, that's it

  • Great app

    by Redbird28

    This is awesome. I must have tried 10 of these, each one promising to be easy and then. ..... Not or they were easy to use because they couldn't do anything. This is intuitive and particularly with the freehand tools, excellent and easy. Thank, you are experts on pdf.

  • PDF Expert Pro

    by Steel-knee

    I have tried a few but this is by far the best for me.

  • My go to app

    by Dalspartan

    Took my iPad from a "toy" to a productive work tool. Able to fill forms and file a host of PDFs and Word Docs easily. Most useful for this iPad.

  • Great app

    by Kevindkoons

    Excellent app. I never spend more than $1 on an app but this was well worth it. The one thing that could have made it better is to have a redaction tool like Acrobat has. Then it would be a perfect.

  • My favorite lawschool student tool

    by pacouu6565

    Best app for pdfs and other formats, the only thing I do not like is that it does no let you see the end of one page and the beginning of the next at the same time, to me that is a big flaw.

  • Hat tip to John Gruber

    by slapasaurus

    1 star for nagging me to rate your app.

  • Hangs, won't open and no immediate cust support - cannot access docs I need for meeting

    by Ringtone creator

    I upgraded from PDF Expert 4 to PDF Expert 5. PDF Expert 5 asked to migrate files and settings and I said yes. The program said to wait, it would take 5 minutes. It's been more than two hours. The only "support" Readdle offers is to send an email into internet limbo - no phone # or chat. Meanwhile I CANNOT ACCESS THE DOCUMENTS I NEED FOR MY MEETING THIS AFTERNOON.

  • Doesn't work!

    by SLarrea7

    This app will not sync with google drive! It was a waste of money for me.

  • Pretty but sync works poorly

    by DDjp468

    App looks nice and works well but sync doesn't work well. Constantly receiving error messages

  • Crashes all the time

    by Robeo1081

    Besides the constant crashing and the lack of general sync button, it looks and feels better than previous version. Please fix the crashing, its getting to be very annoying.

  • Crashing

    by WendyandLauren

    App keeps crashing when I open it. I can't get to any of my documents. Fix the crash and I've really enjoyed the program.

  • App crashes trying to transfer files from previous version to 5

    by TJLeighton

    The app crashes when trying to transfer files from previous version to pdf expert 5. Please fix this. The app isn't useful to me if I'm unable to open previous docs.

  • Crashing repeatedly

    by Damian Stanley

    I love this app, but when I upgraded to pdf expert 5 today, I was thoroughly disappointed. It keeps crashing around 30secs to a minute after I open the app. I had been planning on getting work done, but now cannot because of this bug. Pleas fix ASAP

  • Note taking to another level

    by Htphan2

    If you're a seriously organize note taker, I would highly suggest this app. There's many times where I would read from my laptop and write notes in my notebook, not being able to distinguish which goes with which. But it lets you write on your power points, ebooks, etc., highlights, upload docs from your google docs, photos, Dropbox! I LOVE IT. P.s. Make sure to get a stylus! Makes life easier!

  • Great App

    by Mikescrj

    This is a great app. I'm on the road a bunch and this becomes my portable office. Great business tool !!

  • Won't even open after the update.

    by Nathan O.

    It is my favorite program for reading and editing PDFs however since the last update it isn't even opening. It shows the first screen and the crashes every time! Please fix ASAP! Five star app if not for the crashing so fix it and it'll be five stars. Please!

  • Very Useful

    by Sleepless in Burbank!!!!!!

    I can easily keep all the documents I need to conduct my business in one, easy to access app. Now I have to figure out how to sync with all the devices I use. I hope this is an available feature.

  • Excellent

    by DocMitchell

    Best out there!!!

  • Great app!

    by Chuanhao90

    I used to use Notability to read and mark on pdf. After bought this app, I just change all the materials into this app. This app is very suitable for who need to do reading for college. Another great feature I like a lot it's it ablest you to fill form.

  • Amazing!!! (PDF annotation & file manager)

    by Zubbit

    I love this. It does so much better than other annotation programs. Best examples: -search all documents at once -insert pages, etc -keeps all annotations in the pdf format -File manager and sync is flawless -I compare it to my friends who use iAnnotate and Notability and this app always comes out on top whenever we compare features and ease of use. -would be great if it could convert other documents to pdf. Without this function, I have to take the extra step to convert all my documents to pdf in other programs before I can annotate them (you can view any document inside PDF Expert, but annotation is only available for pdf's) Still, it is so well done that I give 5 stars.

  • Great App!

    by A&Pgetsome

    Very useful, keeps me very organized. Would not use any other app.

  • Essential to my writing & reading

    by yksin

    This app has become an essential tool in my writing. Typically I draft chapters in Scrivener (which is designed for writing book-length works), compile each completed draft to PDF, then sync to PDF Expert where I review & annotate for later revision. (I also archive the annotated PDFs to maintain a complete history of the evolution of a chapter). I originally got my iPad mini to hold a portable library of books (Kindle, iBook, etc.) & PDFs for research related to my writing. By now I have a pretty large PDF library, & count on PDF Expert as the most useful tool for reading & making notes on the stuff I need to learn about — I wouldn't be without it.

  • Keeps crashing

    by Eeeeeern

    It keeps crashing now after the update on 31/01/2014 whenever I click into any document. Please fix it quickly.

  • Useful!

    by Dces175

    I use this app several times a week to view and markup documents. Very easy to use and connectivity to cloud storage is seamless.

  • Outstanding

    by DelBelRamon

    Outstanding , much better than Perfect Reader and Good Reader

  • Nice...

    by headbirths

    Nice app. I would still like to see OCR and Form creation tools added.

  • Best PDF app that I have used thus far

    by Meggie2100

    This app is one of the best apps that I have used to read and annotate PDFs. I like the feature that you can use the pen and still skim around the PDF using two fingers. The storage capabilities are vitally important for me, being a scientist with many different journal clubs, having the ability to organize my thoughts is very important. I would, however, like to see more color available to use for highlighting and annotating the text or figures. I also had a problem when I first bought it that it would shut down if I skipped around too quickly but now that seems to be fixed. All in all, it was worth the money I spent to get these features and keep my articles organized and clearly annotated.

  • Bug

    by P!!!!!!!!

    Love pdf expert and use it for all my grad school note taking. However, this new version, if you're annotating with a pen and don't zoom in a bit to get the inferior guard protection, you'll find yourself zooming hundreds of pages forward in a pdf because of the page selector at the bottom of the ipad screen. This was never an issue in PDF expert 4.

  • One word

    by bobay127

    Awesome. I use this every day out in the field. It is the best

  • Still the best, only better

    by Theocritus125

    PDF Expert has always been the best PDF annotator, and now it's even better. There is much better Dropbox/Cloud management, which was my only minor complaint previously. I have literally tried all of the iPad pdf readers out there, and this one is without a doubt supreme. For those who complain about paying for the new edition: boo hoo. Developers have to eat too and a comparable application on the desktop would cost much more. Thanks!

  • Fantastic everything…

    by Ctny

    I have used most of the major paid for PDF annotating apps, but this one blows them all out of the water. BUT, on top of that, their customer service is unbelievable! Any time I have needed support, they are there and ready to help. Keep up the good work Readdle, and I hope you continue to add new features to PDF Expert (like the ability to view and annotate 2 pages at the same time, hint hint hint) and continue developing new apps! Buy it, you wont be disappointed.

  • great new version

    by misting8080

    I had the old PDF Expert for several years and really resisted getting this new version. But as soon as I got it, I could only wonder why I didn't do so earlier. The new drag-and-drop function is a god-send. I have only casually played with the PDF editor/commenting function, but am already impressed with the versatility of the app.

  • Add Remarks Functionality

    by gemini_

    And this would be near perfect. Wish there were and option to make notebooks, add additional lined pages to PDFs.

  • Many features except one essential feature

    by hub223

    This is the first app I have ever reviewed because it is quite good. As a med student, I've purchased every notable pdf annotator such as Notability, GoodNotes, and GoodReader, all in order to find the most functional app to suit my needs. PDF Expert performs better and has more features then all of the previously mentioned apps except with one caveat... a handwriting box that allows you to write larger but have it written smaller on the pdf itself. All of the other apps have this function. This new version has the zoom-to-write feature but it is still quite lacking, especially when I want to write more than space provided when I zoom. This means I have to zoom out and in or use two fingers in order to write more. Other apps have a box that have an "auto advance" feature, allowing you to continuously write. For that reason alone, I have switched to GoodNotes which suits my handwriting needs, despite the decrease in functionality. However, above all else, this app is feature-loaded. I am writing this in hopes that this app would incorporate this feature in future updates. Even without this feature this app still deserves 5 stars. I would also like to add a few more suggestions: -smaller file sizes when recording audio and the ability to increase audio playback speeds -when highlighting, I'd like to be able to pick a different color directly on the screen rather than having to long-press the highlighter button and waiting for the pop up screen

  • It works

    by Unique nicknames are hard

    I use PDF Expert to read and highlight/take notes on scholarly research papers. Works perfectly for my use case. I sync with Dropbox, had problems with an earlier build but it is currently working just fine. Totally worth it!

  • Just another money grab

    by Jswanson12345

    While it has a few nice features they could have been added to there previous version . It loads slower also when moving between apps But it does work so guess that's a plus

  • Best PDF app

    by kddw1

    Better then the last version and that app was the best at the time. This is a most buy.

  • Dropbox sync still broken - support unhelpful

    by Maltinfan

    Dropbox sync doesn't work - files can be accessed from Dropbox fine (although verrrry sloooowly) but saving back to Dropbox is impossible. I've contacted support twice and both times the response was insulting, just assuming I'm an idiot and offering nothing helpful in their suggestions. No error is given - everything suggests the sync works fine, but the modified file just never shows up in Dropbox -- desktop or ipad.

  • Almost Perfect

    by IceMan~

    Great app with very few flaws. The devs update the app fairly regularly, which I appreciate. This is the best app for annotating PDFs. Initially it was crashing on me, but that has since been fixed. It is very reliable - very key when using it as a student. It's only major drawback is battery life. While using PDF Expert 5 my iPad is quite warm and I notice the battery does not last long. I'm sure a software update could remedy this. I do not recall the old PDF Expert wearing out my battery so quickly. Also, while editing text I'd like the ability to make changes permanent, instead of crossing out the word and having to tap to see the edit I made.

  • Not as good as it's predecessor

    by Prewanabe

    Although the new app looks beautiful it seems less capable at handling large PDF files than it's predecessor. It crashes often when using large PDF files, a problem I didn't have with the old version. For now I'm going back to the old version and hoping future updates will lead to improved handling of large PDF files.

  • Excellent!

    by religiousstudiesstudent

    I find it rare that software 1) functions as advertised, and 2) is worth the money you spent. Short review: I have purchased nearly every pdf reader available for iPad (including goodreader) and Expert is the best, especially with this update. As software goes, it functions so well that I think it is underpriced. The long review: As a PhD student, I am tasked with quickly reading through mountains of literature. Therefore, I am always interested in pdf software that will help me toward this end. Also, since most of what I read is stored on my dropbox, I need a pdf reader that will annotate and interface with dropbox. I have purchased nearly every pdf reader available for an iPad, and the most obvious flaw is that some programs (cf adobe) crash for no apparent reason. I kept returning to Pdf Expert’s last iteration because it never, ever crashed…ever. That includes during some fairly rigorous use, such as opening a 1gig file in latin or greek and performing a word search. The only shortcoming was that it could be awkward when annotating due to the arrangement of tools on the screen. Definitely remedied by this update! Far superior to other readers, including connoisseur goodreader or iannotate. If you have the old version - update! If you are looking for a new one that is reliable and will interface with dropbox without destroying your dropbox files (or just being a total pain) - this is your app!

  • Paid twice for this app!

    by CompMan2014

    Best PDF app but..... I think its a crime that I had to pay full price AGAIN for this updated app. I originally paid for PDF expert 4 and was happy until the app notified me of the update just to find out that I needed to buy the app again! Not cool! Would get 5 stars if they would be loyal to their original customers. Please no more double dipping!

  • Worth every penny

    by jshirkman

    This app is amazing.

  • Excellent PDF annotation app

    by 03brt

    Really improved my PDF annotation workflow for marking up research journal PDFs. This in combination with Zotero/Zotfile has streamlined my process!

  • The best PDF app

    by gabrielcoutinho

    This is the best PDF manager app I've ever seen in Apple Store. Com certeza, o melhor aplicativo para se trabalhar com arquivos PDF.

  • Clean interface w/ many functions.

    by Vlad925

    PLEASE add continuous scroll (no page stops), and option to disable sleep function. It would greatly help in my studies.

  • Great!

    by Dream_Tester

    Brilliant app! I thought it's too expensive, but it is the most useful app on my iPad. A real timesaver!

  • Fantastic PDF Editor

    by BlueBobcat

    As a masters student, I'm not sure how I survived the last two years without an iPad and this app. It does everything I need it to with regards to editing and annotating PDFs. Worth the $10, highly recommended!

  • Amazing

    by jordanr1186

    I can't believe how good this program is. It does everything I want and then more. Good job on this one Readdle. Top notch developers at work here. I definitely don't mind paying again for software like this.

  • Incredible app

    by sinkingputts

    This is a great upgrade from the original PDF expert. Does everything I wanted the old one to do. Auto updates to shared Dropbox folders. Awesome! I can honestly say for a business person this app has made the need to own a computer obsolete between Numbers, Pages, Email, Calander and this app I can get everything done with an ipad now. I only have one complaint. Why not let customers that owned the original PDF Expert get a discount.

  • Useful. Needed!

    by hashevick, john

    This is a great app. I use it all the time and the improvement seem to work well. I like the new look too.

  • Amazing!!! (PDF annotation & file manager)

    by Zubbit

    -search all documents at once -insert pages, etc -keeps all annotations in the pdf format -File manager is flawless -I compare it to my friends who use iAnnotate and Notability and this app always comes out on top whenever we compare features and ease of use. -would be great if it could convert other documents to pdf. Without this function, I have to convert all my documents to pdf in other programs before I can annotate them (you can view any document inside PDF Expert, but annotation is only available for pdf's) Still, it is so well done that I give 5 stars.

  • Essential app for college and business!

    by Lidia Monroe

    I use this app every day for all my work and graduate school studies. What I really love about it is the ability to mark text in a document or ebook and get a printout of all the underlined portions as well as the notes. This makes it very for any kind of research and quickly keeps everythign organized.

  • Just so good

    by ADH113

    An incredibly polished, stable, and functional app for viewing and editing PDFs. Truly feels made for the iPad and fits in so well with iOS 7. One of the priciest out there, but so, so very good at what it does.

  • Large documents, no problem

    by Mwietzke

    I'm happy to have so many tools. I wish jumping in and out of tools were a bit simpler, but I am no Expert with PDF Expert yet, so I anticipate being able to move from 4 to 5 stars shortly.

  • Perfect

    by Jpisana

    Only app I have found to recognize JavaScript calculations!

  • iPad app

    by Cajun 6

    Highly recommend for anyone using an iPad and sign or fill out documents

  • Extremely useful for....

    by TheDues

    Marking up design plans and reports while on the road!

  • Never fails me!!

    by Dholmes79

    I use this app to help with my studies, I can't see myself using anything else.

  • Number 1 App for PDFs!!

    by STB7813

    This App is hands down the best when it comes to reading, editing, saving or doing anything with PDFs. I have to write a lot of reports at my job and this app does everything that I need. The only thing missing from this app is the ability to put hyperlinks on documents.

  • App remains top notch--worth the upgrade

    by Ericp2609

    Having used a variety of PDF readers over the years, old PDF expert became my favorite for ease of use, full features, Dropbox sync, etc. The new version to me has made annotating and reading better--tool access is easier and more rapid, more highlight and editing options are avail able, etc. I have not checked out other PDF apps as they have transitioned to the new iOS, but see no need to with the new PDF-e. Though some complain of the upgrade cost, given the years I've used the original, I think it is well worth it.

  • Good App but Missing Some of the Old Features

    by jhays007

    Some nice improvements over the original but missing things like file size listed below each item so you know if you can email it or not. Thanks, Jon

  • Great

    by dwback

    It does what it says. I use it daily.

  • Simply the best

    by Nick Patrick Harris

    I've used lots of PDF annotators on iOS, but this one has always been the best by multiple standard deviations.

  • Syncing is Fixed!

    by Nick name Ron

    Okay, they have fixed the syncing issues I was having with my new 64bit iPad mini, so I have moved PDF Expert back onto my doc and will gladly upgrade my rating back up to 5 stars. Use PDF Expert exclusively to keep my important personal and business files in sync between my iPad and Mac via SugarSync and once again, it's a perfect match.

  • Good, but I like the former version

    by Pdfusergep

    pdfreader looks great...But this version has not the enough number of pen and pencils....also, I did not found the option to inactivate the stupid blue borders....Good, but it can be better

  • Another go-to app get it!

    by montystarkoftallahassee

    With the removal of remarks I wrote to the developer complaining about their removal of my daily go-to app, how I used it and counted on it- daily in a professional design world, used in presentations, design work sessions, etc... They kindly replied with an offer for me t consider PDF expert 5. I did reluctantly, and could not be happier. This PDF expert 5 is so much more than a "reader". I cannot recommend it enough. My office has it as standard operating procedure and it's proving all we needed and more. Get it. Try it. Love it. If you have a problem write them - they listen. What are you waiting for?

  • Another go-to app get it!

    by montystarkoftallahassee

    With the removal of remarks I wrote to the developer complaining about their removal of my daily go-to app, how I used it and counted on it- daily in a professional design world, used in presentations, design work sessions, etc... They kindly replied with an offer for me t consider PDF expert 5. I did reluctantly, and could not be happier. This PDF expert 5 is so much more than a "reader". I cannot recommend it enough. My office has it as standard operating procedure and it's proving all we needed and more. Get it. Try it. Love it. If you have a problem write them - they listen. What are you waiting for?

  • plz stop annoying me with a prompt to review the appplz stop annoying me with a prompt to review the

    by Akira Kosemuraa

    plz stop annoying me with a prompt to review the app As a paid app, I don't have responsibility to promote it for you.

  • Great app for digital forms.

    by kellyndon

    As a freelance interpreter, I use verification forms from several different agencies. This app helps streamline my submission process immensely. I can fill out the form, have the client sign and email it right to the agency. No more scanning paper forms. Love this app. Well worth the price.

  • The best PDF App EVER

    by KristoferB

    I use PDF Expert for work and personal use. It is the best way to manage PDF and other files. The mark-up ability works flawlessly and the refreshed iOS7 UI upgrade looks slick and makes the app even higher-functioning than it's predecessors (a tough feat, cuz the other versions rocked too!!).

  • Outstanding

    by ematto

    I am a mortgage loan officer that works remotely. I use this application every day. I highly recommend.

  • Awesome App

    by Snoopyto

    This App is one of the most used applications on my iPad. I use it a lot to highlight and comment on articles for my degree program and research. This is a must for anyone who uses PDFs on a routine basis.

  • Amazing Tool

    by Perduecs

    This is a great tool for business, I find my self using it all the time at work.

  • I've tried em all. This is the best!

    by Jmac3257

    By far the best. If this app provided a create a note from scratch feature with a drawing and text! It would take it to another level and preclude one from using two different apps.

  • App Title Misleading

    by MicroRadiskull

    This app does so much more than PDF's it should also have "File" in the title. I love the ability to move other filetypes between my various services. Keep up the good work!

  • Why the update?

    by Pleasefixthebus7

    This is a fantastic app that is essential for anyone who does a lot of reading and annotating of PDFs. However, I do not understand the purpose of this update and recommend against it if you already have the previous version. Aside from it not being worth $10, it doesn't actually update itself, but instead downloads as a new program and then leaves it to you to move all your files. This was very annoying for me since I don't keep everything in my Dropbox, so I had to go and manually move individual files to the new program. If there were some important new functions in this version, then maybe it would be worth it. But I've been using it for a month now and the only real difference is that the user interface fits the new iOS 7 style. Otherwise, it's the same program and turned out to be a bit of a burden.

  • Anoying

    by Pr.JD

    Anoying rate window keeps appearing.

  • Excellent tool -5 Stars

    by levi1960

    Absolutely the best app for personal and business use. It is so easy to set up and sync w/ my other apps. I have used this app for almost a year and have found it to be the best, easiest and most effective app for all my needs. This rates 5+ Stars!

  • Great App

    by @nanret

    So far, so very good!

  • Sales

    by Freezebutt

    I have used most all of the PDF readers... They all have different strengths and weaknesses. After moving from IAnnotate to Goodreader, I think PDF Expert is the strongest most user friendly App of them all. The ONLY addition I wish it had (that the others have) is a more fluid way to save copies of files (think sales templates). I preferred a pop-up to ask if you want to save a copy and where... Other than that its perfect. Highly recommend!!

  • Must have app

    by 1SweetV

    Wonderful app for studying PDF files. You can highlight, underline, link to a note and more. Easy to use. You can tab multiple files at once which makes flipping between files easier. My only complaint is that you can only highlight in yellow. Having different color highlights and underline features would be a plus.

  • Perfect for college textbooks

    by Kamikazekid

    Being able to easily upload my pdf versions of my textbooks, easily make, access, and differentiate my annotations is refreshing. I used Goodreader for a while which was good, but it wasn't as good at being able to annotate quickly. Also the app loads large .pdf's very quickly. I would recommend this app to anybody.

  • Excellent for a paperless business

    by Richardgonzalez

    This app is my go to app for all my business contracts and paperwork. I use this with my iPad mini and am lightning fast when executing contracts. Signatures feel like ink pens when either I or my business clients sign on the dotted line with this app. A must if you want to have a paperless business!

  • Documents' logo

    by Aaliyah ww

    Thank you so much for the great app. I wish if the documents' logo is bigger little pet.

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