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Lookup+ by PrivacyStar provides unlimited phone number lookups, so you always know who's calling or texting. Lookup+ also features FTC Complaint filing and intelligent directory assistance.

Features include:

- Reverse lookup any incoming phone number
- Directory Assistance
- Business, People & Category Search
- Report “Do Not Call” violators
- Report telemarketing violations
- Report debt collection violations
- Easily add your number to National Do-Not-Call Registry

Lookup+ by PrivacyStar allows you to put a name and place to many numbers!

Customer Reviews

  • Some features are better than others.

    by Daniellei30

    The feature for local business look up is nice. The reverse phone look up for bothersome callers is no what I hoped it would be. I can typically get more info about these callers on Google. The ability to file a complaint right from the phone lookup page is nice, however, there is no confirmation history or resolution information to let you know what happened with the complaint. I wish the developers would update the software to keep the confirmations in the history and to allow users to see when it has been filed and what happens after it is filed. For me, blocking the numbers directly on my iPhone is the best feature.


    by Alxman11

    This app works great. It blocks the calls I don't want and tells me who's calling when I don't know. Totally worth the price. I would recommend this to everyone.

  • Great Easy-To-Use Interface!

    by tstalnak

    Great app and very accurate! Caller I.D has noticeably gotten more accurate! Recommend if you desire accuracy and consistency!

  • Extremely Useful App!

    by RipCity22

    I have been getting calls on my phone from all kinds of numbers that I don't know lately. I'm not sure what happened as I never used to get calls like this, other than the occasional unknown number. But over the past few weeks, I'm getting all kinds of calls like this! I had been searching for the numbers online to see if I could figure out who was calling (mostly the callers don't leave voice mail), but I wasn't always successful and more often than not, the sites I would end up on wanted to charge me a few bucks to get the name for each number I was looking for. A few days ago I was searching online for a number like I have been doing and landed on the privacy site that sent me to get this app. I didn't really want to pay 5 bucks for it, but I did want to be able to find names for these phone numbers whenever I want, so I tried it. And it works! Now I'm looking these up without having to scrounge around on various websites trying to figure out who is calling me. Some of these callers are junk telemarketers and others weren't and now I can tell the difference. In the few days I've had it, I have been very happy with the results, recommended. Oh, one more thing, I found that you can write up complaints on companies that call you if they aren't supposed to. I don't know if it helps but I feel like I'm getting some personal value when I do it!

  • I know who's calling now

    by SeeHauks2014

    I read the reviews before I purchased and was a little concerned. However after using for a few weeks I have found that the app is VERY helpful in telling me who the numbers are the continue to call my phone. There were 4 or 5 numbers that wouldn't stop calling and since I never pickup a number that I don't know, Looup+ was perfect for telling me who it was. 2 of the numbers who have been calling are debt collectors. But I don't owe any debt to them! So after finding out the names of them I called them back and told them to remove me from their call list. Problem Solved! Or so I thought. One of them kept calling me fo rweeks. So I used the complaint feature and found out in the process that there was a way to make them stop legally and maybe even receive a settlement if they continue to call me. That would be sweet! Other numbers that were calling were telemarketers that I told to remove me from their lists. So far my unwanted calls have gone down a bit but a few new ones come in every few days and I have been able to identify most of them with Lookup+. In some cases I can answer if they call back and demand that they take me off their call ist. I have already filed 7 complaints that I hope the FTC will recieve and do something about. Really sick of people lighting up my phone with these stupid calls trying to sell me stuff I don't want. I have been on the Do not call list for over a year so they aren't supposed to be calling me. I don't use the other search function that often but when I do it seems to work really well. I like the easy icons for quick searching. Easy to understand when I'm out late on the weekends and have trouble typing.

  • Very Useful App

    by HR1967

    Lookup+ is one of my favorite apps. I have been using the app for months and have had great success doing reverse lookups for the many unknown callers that are constantly calling my phone. The vast majority of the time Lookup+ returns a proper caller ID allowing me to know whether the caller is someone I want to talk to or (in many cases) ignore. On numerous occassions I have had calls that appear to be local numbers but turn out to be from credit card companies, debt consolidators, scammers and other unwanted parties. Knowing that it isn't someone I need to talk with saves me time and worry. The results seem to have improved over the past several months even though I have not updated my app. This has been great! I also enjoy the complaint filing feature. Once I know who has called I can decide if I want to file a complaint against them. In many cases the caller is violating the "Do Not Call" laws so knowing that I can send my complaint to the FTC to hopefully shut down some of these telemarketers makes me feel good. I also use the directory assistance feature of the app when I am traveling and looking for a place to eat or nearby coffee shop. The results are always excellent and very easy to use and get directions to the location. Overall one of my absolute favorite apps and one that I use constantly! I am looking forward to future updates. Great Work!

  • This works wonderfully

    by Dee gotsta pee

    Lately I've been dealing with stupid prank callers, and this app really helps me identify them

  • Friendly interface

    by golf_Pro12

    Very user friendly and easy to use. Recommend to anyone who likes accurate Directory Assistance and knowing who is calling them!!

  • Best.app.ever.

    by Jabbie2012

    I'm so glad this app is finally on the iPhone! Had this on my droid for a year and it was great. Love the new directory assistance and I look up numbers almost daily. Works great!!

  • Great app!

    by Omer377

    I downloaded this app because I was getting calls left and right from telemarketers. PrivacyStar made it easy to file a complaint directly from my phone and I was able to look up who I was calling and send their info to the FTC.

  • Great App!

    by MarieB2500

    I originally downloaded this app to help identify unknown callers, but now I find myself using it all the time for its directory assistance. I travel a lot for work and it's awesome!

  • Easy to use and useful

    by Sean111881

    I'm always needing to look up numbers for food places. I really like the interface and was excited that the first two things were pizza and coffee, two of my favorite things! I like how easy it is to find things with just a few clicks! Would highly recommend!

  • Helpful!

    by k.lee30

    A one time fee to use the reverse lookup is totally worth it. I get so many calls from unknown numbers. This way, I know who I’m ignoring and if it’s a suspicious looking listing, I can file a complaint then and there.

  • Great Reverse Lookup

    by Phone-a-holic

    I use the reverse lookup on random numbers I receive calls from and it's always been accurate and very useful. Plus, the app has the added benefit of the directory assistance!

  • Great app

    by caiitttt

    Great and useful app. It does exactly what it says it's supposed to do. The reverse look up has worked great for me and I signed up for the DNC list right from my phone.

  • I'm a Fan

    by ALR627

    This app works great for me. It's really helpful to identify callers who I don't have in my phone and makes it easy to report them to the FTC if they're spammers. I'm happy with the app.

  • Lookup + complaint features are great

    by Cdobd

    I love the lookup feature - it’s easy to use and accurate. The complaint filing feature is super handy, especially for all of those pesky robocalls. Always good to know it’s going directly to the FTC.

  • Helpful App!

    by Raven Von Kaos

    A great way to see who’s calling you when you’re screening calls and an unknown number pops up. In my experience, the lookup results are accurate and quick and other services I’ve tried cost just as much to look up only one number.

  • Blocked annoying callers = happy gal!

    by ABrandt

    I download Lookup+ because the debt collection calls to my mobile are increasingly persistent - and the worst part is, they’re trying to reach the wrong person! The app allows me to file a complaint right then and there to the FTC. Well worth it.

  • PrivacyStar

    by Maddy882

    Great reverse look up! I also love that it was so easy to sign up for the Do Not Call list as I wasn't sure if I had signed up in the past or not. Great service for a one time price.

  • Doesn't work

    by HLenore

    Just wasted $5 and it won't even connect to the server. Waste.


    by Benjet58

    This app is a piece of JUNK ! I can get a lot more information using google or any other browser . I got screwed out of $ 5.40 for something that doesn't work like it should. Thank you for taking my money nice scam. Want my money back ! Like that would ever happen. I would rate it a 0 but there no place to put it.

  • Not impressed

    by 21Crystal

    I think the positive reviews were written by the developer. The phone lookup is very limited. Don't waste your money if you want it for that. I can get the same info from a search engine. Sometimes more.

  • Waste of money!

    by eBay app user

    Haven't found a number yet! Don't waste your time of money!

  • Pleased

    by Labosco

    Works great. Very helpful.

  • Slick false advertising

    by Remo1313

    I got this app because I was impressed with the info they provide with their online site. They apparently have the capability, but choose not to have it in the app for a strange reason. If only they would provide the classification as they do on the site. Very disappointed. A waste of money.

  • Not Worth It... Do not buy

    by Kiti4ever

    I purchased this app to identify incoming calls. All this app do is identify City and State. No idea who the callers are. Waste of Money!!!!

  • Fake

    by Asmygn

    Will report this app to Apple. Wasted money... Anything with over 1 star is fake.

  • Waste of money

    by Choco sl0t monkey

    This app is garbage and the information is largely inaccurate and/or vague such as "AT&T cellphone". That does nothing for me if I'm trying to find out who's calling me

  • Genius

    by Emmie_Baby

    Works on 99% of cell numbers I tried. Can't do that on the Internet even....

  • Rip off

    by Malachimoney

    All the 5 star reviews are fake. Reverse lookup only provides area no name. Complete bull

  • waste of money

    by Angelique Kuhn

    Just bought this app for $4.00 and every number I type in - it just gives me the same useless info that's stated on my bill (the state of the area code & that is a cell number) a waste of money, I don't care to know where they're calling from, I want to know who it is & this hasn't delivered what it promised!!!!

  • 0 stars

    by Susans Phone

    Please don't purchase this app. It does not work'

  • Waste of money.

    by Karla97386

    I used the online reverse directory & looked up a number just fine. Tried a 2nd number & it said I needed to buy the app. Ok. After I bought & installed app, every number I tried just said Expired - purchase privacy star. I thought I had! What a joke & a waste!

  • Waste of money

    by PamMttx

    The app says it gives names to the phone number, but all it gives is the city. I got more out of google.

  • Wasted my money!

    by Csvideo

    Google doesn't charge anything for the same info!

  • Scam

    by Frayser1957

    Not worth the time or money. Should have read past the fake five stars to the bottom of reviews.

  • Ehhh

    by Me798113

    Would like a name with the 25% of numbers I don't get vice just a city and cell. I know it's a cell duh.... Still give it three stars. Still Worth the one time fee.

  • Do not buy

    by A mill14

    A complete waste of money all it states is the city of the cellphone company! Do not waste your time or money!

  • Hardly Ever Works!!!

    by SmooshFace21

    I went thru my recent calls list & entered in a few phone numbers that I had already researched online & found who they were. However, I entered them into the app & got no real information in return. Example: I entered in a 1-800-number that was a debt collector. I got this as my answer "1-800 service". This was my result for 4 different sales or collection numbers in a row. How can I find who owns the number online, but this app can't. I then proceeded to do a residential lookup instead. After entering 5 different names from my contacts, I got 1 result in return. Funny! It was my own name I entered for that one that worked. Very frustrating! I can't believe I paid $5 for an app that doesn't help me whatsoever! I wish I would've paid attention to the review dates posted. I read them backwards, thinking the newest ones were at the top. Wrong! Going down the list of reviews, the most recent are towards the bottom. Which, coincidentally, the reviews get worse the farther you scroll down.

  • It's Crap !

    by Ateam8874

    I looked up several numbers and got Zero results !! But if I search the numbers already in my contacts, it will work. Smh. DO NOT WASTE YOUR $$ ON THIS APP !!

  • Super app!

    by Olga SY

    It works great! Found everything I was looking for! Buy it people!!!! Love this app!!!

  • Horrible

    by Sammi<33

    I can never get a name it's alway the location. You can find that out by searching the area code ! I want my money back.

  • Useless

    by PancakeSammich

    Oh, great- I just paid for an app that can magically tell me what city a number is calling from. So useful! Thanks, PrivacyStar!

  • The worst app i ever had

    by Tien Hoang

    I use look up to search my phone result is my number in other city.

  • Does not provide good results. Don't waste your money

    by Betinamc

    Does not provide good results. Don't waste your money

  • 0 stars

    by This is a set up

    This app won't even open. Save your money. Wish I had read the reviews before I bought this app.

  • No Good for Cell Calls

    by Mooner-too

    I purchased this app for the purpose of identifying incoming cell phone numbers. Well I just wasted my money for nothing. This app is useless, after trying out several incoming cell phone numbers I find this app does not identify cell callers names, only location. Seems that with the demise of the landline phone , caller I.d. has become useless. This app definitely is not the answer. In my opinion all the five star reviews at the top may be a set up by the app developer, I will learn to scroll down further when reading reviews form now on. Shame on Apple for offering this app.

  • Great app!

    by JmarieW22

    I love this app! I get all the results I need & highly recommend it!

  • Don't buy!!!

    by iBeZeKe

    This app doesn't really do what the website does!!!! Don't waste your money!!!

  • Worst ever

    by leeinne2

    This app tells me nothing. I get responses like "cell phone in Omaha" or "San Jose CA". What a joke. I want my money back.

  • PrivacyStar

    by b_ballfreak

    I love this application! Gives me all the results I need, and don't know what I would do without it when I am on the road! Great work, PrivacyStar!

  • Great App

    by Kgilbertson

    I get all the results I need! Would recommend to anyone, especially those who travel a lot. Best look up app I've found in a while!


    by emkay23

    This is without a doubt my favorite app for travel. It gives me the results I want every time! I would definitely recommend it.

  • So many features!

    by Hthrk

    I love this app! It is great for looking up unwanted callers and also finding surrounding attractions! Lots of uses for a low fee.

  • Don't download!

    by Asmiles23

    What a waste of money! This was a poor decision on my part and I wish I could get my money back. Don't waste your time or money... It's not worth it!

  • Google a number and get more

    by Adam1991111

    Just as I was afraid of. A waste of money. I've searched 5 cell phone numbers from 3 different area codes. Know what this brilliant app told me it found? 5 cell phone numbers from 3 different area codes. What a complete scam. I literally googled the same numbers and had better results. Save your money. Seriously.

  • The best app around!

    by ChessyChess87394

    I would recommend this app to everyone! I get all the results I want! Best look up app around!

  • Recommend to Everyone!

    by Megs198264

    Best app around! Nothing compares to the results I get. Everyone should get this app for the small price!

  • Love this app!

    by SwimBallMom

    No other app compares to this! All my lookups never fail to help me out and give me the info I need! Love it!!

  • Best App Around

    by RazorHog1912

    Love this app! I travel for my job and use it for every place I end up! Every lookup is right on point, & it's worth the $5! Keep up the good work!

  • Awesome App!

    by Joebro1

    I haven't had one problem with the app so far and every number I've looked up has been correct. Perfect for traveling too. Well worth the small price!

  • Niiiccceeee

    by Mr. Smoothee

    Great app. Love the reverse look up feature. Has every number I've ever needed.

  • Disappointed

    by Tryon Wilson

    All numbers I search on only give the city. Don't show a name. Basically just wasted $4.

  • Literally worthless

    by ZTGallo

    All of the ratings with more than 1 star are fake. Please don't waste your money. Does not work as a reverse phone lookup!

  • Lousiest app, don't waste your money

    by Namballa

    Lousiest app, don't waste your money

  • Dumb

    by Dumb15

    Dumber. This app isn't worth a dime

  • Ridiculous.

    by Snglmomslayr

    This app is utterly worthless! I paid 5 dollars for an app that gives you the exact same info a cursory google search would give you. Don't waste your time or money!!!

  • Just keeps getting better!

    by RK1007

    This app continues to improve!! It looks up every number that I need! I love the Directory Assistance when I'm on the go.. & it was so easy to add my number to the DNC list. Now I don't get those annoying calls & I can file a complaint directly if I do! Well done!

  • Lots of features!

    by Meg4589

    So many features to this app! Search unknown calls, file complaints, interesting blog posts and look up local phone numbers! I will definitely use it often.

  • Works Great

    by Kborbn

    Helps me find new places to eat and find out who is calling.

  • Good value for one time price

    by Trillian_user

    Works very well for most numbers.

  • Cool app!

    by Gracie1818

    I don't answer calls from numbers not in my contact list. Great app to see who those unidentified callers are. Even returns names for some cell phone numbers. Really nice!

  • Great update

    by 1908nomore

    This thing is working like a champ. Looked up 5 numbers and got a name on every one. Great app. The directory assistance is also helpful.

  • Worth the one-time fee!

    by KMC4087

    Really appreciate this app! The reverse lookup is a great tool to have with me wherever I go. A small, one-time fee was worth it for just the reverse lookup alone, and this app has even more.

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