Noteshelf - Notes & PDF Productivity App Review (iOS, $5.99)

  • Category: Productivity
  • Publisher: Ramki
  • Updated: Sep, 21 2010
  • Version: 8.5
  • Size: 68.34 MB

Languages: Chinese, English, Italian, Japanese

Seller: Rama Krishna

- Gorgeous new iOS 7 Look!
- Advanced Zoom mode when annotating PDFs
- PDF Templates
- Adonit Jot Script Support
- Various bug fixes

Version 8.5:
- BUG FIX: Misalignment of text boxes
- BUG FIG: Unable to select bottom row of pages in Finder
- Other minor fixes

Customer Ratings

Current Version:
724 Ratings
All Versions:
4231 Ratings


Note-takers rejoice! Noteshelf is easily the best note-taking app for iPad. See for yourself what our users have to say in the “Ratings & Reviews” section.

*** ON SALE 40% OFF! ***

Write notes, sketch ideas, annotate PDFs, fill forms, sign contracts, teach a class, make a presentation, keep a journal — or just have fun! Organize, search, and personalize your digital shelf of unlimited notebooks.

Noteshelf works beautifully with a digital pen or stylus, too!

• Millions of colors and a full toolbox of ink pens, pencils and highlighters
• Type your notes using the iPad keyboard and add photos with the camera
• Import and annotate PDFs from your Email, Dropbox, Photo Library or iTunes
• Zoom mode lets you write with incredible accuracy anywhere on the page
• Rest your wrists naturally on the page, just like with a real notebook
• Organize, search, rearrange, copy & paste, label, and tag your pages and notebooks
• Email, tweet, print or share notes to Facebook, Evernote, and Dropbox
• Password-protect notebooks
• Unlimited undo/redo
• Stylus support: Any iPad stylus, POGO Connect, Hex JaJa, Adonit JOT Touch 4, Adonit Script and Wacom Intuos Creative stylus

Noteshelf brings beauty and purpose to your iPad as the true digital notepad it was always meant to be. It includes 15 notebook covers and 20 useful page designs like lined paper, graph paper, shopping list, day planner and more. Many more professionally-designed templates can be downloaded right from the app for FREE!

We provide personal responses to your emails, and collate feature requests to plan our upgrades. Let us know how you use Noteshelf!

Customer Reviews

  • Love this

    by Glouvis

    I've always wanted to be able to take my iPod into a meeting to take notes but I don't type fast enough, now with this brilliant app I can write like I would with pen and paper. Plus you can draw and since some of my work requires wiring diagrams, this lets me draw right into the notes. Another great feature is that you can switch between ball point pens, "fountain" pens, and colored pencils with a huge variety of colors and sharpness and highlighters. This is truly brilliant and worth the price!

  • Awesome app!

    by KBB12345

    This is the best app to organize just about anything! I have notebooks created for work (keep notes, calendar pages, etc). However, I also have notebooks created for Christmas lists, Recipes, wedding planning, etc. Very versatile and easy to use!

  • Best sketching app for UI design

    by Kurt Varner

    It's my go to app for sketching web and mobile interfaces. Our whole design team uses it.

  • Great app for pen based writing

    by DRHost

    This app works really well for my Adonit Script pen. Very smooth writing and good palm protection. Would be a 5 if you could import PDF documents into the notebook. Overall the best organized app for pen based note taking.

  • Best app in a long time

    by Gautham Akkin

    This app is a best app I've downloaded in a long time. This, couple with the Adonit stylus, is a great combination. The finger's capacitative touch is rejected while stylus' is accepted. The wrist protection concept has been simplified compared to other apps and made functional. I'm very happy with my hand writing :-). The fountain pen made me admire my handwriting so much that I'm actually thinking of buying a real one. Good job!

  • good!


    just like writing on real notebook!

  • Most useful app

    by Harmany in nature

    I keep all my notes here. Never lose them. Cannot type well so it's great to write! Thanks

  • Jot touch

    by asakinasa

    Great app, works superbly with the jot touch, love, love, love this app. Palm rejection actually works, most other note apps don't even come close to the beauty and fluidity of this app. Big thank you to the devs. Edit: still love this app but could you update the jot script sdk

  • Awesome

    by texasdlr

    Flexible and easy

  • Love This App

    by Cici5533

    I did a lot of research before purchasing this app and after reading several techy blogs and countless reviews I decided upon this notepad app and I was not disappointed. I really like and utilize this app and use it on a regular basis to take notes, create PDFs, design a design board, etc. Every time I pull my iPad out and begin to take notes on it people stare in amazement and then follow by, "Where'd you get that?" or "How are you doing that?" Since purchasing they have added new paper selections, colors, styles, etc. I can't say anything bad.

  • I love it!

    by 1Mom24angels

    It is a great app!! It works and I not had any issues. I use it to take notes in meetings. I have one notebook that I just use as a running list of things I need to do. I love that I can just scribble my notes in my own handwriting and not have to keep track of a physical notepad. This has given me the best of both worlds!!!

  • Great app!

    by Rob Cook

    Fantastic for taking handwritten notes. Plenty of options, expect it is even more versatile to those who have far mor artistic talent than I do!

  • I use it daily

    by TP1919

    Great app. Easy to take handwritten notes and convert to PDF. So easy to use

  • Best Note-taking app ... But useless without cloud sync / backup

    by timoorema

    I have tried many note taking apps and to date noteshelf is one of the best I have found. It is great to use on a iPad or iPad mini, especially with the ease of the zoom function. But unfortunately there is no way to sync your notes with the cloud. Whether iCloud, Dropbox, or Google Drive, only flat files can be exported and imported as PDFs... Forget about syncing between devices or sharing a notebook with someone. And maybe the real downside is that there is no way to backup your notebooks without plugging your iPad into a computer... Please Please Please integrate native file sync and export for whole notebooks with cloud services and add Google Drive.

  • I love this app Very helpful

    by Maltafaz

    It found this app after checking it out on Facebook. I have been looking for a note taking app that could actually replace my note pads. I use it extensively for work and personally. I keep notes for upcoming trials, as a prayer journal, to keep notes on personal matters, and to begin a manuscript. My only disappointment, and it may be my fault, is that I wish I could make tabes or items in each book and be able to move pages around as I would in a 3 ring binder. I also tried to send documents for marking as I do with Iannotate and have not been successful. Otherwise I find this to be my most useful and productive app to date. Worth downloading for sure.

  • Perfect app for the board room to my shopping list

    by Suenthesouth

    I've used Noteshelf for a couple years and like all the up grades. The efficiency of jotting notes in a board meeting, categorizing the information and sharing real-time with others is great.

  • Best for Handwriting

    by Jd56793

    This is probably the best handwriting app there is. Not the best overall note taking (note anywhere, or notability, or good notes get that honor). But for good old fashioned handwriting journaling, brainstorming. This app is where it is at. It also has some fantastic stationary options and some really great looking covers. I have had this app since it first came out and it continues to grow. The developers have done excellent work and the new version is top of the line.

  • Solid note-taking app

    by TeacherBi

    Good note taking app. I have some difficulty transferring my notes from one iPad to another and keeping them in the native format and editable.

  • Great job!

    by Steko5

    Probably the most useful app on my iPad. I have stopped dragging paper notebooks and pads. Keep improving it. How about ability to draw straight lines (perpendicular lines, lines at specific angles).

  • Simply the best

    by Jazzitup

    I use this for note taking on an iPad air with Bamboo stylus (not BT). This is the first app, and I've tried many, that has a very smooth writing experience. I could, for the first time, appreciate the difference between fountain and ball point pens. The wrist guard is perfection. You don't have to adjust the protected area since it automatically adjust as you write. The zoom provides even more accurate writing and also keeps up with you adjusting to the next line automatically. I would ask the developers to add sync to Dropbox in PDF format. In this wireless age, to have to tether to your PC for backup is old school. Congratulations, however, on developing the truly ultimate note taking app.

  • Needs automatic backup

    by Kryptos007

    PLEEEEEEASE. It is unusable to me without it. Automatic backup to Dropbox is essential for an app this good. It's a five star as far as actual note taking is concerned.

  • Great App

    by -Shaih-

    I use this for work and play! Is an awesome way to mix graphics and words for great visuals. I tried apps with similar functionality and this one is the best for me. My only wish is the ability to search PDFs. I keep manuals that I use often on my iPad, I love to highlight them and annotate them, but I need the ability to search them as well. For now, I use iBooks and Noteshelf but hope to solely use Noteshelf at some point. Still gave it 5 stars but contemplated 4 because of inability to search PDFs.

  • The Ultimate iPad Experience!

    by Pal_jar

    I’ve been using this app since it first came to the app store and boy, have they grown! To begin with, it had (and still has) the smoothness and most natural handwriting and pleasing UI of all the notes apps. An then, came the upgrades, one after the other. Now the app has grown like a feature-rich giant! Updates are less frequent, but when they come, they have som many enhancements and new features. That too very stable. I think it’s developers are very dedicated to the growth of this app and they’ve been consistently listening to their users’ voices --- I have requested a way to merge multiple PDFs into the same notebook and vola! - it is there. TAHNK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! I have one more request, please make switching between notebooks a bit faster (may be the animation time can be reduced?). In my opinion, this is hands down the best handwriting app currently available on the App Store (and I have tried them all). I highly recommend this for any iPad owner.

  • Best app.

    by Agmnu

    This is the best app ever. But I was wondering if it is possible to get the feature of pinch and zoom for notes. It is already there while annotating pdf but not when working on notes. I have spent a LOT of money on the other handwriting apps to finally conclude that this is the best one. Thank you for this app!

  • Fantastic app, but font when using an Adonit device is huge!!!

    by Ak7192

    Love the app, but when I'm using my Adonit Jot Script, the font is huge!!! I would love to see an update that reduces the thickness on the lines made when the pressure-sensitive setting is not on. Otherwise, fantastic app!!!

  • Love it

    by Abeepolak

    Love it. Many pens and pencils to choose from

  • Continuous spinning circle

    by lukihnio

    On the PDF of size 1mb the app keeps loading the document forever. It won't let me get out of it or reset the process. Even after restart of the iPad. Please me an automatic backup to Dropbox and jot script integration needs some work.

  • You can also import Word docs in a round about way

    by Seelms

    If you open a Word doc in Pages you now have an option to open in another app which allows you to export as a PDF and then open with Noteshelf. It is wonderful for taking notes. I found a little trick I like, too. If you are using the medium graph paper, set your zoom to 3.0x, and your line width to 19. Then what I like to do to make sure my notes stay lined up is write on the blue dashed line. This lets me see what's above it and still write.

  • Almost there

    by mraer

    This is a beautiful and intuitive application...a Lovely and personal note taking experience. This would be my #1 choice for note taking IF 1) it could automatically sync to Dropbox, Google drive and/or Evernote, 2) it had hand writing recognition (conversion would be nice too, but recognition is more important for search features), and 3) it had a sound recording feature. Come on Noteshelf....blow me away!!!

  • Excelent app

    by JAAL2013

    This is a very good app. Lots of options, like a big variety of papers to choose, lots of book covers, pen stiles, etc. Very precise and responsive. Only one thing it needs the option to record, besides that and for the price, excellent

  • Best App Ever

    by Shannonph

    By far the most used app on my iPad. It is the most practical app for work school or whatever.

  • Good but not ENOUGH

    by ButCamUng VN

    Noteshelf and Goodnotes are 2 of the best note apps. I often use Noteshelf and sometimes use Goodnotes and Notability, but I use Noteshelf more. But I think Noteshelf would be greater and better if it had more function which is RECORD While Handwriting note, (as the same as Notability). Remember that Record (Voice Memos) is not the original app and doesnt appear on ipad. So it is very useful and wonderful when we can use an app hand writing note and record memos. I HOPE NOTESHELF WILL IMPROVE AND ADD THIS FUNCTION. Then I will always use ONLY NOTESHELF! And many other people too!!!

  • Great Design!!!

    by LordFrost9

    I got this app not really understanding the full potential and use I would get out of it.... I use it for so many things such as work note ... Game files and PDF's and much more that I expected. This app is a fantastic addition to anyone's library of iOS programs. Enjoy Stephen

  • Best Note App

    by The1stNoel

    With or without a stylus, this app rocks!

  • Fluid Touch it is!

    by amm_nat

    Noteshelf came highly recommended to me from one of my colleagues and upon personal experience with the app, i realised he was right. This app has the ultimate user interface and one of the most extensive toolkits of all the note taking apps that i have tried. It is visually very appealing and the writing experience is very Fluid. Right from the way the notebooks can be organised to how you can access pens and pencils and create favourites out of them too. It has a very well designed zoom tool which is a must. Love the several export options they provide & now even including Box to this list. And, with the new PDF import option, this is my go to app for all my note-taking needs. I have tried many other similar looking apps but, they made me purchase additional necessary styles of pens, papers etc. Noteshelf gives it's user a ton of options right off the bat which are more than enough and if i am bored of the existing covers or papers and need more options in future, i always have the option to access them right from the in-app store. If you're more worried about the smoothness of your handwriting, the user interface and having options when it comes to paper, cover choices and pen tips, get Noteshelf. You won't regret it!

  • This App is absolutely AMAZING!!

    by Feweejxjajzkz

    I usually never ever ever ever right reviews of an app but this app is absolutely FANTASTIC! It is perfect for everything I need. I love the ability to zoom in on my writing, it's just wonderful and everything is so customizable from the notebooks to the poor to the colors of the writing utensils and the writing utensils! Definitely worth the money!!!

  • Best but Need better EVERNOTE integration

    by Suresh Raja

    This works a lot better than penultimate. Feature filled.

  • Amazing!!

    by cay040

    The best app for college note taking and annotating! Definitely worth every penny!

  • Still the best.

    by TheOrioles33

    I know everyone says they've tried all the note taking apps in the App Store but I think I literally may have tried them all. LOL! With that being said, I still think Noteshelf is the smoothest, easiest and most authentic pen and paper feeling app out there. I sometimes just open up the app to scribble or doodle because it feels so nice and smooth and the lines are beautiful. Complete notebook custimazation from the paper to the cover and even the book shelf make this app complete eye candy as well. TONS of papers and covers to choose from and inexpensive in-app purchases as well as being able to make your own paper and covers make this app one of a kind.I cant say enough about it. Just try it and dont bother wasting your money looking for the next best thing. This is it!!! :) I am on an iPad 3 by the way.

  • The Ultimate iPad Experience!

    by Pal_jar

    I’ve been using this app since it first came to the app store & boy, have they grown! The app was very unique to begin with, when it came to the smoothness of it’s handwriting and it had the Best User Interface even back then. An then, came the upgrades. One after the other, now the app has grown like a Giant! With each update, so many Enhancements and new features. Many customizable options now. I think it’s Developers are very dedicated to the growth of this app and they’ve been consistently listening to their users’ voices and actually work on providing them too! Just play around with the app to know how many features have been offered and how much more you can do compared to a regular pen & paper. Notebooks can have multiple layouts, from general ones to personal and business ones. The ink looks smooth and real, way better than in all the apps i have tried in the past. It feels natural. You can adjust the pen’s tip size with a slider, pick a different color and even make custom colors. It’s wrist protection is the best in class! As for features I’d like to see besides the upcoming ones, it’d be nice to be able to export to Google Drive and import other types of documents (apart from PDF) like PPT, Word etc.. In my opinion, it is hands down, the best handwriting app currently available in the App Store. Great UI & virtual inking. I highly recommend this. You won’t be disappointed!

  • This is my go-to note app

    by up2now

    I've tried a lot of multimedia apps but I always come back to this one. Smooth tools, pleasant working "atmosphere," and always works. Lots of fun with photos and text. Great eraser. Nuff said!

  • Awesome but why not cloud backup?

    by Dillyworks

    This has to be my all time favorite note app. It's amazing. I'd give it five stars but it's unfortunate the app requires a computer connection for the backup process. Why not set it up in the cloud like other apps? Or connect it to Dropbox? There has to be a better way. Developers, please consider this for a release - then you'd have a completely perfect app.

  • I've bought them all! This is it!

    by Large angry man

    This is the best app for journaling ,drawing and everything else . I use it for a to do list .I use it to doodle .I have used every other app available and this is the only one with an assortment of papers and assortment of pens and the flexibility I need to be able to print I love it

  • Awesome app

    by Nathan Frank

    Best writing app for college students!


    by Muscadine girl

    this is excellent. a lot of things to explore. worth the $! thank u!

  • Cannot resize/move pictures after pasting?!

    by samma918

    Request: audio recording Request: ability to change the color of a single word in text as opposed to every word in that text box. PROBLEM: if you paste a picture in the wrong place you will lose all content underneath the picture because you can't move it. I thought this was a great app at first but I should've saved my money and gotten notability.

  • Best I've found for Bluetooth Jots

    by The6Big9Lebowski42

    This app is the best one that I have found for the Adonit Jot Script. The only really main thing I want in the app is more back up options..! Especially to Google Drive.

  • Bugs

    by Sp12345

    Just download the newest version today. When using the zoom model, the app often closed by itself without saving. Pls fix it ASAP. In addition, it would be good if the developer can add recording option during the note taking, like the one in notability. Other than these two points, this app has a very neat looking. Love the way it organizes files.

  • My Go To App for Notetaking

    by superkess

    This app is great for note taking. I especially like the ability to take/insert photos and be able to edit them. It is highly responsive to both low-end and high-end styluses. It is well organized. The only limited issue is it use of battery, which has greatly improved with iOS7.

  • Outstanding note taking App

    by Caiman1149

    I wanted an app in which I could have multiple journals and magnifying options to write. This app is perfect for me. I care nothing for aesthetics, though the app looks good and there are multiple color options etc... My desire is functionality and this one delivers.

  • Best annotation app there is

    by DMcMillon

    I have tried them all, and this is by far the most user friendly and intuitive app for note taking. I'm a graduate student that reads a lot of articles and needs to annotate them frequently. I also love the ability to insert pages into the document. My favorite feature is the ability to combine hand written notes with typed notes onto my power points or any other document. I highly recommend this app for anyone that is looking for a great PDF annotator app. My only wish is that they had google drive linked in.

  • The ipad is complete!

    by Walter Gunter

    This is what I have been looking for to make my ipad complete. Well, this app and a Jot should have come with the ipad in the first place. Fills the empty void that has yet to be filled by a futuristic use interface. Thank you! More pen options please. (Now all of a sudden, I get picky....hahahahahaha)

  • No support for left-handed people.

    by Netravelr

    I really like the app, but I can't use it with my stylus because I'm left handed. Adding in a mode for that would be great!

  • Great handwriting app!

    by Thomas Wolcott

    I purchased this app for my iPad air and I love it. I've tried several others but overall this one is superior. It has PDF annotation for my e-textbooks, great writing recognition/wrist protection, several writing utensil options, and the ability to export to Evernote or Dropbox. It has everything I need to excel in my MBA program. I highly recommend this app.

  • Great App for Handwritten Notes

    by Nell4620

    I have had this app for years and keep coming back to it for business notetaking because the writing is so incredibly smooth (and beautiful with the fountain pen), the interface very intuitive, and the developers remain dedicated to the app. My wish list: (1) Top of the list is a keyword search function, both within one or all notebooks. I try to make do with tags but it definitely isn't the same. (2) I'm not sure why all the available icons are so "kiddie." A group that is business related is sorely needed (bullets, arrows, flags, checkbox, simple shapes to create flow charts, etc). (3) A page level way to quickly switch between read-only and write. Switching from within settings is too cumbersome. (4) Yes, an iphone sync'd version would be nice.

  • Overall good app, few improvements needed

    by Klakiya

    This is definitely one of the better note taking and PDF annotating apps out there. I have my graduate schools books in PDF format. Most other apps blur the text as it loads when I have to flip through quickly. This app keeps the text readable as it loads the page. When I downloaded my books on to this app, it took a long time for them to finish importing. I tried it through another app and did not take nearly as long. Also when syncing with iTunes, I tried adding files to the app in the option below, the problem is you will still have to import the files from the inbox in the app, which again takes a long time. It would also be nice to be able to bookmark pages not just tag everything.

  • Worth buying

    by Blucraze1111

    I've been using this app for a few years now and I've tried other apps. This is a better app that I've found to write my notes for college or in general. It hasn't malfunctioned or lost any documents. It's nice app to have.

  • Pretty nifty

    by Keith15784586

    $5 nifty? I don't know about that, we'll see..

  • Best app for handwriting and annotating PDFs

    by Anthony Frederico

    I've tried many different handwriting apps, but I always come back to Noteshelf. Writing feels very natural, flipping through PDF pages is very fast, and nested notebooks provide sufficient organization. The most significant missing feature is an automatic backup option (to Dropbox, Box, Syncplicity, etc). I don't connect my iPad to iTunes very often for a manual backup and It's this feature that always causes me to feel uneasy and start exploring other handwriting apps.

  • Great.

    by MaryThornton

    Very useful - wish folders in folders could be made.

  • Better than Paper app

    by Lalanana

    Love it! So fun, versatile, and easy to use! To the creators, DONT CHANGE IT OR OVERTHINK IT! So great as is.

  • I love it but...

    by j-moo90

    Audio annotation linked to your handwritten notes would make this app perfect. Being able to play back the recorded lecture by selecting a specific point in your notes is critically helpful and would make this app the best out there for note taking. Please add this feature! I would pay 3x as much

  • Love everything except...

    by JustWondering213

    As far as I can tell, there is no way to re-order pages. I really want/need the ability to rearrange the pages in my notebooks. If that feature was added then I would have absolutely no complaints about this app. Everything else is fantastic.

  • My favorite

    by Superaddition

    Please add iCloud support or full backup on dropbox/google drive.

  • So easy

    by Great (<-sarcasm)

    It's so easy that I can use it :) lol. I really like the freedom it gives me. Really good for when you're out of school and get emailed essay prompts that you can't print out. You can send this to the note shelf app as a PDF and mark it up however you need to.

  • Nearly perfect

    by darkhorse94

    Excellent for note taking, but I wish there was a way to embed PDFs into notebooks for classes. Great stylus support

  • jdlellis1

    by E-A-L

    Strong fundamental baseline (e.g. solid ergonomics). Easy to begin using without stumbling over bells and whistles while allowing to migrate to additional features.

  • Great App, using to track meetings!

    by Plague Marine 7

    Started using app about two weeks ago. Writing notes in meetings on paper still tracking on here after to save info. Most people still think this type of note taking as negative using ipad for meetings. I will still use this app more and more after meetings to email notes and task lists. They will come around!

  • Best notes app!

    by Jhough61

    I am a SERIOUS note taker and have tried a dozen different apps. Noteshelf is my favorite by far. Take them by hand, type them, import images, organize notes into notebooks and stacks of like notebooks. Export notes to Evernote, email and much more. And, they continually update to improve performance and capabilities. It's the only note app you'll ever need.

  • Fantastic

    by africanstardust

    I love this app a LOT. I use it literally every day. I'm a full time university student and I use this for taking handwritten notes. It has wrist protection, a huge variety of papers and covers, and all colors in pen, highlighter, and calligraphy pen. I've been using it for a full year now and I don't plan on switching note apps.

  • Love it

    by CRPIII

    Went through 5 other notepad type apps, this one has won out hands down.

  • Needs automatic backup

    by Kryptos007

    It is unusable to me without it. Automatic backup to Dropbox is essential for an app this good. It's a five star as far as actual note taking is concerned.

  • Love it bro

    by Freak4O7

    Freakin everything I wanted :)

  • Perfect for college: VERSATILE

    by Chipmunkw12345

    This app is PERFECT. I am a senior student in college, majoring in Materials Engineering and I have been using this app for 1.5 years to take notes in all my classes. This is what I think: VERSATILE; you can write or you can type, and you can draw all n the same page. That is very useful in school where you have to take notes as well as draw graphs and complex diagrams with arrows, etc. This app has 3 different sets of pens (regular pens, calligraphy pens, and colored pencils). You have many colors and thicknesses to chose from. You have text, highlighters, different papers, and cut/copy/paste ability. You can also import pictures and write on them. You can import PDFs and take notes on them. This is very useful in class. This app is nicely put together, easy to navigate quickly, and the options do not seem overwhelming. I am in engineering school and use this app to do ALL my note taking, GREAT PERFORMANCE. I have an individual notebook for every class and have never had a problem with this app crashing. You can save, export or email your notes as images or as PDF documents. You can also create clusters of notebooks, or move notes from one notebook to another. I cannot rate it high enough, great great app, revolutionized the way I take notes in and helped me study so much better. After the first semester several of my classmates switched over from regular paper notebooks to this app with their iPad. It is perfect if you want to make the transition from paper notebooks to digital. My backpack is feather light compared to carrying all my notebooks+laptop around school.

  • Very good -- one shortcoming

    by ajzoutlook

    This is a great program, but the limitation on only being able to email five pages at a time is a definite drawback. Sometimes I need to email up to 20 pages of notes from a meeting and having to do four separate emails to do that is irritating. This would be a five star rating with a 20-page limit on emailing pages vs. five pages.

  • Thrilled!

    by Ellencp

    I have been using Noteshelf for a year now and I would literally be lost without it! I LOVE to journal and this app makes it nice that I don't have 10 different journals laying around the house!!! The only down side is that my ipad memory is getting full! Highly recommend this app to everyone who wants to keep all your thoughts, plans, goals, records, etc. confined to one place. My one request would be that you could print the journal contents. Can you do that? if so, please tell me how. Thanks Noteshelf...LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your product!!!

  • Great notebook app!

    by Justalittle

    Best notebook app I've tried!

  • Very good!

    by MiTT026

    Really love this app after bought the iPad air.

  • Real handwriting recognition.

    by Tooling007

    This has been the only app I have been able to write in my native handwriting without it coming out looking all funky and nothing like I had wrote down. I give it five stars and it is excellent.

  • Awesome app

    by Sicapu

    This app is so beautiful. Works so smoothly. Writes smoothly. One of my favorite apps.

  • Very nice!

    by JK Shin

    Wow! So good kk I've been never used like this app! So convenient, easy, and natural writing! My score is 100. Thanks.

  • Excellent app

    by ToolsRI

    I use this app every day in my job (product development). It is stable and they continue to provide updates as needed, unlike several I have tried.

  • Just great!

    by Monadnock

    I had tried several note taking apps and been really disappointed. Finally, this one turned out to be just what I wanted. I make a lot of small, handwritten notes--it's how I stay organized. This allows me to make them on my iPad, save them in app, email them or print them out. I can also save a doc as a pdf, load it in app and mark it up. Great variety of pen and marker styles and colors. The expanded view feature is easy and intuitive to use and keeps things looking neat. Is there an in page cut and paste function? If so, I haven't found it yet; that's the one other thing I might want.

  • Great ….for Right handed person

    by musicscript

    I am a left handed person and even with palm rejection lock on ,and a ado nit jot script , i can't write normally without being disturbed by the text box which says " turn off the multitasking moves " . IT is already turn off … so please do something cause it cost me 80 euros to use it …

  • Easy and does enough for me

    by Gustavo Lerma

    I tried other ones before so far this is the one that works for me I do recommended to all my friend some of them loaded an use it.

  • Best Note Taking App

    by CAF911

    Simple yet powerful with a large number of pens, pencils, and highlighters. I don't even miss my Montblanc!

  • Needs audio recording

    by samma918

    Would be perfect if I could record lectures

  • The Best

    by Jay20121978

    I absolutely love this app. it's my outmost favorite and i will not be deleting this anytime soon. I just wish that there would be more papers, especially more templates that is usable, like education and business and home. I paid for this app and I am glad that i did. Everything is unlimited. One other thing I would like to see is some tracing papers for drawing purposes

  • Could be better

    by RS_in_HI

    There are some bugs that are a bother but not critical. It's some other functions that are limiting. Problems such as no capability to use a color other than the ~12 colors available. Pen thickness is kinda of buggy. There is a huge difference between the different pens level 1 thickness.

  • Great

    by Ckn lips

    I really like the shelf concept. I have several note apps but I usually pick this one because I can keep up with the notes I want to keep indefinitely. It's easy to use & easy to retrieve what I need.

  • Faster, less accurate than Penultimate

    by Pixelatedfred

    The response of this app to my writing speed is almost good enough to make me forget that I'm not writing on paper, but the tip is offset from where the marks start. Unless I'm holding it at a particular angle to force parallax correction, it starts writing at a point different than I thought--much worse than my finger. No way to calibrate it, according to developer. That said, I've gotten used to this somewhat, and made it work for me...until something better comes along.

  • Easy, organized

    by Scott Wright

    I do all my note taking on an iPad. All I needed was something that was easy to write with and can keep numerous notebooks organized. This was a perfect fit.

  • My favorite app...but still needs a couple tweaks

    by Bionicmilk

    Very intuitive design and usability makes this app my favorite productivity tool. The updated .pdf functionality is also a huge plus. I do wish for some additional functionality of grouping bookshelves inside of bookshelves as well as adding .pdf's into new or existing books. Currently grouping can only be done at one level and .pdf's can only be imported as standalone "books."


    by Belieber1234567889

    This app is great! By far one of the best note-taking apps I've purchased. Lets you change the color of the pens, highlighters, and have different notebooks. No need to carry notebooks to school anymore just my ipad

  • great app, easy to use, lots of features

    by cbear72

    This is a really nice notebook, it is easy to use.

  • This app is awesome!

    by puma0323

    There is no need of explanation on why this app is awesome. Just use it u will know

  • Keeps getting better

    by MrShlubb

    Each time Noteshelf updates it keeps getting better. This is THE app to get a stylus for and does things on other app does.

  • The best

    by Love it love it !!!:)

    I really like it, wish it could support EPUb files that would make it perfect! But its great very options im obssesed with pens and highlighters and its nice it has many options in colors and styles.

  • Awesome

    by Cckkjjdd

    Best note-taking app out there!!

  • My favorite app!

    by Aaaaqwer

    I just love the updated version. It is suitable for viewing a small number of important documents. The design is also very neat and the customization of pens and note covers is also the best. Keep up the good work!

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